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2022-10-21: News Headlines

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-21). US General Makes Unprecedented Visit to Nuclear-Armed Submarine in Arabian Sea. news.antiwar.com The head of US Central Command (CENTCOM) on Wednesday made an unprecedented visit to a nuclear-armed submarine in the Arabian Sea, a move that comes amid soaring tensions between the US and Russia over the potential use of nuclear weapons. Gen. Erik Kurilla boarded the USS West Virginia, an Ohio Class long-range stealth submarine that …

Anonymous103 (2022-10-21). At Least 4 Civilians Killed By Ukrainian Forces In Kherson Region. southfront.org On the evening of October 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) hit a ferry crossing in the Kherson region which was used by civilians fleeing from from the right bank of the Dnieper River. | The AFU attacked a crowd of civilians waiting for the ferry near the Antonov bridge. As a result of the strike, 4 people were killed, more than a dozen of others were injured, including children. Twelve civilian vehicles were burned. | The attack was carried with US-made HIMARS MLRS which is a high-prec…

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-10-21). Pretending To Seek Peace In An Unwinnable Proxy War: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix. thealtworld.com Listen to a reading of this article: | We should probably talk more about the fact that the US empire is loudly promoting the goal of achieving peace in Ukraine by defeating Russia while quietly The narrative that Russia can be defeated by escalating against it makes sense if you believe Russia can be defeated, but the US empire does not believe that Russia can be defeated. It knows these escalations are…

____ (2022-10-21). 181 countries now have diplomatic ties with China. ecns.cn A total of 181 countries have established diplomatic relations with China, up from 172 ten years ago, Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said here on Thursday, as he hailed the country's diplomatic services over the past decade.

____ (2022-10-21). Inflation costs American households 445 extra U.S. dollars a month, says analysis. ecns.cn Surging inflation caused ordinary American households to fork out 445 U.S. dollars more than a year ago, according to a recent analysis by the Moody's Analytics.

____ (2022-10-21). WHO official warns pandemic 'not yet over'. ecns.cn "The pandemic is not yet over," a World Health Organization (WHO) official warned on Friday, saying the continued emergence of subvariants "poses a risk of resurgence and overwhelming health systems."

WSWS (2022-10-21). Videos made public of Florida police arresting workers for voting "illegally" wsws.org The arrests were carried out by the new police unit established by the Republican-controlled state government targeted "election crime."

WSWS (2022-10-21). Dangerous new COVID-19 variants threaten massive fall-winter surge. wsws.org The growing wave of COVID-19 infections is unlike anything seen since the start of the pandemic, as multiple highly-mutated "escape variants" are forecast to become dominant throughout the world in the coming weeks.

WSWS (2022-10-21). Six train derailments in 36 hours as conductors and engineers begin vote on sellout contract. wsws.org Six trains derailed in a 36-hour period across the country this week, demonstrating the dangerous conditions for workers on the American railroads.

____ (2022-10-21). Comicomment: Behind US' declining life expectancy: US 'lying flat' in COVID fight. ecns.cn

Anonymous103 (2022-10-21). In Photos 18+: Heavy Losses Of Ukrainian Army On Kherson Front Lines. southfront.org The Russian military sources continue to share photos from the front lines in Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have recently launched another large-scale offensive operation on the right bank of the Dnieper River in an attempt to advance towards the Novaya Kakhivka town. Ukrainian forces also attempted to break through Russian defences in the area of Davidov Brod. | All the Ukrainian attempts failed and resulted in heavy losses. Footage from the front lines confirms that the Ukrainian military obeying to the orders of their NATO instructors continue to use Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder. | The Kiev re…

WSWS (2022-10-21). Russia evacuates tens of thousands from Kherson ahead of Ukrainian offensive. wsws.org Despite the disaster for the Ukrainian population, which is viewed as cannon fodder for American imperialism, the US is seeking to escalate the conflict.

WSWS (2022-10-21). Broad audience at Sri Lankan SEP/IYSSE meeting against the threat of a nuclear war. wsws.org About 1 people from across Sri Lanka, as well as India, the US, Russia, Europe, the Middle East and several other countries participated in the online event, with speeches in Sinhala simultaneously translated into Tamil and presented with English subtitles.

WSWS (2022-10-21). German Chancellor Scholz announces more weapons for war against Russia. wsws.org Although the NATO war against Russia in Ukraine threatens to escalate into a nuclear conflict, the German coalition government is intensifying the war and making new threats against Moscow.

Staff (2022-10-21). øUna explosión nuclear en la atmósfera puede ser un arma efectiva para destruir satélites? cubadebate.cu Investigadores del Instituto de Tecnología Nuclear del Noroeste, en China, desarrollaron un modelo computacional que puede evaluar el rendimiento de armas nucleares antisatélite con un detalle y una precisión sin precedentes. La simulación sugiere que una ojiva nuclear podría crear una seria amenaza para los satélites si estalla a una altitud de 80 km sobre la atmósfera terrestre.

Editor (2022-10-21). Ukrainian Nationalists have long history of anti-semitism which the Soviet Union tried to combat. mronline.org While Ivy League professors equate the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany, the Soviets fought the Nazis and ended violent anti-Jewish pogroms—which now threaten to return.

Staff (2022-10-21). Iran consulates calls on Iranian citizens to leave Ukraine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — In a statement on Friday, Iran's consulates cautioned Iranian nationals not to travel to Ukraine as conflicts and insecurity intensified in this country.

____ (2022-10-21). Russia to export over- -mln-ton grain in 2022-2023 agriculture year. ecns.cn Russia is able to deliver the task of exporting more than million tons of grain in 2022-2023 agriculture year, set by President Vladimir Putin, said a senior official on Thursday.

Editor (2022-10-21). Blinken falsely blames China for U.S. hostility directed at it. mronline.org On Monday U.S. Secretary of State Tony Blinken made a curious remark: "China plans to seize Taiwan on 'much faster timeline."

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-21). Navy Official Says US Should Prepare for China to Invade Taiwan This Year. news.antiwar.com A high-level Navy official "So when we talk about the 2027 window, in my mind, that has to be a 2022 window or potentially a 2023 window. I can't rule it out," said Adm. Michael Gilday, the chief of naval operations. | The "2027 window" refers to a claim from retired Adm. Phil Davidson, the former head of US Indo-Pacific Command, who said last year he believes China could invade within six years. Gilday said he was prioritizing a "fight tonight" posture for the U…

____ (2022-10-21). China completes test of vacuum liquid oxygen-methane rocket engine. ecns.cn China has completed a test of its largest-thrust vacuum liquid oxygen-methane engine, which was designed for use on a commercial rocket, the engine maker said Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). China discovers first large deep-water deep-stratum gas field. ecns.cn A large deep-water deep-stratum gas field with proven reserves exceeding billion cubic meters, the first of its kind in China, was discovered in the water southeast of Hainan Island, according to the China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC) on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). China expresses support, expectations for G20 summit in Bali. ecns.cn China supports Indonesia in playing its role as the president of the Group of 20 (G20) and expects the upcoming G20 summit to contribute to global COVID-19 response, economic recovery, and food and energy security, a senior Chinese diplomat said Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). Resolving Taiwan question highlighted in report. ecns.cn Xi said that China will continue to strive for peaceful reunification with the greatest sincerity and the utmost effort, "but we will never promise to renounce the use of force, and we reserve the option of taking all measures necessary".

____ (2022-10-21). First deep-water deep-stratum large gas field found in Hainan. ecns.cn China discovered the first deep-water deep-stratum large gas field, the Baodao21-1 in Qiongdongnan Basin, the South China Sea, with proven natural gas reserves exceeding billion cubic meters.

____ (2022-10-21). China actively contributes to global climate governance: official. ecns.cn China has actively contributed to global climate governance, vice minister of ecology and environment Zhai Qing said Friday.

____ (2022-10-21). New batch of amazing photos captured by Chinese astronauts released. ecns.cn China Manned Space Station recently released a new batch of photos taken by China's Shenzhou-14 taikonauts Thursday.

San Francisco Public Library (2022-10-21). Friday 12/9: Film: Chinatown Rising Screening and Filmmaker Discussion. indybay.org Chinatown / Him Mark Lai Branch Library | 1135 Powell Street | San Francisco, CA 94108…

____ (2022-10-21). China to uphold its core interests. ecns.cn China's diplomacy will resolutely safeguard its national sovereignty and security and development interests, Vice-Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said on Thursday at a news conference on the sidelines of the ongoing 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

____ (2022-10-21). CNOOC discovers large deep-water gas field, containing billion cubic meters of fuel. ecns.cn China discovered its first large deep-water deep-stratum gas field with proven reserves exceeding billion cubic meters (bcm) in the sea southeast of Hainan Province.

____ (2022-10-21). Century-old sweet osmanthus in full bloom in Nanjing. ecns.cn A century-old sweet osmanthus tree is in full bloom in Zhongshan Mountain National Park, Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, Oct. 20, 2022. The osmanthus plant dates back to 100 years with a height of 6.3 meters.

____ (2022-10-21). National security is the guarantee for development. ecns.cn The report delivered at the opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in Beijing on Sunday stressed the importance as well as the urgency of modernizing China's national security system and capacity and safeguarding national security and social stability.

____ (2022-10-21). CPC national congress to bring China closer to rejuvenation: Pakistani ambassador. ecns.cn The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will promote the high quality development of China and bring it one step closer to achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

____ (2022-10-21). China to persist in development of human community with shared future: vice FM. ecns.cn China will promote with concrete actions the building of a community with a shared future for humanity and work to make the system of global governance fairer and more equitable, Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu said on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). Air China takes delivery of A3 wide-body aircraft powered by sustainable aviation fuel. ecns.cn Air China has taken delivery of its A3 wide-body aircraft in north China's Tianjin on Thursday, powered by domestic-made sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on its delivery flight.

____ (2022-10-21). China-funded road project breaks ground in Jordan. ecns.cn The project of upgrading and rebuilding the Al-Salt/Al-Ardah Road in Jordan, which is funded by the Chinese government, broke ground on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-21). Large population of nun's-hood orchid found in Guangxi. ecns.cn More than 200 nun's-hood orchids (Phaius tankervilleae) are in full bloom in south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

____ (2022-10-21). Craftsmen strive to keep wood carving alive. ecns.cn Wood carving, one of China's traditional folk handicraft, gets revived thanks to industry development.

____ (2022-10-21). Xi chairs 3rd meeting of 20th CPC National Congress presidium. ecns.cn The presidium of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held its third meeting on Friday morning. Xi Jinping presided over the meeting.

____ (2022-10-21). Fall adds charm to wetland in Xinjiang. ecns.cn A wetland in Hutubi County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Grass, lakes, and birds coexist in the wetland, presenting an oil painting-like scenery.

____ (2022-10-21). FAST spots universe's most vast atom cloud. ecns.cn China's ultra-powerful telescope has discovered the largest atomic cloud in the universe to date, a finding that could help scientists investigate and understand the origins of galaxies, according to a study published in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-21). China ratifica principios de política exterior. telesurtv.net El vicecanciller señaló que la voluntad de salvaguardar la soberanía e integridad territorial es inquebrantable.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-21). Exit Liz Truss; Enter Lettuce. southfront.org "When are you going to govern? The only thing you have governed for the past year is your own survival." | Written by Jess Phillips, Labour MP, October 20, 2022 | Written by Dr. Binoy Kampmark | British politics has revealed hidden depths, each one being sought as each prime minister succumbs. The announcement by Liz Truss that she would be resigning came after a mere 45 days in office. In terms of duration, this would make her the shortest serving PM since the Tory George Canning, who died of tuber…

Vijay Prashad (2022-10-21). The last thing Haiti needs is another military intervention: The Forty-Second Newsletter (2022). mronline.org At the United Nations General Assembly on 24 September 2022, Haiti's Foreign Minister Jean Victor Geneus admitted that his country faces a serious crisis, which he said 'can only be solved with the effective support of our partners'.

Anjoulie Woodhead (2022-10-21). Hundreds of Billions in New Lending on the Table at Cote d'Ivoire Gathering. indybay.org World Development Banks Meet for Third Annual Summit…

SAM (2022-10-21). The Fight Against Inflation Doesn't Have To be Rich-People Friendly. inequality.org

Dana Sanchez (2022-10-21). Mickey Mouse Inflation And Greed: An American Family Can Spend Up To $1,100 For Single Day At Disneyland. moguldom.com Disneyland is supposed to be the "Happiest Place on Earth," but maybe not so much for the person who's paying. Prices recently went up again and with a tiered-price system based on demand. Somewhat like the express lanes on I-95, you can expect to pay more if you're visiting Disneyland on a day when the …

Don Fitz (2022-10-21). US Abortion Rights: Who Would Kill the Gander that Goosed a Golden Egg? dissidentvoice.org The suffering of US women under the iron heel of abortion is intensifying, especially for women of color. This makes it imperative to closely examine possible paths forward. As a teenager during the 1960s I witnessed two political paths that remain imprinted on my mind. LBJ and 14 (b) Even before classes began in 1963, …

Editor (2022-10-21). Of, by, and for the elite: The class character of the U.S. Constitution. mronline.org In history and civics classrooms all over the United States, students are taught from an early age to revere the "Founding Fathers" for drafting a document that is the bulwark of democracy and freedom—the U.S. Constitution.

WSWS (2022-10-21). IYSSE members discuss international movement against war at beginning of semester at Berlin's Humboldt University. wsws.org The IYSSE's fight against universities being centres for war research and right-wing propaganda met with concern among first-year students, who responded positively at the official freshers events at Humboldt University.

Staff (2022-10-21). Can War Ever Be Justified? Arnold Augusts Closing Remarks, Bipartisan War. orinocotribune.com October 19, 2022 ( David Swanson and Arnold August were the two debater and the moderation of the event was in charge of Youri Muckraker. | In his closing remarks, Arnold August challenged the bi-partisan nature of US war and aggression from 1776 to date. He put out a call to action for the peace-loving peoples of the world to support the forces in the U…

____ (2022-10-21). Chinese research team develops software to deal with surface mesh files. ecns.cn A research team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) developed software to deal with 3D surface models in order to improve the visualization effect of fossil and modern biological imaging data.

____ (2022-10-21). Away From War For A Moment. smoothiex12.blogspot.com One of the things needed to be remembered while talking about SMO–life still continues. And here is an interesting video related to commercial aviation which stumbled upon today and it discusses

Toward increased Networking (2022-10-21). Online events w) Richard Heinberg, Monbiot, Jerry Mander, Vandana Shiva, Maggie Nelson… indybay.org Here are about 16 online events taking place over the next week (and starting at 5 m today, 10/18), featuring people such as Richard Heinberg, George Monbiot, Vanessa Nakate, Sara Nelson, Jerry Mander, Annie Leonard, Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, Ray Archuleta, David Helvarg, Phoebe Tickell, David Camfield, Cynthia Kaufman, Maggie Nelson, Kris Henning, and many others. | These events are hosted from various locations all across the country, as well from Canada and the UK (however, the listed times are all for our "Pacific time zone"). Of course, feel free to share this info with others who might be interested in…

WSWS (2022-10-21). UAW presidential candidate Will Lehman receives warm reception from co-workers at Mack Trucks in Macungie, Pennsylvania. wsws.org At Lehman's home plant in Macungie, Pennsylvania, numerous workers familiar with his campaign took stacks of leaflets to distribute to their coworkers.

Maximillan Ruppert, Willy Meyer (2022-10-21). The Conformity Forge and The Alchemy of Evil. indybay.org One possible answer may be that governments, the media, the legal system, and the vast majority of the population are firmly embedded in a sociopolitical system that not only does not want anything about it to be questioned, but also actively prevents an awareness from arising in people of a radically different view of the world in which they live. A social paradigm shift is imperative!

Peace Action of San Mateo County (2022-10-21). Sunday 10/23: The New Cold War with Sharat G. Lin. indybay.org Zoom link: us02web.zoom.us/j/3289220486

TeleSUR, jm, JGN, SH (2022-10-21). øAsí fue la liberación de Belgrado de la invasión nazi en 1944. telesurtv.net El Frente Yugoslavo se fortaleció a partir de 1943 y enfiló esfuerzos para dar la libertad a los territorios invadidos por las fuerzas alemanas.

_____ (2022-10-21). CICA on course to the establishment of the Asian Union. journal-neo.org The sixth summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) an international forum uniting the states of the Asian continent with the mission of strengthening relations to ensure stability and security in the region has ended in Astana. Official representatives of more than 30 states of the Asian region …

Rann Miller (2022-10-21). Opinion: It's Not That Asian Students Perform Better On The SAT Than Black Students Because They Are Better. The SAT Is Just A Racist Test. moguldom.com On Oct. 4, a tweet from Monitoring Bias shared SAT scores according to racial demographic groups in Michigan. It specifically showed that only 3 percent of Black test-takers scored above 1200 on the SAT versus 47 percent of Asian students, 19 percent of white students, and 8 percent of Latino/a/x students. When I did my …

Editor (2022-10-21). Environmental racism is poisoning the waters in the U.S. mronline.org Thousands of people in U.S. cities have been left without access to clean water. Communities say institutional racism is to blame.

Fight Back (2022-10-21). Minneapolis: Protest slams city demolition plans that will spread arsenic in community. fightbacknews.org Minneapolis, MN – On October 9, approximately 40 people gathered in the East Phillips neighborhood, at the Roof Depot building, a now abandoned facility that previously housed many polluting industries, to protest against the city of Minneapolis's plans to demolish the building. | Demolition would unearth this pollution and devastate the surrounding community. A key purpose of the rally was to educate the community about the dangers posed by the building's destruction. This was achieved through speeches and the creation of protest art, which participants hung on the fenced perimeter of the facility. | The Roof D…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-21). Taiwan, US Sign Deal to Maintain Island's Patriot Missiles. southfront.org Click to see full-size image Technicians from Raytheon and Lockheed Martin will be sent to Taiwan under a contract worth about $78 million | Originally published on Taiwan has signed a contract with the US According to The…

Staff (2022-10-21). VIDEO: Inauguration of Iran's consulate in Armenia's Kapan. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amira-Abdollahian attended a ceremony to inaugurate Iran's consulate general in the Armenian town of Kapan.

____ (2022-10-21). Truss resigns, becomes shortest-serving UK PM. ecns.cn United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned on Thursday after just a little over six weeks in office and thus became the shortest-serving prime minister in the country's history.

WSWS (2022-10-21). Oklahoma executes Benjamin Cole, a severely mentally ill inmate, after US Supreme Court denies appeal. wsws.org Cole's attorney said following his execution, "As Oklahoma proceeds with its relentless march to execute one mentally ill, traumatized man after another, we should pause to ask whether this is really who we are, and who we want to be."

Tom-Oliver Regenauer (2022-10-21). The music monument: Working class hero. indybay.org As soon as you're born they make you feel small, | By giving you no time instead of it all, | Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all. | A working class hero is something to be, | They hurt you at home and they hit you at school,…

WSWS (2022-10-21). Australia: Victoria triple-zero call delays linked to 33 deaths over 18 months. wsws.org A recent report on emergency performance statistics is a damning indictment of the "let it rip" COVID-19 policy of state and federal governments.

Staff (2022-10-21). FM Spox reacts to Canada sanctions on Iranian media. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan'ani said that imposing sanctions on Iranian media shows the absurdity of the West's slogan on freedom of expression.

Labor Video Project (2022-10-21). "Town Destroyers" & The Victor Arnautoff GWH Murals With Alan Snitow & Deborah Kaufman. indybay.org WorkWeek looks at the new film "Town Destroyers" by Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow. It is about the struggle over the Victor Arnautoff murals at George Washington High.

WSWS (2022-10-21). Teachers in Haverhill, Massachusetts, defy injunction and continue strike for fourth day. wsws.org Educators in Haverhill remained on strike Thursday despite court injunctions and the union insisting that a settlement on wages had been reached Wednesday night.

____ (2022-10-21). Scientists identify gut bacteria that can alleviate smoking hazard. ecns.cn A study by Chinese scientists and their U.S. counterparts has identified a type of bacteria in our gut that can effectively degrade nicotine, a harmful ingredient in tobacco that causes addiction and a slew of health risks including fatty liver disease.

____ (2022-10-21). Shanghai airports' rail link sees major progress. ecns.cn Major progress was achieved in the construction of the first high-speed rail link between Shanghai's Pudong and Hongqiao airports, as the project contractor said the girder installation of the project's bid 1 has been concluded in advance recently.

Staff (2022-10-21). US cruel sanctions violating Iranian women human rights. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — Saying that claims of Westerners in supporting Iranian women are not honest, the Iranian envoy to the UN said the cruel and inhuman sanctions of the US have violated the fundamental rights of Iranian women.

____ (2022-10-21). Chinese premier congratulates Kuwaiti PM on assuming office. ecns.cn Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday sent a congratulatory message to Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on his taking office as Kuwait's prime minister.

WSWS (2022-10-21). Australian High Court further shreds due process in the name of "security" wsws.org The judges ruled that legislation, such as the ASIO Act, could override any requirement for a court to provide a person with the "minimum" of a fair hearing.

San Francisco Public Library (2022-10-21). Wednesday 12/14: Presentation: Damien Linnane, Illustrator of This is Ear Hustle. indybay.org [ONLINE] San Francisco Main Library…

Ricardo Ortiz (2022-10-21). Sunday 10/23: The Struggles in Argentina and the Prospects. indybay.org Please join the Zoom meeting: 6: 30 Eastern Time 3: 30 Pacific Time | us02web.zoom.us/j/85907977991?pwd=YnBPbFFwcStueEJtcEFUVnN6ais0UT09

Staff (2022-10-21). Iran oil sanctions need to be lifted for cutting oil prices. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — US sanctions on Iran and Venezuela's oil and gas need to be lifted if the world wants oil prices to decrease, says, the Turkish foreign minister.

Martha Hubert (2022-10-21). Friday 10/21: Justice, Not Jenkins! indybay.org San Francisco Police Officers Association | 800 Bryant (@ 6th) | San Francisco, CA…

____ (2022-10-21). Press center for 20th CPC National Congress hosts fifth group interview. ecns.cn The press center for the 20th CPC National Congress hosted its fifth group interview on Thursday.

San José Peace & Justice Center (2022-10-21). Wednesday 10/26: Democracy in the Americas: What can the U.S. learn about democracy from Latin America? indybay.org San José Peace and Justice Center | 48 South 7th Street | San José, CA 95112…

____ (2022-10-21). New monkeypox research paves way for domestic vaccine. ecns.cn A Chinese research institute said on Thursday that it has successfully isolated monkeypox virus strains from clinical samples and has begun researching vaccines and drugs for fighting the infectious disease.

WSWS (2022-10-21). Two workers killed in three days in Western Australian mines. wsws.org The latest deaths follow a spate of fatalities and serious injuries in mining operations across the state last year.

____ (2022-10-21). CPC maps out further steps on path to common prosperity. ecns.cn For many, moss is nothing but a humble tiny plant growing in some inconspicuous wet corners, but for villagers in the mountainous town of Maoyang, it is a cash cow that has carried them out of poverty and on a path to further affluence.

Oakland Privacy (2022-10-21). Wednesday 11/16: Oakland Privacy: Fighting Against the Surveillance State. indybay.org Please email contact@oaklandprivacy.org a few days before the meeting to get up-to-date location information or obtain Zoom meeting access info.

Staff (2022-10-21). Navy cmdr. confirms seizure of 2 US unmanned vessels. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — The Chief Commander of Iran's Army Navy Force Rear Admiral Shahram Irani confirmed the seizure of 2 American unmanned vessels by Naval Forces of the Iran Army whose mission is to protect international waters.

Staff (2022-10-21). Future of Islamic Revolution brighter than ever: Cleric. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — Saying that the judiciary must take serious measures against rioters, Ayatollah Khatami said that the future of the Islamic Revolution is brighter than the past.

WSWS (2022-10-21). How global consultancy firm McKinsey helped craft Quebec's profits-before-lives pandemic policy. wsws.org Recent revelations showing that McKinsey, one of the world's largest consulting firms, helped determine essential elements of the Quebec government's disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic provide a graphic illustration of the dictatorship big business exercises over society.

Staff (2022-10-21). Apple harvest in orchards of West Azarbaijan Province. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — These days it is the harvest season of yellow and red apples in the orchards of West Azarbaijan Province, northwest of Iran.

_____ (2022-10-21). Fumio Kishida leads the Japanese government for a year. journal-neo.org One year ago, on October 4, 2021, Fumio Kishida became the head of the government of one of the leading countries in the Indo-Pacific region, Japan. He took over after Yoshihide Suga, who had also led the Japanese government for a year, left…

Staff (2022-10-21). Enemies plotting to impede Iran's progress. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said on Friday that the enemies' plan and strategy are to halt or delay the Islamic Republic of Iran's progress.

Fellowship of Craft (2022-10-21). Saturday 12/3: Craneway Craft Fair – 51st Annual KPFA Holiday Benefit! indybay.org Alameda County Fairgrounds & Event Center, Building 'A' | 4501 Pleasanton Ave | Pleasanton, CA 94566…

Penny Rosenwasser (2022-10-21). Saturday 11/19: Palestinian Holiday Crafts Bazaar! indybay.org Offices of the Middle East Children's Alliance: | 1011 8th Street, Suite 100 | Berkeley CA 94710…

Haiti Action Committee (2022-10-21). Wednesday 10/26: Oppose Expanded US/UN Military Intervention in Haiti! indybay.org San Francisco Federal Building at 90 – 7th Street between Market and Mission Streets, near Powell Street BART.

Staff (2022-10-21). VIDEO: Last day of IRGC military exercise in Aras region. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — The footage shows the construction of a mobile bridge over the Aras river in the last day of the IRGC military exercise in the northwestern country.

Staff (2022-10-21). Hike in Iran export during Raeisi administration. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — Exporting a variety of goods has seen a paramount surge over the first half of the Iranian year which manifests the realization of the 13th government's high priority in its economic plans.

Paul Haeder (2022-10-21). True Journalism Digs Even When a Tin Foil Hat Might Come in Handy. dissidentvoice.org There's so much to unpack when it comes to propaganda propagating a society, or in this case, the collective west, that is collectively insane. "Amazing" is not really the operative word, since there are so many allusions to and examples of "good Germans" throughout the collective west, even before Hitler and Bernays and Goebbels and …

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-10-21). Sunday 10/23: Kickoff for World Dashiki Week 2022. indybay.org The African Outlet | 4942 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94124…

Anand Naidoo (2022-10-21). The Heat: UK Political Chaos. america.cgtn.com British Prime Minister Liz Truss quits, plunging the UK into political chaos. After only about six weeks in office, Liz Truss has resigned becoming the shortest serving prime minister in British history. This comes just days after losing two key cabinet members amid a failed economic plan that sent …

____ (2022-10-21). Journalists attend the fifth group interview. ecns.cn The press center for the 20th CPC National Congress hosted its fifth group interview on Thursday.

Friends of Cuba (2022-10-21). Thursday 11/3: The World Stand With Cuba! We Call On Nancy Pelosi: Let Cuba Live! indybay.org San Francisco Federal Building (7th + Mission)…

____ (2022-10-21). Undersea section of high-speed rail tunnel makes landmark progress. ecns.cn Tunnel Boring Machine has already dug a 3,000-meter section of the Zhanjiang Bay undersea tunnel, some 1,600 meters of which runs under the seabed, marking an important stage in the construction of the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang high-speed railway.

San Francisco Public Library (2022-10-21). Friday 12/30: Author: Nigel Poor and Earlonne Woods moderated by Piper Kerman. indybay.org San Francisco Main Library | 100 Larkin St | San Francisco, CA 94102…

Cine Mas SF (2022-10-21). Sunday 10/23: San Francisco Latino Film Festival -Closing Screening. indybay.org Roxie Theater | 3117 16th Street | San Francisco, CA 94103…

American Indian Resource Center at UCSC (2022-10-21). Saturday 11/5: Inherent Tribal Sovereignty in Practice: Government-to-Government Relationships in California. indybay.org Hybrid Event: Zoom or Horticulture 2 Meeting Hall (HORT 2) at UC Santa Cruz Arboretum, Arboretum Rd, Santa Cruz | Registration Links: linktr.ee/aircucsc

____ (2022-10-21). Sinopharm separates monkeypox virus strains; R&D of vaccines and medicine underway. ecns.cn Sinopharm's Wuhan Institute of Biological Products has recently successfully separated monkeypox virus strains from clinical samples of infected patients to help scientific research into the epidemic prevention and control of monkeypox.

____ (2022-10-21). 5.1-magnitude quake strikes off Japan's Fukushima Prefecture: JMA. ecns.cn An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.1 struck off Japan's Fukushima Prefecture on Friday, the weather agency here said.

Well, Well, Well… (2022-10-21). Ultra-Conservative Club and Assembly-Member Grayson Stocking Concord CA Candidate's Coffer. indybay.org Assembly-member Tim Grayson and ultra-conservative organization The Lincoln Club recently sent some dough to the same Concord city council candidate.

WSWS (2022-10-21). "They must be running scared": UAW officials tell Ford management to remove Will Lehman campaigners at Kansas City assembly plant. wsws.org Before campaigners were forced to leave, many workers spoke out about their frustration over the exploitative conditions they face and the corruption and impotence of their official union representatives.

Staff (2022-10-21). Respecting Armenia sovereignty, integrity Iran's policy. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 21 (MNA) — Saying that respecting the sovereignty and integrity of Armenia is the policy of Iran, the Iranian Foreign Minister said that Iran considers the security of Armenia as the security of the region.

San Francisco Public Library (2022-10-21). Monday 12/12: Author: Zara Stone and Joe Loya in conversation, Killer Looks. indybay.org San Francisco Main Library | 100 Larkin St | San Francisco, CA 94102…

San Francisco Public Library (2022-10-21). Tuesday 12/13: Film: Belly of the Beast, Screening and Filmmaker Discussion. indybay.org [ONLINE] San Francisco Main Library…

Angela (2022-10-21). Saturday 10/22: Free virtual screening of the documentary film "Homeland" indybay.org

TeleSUR-mcs, DRL (2022-10-21). Lula mantiene ventaja para balotaje en Brasil, según encuestas. telesurtv.net El candidato presidencial izquierdista cuenta con una ventaja de cuatro puntos porcentuales frente a Bolsonaro.

Staff (2022-10-21). Liga Élite del Béisbol Cubano comenzará este sábado. cubadebate.cu La I Liga Élite del Beisbol Cubano comenzará este sábado con partidos en La Habana, Isla de la Juventud y Holguín, de acuerdo con nota emitida por la Comisión Nacional de Beisbol. Al momento de emitir esta información se ha confirmado que la logística general para el evento está garantizada. Se mantiene la celebración de 50 partidos para cada equipo.

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-21). Presidenta de Honduras sostiene encuentro con el papa Francisco. telesurtv.net En el encuentro, ambas parte dialogaron sobre el rol de la Iglesia en ámbitos como la educación y la sanidad.

Staff (2022-10-21). Nueva planta de oxígeno medicinal prestará sevicios en 2024 (+Video). cubadebate.cu La inversión de la nueva planta de oxígeno medicinal que se construye en Granma prestará servicios a partir de 2024, según especialista de comunicación de la Empresa Gases Industriales y OxiCuba S.A. La entidad resolverá definitivamente situaciones complejas con el traslado del oxígeno medicinal hacia las provincias del oriente cubano.

Staff (2022-10-21). Concluye en La Habana la XV Feria Comercial Salud para Todos. cubadebate.cu Con la firma de 16 nuevos contratos y acuerdos comerciales por un valor de más de 45 millones de dólares concluyó hoy, en el Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana, la XV Feria Comercial Salud para Todos. En esta edición fue lanzada la Primera Feria Internacional de Turismo Médico y Bienestar, que contó con la participación de empresas de 28 naciones.

TeleSUR, jaa, SH (2022-10-21). Senado chileno aprueba proyecto sobre energías renovables. telesurtv.net La cartera resaltó que con este proyecto ley se acelera el proceso de retiro de las centrales que producen energía a base de carbón en Chile.

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-21). TSE de Brasil aprueba resolución para luchar contra la desinformación. telesurtv.net El TSE registró el crecmiento de los episodios de violencia política en redes sociales en un 436 por ciento con respecto a 2018.

TeleSUR, gao, SH (2022-10-21). Colombia marcó récord de producción de coca en el Gobierno de Duque. telesurtv.net En 2021 Colombia alcanzó las 204.000 hectáreas en plantaciones de coca, con una producción de 1.400 TM de cocaína.

Staff (2022-10-21). Embajada de Cuba en Washington conmemora Día de la Cultura Nacional. cubadebate.cu "Celebramos hoy el 154 aniversario de la entonación por primera vez de las notas del Himno Nacional, un hecho histórico (…) que marcó un punto de inflexión en el desarrollo de nuestra identidad como nación", dijo la jefa de la misión de Cuba en Washington D.C, Lianys Torres Rivera, al comenzar la actividad político-cultural este 20 de Octubre.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-21). Trabajadores de la Construcción van a paro nacional en Uruguay. telesurtv.net El Sindicato Único Nacional de la Construcción y Anexos estima que alrededor de 12 mil puestos de trabajo se perderán en el primer semestre del año en el sector.

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-21). Comisión de ONU: ocupación israelí en Palestina es ilegal. telesurtv.net La comisión instó a la Asamblea General de la ONU a solicitar una opinión consultiva urgente de CIJ sobre las consecuencias jurídicas de esta ocupación.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-21). Encuentran restos de la comunista española Aurora Picornell. telesurtv.net Las pruebas de ADN confirmaron que el cuerpo Picornell es uno de las cinco mujeres encontradas a finales de 2021.

TeleSUR, lvm, YSM (2022-10-21). España, Francia y Portugal establecerán corredor de energía verde. telesurtv.net La conexión entre Barcelona y Marsella se hará mediante una tubería técnicamente adaptada para el paso del hidrógeno verde y otros gases.

TeleSUR, jaa, YSM (2022-10-21). Casos de Covid-19 en Chile aumentan un % en la última semana. telesurtv.net La cifra de nuevos contagios, 6.201, es la mayor registrada en 48 días para sumar un total de 13.073 casos activos.

TeleSUR, gao (2022-10-21). Dos atentados de Al Shabaab dejan al menos 21 muertos en Somalia. telesurtv.net Los recientes atentados del grupo terroristas en las ciudades de Jalalaqsi y Bulobarde dejaron varios heridos entre civiles y militares.

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-21). Gobierno de Bolivia reitera llamado al diálogo sobre el censo. telesurtv.net La viceministra de Comunicación boliviana recordó que hasta ahora no se ha sustentado el planteamiento para que el censo sea en 2023.

Staff (2022-10-21). Alpidio Alonso Grau: "En Cuba, Revolución y cultura son inseparables" cubadebate.cu "Aunque algunos no lo adviertan y no falten los que, incluso, lo niegan, hoy estamos sometidos a una guerra cultural feroz, de dimensiones colosales. Frente a esto, el rol de la cultura en la defensa de la nación es esencial. La cultura en el sentido más complejo y profundo, de toda la memoria y riqueza espiritual de este pueblo, de la cultura como una actitud. Ese es nuestro seguro de vida", aseguró el ministro de Cultura de Cuba, Alpidio Alonso Grau, en entrevista a Cubadebate.

TeleSUR-mcs, DRL (2022-10-21). Exministro de facto de Bolivia se declara culpable de soborno. telesurtv.net El exministro del gobierno de facto de Jeanine Áñez, Arturo Murillo, está detenido en una cárcel de Miami desde 2021.

TeleSUR, jaa, YSM (2022-10-21). Confirman primer caso de cólera en República Dominicana. telesurtv.net La paciente estuvo 14 días en Puerto Príncipe, capital de Haití, e ingresó a República Dominicana el pasado 17 de octubre.

TeleSUR, YSM, SH (2022-10-21). Detienen a cuatro personas más por ataque a Cristina Fernández. telesurtv.net Los cuatro detenidos enfrentan cargos de incitación a la violencia, apología del delito e instigación a delinquir.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-21). Emiten alerta epidemiológica por influenza en Dominicana. telesurtv.net El virus puede conllevar graves complicaciones de la enfermedad subyacente, provocar neumonía o causar la muerte.

TeleSUR-mcs, DRL (2022-10-21). Fracasan elecciones para designar presidente de Líbano. telesurtv.net El país podría atravesar una nueva crisis política en caso de no lograr designar un nuevo jefe de Estado.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-21). Sobreseen a mujer salvadoreña sentenciada por abortar en su casa. telesurtv.net Acdatee recordó que la legislación salvadoreña es estigmatizante y crea prejuicios en contra de mujeres que sufren emergencias obstétricas.

TeleSUR-mcs, DRL (2022-10-21). Defensoría colombiana alerta de amenazas a líderes sociales. telesurtv.net La autoridad precisó que las amenazas obedecen a la lógica de los grupos armados ilegales y delincuenciales…

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-21). Trabajadores uruguayos de la construcción realizan movilización en defensa de conquistas sociales. telesurtv.net Los trabajadores también plantearon su posición en defensa de la negociación colectiva, las libertades sindicales, así como la seguridad social, integral y solidaria.

Staff (2022-10-21). Ministerio de Economía y Planificación aprueba nuevos actores económicos (+PDF). cubadebate.cu El Ministerio de Economía y Planificación (MEP) aprobó este jueves 84 solicitudes de creación de actores económicos, de las que 83 son mipymes (78 privadas y 5 estatales) y una cooperativa no agropecuaria.Con esta decisión, suman 5547 los actores económicos aprobados desde que inició el proceso en septiembre de 2021.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-21). Gobierno de Etiopía se suma a diálogos de paz sobre el Tigray. telesurtv.net El asesor de Seguridad Nacional del premier etíope señaló que "hemos reconfirmado nuestro compromiso de participar".

Staff (2022-10-21). Barcelona vence al Villarreal en el Camp Nou y recupera sus aspiraciones en la liga. cubadebate.cu 3-0 senteciado en apenas siete minutos de arreón pasada la media hora de partido. Después de que el Villarreal tuviera su oportunidad de darle un susto, el Baràßa se puso en plan arrollador y derrumbó todas las esperanzas de un submarino amarillo que pagó los platos rotos de la supuesta crisis azulgrana. Xavi cambió las piezas y su equipo le respondió.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-21). Liz Truss renuncia como primera ministra de Reino Unido. telesurtv.net Liz Truss dimitió, después de solo 45 días en el cargo, lo que lo convierte en uno de los más cortos Gobiernos británicos.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-21). Presidente Castillo llama al diálogo para estabilizar la democracia en Perú. telesurtv.net El presidente peruano expresó que los peruanos "no soportan más enfrentamientos políticos. Ni la politización de la justicia. Ni la judicialización de la política".

Staff (2022-10-21). Sube el telón y comienza el XXVII Festival Internacional de Ballet de La Habana "Alicia Alonso" (+ Fotos). cubadebate.cu Entre aplausos y ovaciones del público, se inició este 20 de octubre, Día de la Cultura Cubana, el XXVII Festival Internacional de Ballet de La Habana "Alicia Alonso" que hasta el 13 de noviembre, será un espacio de confluencias entre reconocidos bailarines internacionales y del patio, formados en la escuela de ballet cubana.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-21). Siria acusa a EE.UU. de obstaculizar el retorno de refugiados. telesurtv.net El ministro asistente de Asuntos Exteriores señaló que EE.UU. "alimenta conflictos para mantener su dominio".

TeleSUR, lvm, SH (2022-10-21). Estado mexicano de Tabasco aprueba el matrimonio igualitario. telesurtv.net Solo restan los estados de Guerrero y Tamaulipas para que las uniones entre parejas LGTBIQ+ sean contempladas por la ley mexicana.

Staff (2022-10-21). Cupet actualiza sobre situación de la gasolina en el país. cubadebate.cu La Unión Cuba-Petróleo (Cupet) actualizó este jueves sobre la situación de la gasolina en el país. Este mes los niveles de inventarios en el producto han sido bajos, provocando desabastecimiento en las redes de servicentros, siendo el servicio de la gasolina especial el más afectado. Hoy la refinería se encuentra operando y produciendo este combustible.

TeleSUR, MER (2022-10-21). Denuncian amenaza de golpe de Estado contra el Gobierno peruano. telesurtv.net Félix Chero aseveró que esta amenaza es evidente ante las diversas acciones realizadas en contra de Pedro Castillo para alejarlo de la Presidencia.

Staff (2022-10-21). øSe escucha música cubana en Cuba? cubadebate.cu Lamentablemente, las propuestas en algunos espacios públicos estatales y de gestión por cuenta propia se basan en canciones de pésimos textos, rozando la vulgaridad y la falta de toda norma de educación y respeto. En otros, no abunda nuestra matriz bailable y se consume de todo menos lo que verdaderamente, y en cuanto a códigos de cubanía se refiere.

_____ (2022-10-20). Nuclear High Noon In Europe. popularresistance.org On Monday, Oct. 17, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization kicked off Operation STEADFAST NOON, its annual exercise of its ability to wage nuclear conflict. Given that NATO's nuclear umbrella extends exclusively over Europe, the indisputable fact is that STEADFAST NOON is nothing more than NATO training to wage nuclear war against Russia. | Nuclear war against Russia. | The reader should let that sink in for a moment. | Don't worry, NATO spokesperson Oana Lungscu reassured the rest of the world, the purpose of STEADFAST NOON is to ensure that NATO's nuclear war-fighting capability "remains safe and effective." It…

_____ (2022-10-20). Puerto Rico Contends With Two Storms: Fiona And Colonialism. popularresistance.org In mid-September of this year, Hurricane Fiona hit Puerto Rico as a Category 1 storm. Despite Category 1 being the mildest ranking, the damage was devastating, triggering an island-wide blackout and leaving more than 760,000 without clean water. | After nearly a month since the storm, the reality on the ground is still grim. Officials estimate $172 million in damages to roads, excluding municipal roads, which are the majority. Around 900,000 Puerto Ricans have applied for individual assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 59%, or three out of every five such applications have been approved…

_____ (2022-10-20). Senate Looks To Give Taiwan $10 Billion In Military Aid. popularresistance.org The Senate's version of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) will include $10 billion in military aid for Taiwan, *Defense News* reported on Monday. | The $10 billion would be given to Taiwan over five years in the form of Foreign Military Financing (FMF), a State Department program that gives foreign governments money to purchase US weapons. | However, Taiwan will be able to use $300 million of the FMF each year to purchase military equipment from its own industrial base, a privilege only currently enjoyed by Israel. Other FMF recipients need waivers to use the funds to purchase arms that don't com…

_____ (2022-10-20). Seattle — Greater Tacoma Foundation Call For Forterra Resignations. popularresistance.org Seattle, Washington – A recently obtained letter reveals further fallout from the Snoqualmie Tribe's exposing the Seattle-based land conservancy Forterra of misleading the tribe and the federal government in obtaining a grant worth up to $20 million. | Last week, 78 Forterra staff members issued a letter expressing their support for Snoqualmie Tribe risking their careers. Now, LRI has obtained by the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation that calls for the, "Replace[ment] (of) Forterra's executive team with an experienced team that can restore trust with partners." | The letter further states, "Communications to th…

_____ (2022-10-20). Tulsi Gabbard Left The Democrats, But She Isn't Helping The Left. popularresistance.org Tulsi Gabbard made headlines on October 11, 2022 with her announcement that she was leaving the Democratic Party. In her statement, Gabbard provided a litany of reasons for her decision. She condemned the Democratic Party for being under the control of an "elitist cabal" of warmongers that are driven by "cowardly wokeness" and who divide the people with "anti-white racism." Gabbard further decried the Democratic Party's support for "open borders" and its demonization of the police. The Democratic Party, according to Gabbard, has also weaponized the national security state against its opponents and brought the wor…

_____ (2022-10-20). EU Confesses 'Our Prosperity Was Based On China And Russia'. popularresistance.org The West's economic prosperity following the end of the first cold war in 1991 was built on a neoliberal capitalist economic model that was only made possible due to the extraction of wealth from China and Russia, the European Union's top foreign-policy official, Josep Borrell, has confessed. | "Our prosperity was based on China and Russia — energy and market," Borrell said. | China provided the US and EU with a massive market, low-paid labor, and cheap consumer goods. And after the Soviet Union was overthrown, mass privatizations in Russia and steps at integrating it into the West helped Europe secure huge…

_____ (2022-10-20). Ballots Are Out In UAW Election, With Contrasting Visions Of Unionism. popularresistance.org Stakes are high in the United Auto Workers, with two polar-opposite visions of unionism up for leadership. On Monday ballots were sent to UAW members for the union's first direct election of top officers. | The rank-and-file vote comes about because members voted last fall to switch to that system, instead of having a far smaller number of convention delegates elect top leaders, as the UAW has done until now. The opportunity to let members decide was ordered by the U.S. Justice Department's monitor, installed in 2021 to oversee remedies to the union's blatant corruption. Over the past five years, more than a doze…

_____ (2022-10-20). Palestinians Observe General Strike To Honor Young Man Killed In West Bank. popularresistance.org Heeding a call from nationalist factions, Palestinians observed the one-day general strike on Thursday to pay homage to Udai Tamimi, who was gunned down during a reported firefight with the Israeli forces at the entrance of the West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim in the east of the holy occupied city of al-Quds on Wednesday. | Businesses, schools and different facilities shut down their doors in different areas of the West Bank and al-Quds. The strike also included public transportation. | Tamimi, 22, was wanted by the Israeli military after killing an Israeli soldier, identified as Noa Lazar, at a checkpoint ne…

_____ (2022-10-20). When Unions Back Corporate Mergers, Workers Lose. popularresistance.org There has always been a fundamental tension in the organized labor world between people who think that unions exist to counteract the self-serving tendencies of businesses, and people who think that unions should copy the self-serving tendencies of businesses. The gap between the view that unions should change capitalism and the view that unions should just help working people get their piece of capitalism is not just fodder for theoretical arguments‚Äâ—‚Äâbillions of dollars, thousands of jobs, and the entire direction of…

_____ (2022-10-20). New Jersey Sues Oil Companies For Decades Of 'Public Deception' On Climate Change. popularresistance.org The state of New Jersey filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against five oil companies and the oil industry's most powerful lobbying group for covering up and misleading the public about climate change, the latest round of state and municipal-led climate litigation seeking accountability from the oil industry. | The lawsuit, filed in the New Jersey Superior Court, states that the companies knew about climate change for decades and actively sought to conceal that information from the public. Instead, they funded PR campaigns aimed at confusing and misleading the public. | The oil companies "concealed and misrepresented the…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). Putin Declares Martial Law in Annexed Ukrainian Territories. news.antiwar.com Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday declared martial law in the territories that Russia annexed in Ukraine, which applies to the Russian-controlled areas of Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhia, and Kherson. Putin said that the territories were already under martial law before they were annexed by Russia. "Now we must introduce the same mode under Russian law. This …

____ (2022-10-20). Russia declares martial law in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson. ecns.cn Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree Wednesday, declaring martial law in Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson from Thursday.

Staff (2022-10-20). Delivering weapons to Russia against Ukraine baseless claim. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Iran's top diplomat Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has told EU foreign policy chief sending weapons and drones against Ukraine is not Iran's policy.

Staff (2022-10-20). Iran, Russia reject claims on using Iran drones in Ukraine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Iran and Russia have rejected baseless allegations that Tehran supplied Moscow with a fleet of drones for use in the war in Ukraine.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-20). Russian KUB-BLA Kamikaze Drones Hit Ukrainian Military Posts (Videos). southfront.org On October 19 and 20, and other Russian news sources shared two videos documenting recent strikes with KUB-BLA loitering munitions on the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). | The first video shows a strike on a fortified position of the AFU on an unedified front. The loitering munition scores a direct hit and as a result ammunition which were stored at the position exploded. | The second video documents a strike on personnel of the AFU who were moving military equipment in Mykolaiv region…

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-20). Entra vigor ley marcial en Donetsk, Lugansk, Jersón y Zaporiyia. telesurtv.net A partir de la entrada en vigencia de la ley marcial, los jefes de dichas regiones podrán evacuar a la población y restringir la libertad de movimiento en ellas por razones de seguridad.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-20). Military SItuation In Ukraine On October 20, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org Russia struck the AFU positions near Kramatorsk with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the AFU positions near Zaporozhye with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the AFU positions near Seversk with high-precision missiles; | Russian Army replled the AFU attacks near the Stelmakhovka village; | Clashes between the Russian army and AFU were reported near the Stelmakhovka; | Clashes between the Russian army and AFU were reported near the Lyman; | Russian air def…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). China Reaffirms 'No First Use' Nuclear Weapons Policy at UN. news.antiwar.com China reaffirmed this week its no first use policy for nuclear weapons at a meeting of the UN's General Assembly First Committee. Li Song, the Chinese ambassador for disarmament affairs, told the committee that China "has solemnly committed to no first use of nuclear weapons at any time and under any circumstances, and not using …

Editor (2022-10-20). Scott Ritter: We're in a Moment When One Mistake Could Start a Nuclear War. scheerpost.com

Editor (2022-10-20). Caitlin Johnstone: The Lunatic Argument That Nuclear Brinkmanship Makes Us Safe. scheerpost.com

Anonymous103 (2022-10-20). Military Situation In Kharkov Region On October 20, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org

Anonymous587 (2022-10-20). Gas Is Weapon In Hands Of Oslo. southfront.org The prolongation of the war in Ukraine benefits not only the United States and Great Britain. Despite statements by some European politicians about the need for an immediate cessation of hostilities, many EU countries are making super profits under the guise of anti-war rhetoric. | For example, the energy crisis in gas supplies, which was turned by Putin into a weapon of geopolitical struggle against NATO, is actively used by Norway to improve its well-being. With a number of countries refusin…

Anonymous587 (2022-10-20). Germany Pays For Support Of Ukraine By Increasing Prices And Falling Prosperity Of Citizens. southfront.org Germany faces its biggest crisis since the 19 s | In October, more and more information is emerging about Germany's final inclination away from neutrality in the war in Ukraine toward its full support. Beginning with the deployment of the U.S. Central Command on its territory and the transfer of intelligence information to the SSU and MDI of Ukraine, to the transfer of actual weapons (Iris-T air defense) all this expresses the real position of Berlin at the moment. | At the same time, aga…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-20). Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On October 20, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org Russian Army repelled the AFU attacks in the Sukhanovo area; | More than 200 AFU servicemen, 14 tanks, 16 armored fighting vehicles and 7 vehicles were destroyed in the Sukhanovo area, according to Russian MOD; | More than 20 soldiers and officers of the AFU were captured in the Sukhanovo area; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue in the south of Davydiv Brid village; | The AFU artillery shelled an alleged ammo depot in the Nova Kakhov…

Scott Ritter (2022-10-20). Scott Ritter Ukraine Russia War Latest3. thealtworld.com Putin adds martial law in Ukraine regions, limits in Russia

Alexander Rubinstein (2022-10-20). How the pro-Ukraine NAFO troll operation crowd-funds war criminals. thegrayzone.com Celebrated in mainstream US media for its anti-Russian trolling, the Twitter operation known as NAFO was founded by a Polish antisemite to raise money for a militia that has hosted war criminals, white nationalists and wanted murderers. Whether they know it or not, anyone who has checked Twitter for recent coverage of the Ukraine proxy war has likely encountered at least one of the thousands of trolls that comprise NAFO, or the "North Atlantic Fellas Organization." Thanks to the efforts …

_____ (2022-10-20). How Russia is fighting the West's Economic Onslaught. journal-neo.org In Washington, economic and financial sanctions remain one of the most favourite options for fighting wars by other means. We continue to witness the use of this tool quite often, with the US strategy to fight Russia's military operations in Ukraine being the most recent example. A key reason that has thus far enabled the …

Anonymous765 (2022-10-20). Ukraine Continues Bloody Attempts To Advance. southfront.org |

Ajamu Baraka (2022-10-20). Trump Calls for Peace in Ukraine While Democrats Make Support for War a Midterm Campaign Issue. orinocotribune.com By Ajamu Baraka Oct 12, 2022 | Donald Trump is no peace maker, but his stance on negotiations to end the war in Ukraine is in stark contrast to that of the democrats, who fully support continuing the dangerous proxy war against Russia. Anti-war forces must step up and struggle for peace. | Since the U.S. sponsored coup in Ukraine in 2014, taking a stand against the plan by the U.S. to use Ukraine as a weapon of war against Russia was a perilous stance for pro-pe…

Brian Berletic (2022-10-20). Russia's 300,000-Strong Mobilization: Facts and Fiction. thealtworld.com Russia's mobilization continues preparing and deploying soldiers in support of military operations against Ukraine. | The Western media, including the New York Times, is attempting to portray the mobilization as a disaster. | However even other sources in the West admit that many of the problems pointed out are shared by all nations mobilizing (including Ukraine) and that Russia will adapt as the process continues. | References: | New York Times 'Coffins Are Already Coming': The Toll of Russia's Chaotic Draft, Newly mobilized recruits are already at the front in Ukraine, a growing chorus of reports…

Staff (2022-10-20). Arming Kyiv brings NATO closer to direct clash with Russia. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — The flow of NATO weapons to Ukraine and military support for Kyiv bring the alliance closer to a dangerous line of a direct military clash with Russia, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says.

Connor Echols (2022-10-20). No Matter How Long the Ukraine War Lasts, Weapons Makers Plan to Cash In. commondreams.org A new proposal would slash protections against price gouging and ratchet up weapons production well past Kyiv's needs.

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-20). US and Turkey Keep Idlib a Terrorist Safe Haven. orinocotribune.com By Steven Sahiounie Oct 16, 2022 | The Biden administration should develop a plan with Turkey and Russia to bring Idlib under the control of the Syrian government. | On October 10, a

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-20). China-Russia Friendship: A Guarantee of a Bright Future for the People. libya360.wordpress.com On the eve of the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China the Chairman of the CC CPRF Gennady Zyuganov gave an interview to the popular Chinese newspaper Guangming Ribao Speaking at the International Forum of the CPC and Marxist Parties organized by the Communist Party of China you noted that the centenary of…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-20). Military Situation In Syria On October 21, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org On October 20, the Russian Ministry of Defense recorded no hostilities and ceasefire violations in the Idlib region in the past 24 hours; | On October 20, artillery of Turkish-backed forces shelled SAA positions in the Shathah village; | On October 20, SAA artillery shelled positions of Turkish-backed forces in Maarat Blit village; | On October 19, Syrian President Bashar Assad met with a delegation of leaders and representatives of Palestinian groups, including Khalil…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). UK Says Russian Fighter Released Missile Near British Plane Over Black Sea. news.antiwar.com British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that a Russian fighter jet released a missile near a British spy plane over the Black Sea in an encounter on September 29. Wallace said he expressed concern about the incident with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, and that he replied by saying the missile release happened due …

Paul Craig Roberts (2022-10-20). Special Council John Durham's Failed Investigation of the Plot against President Trump. thealtworld.com I never expected anything to come out of Special Council John Durham's "investigation" of Russiagate, the attempt by the CIA, FBI, and Democrat Party to frame President Trump as a Russian agent, and nothing has come out of it. | I didn't expect anything to come out of the "investigation" because the Establishment is opposed to Trump and most certainly will not permit an investigation that would bring out the truth. The vindication of Trump is the last thing that will come out of Washington. As the Establishment controls the appointment of special prosecutors, it was obvious that nothing would come of Durham's "in…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). UK Says Russian Fighter Jet Released Missile Near British Plane Over Black Sea. news.antiwar.com British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said Thursday that a Russian fighter jet released a missile near a British spy plane over the Black Sea in an encounter on September 29. Wallace said he expressed concern about the incident with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Shoigu, and that he replied by saying the missile release happened due …

____ (2022-10-20). They Say: China one of leading global voices dedicated to peaceful conflict resolution. ecns.cn

____ (2022-10-20). China's modernization path offers inspiration for global peace and development. ecns.cn The report delivered by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, to the 20th CPC National Congress on Sunday unveiled a blueprint for advancing the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts through a Chinese path to modernization.

____ (2022-10-20). China's diplomacy wins global friends. ecns.cn China has stepped up efforts to develop its diplomatic service over the past decade with a comprehensive, multilevel and multifaceted agenda being established.

____ (2022-10-20). (CPC Congress) Delegates to 20th CPC National Congress continue holding group meetings. ecns.cn Delegates to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) continued holding group meetings on Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-20). Autumn brings colors to park. ecns.cn Colorful autumn scenery at a park in Jize County of Handan City, north China's Hebei Province, Oct. 20, 2022.

____ (2022-10-20). Global parties, politicians congratulate congress. ecns.cn Parties and politicians of various countries have sent their congratulations on the opening of the 20th Communist Party of China National Congress, as they view the congress an important milestone of the CPC's history and providing solid guarantee for China's future development.

____ (2022-10-20). Demand for Chinese heating product soars in Europe. ecns.cn As an important family appliances production base in China, South China's Guangdong Province has witnessed a surge in the exports of heating appliances as the northern hemisphere enters winter.

____ (2022-10-20). Press center for 20th CPC National Congress hosts fourth group interview. ecns.cn The spokespersons for delegations from Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Shaanxi and Gansu to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) meet the press during a group interview in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 19, 2022.

____ (2022-10-20). Hainan to open two new offshore duty-free shops. ecns.cn Two new offshore duty-free shops have been approved to open in Haikou, the capital of South China's island province of Hainan, raising the number of duty-free shops in the province to twelve, Economic Information Daily reported on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-20). China to step up judicial protection of IPR: senior judge. ecns.cn Chinese judicial agencies will step up protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) in a bid to support the country's drive to achieve greater self-reliance and strength in science and technology, a senior judge said Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-20). Light show featuring ancient Sichuan culture dazzles visitors. ecns.cn Visitors view colorful lights featuring the ancient Sichuan culture in Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province, Oct. 19, 2022. Six groups of themed lights are displayed during the show.

____ (2022-10-20). (Multinational enterprises in China) Microsoft confident about China's digital economy: Microsoft GCR leader. ecns.cn Microsoft is confident in the prospect of China's accelerating digital economy, Hou Yang, chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China Region (GCR), said in an interview with Chinanews.com.

____ (2022-10-20). China's FAST telescope spots huge atomic gas structure. ecns.cn The "China Sky Eye," also known as the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), has spotted a huge atomic gas structure in the vicinity of a galaxy group.

____ (2022-10-20). China opposes forcing political system on other nations, official says. ecns.cn The Communist Party of China will not point fingers at the internal affairs of political parties in other nations, nor will the Party seek to export the Chinese model or require other nations or parties to emulate its practice, an official said on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-20). China's diplomatic corps to maintain the fighting spirit. ecns.cn China's diplomatic front will continue to carry on the fighting spirit and improve its capability to safeguard the country's dignity and interests.

____ (2022-10-20). Endangered corpse flowers bear seeds at China National Botanical Garden. ecns.cn Two corpse flowers have borne seeds at the China National Botanical Garden in Beijing, marking the first seed-bearing of the endangered species in the country.

____ (2022-10-20). China's initiatives on development, security conducive to world peace, prosperity. ecns.cn With the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) opening on Sunday, the world is paying close attention to the programs of action and overarching policies that will be formulated during the landmark event.

____ (2022-10-20). Press conference on China's diplomacy held in Beijing. ecns.cn Shen Beili, vice minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, and Ma Zhaoxu, vice minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attended the press conference.

____ (2022-10-20). Report charts way to energy security, greener future. ecns.cn The active and prudent approach to climate actions that Xi Jinping has vowed China will pursue is suitable to the nation's conditions, with coal serving as the dominant fossil fuel reserve, experts said.

____ (2022-10-20). China's diplomacy aimed at global peace, prosperity. ecns.cn The goal and purpose of China's diplomacy is to maintain world peace, promote common development and advance the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

____ (2022-10-20). China's largest-thrust vacuum liquid oxygen, methane engine completes first full-system test. ecns.cn China's largest-thrust vacuum liquid oxygen and methane engine, developed by Chinese commercial spaceflight company LandSpace, has successfully completed its full-system test firings which lasted for 20 seconds.

____ (2022-10-20). Innovative machinery enhances railway construction. ecns.cn The only two 1,000-ton level bridge girder erection machines in the world have added momentum to the rapid development of China's high-speed rail construction and have made railways across the sea a reality.

____ (2022-10-20). World's first electromagnet driven super speed experiment facility enters operation in E China. ecns.cn The world's first ground-based electromagnet driven super speed experiment facility in Jinan, East China's Shandong Province enters operation, CCTV reported on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-20). Investors eye A shares as mood brightens. ecns.cn As uncertainties that have been shrouding the A-share market over the past few months start to subside, domestic and international financial institutions are preparing to increase their positions in China-related assets, which are currently undervalued, said experts.

____ (2022-10-20). China one of world's safest countries: official. ecns.cn China is widely acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world, Xu Ganlu, vice minister of public security, told a press conference here on Wednesday.

Editor (2022-10-20). Israel lobby fabricates anti-Semitism crisis at Berkeley. mronline.org In a crisis manufactured by Israel lobby groups and right-wing media, law students at the University of California at Berkeley are being accused of anti-Jewish bigotry because of their public pledge not to host speakers who support Israeli apartheid.

Brian Hauss (2022-10-20). It's Time to Reaffirm Our First Amendment Right to Boycott. aclu.org From the Boston Tea Party to the Montgomery bus boycott to the boycott of apartheid South Africa, politically motivated consumer boycotts have long been part and parcel of American politics. But are they protected by the First Amendment? For 40 years, the answer has been an unequivocal "yes." But in a recent case from Arkansas, a federal court of appeals ruled otherwise. If the right to boycott is to be preserved, the Supreme Court must step in. | In NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co., the Supreme Court in 1982 unanimously upheld the First Amendment right of Black Mississippians to boycott local busin…

Editor (2022-10-20). The Last Thing Haiti Needs is Another Military Intervention. scheerpost.com Fritzner Lamour (Haiti), Poste Ravine Pintade, ca. 1980. | By Vijay Prashad / At the United Nations General Assembly on 24 September 2022, Haiti's Foreign Minister Jean Victor Geneus admitted that his country faces a serious crisis, which he

Kit Klarenberg (2022-10-20). Palestine Action activists walk free after another case bites the dust. electronicintifada.net Latest legal victory shows Elbit has something to hide.

Ramzy Baroud (2022-10-20). Difficult Months Ahead: Why Israel is Afraid of the Lions' Den. dissidentvoice.org This headline in the Israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, only tells part of the story: "The Lions' Den, Other Palestinian Groups are Endless Headache for Israel, PA." It is true that both the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority are equally worried about the prospect of a widespread armed revolt in the Occupied West Bank, and …

Tamara Nassar (2022-10-20). Celebrated Palestinian resistance fighter killed in combat. electronicintifada.net Palestinians rally behind the Lions Den, a new armed group challenging Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Amjad Ayman Yaghi (2022-10-20). From Gaza to Istanbul in search of a future. electronicintifada.net Turkey was once the dream destination for Palestinians from Gaza, but the Turkish government's newly hostile policies against immigrants have pushed many to migrate elsewhere, with devastating costs.

Amena ElAshkar (2022-10-20). Disasters multiply for Palestinians in Lebanon. electronicintifada.net Survivor of boat disaster insists he had no choice than to leave refugee camp.

Lee Camp (2022-10-20). US Police Kill Twice As Many People Every Year As We've Been Told. mintpressnews.com The Most Censored News with Lee Camp hosted by comedian/ writer/ raconteur/ provocateur/ saboteur Lee Camp is a twice-weekly look at the most censored stories within corporate media hosted by the new video platform Behind the Headlines — a MintPress video project that is 100% viewer supported. Camp both brings to light stories that are …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-20). France: Labor Unrest Illustrates Worsening Economic Crisis within the EU. libya360.wordpress.com Abayomi Azikiwe French Cgt Unions Confront Oil Companies Over Pay Hike Oil workers strike has prompted one of the largest trade union federations to hold a day of action across a key state within NATO French workers affiliated with the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) held a "Day of Action" work stoppage on October 18….

Misión Verdad (2022-10-20). Guaidó Envoy Backs Up Bolsonaro After He Insults Venezuelans in Brazil. orinocotribune.com Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, during an interview with the Paparazzo Rubro-Negro podcast, insinuated that young Venezuelan women living on the outskirts of Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil, engage in prostitution. The comment caused a stir to the point that the first lady of Brazil, Michelle Bolsonaro, and Damares Alves (PL), former minister and senator-elect for the Federal District, spoke out to try to minimize the embarrassment. | The first lady and the senator went to Sà£o Sebastià£o to meet with the leaders of the Venezuelan immigrant community—not to apologize, but to demand silen…

WSWS (2022-10-20). Democrat Stacey Abrams advances right-wing agenda in Georgia gubernatorial debate. wsws.org The debate between three candidates for governor of Georgia on Monday revealed how far the entire US political establishment has shifted to the right.

Editor (2022-10-20). Scott Ritter on NATO's "Steadfast Noon" Operation. scheerpost.com

Brett Wilkins (2022-10-20). In Defense of Workers, Sanders Says 'The Fed Must Stop Raising Interest Rates'. commondreams.org "Our goal must not be to 'get wages down,'" the democratic socialist senator asserted. "Our goal must be to end corporate greed."

Staff (2022-10-20). Liga americana: Houston vence a New York Yankees con seguidilla de jonrones. cubadebate.cu El bullpen vuelve a costarle a los Yankees en la postemporada. Jameson Taillon fue a la par de Justin Verlander por las primeras cinco entradas, que terminaron empatadas, pero cuando llegó el turno de los relevistas, volvieron a fallar y Houston se llevó el Juego 1 de la Serie de Campeonato de la Liga Americana, por pizarra de 4-2.

TeleSUR, lsl, JGN (2022-10-20). øCómo asesinaron al líder libio Muamar Gadafi. telesurtv.net A 11 años del asesinato del entonces presidente de Libia, Muamar Gadafi, los hechos que rodean su asesinato siguen siendo manipulados por EE.UU. y sus aliados.

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-20). US Considering Joint Weapons Production With Taiwan. news.antiwar.com The US is considering a plan to jointly manufacture weapons with Taiwan in an effort to speed up arms deliveries for the island, a member of the US-Taiwan Business Council said on Wednesday. Since 2017, the US has approved over $20 billion in arms sales for Taiwan, but deliveries have been delayed. According to Defense …

Julia Conley (2022-10-20). High Gas Prices and Big Oil's Midterm Scheme in One Easy-to-Understand Tweet. commondreams.org After raking in billions of dollars in profits and price-gouging Americans for gas and other essentials, the fossil fuel industry aims to "undermine the clean energy agenda to keep us addicted to their product," warns one climate campaigner.

Peter Certo (2022-10-20). So-Called GOP 'Solutions' to Inflation Are Just Another Giveaway to the Rich and Corporations. commondreams.org If cutting corporate tax rates and making billionaires wealthier actually fixed inflation, it would have been fixed ages ago.

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-10-20). Tiny Antarctic creatures provide US$8.6 billion of carbon storage via their poo. imperial.ac.uk

Dean Baker (2022-10-20). Is Inflation Forcing People to Live Paycheck to Paycheck? cepr.net We know that's what CNN told people, but that is far from clear from the data. The lowest paid workers have, on average, been seeing pay increases the that exceed inflation. Here's the picture for production and non-supervisory workers in the hotel and restaurant industry. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. The graph shows the …

Sarah Baron (2022-10-20). Raise corporate taxes to fight inflation, not interest rates. peoplesworld.org The New York Times recently pointed to car dealerships as an example of a trend that has defined the pandemic era. With high demand and new cars in short supply, dealerships have gotten used to charging higher prices and making record profits at the expense of consumers—and they are unlikely to bring prices down on their own. But car …

WSWS (2022-10-20). Philadelphia Museum of Art workers agree to end their strike and ratify tentative agreement. wsws.org The wage increases which the AFSCME union touts as a "victory" will be quickly eaten up by inflation.

WSWS (2022-10-20). Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa. wsws.org Teachers across Europe continue widespread strikes over funding, pay and conditions, joined by mass walkouts by French high school students; Greek healthcare workers on 24-hour national strike over funding and staff shortages fear collapse of healthcare system under impact of winter flu and COVID; rail strikes over pay, pensions and job losses continue in the UK, with further strikes planned by postal and telecom workers; Iranian Haft Tappeh sugar factory workers join protests entering fifth week over death of Mahsa Amini; South Africa's Transnet workers' unions agree below-inflation deal to end two-week strike a…

Dana Sanchez (2022-10-20). Biden And US Government Dismissed Recession Threats But Jeff Bezos Says Americans Should Brace For Painful Downturn. moguldom.com Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the latest corporate giant to warn Americans to brace for a painful economic downturn, cautioning that rougher times are likely ahead. "Yep, the probabilities in this economy tell you batten down the hatches," Bezos tweeted in response to Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon's interview with CNBC. Solomon spoke after Goldman …

JANET (2022-10-20). Prepare for the biggest global capitalist crisis in history. iacenter.org By Larry Holmes October 17, 2022 The writer is Workers World Party's First Secretary. This is a slightly edited version of the full article you can read at workers.org. According to the International Monetary Fund, most of the world, including the U.S., is either in or headed for a recession, or something worse, by sometime in 2023. All economic indicators are pointing to severe economic contraction. Businesses are being forced to rent more and more warehouse space to stockpile all the computers, televisions, furniture and other things that the workers can't afford to buy. This is no normal economic downturn. How…

Fvorinoco (2022-10-20). Venezuela Identifies Communities at Risk of Floods. orinocotribune.com This Wednesday, Vice President of Planning Ricardo Menéndez indicated that cartography can help to provide preventative solutions and aid in organizing communities to asses their areas of risk and potential future threats from natural disasters. | Menéndez explained in an interview with VTV that work is currently being done in these areas to define recurring territorial problems, such as areas subject to flooding that may occur every five or ten years. | He added that these studies, carried out by the government, will allow the creation of early warning systems in the case of any threat, such as rising water leve…

Rita Jacobs (2022-10-20). Identifying the Enemy Is the First Step in Winning the War. covertactionmagazine.com

_____ (2022-10-20). New US strategy in Africa: serious program or another bluff? journal-neo.org On October 12, just a couple of months before the loudly announced US-Africa summit, the White House released a rather lengthy document, "The US Strategy toward Sub-Saharan Africa". It defines Washington's main objectives on the African continent, and details the goals it intends to pursue and the mechanisms of cooperation. The novelty of this …

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-20). Operation 'Cast Thy Bread:' Unearthed Documents Reveal Israeli Militias Poisoned Wells During Nakba. orinocotribune.com Historians have recovered official documentation proving that Israeli militias poisoned wells to prevent expelled Palestinians from returning to their home villages during the Nakba in 1948, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on Friday. | Testimonies regarding the act of biological warfare have been heard and publicized for decades, but historians Benny Morris and Benjamin Z. Kedar have found Israeli military documentation that has cast any doubt over its occurrence aside and provided new details regarding its scope, according to Haaretz. | "We uncovered a lot of new information," Morris told Haaretz. | "We d…

WSWS (2022-10-20). Lawyer Jennifer Robinson gives powerful defence of Assange at Australia's National Press Club. wsws.org The address was subjected to a virtual boycott by Australia's official media, demonstrating its alignment with the state and with imperialist war.

Shailly Gupta Barnes (2022-10-20). The War on Immigrants Is a War on All Poor and Low-Income Workers. commondreams.org If low-income voters stick together, they can stop politicians from turning a humanitarian crisis into political theater.

____ (2022-10-20). Beijing 2022 Olympic athletes honored at ANOC Awards 2022. ecns.cn The best athletes of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games were honored on Wednesday during the awards ceremony of ANOC Awards 2022 held in Seoul.

Labor Video Project (2022-10-20). Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad! Rally In Oakland At US Federal Building. indybay.org An anti-war rally called by UNAC took place at the Oakland Federal Building on October 15, 2022…

____ (2022-10-20). FAST telescope discovers biggest atomic cloud ever. ecns.cn Photo released on Oct. 20, 2022 shows an enormous atomic gas cloud discovered by pointing an ultra-powerful radio telescope with the help of FAST telescope towards Stephan's Quintet, a well-known grouping of galaxies.

Ana Perdigón (2022-10-20). Venezuela's Attorney General Initiates Investigation on 'Nazi Birthday Party'. orinocotribune.com Given the commotion caused on social media platforms by the celebration of a "Nazi birthday" in a restaurant in Caracas, Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab announced this Tuesday, October 18, that the Public Ministry (MP) has appointed a prosecutor to investigate the incident, which could clearly be considered Nazi apologia. | Saab reported that he appointed the human rights prosecutor of the 94th national circuit to investigate the incident and those who were responsible for it. | He mentioned that the organizer of the "celebration" sat in a restaurant in Las Mercedes with groceries, clothing and ute…

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-10-20). Planting Angel Eggs On A Dying World. thealtworld.com Listen to a reading of "Planting Angel Eggs On A Dying World": | Planting angel eggs on a dying world, | at the feet of billboards, | in the clearcut wastelands, | by the rivers of tears from Yemeni mothers, | under highway overpasses where defective gear-turners sleep, | shambling from crater to crater on tree stump legs | wailing whale songs and praying to unprofitable gods, | planting them in the ashes whispering | "May there be kindness, | may there be seeing, | may there be artist lovers who are each other's muse." | Dancing a doomed dance, | a dance of holy futility, | the dance of madmen, | the dance of…

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-20). Iran: The Revolution That Never Was. orinocotribune.com By Asa Winstanley Oct 16, 2022 | Don't Be Fooled: The CIA, MI6 And Mossad Are All Out To Impose Regime Change. | Iran has been in Western media headlines a lot recently — and as usual, it's for all the wrong reasons. | Despite the

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-20). Dominican Republic: President Abinader's Anti-Haitianism. orinocotribune.com By Ana Belique Oct 12, 2022 | Luis Abinader, president of the Dominican Republic, continues that country's tradition of enacting anti-Haitian policies. | The coming to power of President Abinader in 2020 was surrounded by illusions for many people who believed that a change was beginning for the country, as his campaign slogan claimed. The party in government changed and some people with professional or academic links to the struggle for human rights reached high positions in the State. However, reality quickly showed that the new government would continue along the path of social inequality, clientelism an…

Editor (2022-10-20). Israel experiments on Palestinians with AI-powered gun at checkpoints. mronline.org The Israeli military installed an automatic weapon at a heavily-trafficked checkpoint in the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil in September.

_____ (2022-10-20). Germany is forced to give up its ambitions in Africa. journal-neo.org The US and the former European metropolises France, Britain and Germany have made desperate efforts in recent years to maintain their neo-colonial positions on the African continent. After all, the Western bloc views Africa primarily from a military-geopolitical and resource-based perspective, with projected prospects for global development. These aspects are viewed through the …

Editor (2022-10-20). Unions call for transport strike to cause major disruptions. mronline.org French union groups call for a nationwide transport strike as disruptions continue amid fuel shortages and soaring prices.

Mickey Z. (2022-10-20). The Epidemic that killed 8% of NYC's Population. dissidentvoice.org Yellow Fever hit New York City in the late eighteenth century. The Big Apple population at the time was 60,000 and over the course of five years, eight percent of those New Yorkers succumbed to the disease (or related malfeasance). Adjust that ratio for 2022 and the death count would approach 675,000. Yellow fever is …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-20). Remembering Muammar Qaddafi. libya360.wordpress.com

Editor (2022-10-20). Cheng Enfu: The new pattern of international economy and politics is conducive to the development of world socialism. mronline.org In September 2021, I spoke at the launch meeting of the Manifesto: Through Pluripolarity to Socialism. The Manifesto has a clear theme, profound ideas, magnificent momentum, and clearly articulated the history of world socialism, its present status quo and future.

Staff (2022-10-20). Gustavo Petro Accuses Washington of Ruining World's Economy. orinocotribune.com

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-10-20). New School Introduces Best of HBCU Experience In Kindergarten: 'You'll Be Surrounded By Nothing But Love'. moguldom.com A new elementary school in Jacksonville, Florida, doesn't think students should wait until college to get the best parts of the experience offered at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Becoming Collegiate Academy is opening its doors to kindergarten and first graders this year and plans to add a grade each year until it serves students …

Dana Sanchez (2022-10-20). Jay-Z Sues Partner Bacardi Over D'Usse Accounting Books. moguldom.com Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit demanding financial transparency from his business partner, spirits maker Bacardi, over the cognac brand D'Usse that they share as / partners. The entertainment entrepreneur aka Shawn Carter wants to know how much money the cognac line has made, and his company, SC Liquor, wants access to all Bacardi's books and records …

Fvorinoco (2022-10-20). US Confirms Meeting in Washington with Venezuela's Unitary Platform. orinocotribune.com On Wednesday, Brian Nichols, US undersecretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, confirmed a meeting with members of the Unitary Platform, an opposition faction backed by Washington, to discuss matters of internal politics in Venezuela. | In a tweet, Nichols stated that the United States continues to support "a negotiated political and humanitarian solution, led by Venezuela," to end the crisis in the country. | "We continue to be a firm partner of the Venezuelan people in their quest to recover their democracy," read part of the message. | The day before, Reuters reported that the head of the Unitary Plat…

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-20). Ecuador: Anti-Neoliberal Resistance. orinocotribune.com By Irene León and José Agualsaca Oct 16, 2022 | A neoliberal 'redesign' of the State is underway in Ecuador, activated since 2017 through different surreptitious tactics, especially "lawfare", known for resorting to judicial and media plots as ruses to reverse alternative projects. Also on the scene are different expressions of authoritarianism, which are con-substantial to the pursuit of the neoliberal model, to impose the dominance of the market over the interests of society. It is a programmatic agenda, which is made possible by the conversion of State institutions into minimal operational agencies, in c…

Rann Miller (2022-10-20). Opinion: Admiration For Elijah Muhammad Reached Far Beyond His Students And Followers. moguldom.com October 7 marks the date that many followers and students of Elijah Muhammad celebrate the anniversary of his birth, sending out birthday wishes each year to their teacher via social media and other platforms. Born Oct. 7, 1897, Muhammad was the self-proclaimed messenger of Allah who led the Nation of Islam from 1934 until his …

Ramona Wadi (2022-10-20). Australia's Jerusalem move doesn't help Palestinian political demands. thealtworld.com In December 2018, former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison emulated the Trump administration and recognised West Jerusalem as Israel's capital, although it kept its embassy in Tel Aviv. Australia thus kept partly in line with international consensus, which is in any case inherently hypocritical, given that Palestinians are subjected to two-state diplomacy and now the Abraham Accords. | This week, Israel was furious to learn that Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has removed references to West Jerusalem from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website, prompting outrage from Israeli…

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-10-20). Serena Ventures Invests In Black Founders 47% Of The Time: Meet The Black Women On Her Team. moguldom.com Tennis superstar Serena Williams began her second act while still at the top of her game in the first one. She founded Serena Ventures in 2014 with a strategic focus on helping level the playing field for startups led by Black people, women and other marginalized groups. During the company's first five years, Williams didn't publicly announce the 34 …

Staff (2022-10-20). Arak city in Markazi province. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — 20th of October is named Arak Day in Iran. The city is the capital of the Markazi province.

____ (2022-10-20). Giant pandas start new life in Qatar. ecns.cn Qatar became the first Middle Eastern country to receive Chinese giant pandas — Suhail (Jing Jing) and Soraya (Si Hai) on Wednesday.

WSWS (2022-10-20). Convicted Oath Keeper testifies in third week of seditious conspiracy trial. wsws.org Former Marine and Florida Oath Keeper Jason Dolan testified that the militia group came to Washington D.C. to "stop Congress from certifying" the 2020 election.

Strike! (2022-10-20). SEIU Strike to Impact City Services in Santa Cruz. indybay.org City of Santa Cruz workers represented by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 521 are scheduled to begin an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Strike starting Monday, October 17, at city hall. The ULP Strike will continue Tuesday, October 18 through Friday, October 21 at various locations, including city hall, wastewater treatment plant, water treatment plant, and corporation yard. Union leaders will hold a press conference at Santa Cruz City Hall on Monday, October 17 at 9 AM, and the public is invited to join the picket line there from 7 AM to 5 PM. An information flyer distributed by union members has…

Staff (2022-10-20). 19 killed, injured in Somali suicide blasts. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Media reported on Wednesday night that 12 people were killed and 7 were injured after two suicide bombings occurred in central Somalia.

WSWS (2022-10-20). Pilots at German airline Eurowings on strike for three days. wsws.org As a result of corporate greed and shareholder demands for profit, pressure on the pilots is constantly increasing. Since the drastic job cuts during the COVID-19 pandemic, the workload for the remaining pilots has increased considerably.

WSWS (2022-10-20). Australian university union promotes Labor Party at Sydney strike rally. wsws.org A state Labor leader was invited to address the National Tertiary Education Union rally, posturing as a parliamentary representative of "working people," but a striking worker was blocked from speaking to call for unified struggle of workers.

Staff (2022-10-20). Lebanese parliament fails to elect new president again. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — The Lebanese parliament failed to elect a new president in its Thursday session.

Staff (2022-10-20). President Díaz-Canel receives the Deputy Secretary General of the UN. en.cubadebate.cu "It is a pleasure to receive you on this visit to our country, which marks another moment in the strengthening of Cuba's relations with the United Nations Population Fund," said the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and president of the Republic. , Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, welcoming Dr. Natalia Kanem, Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Organization and Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund, who is in Havana, at the Palace of the Revolution responding to an invitation from the Cuban Government.

____ (2022-10-20). Prosecuting authorities vow to improve public-interest litigation. ecns.cn Prosecuting authorities will improve the handling of public-interest litigation to better serve people in line with the concept of high-quality rule of law, a senior prosecutor said at a news conference on Wednesday.

Staff (2022-10-20). Iran's top diplomat arrives in Armenian capital for talks. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Heading a political and parliamentary delegation, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on Thursday evening arrived at the Armenian capital of Yerevan.

WSWS (2022-10-20). The lessons of the failed Amazon Labor Union campaign in Albany, New York. wsws.org The rejection of the Amazon Labor Union by a 2-to-1 margin contains important lessons about the strategy required to successfully mobilize rank-and-file workers against the transnational corporate giants.

Strike! (2022-10-20). Santa Cruz City Workers Commence First Strike in City's History. indybay.org Santa Cruz City workers represented by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 521 commenced the first strike in the history of the city today. Essential City workers are demanding concrete commitments to equity and an end to unfair labor practices. Picket lines have been established at various locations in the City of Santa Cruz, including city hall, municipal wharf, wastewater treatment plant, water treatment plant, and corporation yard. The ULP Strike will continue Tuesday, October 18 through Friday, October 21. The public is invited to join the picket line today at city hall until 5 PM.

Mark Gruenberg (2022-10-20). California enacts hefty fines for government union-busting. peoplesworld.org SACRAMENTO, Calif.—In what its union backers hope will become a model for other states, California has a new law imposing hefty fines on local governments that try union-busting against their workers. SB931, by State Sen. Connie Leyva, D-Chino, mandates that when faced with an organizing drive, state and local agencies cannot "repeatedly and illegally send …

Staff (2022-10-20). Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla: "The world would be better without the blockade against Cuba" en.cubadebate.cu Transcript of the words of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, in the presentation to the national and foreign press, of the update of the national report by virtue of resolution 75/289 of the General Assembly of the Nations Nations, entitled "Need to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba." (Period August 2021- February 2022)…

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-20). "We consider Armenia's security as Iran's security" en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — The Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian has told his Armenian counterpart that "We consider the security of Armenia as the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the security of the region."

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-20). Enemies seek to hinder Iran's scieneifc progress. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — The IRGC commander said Thursday that the riots premeditated by the enemies were aimed at the stopping Iran's scientific progress.

Staff (2022-10-20). Iran's FM to meet Armenian officials in Yerevan. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is set to meet with Armenian officials during a visit to Yerevan.

Julia Conley (2022-10-20). 'Big Win' for Climate: EU Parliament Backs Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. commondreams.org "The momentum behind a treaty to keep fossil fuels in the ground in a fair and timely fashion is phenomenal and growing," said one campaigner.

WSWS (2022-10-20). The Russo brothers' Cherry: The cumulative social trauma. wsws.org After a 20-year period during which they gained enormous success directing several of the Marvel films, the Russo brothers have returned to Cleveland, the second poorest city in the US in 2022, as a locale.

Brett Wilkins (2022-10-20). Barrett Boots 'Nothingburger' Right-Wing Challenge to Biden Student Loan Cancellation. commondreams.org "Under any reading of precedent," said one legal reporter, "the Republican activists who brought this lawsuit have absolutely no right to challenge a single dollar of debt forgiveness."

Staff (2022-10-20). Front pages of Iran's English dailies on Oct. 20. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Here are the front pages of Iran's English language dailies on Thursday, October 20.

____ (2022-10-20). Chinese technicians grab medals at WorldSkills Competition in Japan's Kyoto. ecns.cn Three Chinese young technicians won two gold and one silver medals in all three contests on Wednesday in the WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition held in Japan's Kyoto.

WSWS (2022-10-20). Amid French refinery strike, Macron to impose 2023 budget without parliamentary vote. wsws.org Even as Macron reveals his weakness and his lack of support in parliament, factions of the union bureaucracy are capitulating to him, working to shut down the refinery strike.

____ (2022-10-20). HKSAR chief executive John Lee delivers first policy address. ecns.cn John Lee, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), delivered on Wednesday his first policy address to the HKSAR Legislative Council since taking office.

Brett Wilkins (2022-10-20). ACLU Accuses DeSantis of 'Grotesque Abuse of Power' for Voter Arrests. commondreams.org Newly released body camera footage, says the rights group, "reveals the real, human impact of these anti-voter schemes and the confusion it has created."

Staff (2022-10-20). Iran condemns French police's brutality against protestors. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan'ani slammed the brutality of the French police against the demonstrators and people who have been on strike in France recently.

WSWS (2022-10-20). Mobile, Alabama port workers in powerful position in lead-up to strike deadline. wsws.org After working without a contract since October 2018 and voting down three previous company proposals brought to them by the union, around 800 members of ILA are primed to go on strike after midnight on October 20 if the union does not work out a deal with the CSA Equipment Company beforehand.

Staff (2022-10-20). Canada imposes new anti-Iran sanctions in support of rioters. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Canada imposed illegal sanctions on six Iranian individuals and four entities on Wednesday for alleged defending human rights.

____ (2022-10-20). UN chief saddened by loss of life in Venezuela floods, mudslides. ecns.cn UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was saddened to learn of the loss of dozens of lives and damage to infrastructure in Venezuela due to floods and landslides resulting from the heavy rainy season and the impact of tropical storms.

CSIA Nitassinan (2022-10-20). PARIS: Indigenous Solidarity Urges Freedom for Leonard Peltier. indybay.org In Paris, today's Indigenous solidarity event focuses on freedom for imprisoned Leonard Peltier and honors Indigenous rights around the world.

Common Dreams staff (2022-10-20). 'Most Disastrous PM in Our History': UK Prime Minister Liz Truss Resigns. commondreams.org The Tory leader's decision came after she reversed course on a proposed tax cut for the wealthy amid a massive cost-of-living crisis.

Julia Conley (2022-10-20). Judge Who Ruled Against CFPB Took Thousands in Wall Street Campaign Cash: Watchdog. commondreams.org "The financial services industry's relentless attacks on the CFPB proves its work protecting consumers is more vital than ever," said one advocate.

____ (2022-10-20). Chinese researchers cast more light on globally threatened primates. ecns.cn Chinese experts have recently revealed the evolutionary adaptation and demographic history of pygmy lorises, according to the Kunming Institute of Zoology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

____ (2022-10-20). WHO says COVID-19 still an international health emergency. ecns.cn The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday that COVID-19 is still a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC), the WHO's highest alert level.

WSWS (2022-10-20). The significance of the UK financial crisis. wsws.org The British experience has revealed in living events the naked power of finance capital and the way its exercises its dictatorship over every government, whatever its political stripe.

Cameron orr (2022-10-20). Fascism, unity, and resistance. cpusa.org The following is adapted from a presentation given to the National Marxist School on May 14, 2022 It was just two years ago in the spring of 2020 that we in the Communist Party rolled up our sleeves and went to work with the Dump Trump voter pledge cards and the Vote Against Fascism …

Alastair Boone (2022-10-20). Saturday 11/5: Fundraiser for Street Spirit Newspaper: Live at Bandcamp! indybay.org Bandcamp Record Store and Performance Space, 1901 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612…

Adriaan Alsema (2022-10-20). Bogota refugee crisis spurs violent protest in Colombia's capital. colombiareports.com Indigenous protests in Colombia's capital turned violent on Wednesday amid allegations that 21 refugees have died in Bogota over the past year. According to the Bogota Police Department, 14 policemen,…

Staff (2022-10-20). "Security, peace, national interests our red line" en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — The Commander of the IRGC Ground Forces said Thursday Iran's national security and interests are a red line hilighting the importance of the drill in northern borders.

Editor (2022-10-20). Liz Truss Resigns After Six Weeks as UK Prime Minister. scheerpost.com By Elizabeth Piper, Andrew MacAskill and Muvija M / Reuters LONDON (Reuters) -Liz Truss said on Thursday she would resign as British prime minister, brought down just six weeks into the job by an economic programme that shattered investor confidence and enraged much of her Conservative Party. Speaking outside the door of her Number 10 …

Anonymous669 (2022-10-20). Iraqi, French Air Forces Conducted Rare Joint Exercise (Video). southfront.org Click to see full-size image, By the Official Twitter account of the International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve. | On October 11, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced that Iraqi and French fighter jets had conducted a joint exercises over the country. | In a brief statement, the ministry said that two F-16 fighter jets of the Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) and two Rafale fighter jets of the French Air and Space Force (AAE) took part in the aerial exercise. Footage released by the ministry showed the…

Albert Bender (2022-10-20). Cherokee Indian Fair back after pandemic cancellations. peoplesworld.org CHEROKEE, N.C.—The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI) held its 110th Cherokee Indian Fair from Oct. 4-8 after two years of cancellations due to the pandemic. In fact, at one point there was uncertainty as to when the fair would resume. Having attended the fair since I was a child, it was a joyous occasion to …

Mark Gruenberg (2022-10-20). Election 2022: Workers battle hordes of corporate campaign cash. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—Even as workers and their allies hit the political hustings, campaigning door-to-door, explaining issues, phone banking and more, they face one big problem on the campaign trail: Hordes of corporate campaign cash fueling the drives of anti-worker—and anti-democracy—politicians. That's no surprise. For decades, the corporate class, their lobbyists, and their trade associations have outspent unions …

Charlie Welch (2022-10-20). Saturday 10/22: Back to the Streets (Boston). indybay.org Park Street Station on Boston Common…

Staff (2022-10-20). Amir-Abdollahian congratulates new Kuwaiti FM on his post. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian congratulated his new Kuwaiti counterpart Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al Jaber Al Sabah upon his appointment.

____ (2022-10-20). Orders for LNG carriers surge on back of demand. ecns.cn With burgeoning demand for liquefied natural gas, new orders for LNG carriers have recorded significant jump recently, Securities Times reported.

Rep. Barbara Lee & Repro Justice Leaders (2022-10-20). Thursday 10/20: Reproductive Freedom at the Ballot Box Roundtable at Laney College. indybay.org Laney College | 900 Fallon St | Oakland, CA 94607…

Brenda Norrell (2022-10-20). Mexican Military Targets Zapatistas and Yaqui in Deadly Spying, Hacktivists Reveal. indybay.org

Staff (2022-10-20). Headlines of Iran's Persian dailies on October 20. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — Mehr news agency takes a look at the headlines of Iran's Persian-language dailies on Thursday, October 20.

____ (2022-10-20). British photographer Bruce Connolly: recorder of 'old, new' Beijing. ecns.cn Carrying a camera, photographer Bruce Connolly has been documenting the changes in Beijing for the past 35 years.

Staff (2022-10-20). Raeisi congratulates winning world title by Iranian wrestlers. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — In a message on Thursday, President Ebrahim Raeisi offered his congratulations to the Iranian nation on the winning of the the U23 World Championships by Iranian U23 Greco-Roman wrestling team.

Democracy in Color, partners (2022-10-20). Wednesday 10/19: Threat of White Nationalism: The Struggle Between Democracy and Whiteness in America. indybay.org Online for free…

Richard Hardigan (2022-10-20). EU Deliberately Causes Needless Suffering for Refugees in the Mediterranean. commondreams.org The consequences of these policies are particularly deadly along the Central Mediterranean Route, which runs primarily from Libya to Italy and has been called the world's most dangerous migration route.

WSWS (2022-10-20). On the resignation of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss. wsws.org The resignation of UK Prime Minister Liz Truss after only six weeks in office is a further confirmation of the development of a fundamental crisis of class rule in Britain.

Staff (2022-10-20). IRGC drill in Iran's Aras region continues for 4th day. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 20 (MNA) — The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Ground Forces military drill at the north borders of the country entered its fourth day on Thursday.

ANON (2022-10-20). Beloved Mutual Aid Hub Omni Commons Launches Fundraiser to Save its Oakland Home. indybay.org Omni Commons is calling upon community members to help save its building in the | rapidly gentrifying Temescal district. Communally operated by a grassroots collective, the multi-purpose space functions | as a community center, event venue, mutual aid hub, free food distribution network, unhoused drop-in center, movement…

Lucrecia Franco (2022-10-20). Aluminum recycling in Brazil. america.cgtn.com While Brazil recycles a mere 4 percent of its solid waste, the South American giant is leading the way when it comes to aluminum recycling. Last year, it surpassed its own record by collecting and reprocessing nearly 99 percent of its aluminum cans.

____ (2022-10-20). HK to align its policies with national strategies. ecns.cn Hong Kong Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu announced in his debut policy speech on Wednesday that he will lead a high-powered task force to bring the special administrative region further into the orbit of the national economy.

____ (2022-10-20). Qatar's first power plant starts operation. ecns.cn The 800MW Al Kharsaah Power Plant, with the components supplied by Chinese companies, was connected to the grid at full capacity on Tuesday, marking the first large-scale ground power station in Qatar.

WSWS (2022-10-20). Growing COVID hospitalisations and cases in New Zealand. wsws.org The Labour Party-led government has removed all public health restrictions and is behaving as though the pandemic is over, despite unmistakable signs of a new wave of infections.

Staff (2022-10-20). Venezuela: Avanzan las labores de recuperación tras alud en Las Tejerías. cubadebate.cu Autoridades del gobierno venezolano continúan desplegadas para supervisar el avance de las labores de recuperación en las zonas afectadas por las fuertes lluvias registradas en el estado Aragua, particularmente en Las Tejerías y El Castaño. El presidente Nicolás Maduro reiteró al pueblo de Aragua que cuenten con todo el respaldo y apoyo para lo necesario.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-20). Justicia brasileña anula proceso contra expresidente paraguayo. telesurtv.net El expresidente paraguayo estaba acusado en un caso relacionado con el megacaso judicial LavaJato también en su país.

TeleSUR, jaa, JDO (2022-10-20). Inflación anual en la Unión Europea alcanza nuevo récord. telesurtv.net Los indicadores más elevados los tienen Estonia con el 24,1 por ciento de inflación, Lituania (22,5 por ciento) y Letonia con el 22 por ciento.

TeleSUR, MER (2022-10-20). Avanzan labores de recuperación en Las Tejerías y El Castaño, Venezuela. telesurtv.net El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reiteró al pueblo de Aragua que cuenten con todo el respaldo "para lo que haga falta".

Staff (2022-10-20). Presentan a la Asamblea Nacional anteproyecto de ley sobre gestión administrativa. cubadebate.cu Entre los fines que pretenden alcanzarse con la aprobación de la propuesta destaca el cumplimiento de los preceptos constitucionales y dar continuidad al proceso gradual de creación de una cultura de control y prevención en las administraciones, con el fin de contribuir a la eficiente gestión administrativa.

TeleSUR, mcs, JCM (2022-10-20). Facciones palestinas anuncian reconciliación con Siria. telesurtv.net Las relaciones entre Hamás y el Gobierno sirio fueron interrumpidas cuando el movimiento islamista palestino respaldó el levantamiento popular iniciado en 2011.

TeleSUR, jaa, JDO (2022-10-20). Argentina reporta 524 casos de viruela símica en 14 provincias. telesurtv.net El 67 por ciento de los pacientes con el padecimiento residen en la ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Staff (2022-10-20). Reportan dos heridos tras accidente casero con balita de gas en La Habana. cubadebate.cu En la mañana de este miércoles, un accidente casero de escape de gas de una balita provocó una explosión que afectó la propia vivenda donde ocurrió el escape (ubicada en la calle Morrís #40, Calvario Fraternidad, Arroyo Naranjo) y algunas de las casas colindantes.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-20). Docentes de universidad dominicana inician paro indefinido. telesurtv.net El paro se ejecuta tanto de manera presencial como virtual "hasta obtener una respuesta concreta" de las autoridades.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-20). Congreso de Guatemala archiva ley que atentaría contra el ambiente. telesurtv.net Las organizaciones ambientales y campesinas rechazaban el proyecto que atentaría contra el patrimonio natural.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-20). Ecuador elimina obligatoriedad de certificado contra Covid-19. telesurtv.net Autoridades sanitarias reportan que en la nación suramericana se registra un millón de casos positivos desde el inicio de la pandemia de Covid-19.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-20). Ascienden a 169 los casos de cólera en Líbano. telesurtv.net El Ministerio apunta que el agua contaminada es una de las principales causas de la propagación de la pandemia.

TeleSUR, jaa, JDO (2022-10-20). Capturan a 28 miembros de red de tráfico de drogas en Colombia. telesurtv.net Los detenidos integraban los grupos La Terraza y Caicedo, que operaban en la capital del departamento de Antioquia, Medellín.

TeleSUR, jaa, JDO (2022-10-20). Cepal prevé crecimiento regional de 3,2 por ciento para 2022. telesurtv.net No obstante, la Cepal espera una desaceleración económica en la región para 2023, pues el renglón solo aumentaría en un 1,4 por ciento.

Staff (2022-10-20). øCómo apoyarán las empresas aseguradoras a los productores agrícolas afectados por el huracán Ian? (+ Video). cubadebate.cu Existe una escasa cultura de seguros en la sociedad y una baja percepción de riesgos en el sector agropecuario. Solo el 25% del sector agropecuario se encuentra asegurado, lo que significa uno de cada cuatro productores. Esto implica tener una estrategia comunicacional eficaz que explique las ventajas y beneficios de los seguros.

TeleSUR, jaa, JDO (2022-10-20). Cúpula de mezquita incendiada colapsa en Yakarta, Indonesia. telesurtv.net Al menos 105 efectivos y 21 camiones de bomberos fueron desplegados para extinguir el incendio.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-20). Tribunal quita canales de noticias falsas a favor de Bolsonaro. telesurtv.net Asimismo, ordenó la desmonetización de varios canales, de los sitios Foco do Brasil y Folha Política.

TeleSUR, lvm, SH (2022-10-20). Italia registra más de 41 mil casos de Covid-19 en 24 horas. telesurtv.net Las autoridades italianas reportaron 81 fallecidos a causa del Covid-19 en el último dia.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-20). Cuba denuncia que bloqueo de EE.UU. causa pérdidas por 15 millones de dólares diarios. telesurtv.net Cuba presentó su informe anual de cara a la presentación de la nueva resolución contra el bloqueo en la ONU.

Reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras (2022-10-20). México_Poéticas de la resistencia: Arte zapatista, estética y decolonialidad. indybay.org Les hago llegar mi libro que recién salió: ´Poéticas de la resistencia: Arte zapatista, estética y decolonialidad ª. Es de libre circulación así que siéntanse en total confianza de compartirlo…

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-20). Alertan sobre miles de damnificados por inundaciones en Chad. telesurtv.net En la capital barrios quedaron completamente sumergidos, lo que obligó a la gente a huir de sus hogares.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-20). México mantiene alerta por llegada de nueva depresión tropical. telesurtv.net El Servicio Meteorológico mexicano advirtió que la depresión tropical podría convertirse en huracán el próximo viernes.

Staff (2022-10-20). Presidente Díaz-Canel recibe a secretaria general adjunta de la ONU. cubadebate.cu El primer secretario del Partido Comunista de Cuba y presidente de la República, Miguel Díaz-Canel, recibió este miércoles a Natalia Kanem, secretaria general adjunta de la ONU y directora ejecutiva del Fondo de Población de Naciones Unidas, en un encuentro en que se confirmaron las excelentes relaciones entre ambas partes.

OACC (2022-10-20). Tuesday 10/18: Community Ofrenda Building 2022: Celebrating Día De Los Muertos with OMCA. indybay.org Oakland Museum of California's Día De Los Muertos celebration…

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-20). Dimite ministra del Interior del Reino Unido, Suella Braverman. telesurtv.net La exfuncionaria manifestó por medio de una carta pública su preocupación por "la dirección de este gobierno".

TeleSUR, odr -YSM (2022-10-20). Gobierno de Costa Rica decreta Estado de Emergencia por lluvias. telesurtv.net El propósito es acelerar la gestión de los recursos para la recuperación de los seis más afectados por las lluvias.

Staff (2022-10-20). Punto Deportivo: Desempeño de Cuba en el mundial de béisbol sub-23 (+Video). cubadebate.cu

TeleSUR, MER, SH (2022-10-20). Presidente de Perú solicita activación de Carta Interamericana a la OEA. telesurtv.net Fue convocada para este 20 de octubre una sesión extraordinaria del Consejo Permanente de la OEA que analizará la solicitud del Gobierno peruano.

Staff (2022-10-20). Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla: "El mundo sería mejor sin el bloqueo contra Cuba" (+ Video). cubadebate.cu En seis décadas, a precios corrientes, los daños acumulados por el bloqueo de Estados Unidos contra Cuba suman 154 217 millones de dólares, cifra exorbitante para una economía pequeña, sin grandes recursos naturales, insular y subdesarrollada como la cubana. Pero al valor del oro, es decir de la onza de oro, tomando en cuenta las depreciaciones, los perjuicios acumulados alcanzan la cifra enorme de 1 billón 391 mil 111 millones de dólares.

TeleSUR, YSM, JDO (2022-10-20). Presentan en Perú proyecto de ley contra persecución judicial. telesurtv.net El proyecto procura evitar el uso del sistema judicial y sus procesos para anular a líderes políticos.

Staff (2022-10-20). División de la Unión Europea desarrollará una cumbre crucial para hacer frente al "general invierno" cubadebate.cu

Staff (2022-10-20). Presentó Buena Fe el video de su nueva canción Café (+ Video). cubadebate.cu Buena Fe ha publicado recientemente en las plataformas digitales el video oficial de Café, la más reciente canción de la banda cubana, incluida en el nuevo álbum que lanzará la agrupación bajo el título de Morada…

TeleSUR, mcs, JCM (2022-10-20). Argentina será sede de Cumbre de cancilleres de la Celac y UE. telesurtv.net La Unión Europea, como bloque, es el tercer socio comercial de la Argentina y el principal inversor externo.

TeleSUR, mcs, JCM (2022-10-20). Nueva masacre en Sucre deja tres asesinados en Colombia. telesurtv.net Dos de las víctimas, registran anotaciones judiciales por homicidio, receptación, violencia intrafamiliar e inasistencia alimentaria.

TeleSUR- hvh, JCM (2022-10-20). OMS mantiene a la Covid-19 como emergencia sanitaria global. telesurtv.net El titular del organismo sanitario internacional señaló que "el virus sigue cambiando y siguen habiendo incertidumbre".

Reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras (2022-10-20). México: Aportaciones del movimiento zapatista a la lucha por la democracia y a las luchas. indybay.org México por abajo y a la izquierda | Aportaciones del movimiento zapatista a la lucha por la democracia y a las luchas populares…

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-20). Lula reitera apoyo a libertad religiosa en Brasil. telesurtv.net "Mantengo el mismo respeto y el mismo compromiso que me motivó a apoyar estos logros del Pueblo Evangélico", subrayó Lula da Silva.

Melissa Camacho-Cheung (2022-10-20). LA County's Failure to Invest in Alternatives to Incarceration Fuels Inhumane Jail Conditions. aclu.org Celia Banos calls her son, Jhean, a born musician. Ever since he was a little boy, Jhean loved music. He learned the guitar, and after high school, he played in a band called The Parallels. At the age of 21, Jhean had his first episode of schizophrenia. | Jhean is 28 now, and — like thousands of people with serious mental illness — he cycles in and out of the Los Angeles County jail system. This cycle repeats itself because the county does not fund robust mental health services and alternatives to incarceration. Jhean's family has tried to get him the help he needs, but they cannot find affordable,…

Eric A. Gordon (2022-10-20). 'The Atheist Mother' fictionalizes the story of militant freethinker Madelyn Murray O'Hair. peoplesworld.org LOS ANGELES — In The Atheist Mother, a new drama in its world premiere production, playwright Willard Manus takes on the famous case of Murray v. Curlett, which challenged the policy of mandatory prayers and Bible reading in Baltimore public schools. The "Murray" in the case was Madelyn Murray O'Hair's son William J. Murray as …

_____ (2022-10-19). Hashtag Activism And US Imperialism. popularresistance.org The abundance of "hashtag activism" has created a false sense of importance for the everyday individual being driven by weaponized empathy to speak out about a cause or injustice happening internationally. This false sense of importance, brought on by the use of hashtags as awareness, is ignited by already held biases about the colonized world, which inevitably leads to both overt and covert calls for western intervention to "save" whoever has been deemed needing of saving. | The use of hashtag activism has certainly all but replaced in-person community organizing. It has allowed an array of people across the cou…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-19). Overview On October 19: Bloody Day For Ukraine On Kherson Front Lines. southfront.org US-made M113 APC captured by Russian paratroopers in the Kherson region. | On the morning of October 19, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched again offensive operations on the front lines in the Kherson region. The main strike of the AFU was aimed at breaking through Russian defences along the right bank 0f the Dnieper River. At the same time, Ukrainian forces attempted to advance on the western front lines in the region and fierce clashes broke out near D…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-19). Thailand: US-Backed Opposition's Violence Intimidates Critics, Paves Way for Regime Change. libya360.wordpress.com The US-backed opposition in Thailand replicates in many ways the violence and intimidation the US sponsored in Ukraine from 2014 onward just as Ukraine is meant as a proxy against Russia a US client regime in Thailand would transform the country into a proxy against China. An alarming incident of violence where a…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-19). Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On October 19, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org

_____ (2022-10-19). The Decision of OPEC+, the Anger of the USA and the Reactions of the Media in the Middle East. journal-neo.org The enthusiasm of some Americans to punish Saudi Arabia for voting in favor of the OPEC+ decision to cut oil production by 2 million barrels on October 5 in Vienna seems similar to the excitement associated with sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, according to the Saudi newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat. This is one of the opinions …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-19). Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine (19 October 2022). libya360.wordpress.com The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continue the special military operation. üí• In the past 24 hours, the Russian Armed Forces have continued launching attacks by high-precision long-range air- and sea-based armament at the military control and energy systems of Ukraine. All the assigned targets have been neutralised. üí• The Russian troops delivered a fire strike…

Finian Cunningham (2022-10-19). Ethiopia Exposes Western Hypocrisy Over Ukraine. thealtworld.com Ethiopia is a touchstone for exposing American and European crocodile tears and duplicity over their machination in Ukraine against Russia. | The two-year war in Ethiopia has flared up again in its besieged northern Tigray region where millions of people have been displaced and are suffering from famine. The United States, the European Union, and other Western governments are doing nothing to avert the war in the Horn of Africa. | The scale of suffering and violations in Ethiopia totally overshadows what is happening in Ukraine where the U.S. and its NATO partners are showering billions of dollars in financial ai…

____ (2022-10-19). Situation in special military operation area can be described as tense: Russian commander in Ukraine. ecns.cn The situation in the zone of the special military operation can be described as tense, commander of Russia's joint group of forces in Ukraine Sergey Surovikin told media on Tuesday.

_____ (2022-10-19). Response to Western Gas Terrorism. journal-neo.org At the recent Russian Energy Week (REW) forum, Russian leader Vladimir Putin made it clear that there is no doubt today that the Nord Stream incident is an act of international terrorism in its newest form. The aim of the attack was to undermine the energy security of the entire continent, cynically blocking the access …

Scorinoco (2022-10-19). Canadian Parliamentary Delegation to Taiwan Province, Another Dangerous Anti-China Provocation. orinocotribune.com

____ (2022-10-19). 400-year-old bell found in Quanzhou. ecns.cn A bell of the Ming Dynasty was found in the Tonghuai temple of Guan Yu and Yue Fei in Quanzhou, southeast China's Fujian Province, according to local authorities on Tuesday.

____ (2022-10-19). Stress on industry seen lifting economy. ecns.cn China's emphasis on developing the real economy and advancing new industrialization is expected to lay a solid foundation for long-term economic growth and boost the country's core competitiveness globally despite downward pressures and uncertainties both at home and abroad"ÄÇ…

____ (2022-10-19). Press center for 20th CPC National Congress hosts press conference. ecns.cn Journalists attend a press conference via video link in Beijing, capital of China, Oct. 19, 2022. The press center for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) hosted the press conference.

____ (2022-10-19). Leaders hail China-Uganda relations in past 60 years. ecns.cn Xi made the remark as he exchanged congratulatory messages with Museveni on Tuesday on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

____ (2022-10-19). Field of pink muhly grass attracts visitors to Nanjing. ecns.cn Visitors pose for photos at a field of pink muhly grass at Sanqiao wetland park in Nanjing, east China's Jiangsu Province, Oct. 18, 2022.

Binoy Kampmark (2022-10-19). Feeble and Invisible: Sports Protests at the Qatar FIFA World Cup. dissidentvoice.org Sports stars are often adored like dumb show animals, suitably pretty, happily disposed to the cause they are paid for. For the FIFA Men's World Cup being held in Qatar next month, football can count on the face of former English star David Beckham as its prized animal. This month, the principle-free player signed a …

WSWS (2022-10-19). Senate bill gives Pentagon wartime procurement powers. wsws.org Leading senators have introduced a bill removing major peacetime limitations on arms purchases by the Pentagon and procuring missiles in wartime quantities.

Staff (2022-10-19). Iran's export to EU sees 31% hike: Eurostat. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) — The volume of Iran's export to the European Union (EU) has seen a 31 percent surge, Eurostat has reported.

Derrick Crowe (2022-10-19). Elevance Earnings Report is Grotesque Display of Corporate Profiteering. peoplesaction.org Elevance Health's CEO Took Home $17 Million in 2020, Same Year It Was Charged With a Multi-Million-Dollar Antitrust Settlement WASHINGTON, D.C.—People's Action today released a statement by Health Care for All Campaign Director Aija Nemer-Aanerud in response to Elevance Health's quarterly earnings report, which showed a profit of $2.3 billion: "In a grotesque display of …

Press Associates (2022-10-19). Amazon Labor Union's Chris Smalls: 'We shocked the world'. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—Despite "no resources, no money, no guidance" and no mainstream media exposure, "we shocked the world" by defeating behemoth Amazon in the JFK8 union recognition election on Staten Island, Amazon Labor Union co-founder Chris Smalls says. And the independent union's win "shocked the labor movement, the country and most important of all the billionaires" determined …

Jason Ditz (2022-10-19). Iraq Rejects US Threats, Backs Saudis on Oil Production. news.antiwar.com Generations of warfare and propping up client states were supposed to give the US broad OPEC production is focused on profits, and the

WSWS (2022-10-19). Sri Lankan petroleum workers strike against privatisation, defying essential services laws. wsws.org About 4,000 Ceylon Petroleum Cooperation workers joined the action, but the trade unions halted it at noon, bowing to the government's threats.

WSWS (2022-10-19). Up to 20 arrests at Sysco picket line in Plympton, Massachusetts. wsws.org Plympton and Marshfield police officers outside the Sysco warehouse loaded multiple people into the back of a police van in the predawn hours of October 17. Thirty to police officers have patrolled the picket line since the strike by 300 members of Teamsters Local 653 began October 1.

WSWS (2022-10-19). Build rank-and-file power to fight layoffs and concessions! wsws.org UAW presidential candidate Will Lehman called for the mass mobilization of autoworkers to fight the attacks on jobs at Stellantis Warren Truck Assembly and other auto plants.

Staff (2022-10-19). Talk World Radio: Rashid Khalidi on The Hundred Years' War on Palestine. davidswanson.org

David Penner (2022-10-19). The Cult of the Branch Covidian and the Banality of Evil. dissidentvoice.org Everyone is the other and no one is himself. — Martin Heidegger, Being and Time, 1927 The Branch Covidian putsch is the most heinous crime ever perpetrated in the history of medicine, and some would argue, in the history of the world. Its success is attributable to the strong presence of Nazi bioethics within the …

Staff (2022-10-19). Momentum is building for the March for Return and Liberation: Join us in Brussels! samidoun.net From the streets of Brussels, to Wuppertal and Berlin, to Paris and Toulouse and Amsterdam, the word is spreading on the streets and in our communities: Join us for the grand march on 29 October 2022 as we raise up our collective voices for Palestinian Liberation! Join the March for Return and Liberation in Brussels, …

Laith Fadel (2022-10-19). Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians reach fever pitch. america.cgtn.com It has been well over a year since the Jerusalem District Court ruled that at least a half dozen Palestinian families were to be evicted from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied East Jerusalem and it appears a new wave of violence has left a …

Eric A. Gordon (2022-10-19). A Portugal diary: People, places, and memory. peoplesworld.org This year's Avante! Festival, sponsored by the Portuguese Communist Party, was the occasion for my return visit to Portugal. I had been to the country twice earlier—both before the 1974 April Revolution. The first time had been in the summer of 1968, a time when no one but the PCP could even imagine a country …

Staff (2022-10-19). Iraqi Army says 1 ISIL chieftains killed during 2022. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) — Iraqi Army announced that 1 ISIL chieftains were killed since the beginning of the year 2022.

Labor Committee for Single Payer (2022-10-19). Wednesday 10/19: It's a Workers' Issue: Abortion Access, the Right to Healthcare, and Labor Unions. indybay.org

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-19). Unicef alerta desnutrición aguda severa infantil en Somalia. telesurtv.net Unicef ha atendido a unos 300.000 niños somalíes por desnutrición aguda severa.

Miles Mogulescu (2022-10-19). If Abortion Is Murder, Then It Looks Like Herschel Walker Is a Murderer. commondreams.org If Walker urged the mother of one of his children to have an abortion and paid for it, and if you believe that abortion is murder, then Walker is a murderer. It's pretty simple.

____ (2022-10-19). Report reaffirms commitment to 'one country, two systems'. ecns.cn For the first time, Xi devoted an entire division of his report to highlighting the importance of "one country, two systems".

Mike Walter (2022-10-19). The Heat: Fighting Climate Change. america.cgtn.com The world conference on climate change, COP27 set to take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in less than month. What are the main topics expected to be and what has been achieved following last year's COP in Glasgow? It started in 1995, in Berlin. The …

____ (2022-10-19). Chinese envoy says dialogue, consultation right way to address Kosovo issue. ecns.cn A Chinese envoy on Tuesday stressed that dialogue and consultation are the right way to address the Kosovo issue.

Staff (2022-10-19). Tajikistan launches rail transit through Iran's territory. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) — The first freight train of Tajikistan began its journey to the destination of Turkey through territories of Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran.

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-10-19). Imperial celebrates newest graduates. imperial.ac.uk This week sees Imperial celebrating its students' achievements with two days of graduation ceremonies.

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-10-19). Imperial Lates returns for a new season celebrating science and wonder. imperial.ac.uk Explore drugs, the joy of play, the science of the small and everything above our heads through lively discussions, hands-on workshops and performance…

____ (2022-10-19). Open Thread And My Talking Head. smoothiex12.blogspot.com I am dealing with the roof of my house today, so I managed to make only a new video. Use as Open Thread…

Brett Wilkins (2022-10-19). Group Calls for US Ban on Gasoline Exports to Combat Big Oil Price Gouging. commondreams.org "The fossil fuel industry has made obscene profits throughout a deadly global pandemic, and will continue this profiteering at the pump by promoting fuel exports when supplies are tight."

Brenda Norrell (2022-10-19). White Mesa Ute Protest and Spiritual Walk to Oppose White Mesa Uranium Mill. indybay.org White Mesa Ute in southeastern Utah will protest the White Mesa uranium mill during their spiritual walk on Oct. 22, 2022, to protect the White Mesa Ute. Struggling to protect their sacred places and homeland, White Mesa Ute oppose the mill endangering the community and oppose it becoming an international dumping ground for radioactive waste.

WSWS (2022-10-19). French high school students stage mass walkout in solidarity with striking refinery workers. wsws.org High schoolers across France blockaded 100 high schools and protested at hundreds more on Tuesday in support of striking refinery workers.

Adriaan Alsema (2022-10-19). Colombia's peso could end up losing 25% against US dollar in 2022. colombiareports.com Colombia's peso has lost 20% of its value against the dollar so far this year, which is threatening the government's budget. The most recent devaluation of Colombia's currency made the…

____ (2022-10-19). EB patients endure painful suffering due to inhumane sanction. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 19 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said that EB patients are suffering every day due to inhumane sanction.

Staff (2022-10-19). Lenovo presenta una computadora portátil que extiende su pantalla hasta doblar su tamaño. cubadebate.cu Para romper el hielo en su evento Tech World, Lenovo compartió un video de un par de prototipos que aprovechan la capacidad de enrollarse de una pantalla OLED. Entre ellos, una computadora portátil que puede transformarse para doblar el espacio de la pantalla a demanda. Con esto se puede usar una pantalla más grande donde quiera que vayas.

TeleSUR, jaa, JGN (2022-10-19). Presidente ruso realizará reunión del Consejo de Seguridad. telesurtv.net El vicepresidente del Consejo de Seguridad de Rusia, Dmitry Medvedev, hará entrega de un informe respecto al tema migratorio.

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-19). Presidente boliviano reitera compromiso de no traicionar al pueblo. telesurtv.net El mandatario resaltó que la lucha y conciencia del pueblo boliviano devolvió la esperanza, la paz y la estabilidad.

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-19). Inauguran módulo de Planta Depuradora en Hurlingham, Argentina. telesurtv.net El mandatario Fernández destacó que ahora hay más de 5.000 obras en ejecución en Argentina.

TeleSUR, RDL (2022-10-19). Ejército venezolano auxilia a damnificados en El Castaño, Aragua. telesurtv.net Unos 2 funcionarios de tres cuerpos de protección civil asisten a la población de El Castaño, en Aragua, tras el alud.

TeleSUR, odr, YSM (2022-10-19). Lanzan aplicación para rastrear casos de viruela símica en Perú. telesurtv.net La aplicación fue denominada Qatipay, que significa seguimiento en quechua.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-19). 300.000 franceses protestan contra política social de Macron. telesurtv.net Aunque comenzó hace varios días en las empresas de energía, la huelga se ha extendido a otros sindicatos y gremios.

Fvorinoco (2022-10-19). Maduro: Classes to Resume in Las Tejerías Today. orinocotribune.com Maduro reported that 14 schools and high schools in Las Tejerías were refurbished | On Tuesday, October 18, President Nicolás Maduro, stated that school activities will resume in Las Tejerías, Aragua state, on Wednesday, October 19. He reported that 14 schools had been refurbished. | "We start classes in Las Tejerías for boys and girls in elementary schools and young people in high schools. We recovered 14 schools," he announced. | From Miraflores Palace in Caracas, the president pointed out that, according to what was reported by Minister for Education Yelitze Santaella, they are in a position to proceed with cl…

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