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2022-10-09: News Headlines

Anonymous103 (2022-10-09). War In Ukraine: Overview Of Military Developments On October 9. southfront.org

Abayomi Azikiwe (2022-10-09). Imperialist Militarism and the African Crisis. towardfreedom.org Since the beginning of the Transatlantic slave trade, European colonialists have used systematic violence to control and exploit the African people and other oppressed geopolitical regions, writes, Abayomi Azikiwe.

Staff (2022-10-09). 20 more Palestinian prisoners join hunger strike to end administrative detention. samidoun.net On Sunday, 9 October, 20 additional Palestinian prisoners joined the mass hunger strike launched by 30 administrative detainees demanding an end to detention without charge or trial. The Palestinian Prisoners' Society announced that the 20 prisoners include Palestinians jailed arbitrarily under administrative detention as well as people serving sentences imposed by Israeli occupation military courts …

____ (2022-10-09). Apology far from enough to make up for injuries caused by unethical medical experiments in U.S. ecns.cn U.S. city Philadelphia has apologized for unethical medical experiments conducted on mostly black men in one of its prisons last century, unveiling the county's disgraceful history of racial injustice.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-09). Rockets Hit Key U.S. Airfield In Northeastern Syria. southfront.org A U.S. Air Force C-17 Globemaster departs from a Coalition airfield in Northeast Syria, June 26, 2018. (U.S. Air Force photo by SrA Izabella Sullivan) | Late on October 8, an indirect fire attack targeted a key base of the U.S.-led coalition in Syria's northeastern region without causing any losses. | The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement that the Rumalyn Landing Zone was hit by a salvo of 107 mm rocket. | The coalition's so-called landing zone consists of a base an…

Labor Video Project (2022-10-09). Free Julian Assange! Global Day Of Action In San Francisco At Harry Bridges Plaza. indybay.org

Staff (2022-10-09). Cientos de personas exigen la liberación de Assange cerca del Parlamento inglés. cubadebate.cu Centenares de personas formaron este sábado una cadena humana alrededor del Parlamento británico para pedir la liberación del fundador de WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, que está en prisión preventiva. Los simpatizantes enarbolaron banderas y carteles pidiendo al Gobierno británico que desautorice su entrega a la justicia estadounidense.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-09). Manifestación en Reino Unido exige liberar a Julian Assange. telesurtv.net Miles de simpatizantes del fundador de WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, formaron una cadena humana frente al Parlamento británico.

_____ (2022-10-09). The Moment Black People Showed Up, We Responded With Violence. popularresistance.org Listeners will remember the pictures: US Border patrol agents on horseback, wielding reins like whips as they corralled and captured Haitian asylum seekers along the Rio Grande. | The appalling images might have served as a symbol of the ill-treatment of Haitians escaping violence and desperation. Instead, elite media made them a stand-in, so that when the report came that, despite appearances, the border patrol didn't actually whip anyone, one felt that was supposed to sweep away all of the concerns together. | Well, there are serious problems with that report, but we should also ask why we saw controversy about…

_____ (2022-10-09). Poll: Young People Want To Cut Pentagon Budget. popularresistance.org Young Americans appear highly skeptical of Washington's ability to improve the world through military force, according to a new poll from the Eurasia Group Foundation (EGF). | A majority of respondents aged 18 to 29 told pollsters that the United States should cut its military budget, end arms sales to Israel and Saudi Arabia, and emphasize diplomacy over other tools when engaging with the world. | Zuri Linetsky, a research fellow at EGF, argued that youth respondents have likely been formed by the failures of recent U.S. military policies. | "If you are 29 right now, you came of voting age towards the end of the…

_____ (2022-10-09). Two Sixties' Radicals Recall Fighting Times In US Labor. popularresistance.org The University of Wisconsin at Madison was a hotbed of student radicalism in the 1960s. Unlike some other centers of campus opposition to the Vietnam War, left-wing activists there were among the first of their generation to organize around issues related to their own mistreatment as workers. In 1963, undergraduates employed in campus jobs formed a Wisconsin Student Employees Union to force the administration to raise their wages to the federal minimum (a 50 cent per hour increase). Seven years later, the UW Teaching Assistants Association organized the first TA strike in U.S. history, a 24-day walk-out that won…

_____ (2022-10-09). Michigan Nurses Just Won A Groundbreaking Contract. popularresistance.org In the spring of 2021, as the national COVID-19 vaccine rollout promised to lift the burden of overwhelmed hospitals, nurses at the University of Michigan were working harder than ever. Understaffing has been a problem for University of Michigan nurses since the 1980s, but it worsened during the pandemic, as patient surges met with hospital-wide cost containment measures that further thinned staff and resources. | Over the first year of the pandemic, University of Michigan nurses filled gaps in staffing mainly by volunteering for overtime. As elective procedures resumed, management turned to mandatory overtime [m…

____ (2022-10-09). 3 die in Crimean Bridge explosion. ecns.cn Three people died in the explosion on the Crimean Bridge, which occurred Saturday morning, according to preliminary information from Russia's investigative committee into the incident.

____ (2022-10-08). China claims 5th straight women's title at table tennis team worlds. ecns.cn China won its fifth consecutive women's team title after sweeping Japan 3-0 at the World Team Table Tennis Championships here on Saturday.

____ (2022-10-09). Construction of world's highest altitude UHV AC power transmission project begins. ecns.cn Construction of the world's highest altitude ultra-high voltage(UHV) alternating current(AC) power transmission project has started in southwest China recently.

____ (2022-10-08). Practical cooperation between China, Solomon Islands yields fruitful outcomes: FM spokesperson. ecns.cn Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning on Saturday said the fruitful outcomes of friendly exchanges and practical cooperation between China and Solomon Islands are the fundamental reasons why people in Solomon Islands have a positive perception of China.

____ (2022-10-08). China's postal industry delivers better life in past decade. ecns.cn Easier, smarter, greener postal industry delivers better life in past decade…

____ (2022-10-09). Macao science workers actively join payload specialist selection for manned space program. ecns.cn Science workers in China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) have responded actively to payload specialist selection for the country's manned space program.

____ (2022-10-09). New spider genus discovered in China. ecns.cn A research team from Jinggangshan University discovered the Iban spider, a new spider genus, in east China's Jiangxi Province, marking the second time this genus had been found in the world, the university said Saturday.

____ (2022-10-09). China sends exploration satellite into space. ecns.cn China launched its first comprehensive space-based telescope called Advanced Space-Based Observatory (ASO-S) on Sunday.

____ (2022-10-09). Box girder installation on Shenzhen-Zhongshan bridge completed. ecns.cn The 155th box girder with a total length of 60 meters is successfully installed on the Shenzhen-Zhongshan bridge, a part of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Link of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, south China's Guangdong Province, Oct. 8, 2022.

____ (2022-10-09). China's logistics sector rebounds as demand recovers. ecns.cn China's courier industry reported steady growth during the week-long National Day holiday that concluded Friday, with express delivery firms handling more than 4.1 billion parcels, according to the State Post Bureau.

____ (2022-10-09). Holiday camping gains popularity among tourists in Jiangxi. ecns.cn During the just-concluded weeklong National Day holiday, scenic spots in East China's Jiangxi Province welcomed the peak of tourist flow. Affected by the pandemic prevention and control, camping and outing have become new favorites of tourists.

____ (2022-10-09). Autumn scenery on Wuhua Mountain. ecns.cn Wuhua mountain in northeast China's Jilin Province is covered with multi-colored foliage in autumn, creating a mosaic color palette.

____ (2022-10-09). Tibet spends heavily on cultural heritage conservation. ecns.cn Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region poured more than 3.8 billion yuan (about 535.2 million U.S. dollars) into 386 cultural heritage conservation projects in the past decade, both record high figures, authorities said on Saturday.

____ (2022-10-08). Fuxing bullet trains to be put into operation in Jiangxi. ecns.cn Fuxing bullet intelligent trains make debut at a maintenance station of Nanchang Railway in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi Province, Oct. 8, 2022. The Fuxing bullet trains are expected to start operation soon.

____ (2022-10-08). China launches space-based observatory to unravel the Sun's secrets. ecns.cn China lifted off a exploration satellite into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Sunday, furthering the country's scientific endeavor to unravel the secrets of the Sun.

____ (2022-10-09). Sichuan provides free transport for local people after earthquake. ecns.cn Temporary piers were set up in Wanggangping and Xinmin Townships in Ya'an, southwest China's Sichuan, to provide free transportation for local people after the recent earthquake jolted Luding County.

____ (2022-10-08). U.S.-led attempts to use Xinjiang to contain China a gravest violation of human rights of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang. ecns.cn The United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday rejected a Xinjiang-related draft decision tabled by the United States and some other countries here at the 51st session of the Human Rights Council.

____ (2022-10-09). Jiuzhaigou scenic area turns into fairy land after snow. ecns.cn The 2022 first snow blankets Jiuzhaigou scenic area, turning the UNESCO World Heritage site to a fairy land in southwest China's Sichuan Province, Oct. 8, 2022.

____ (2022-10-09). China's tallest tree reaches 83.4 meters. ecns.cn A Chinese research team on Sunday announced that China's tallest tree, a Abies ernestii var. salouenensis in Zayu County, Tibet Autonomous Region, broke a previous record to set a new high with 83.4 meters, about the height of a 28-story building.

____ (2022-10-09). China launches observatory to unveil mysteries of Sun. ecns.cn China launched a satellite dedicated to research into space from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China on Sunday, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

____ (2022-10-09). China expedites energy sector's green shift over decade: report. ecns.cn China has stepped up efforts to promote the green and low-carbon development of the country's energy sector over the past decade, an official report showed on Saturday.

____ (2022-10-09). China to release fifth batch of pork reserve to stabilize price. ecns.cn Chinese authorities will release the fifth batch of pork into the market from central reserves to maintain supply and price stability, the country's top economic planner said Sunday.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-09). China reitera que el caso de Taiwán es solo un asunto interno. telesurtv.net La cancillería china reaccionó a la propuesta de que la isla se convierta en una región administrativa especial de Beijing.

Elias Khalil Jabbour (2022-10-09). Brazil at crossroads: Bolsonaro means subordination and deindustrialization, Lula means independence and development. multipolarista.com Round two of Brazil's presidential election offers deeply opposing visions: Bolsonaro would mean more subordination and deindustrialization. Lula would mean independence, economic nationalism, and multipolarity.

TeleSUR, JDO (2022-10-09). Denuncian el asesinato de otros dos líderes sociales en Colombia. telesurtv.net Suman 139 los líderes sociales privados de la vida de manera violenta en ese país suramericano durante 2022.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-09). Denuncian el asesinato de dos activistas sociales en Colombia. telesurtv.net Con Morales y Alape suman 141 los líderes sociales colombianos asesinados en 2022 y 1.368 desde la firma de los acuerdos de paz.

Sam Pizzigati (2022-10-09). American Billionaires Show US Is #1 in Creating Grotesque Inequality. commondreams.org The distribution of income and wealth will remain ridiculously top-heavy until we start limiting the "rewards" gushing into corporate executive suites.

Toward increased Networking (2022-10-09). Online events w) Fred Hampton, Jr., Jenny Brown, Robin Hahnel, Richard Heinberg and others. indybay.org Here are some 10 online events taking place over the next 2 weeks (and starting early tomorrow morning, 10/7), featuring people such as Fred Hampton, Jr., Judith Le Blanc, Jonathan Taplin, Jenny Brown, Robin Hahnel, Kate Booth, Richard Heinberg, David Camfield, Cynthia Kaufman, and many others. | These events are hosted from various locations all across the country, as well from Canada, Australia, and the UK (however, the listed times are all for our "Pacific time zone"). Of course, feel free to share this info with others who might be interested in it.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-09). Rusia nombra nuevo general para dirigir la operación en Ucrania. telesurtv.net Serguéi Surovikin era el comandante de la agrupación sur de las tropas rusas durante la operación especial rusa de desmilitarización y desnazificación de Ucrania.

Roland Rottenfusser (2022-10-09). Peace and Provocation: Is Zelensky intent of WW3? indybay.org

Staff (2022-10-09). Monómeros Faces Financial Harassment (Illegal US Sanctions). orinocotribune.com Caracas, October 8, 2022 ( "Starting from October 17, 2022, the account will not be operational and the funds that enter will be returned with the note 'closed account,'" reads part of the letter published by Tellechea on his Twitt…

Fight Back (2022-10-09). No cops in power: NYC to protest Mayor Adams. fightbacknews.org New York City, NY – Mayor Eric Adams' candidacy and then victory in 2021 was the perfect establishment response to the 2020 uprising: electing someone who is both African American and a former police officer. Adams was a founder of the organization 100 Black Men in Law Enforcement Who Care, an advocacy group that focuses on the relationship between Black men and the NYPD, including addressing problems such as racial profiling and police brutality. With this history, it seemed as if Adams would be ready to "take on" the NYPD and their pattern of violence against Black and other communities in New York City. So far…

_____ (2022-10-09). Iraq: some light in the "political clouds" journal-neo.org Almost a year after Iraq's last parliamentary elections in October 2021, no government has yet been formed. There is a fierce power struggle to form a government between the Sadrist movement, led by populist Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Coordination Framework (CF) alliance, which includes a number of Shiite parties largely united in their opposition …

Angela (2022-10-09). Saturday 10/8: Free virtual screening of "My Jerusalem" indybay.org

Anonymous669 (2022-10-09). Iraqi Resistance Attack Large Turkish Base In Nineveh. southfront.org Click to see full-size image. Source: the Directorate General of Counter Terrorism in the Kurdistan Region. | Late on October 8, an indirect fire attack targeted a large base of the Turkish military near the town of Zaylkan in Bashiqa district in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh. | Three 122 mm Grad rockets reportedly landed in the vicinity of the base. The Directorate General of Counter Terrorism in the Kurdistan Region said in a statement that the attack…

____ (2022-10-09). Over 80,000 vehicles travel on Chinese-invested 1st expressway in Cambodia in 1st week of trial operation. ecns.cn More than 80,000 vehicles had traveled on Cambodia's first-ever expressway in the first week of its trial operation, according to data released by the freeway operator on Saturday.

Celebration, Reading of Lynn Crawford's No (2022-10-09). Thursday 10/20: Celebration and Reading of Lynn Crawford's Novel My Blue Coiling Snake, My Empty Room. indybay.org McRoskey Mattress Co. | 1687 Market Street | San Francisco, CA 94103…

Oakland Privacy (2022-10-09). Alameda County Sheriff Drones Flew Over the Solano Stroll. indybay.org In September, the next door cities of Berkeley and Albany hold a street fair called the Solano Stroll, along the avenue that crosses both cities. The event attracts thousands of people.

Jeff Abbott (2022-10-09). Central American Anti-Corruption Activists Are Facing Criminal Prosecution. commondreams.org Guatemala cracks down on protesters in the streets and in the halls of congress—where lawmakers are pushing a bill that would justify the use of deadly force.

____ (2022-10-09). Scholar finds U.S. history textbooks teach racism since 1832: Time. ecns.cn A scholar has found that history textbooks in the United States traditionally came to focus on the experiences of white Americans and downplay the experiences of Black Americans, the Time magazine has reported.

The Green Arcade (2022-10-09). Tuesday 10/18: PRINCIPLED UNITY TOUR – Building Unity in Times of Division. indybay.org The Green Arcade | 1680 Market Street | San Francisco, CA 94102…

Staff (2022-10-09). Persian Gulf security should be maintained by regional states. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) — The Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy says that Iran can ensure the security of the Persian Gulf with the contribution of neighboring countries in the region.

Staff (2022-10-09). US officials hold meeting with Taliban. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) — High-ranking US officials have held the first in-person meeting with the Taliban since the elimination of Ayman al-Zawahiri, leader of al-Qaeda.

____ (2022-10-09). Scientists find new evidence of habitability on Saturn's moon Enceladus. ecns.cn Saturn's moon Enceladus has a greater chance of habitability as its ocean may be rich in dissolved phosphorus, an important life element but previously undetected in this planet of the system, a new study suggests.

____ (2022-10-09). No poaching cases reported in Hoh Xil Nature reserve for 13 consecutive years. ecns.cn No poaching cases have been reported in the Hoh Xil national nature reserve in Qinghai Province for 13 consecutive years, according to a press conference held by the local public security department on Saturday.

Tafi Mhaka (2022-10-09). Filmmakers Should Tell the Truth About Slavery: A Critique of "The Woman King" commondreams.org Contrary to what the movie suggests, Africans did sell other Africans into slavery. That tremendously significant detail cannot be bent or avoided. Nor must it, of course, be weaponized to minimize or dismiss the culpability of European slave traders.

____ (2022-10-09). Crimean Bridge resumes road traffic following deadly blast. ecns.cn Traffic reopened to cars and buses with a full inspection procedure needed on the road route of the Crimean Bridge, after an explosion on the viaduct on Saturday.

____ (2022-10-09). US' abuse of export control measures runs counter to international trade rules. ecns.cn

Staff (2022-10-09). Rocket fired at US military base in Syria. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) — A US military base in northeastern Syria has come under a rocket attack, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said in a statement.

Leon Kunstenaar (2022-10-09). Women's Wave Rally in Oakland. indybay.org Abortion is a Human Right! Yes on CA Prop 1!

____ (2022-10-09). MacGregor Answers Some Questions. smoothiex12.blogspot.com He did it on the 6th. He also answers many questions which repeat themselves at this blog. That makes my job easier. You can listen to the full thing here too:

CURYJ (2022-10-09). Thursday 10/6: Hundreds to Participate in Dream Beyond Bars and Borders Street Action to Demand End to Vi. indybay.org Oscar Grant Plaza (also called Frank H. Ogawa Plaza), Oakland…

Staff (2022-10-09). Front pages of Iran's English dailies on Oct. 09. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) — Here are the front pages of Iran's English language dailies on Sunday, October 9.

Nick Thorkelson, Jim O'Brien (2022-10-09). Underhanded History of the USA. indybay.org From Grade 5, many schools are becoming binary and anti-racist. | "Attitude instead of Education" is by Willy Meyer.

____ (2022-10-08). DPRK criticizes S. Korea-U.S. joint drills for negative impact on regional situation. ecns.cn The Defense Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Saturday voiced grave concern over the escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported.

South Bay Progressive Alliance (2022-10-09). Saturday 10/15: Elections Forum. indybay.org Roosevelt Community Center | 901 East Santa Clara Street | San Jose, CA 95116 | (Access Parking lot from North 21st Street)…

Staff (2022-10-09). Turkish base in northern Iraq comes under attack. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) — The Turkish Zilkan (Zelikan) military base, located in northern Iraq, has come under a rocket attack.

Oakland Privacy (2022-10-09). Wednesday 10/19: Oakland Privacy: Fighting Against the Surveillance State. indybay.org Please email contact@oaklandprivacy.org a few days before the meeting to get up-to-date location information or obtain Zoom meeting access info.

Michael Sozan (2022-10-09). Poll Workers Will Play Key Role in Midterm Elections. commondreams.org An estimated 1 million poll workers, who will voluntarily help administer this year's election, are essential to strengthening our democracy and preserving the hallowed right to vote.

South Bay Indigenous Solidarity (2022-10-09). Thursday 10/6: South Bay Indigenous Solidarity general meeting. indybay.org Via Zoom. Register at: us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0pcuCuqz4iH9YWQ1VB0khUvgEr_zxugXaz

____ (2022-10-09). Telephone booths transformed into mini bookstores in Shanghai. ecns.cn Several telephone booths on the streets of Xinhua Road in Shanghai were transformed into mini bookstores. Readers can buy books from this one-square-meter space and take them home.

Tenant, Neighborhood Councils (2022-10-09). Rent Strike: Solidarity and Repression at Renew on Merritt. indybay.org The Renew on Merritt Tenant Council formed in June, 2022 and began organizing with Tenant and Neighborhood Councils (TANC) to demand repairs and lower rent from landlord Kennedy Wilson. In August, Kennedy Wilson sold the building to FPA Multifamily, and the tenants launched a rent strike. The cops and the armed guards arrived a few weeks later. Why?>

SF Critical mass (2022-10-09). Friday 10/28: Halloween San Francisco Critical Mass bike ride. indybay.org Gather at Justin Herman plaza – near Embarcadero BART…

____ (2022-10-09). FBI report tells less about overall state of U.S. crime in 2021: CNN. ecns.cn The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released its 2021 Crime in the Nation Report, for which only 63 percent of the country's more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies submitted data, reported CNN on Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-09). Follow President Xi's local intangible cultural heritage journey. ecns.cn Various items of intangible cultural heritage are the fruit of Chinese wisdom and civilization. After so many years, they glow with vitality in modern life.

____ (2022-10-09). Demonstrators gather in U.S. cities to demand abortion rights. ecns.cn Women's March organizers said they planned 4 demonstrations across the United States on Saturday to demand abortion rights.

Lynda Carson (2022-10-09). Blue Angels of Death buzz over Oakland today. indybay.org Blue Angels Of Death:…

____ (2022-10-08). Crimean bridge explosion leaves 3 dead. ecns.cn Satellite image shows a close up view of the damaged bridge and rail cars on fire Crimean bridge, Oct. 8, 2022.

____ (2022-10-09). 'World's largest corn maze' celebrates 60 years of James Bond. ecns.cn The intricate maze features over 10 miles of trails and sits on 28 acres and displays the images of almost all James Bond actors, including Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig – as well as other details from the movie.

____ (2022-10-09). Tibet's rural residents enjoy improved livelihood over past decade. ecns.cn After years of efforts, rural residents in Tibet have achieved fruitful results and seen improved livelihood, with their per capita disposable income maintaining double-digit growth for 19 consecutive years.

People for the American Way (2022-10-09). Friday 10/14: Jan. 6 Justice: Our Freedom, Our Vote Rally for Democracy in Oakland. indybay.org Oakland City Hall | 1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza | Oakland, CA 94612…

Staff (2022-10-09). Seven soldiers killed in Djibouti rebel attack. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) — Djibouti said seven of its soldiers were killed in an attack by a rebel group on a military barracks early Friday and launched a search to find six still missing.

____ (2022-10-09). Under blue sky: 'Beijing miracle' of air pollution control. ecns.cn According to the 2021 Beijing Ecology and Environment Statement released on May 11, 2022, the ecological environment continued to improve in the city, with its air quality meeting standards for the first time in 2021.

Lee Siu Hin, Action LA (2022-10-09). 10/7 LEE SIU HIN – Poison Ivy: Rupert Murdoch''s U.S. State-Sponsored Global Propaganda Ma. indybay.org How a public privately run neocon/CIA far-right top-down propaganda machine destabilized other countries and served U.S./Western empire building…

Anjoulie Woodhead (2022-10-09). IMF Predicts Global Economy to Lose $4 Trillion. indybay.org The global economy is more fragile noted IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva.

Animal Liberation Press Office (2022-10-09). AVA Summit Bans Press Office for First Time, Disavows Support for Direct Action. indybay.org The Animal Liberation Press Office won't have a chance to see all of you at the upcoming AVA Animal Rights Conference in Washington DC later this month.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-09). Female Israeli Soldier Killed In East Jerusalem Shooting Attack (Video). southfront.org Sgt Noa Lazar, 18, who was killed in a shooting attack in East Jerusalem. Source: the Israel Defense Forces. | Late on October 8, a female Israeli soldier was killed and a security guard was seriously wounded when a Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a checkpoint there were manning near the Shuafat refugee camp in East Joursalem. | The Palestinian gunman arrived in a vehicle then fired at the checkpoint before fleeing, while under fire, into the nearby refugee camp. | Fo…

Anjoulie Woodhead (2022-10-09). African Bishops Call for Debt Relief and Aid to Address Multiple Crises. indybay.org G7 and African finance leaders should work together to remove the heavy burdens of debts in Africa, Catholic bishops and other faith leaders from the region said in Accra, Ghana, at the end of a two-day meeting.

Staff (2022-10-09). Headlines of Iran's Persian dailies on October 9. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 09 (MNA) — Mehr news agency takes a look at the headlines of Iran's Persian-language dailies on Sunday, October 9.

Staff (2022-10-09). Hasta el Moncada, en Pinar del Río, llega el CIGB con donaciones y esperanzas. cubadebate.cu Apenas amanecía este sábado y ya trabajadores de las sedes del Centro de Ingenería, Genética y Biotecnología (CIGB) en La Habana y el Mariel partían rumbo a Pinar del Río, la provincia más afectada tras el paso del huracán Ian por el país. Porque a Cuba hay que quererla, trajeron donaciones y deseos de ayudar a los vueltabajeros.

Staff (2022-10-09). Cuba desciende al puesto 11 de la olimpiada sub-16 de ajedrez. cubadebate.cu Cuba no pudo este sábado con la estrategia de la selección de Uzbekistán 2 y descendió hasta el puesto 11 en la Olimpiada Mundial Sub-16 de Ajedrez de Nakhshivan 2022, en Azerbaiyán. El equipo caribeño solo pudo sumar par de tablas en los dos primeros tableros. Este domingo enfrentará a Moldavia, que acumula ocho puntos.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-09). Rusia revela la causa del incendio en el puente de Crimea. telesurtv.net La explosión de vehículo de carga causa el incendio y colapso de parte de la carretera del puente que une a Crimea con el resto de Rusia.

TeleSUR, mcs, JCM (2022-10-09). Atentan contra líder social en Barrancabermeja, Colombia. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con la autoridad policial, el líder social de Barrancabermeja logró huir del atentado para resguardarse en su vivienda.

TeleSUR, lvm, SH (2022-10-09). Finaliza segunda Cumbre Humanitaria por la paz en Colombia. telesurtv.net El senador Iván Cepeda declaró que se trata de ir acabando con la dinámica de la violencia, el conflicto armado y el asedio a las poblaciones en los territorios.

Staff (2022-10-09). Observar el Caribe: El Atlántico dejó de tener protagonismo. cubadebate.cu Son muchas las personas que ante el paso de Ian se preguntaron dónde está el doctor José Rubiera, experimentado, admirado y querido meteorólogo cubano. Rubiera está fuera del país desde antes del huracán y me dice que casi ya de regreso. Vía WhatsApp, contacté con él y le hice algunas preguntas que respondió de inmediato. "El Atlántico dejó de tener protagonismo en septiembre. Octubre y noviembre: observar el Caribe para, con tiempo, ver qué ocurrirá".

Staff (2022-10-09). Avanza la recuperación de los daños provocados por el huracán Ian. cubadebate.cu Están sentadas las bases para que la semana próxima la rehabilitación de las afectaciones por el ciclón en Pinar del Río sea mucho mayor. Encabezó el primer secretario del Comité Central del Partido y presidente de la República, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, chequeo de este sábado a los trabajos de recuperación. Participó Esteban Lazo Hernández.

TeleSUR, JDO (2022-10-09). Explosión en gasolinera de Irlanda provoca diez fallecidos. telesurtv.net La detonación causó el colapso de parte de la estación de servicio y dos edificios residenciales. Ocho heridos reciben atención médica.

TeleSUR -ysm (2022-10-09). Preparan Festival de Teatro y Circo en Bogotá, Colombia. telesurtv.net Artistas circenses y teatrales se darán cita desde el próximo 14 de octubre en el evento de su tipo más importante de Colombia.

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-09). Rusia denuncia ante ONU que EE.UU. sigue saqueando petróleo sirio. telesurtv.net Autoridades de Siria han denunciado que EE.UU. roba el 80 por ciento de la producción de petróleo del país.

TeleSUR, mcs, JDO (2022-10-09). Destaca presidente de Cuba figura de Ernesto Che Guevara. telesurtv.net El Che, como es recordado históricamente, libró a finales de 1958 la batalla de Santa Clara, que dio la estocada definitiva a la dictadura de Fulgencio Batista en Cuba.

TeleSUR, ysm, MER (2022-10-09). Presidente de Venezuela no desestima adelanto de elecciones. telesurtv.net "Elecciones en el 2024 ó antes (…) Lo cierto es que nosotros estamos preparados para que cuando haya elecciones salir a una gran victoria popular", dijo el mandatario.

TeleSUR, MER, SH (2022-10-09). øQué mensajes dejó el Che Guevara a los jóvenes. telesurtv.net El Che instó a los jóvenes a "ser el ejemplo donde se puedan mirar los hombres y mujeres de edad más avanzada que han perdido cierto entusiasmo juvenil".

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-09). Nicaragua pone a salvo a población caribeña ante llegada del huracán Julia. telesurtv.net "Estamos hablando de las comunidades que están en la zona del Caribe del sur (…) y en la zona norte han sido movilizadas las poblaciones de los cayos miskitos", dijo el director del Sinapred, Guillermo González.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-09). Fuerzas israelíes asesinan a dos jóvenes palestinos en Jenín. telesurtv.net También resultaron heridos once palestinos, tres de los cuales se encuentran en estado grave.

TeleSUR, mcs, JDO (2022-10-09). Protestan en Europa contra alto costo de la vida e inflación. telesurtv.net Varias manifestaciones se celebraron luego de que la UE aprobó nuevas medidas restrictivas unilaterales contra Rusia por su operación militar especial en Ucrania.

TeleSUR, lvm, SH (2022-10-09). Juez suspende ley que prohíbe el aborto en Ohio, EE.UU. telesurtv.net La activista Sara Goldman, indicó que aproximadamente 1 de cada 3 mujeres ha perdido el acceso a servicios de aborto en su estado.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-09). Corea del Norte lanza un nuevo proyectil sobre el mar de Japón. telesurtv.net El Estado Mayor Conjunto de Corea del Sur dijo en un comunicado que el lanzamiento se produjo la madrugada del domingo, pero no dio más detalles.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-09). Rusia abre investigación por explosión en el puente de Crimea. telesurtv.net El portavoz del Gobierno ruso indicó que Vladímir Putin ordenó la creación de una comisión para esclarecer los hechos de la explosión en el puente de Crimea.

TeleSUR, jaa, SH (2022-10-09). Venezuela rechaza renovación de mecanismo de monitoreo de la ONU. telesurtv.net Venezuela denunció que la resolución se oculta la pretensión de alentar y justificar a los sectores más extremistas de la oposición venezolana e internacional.

Reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras (2022-10-09). ENLACES Red Latina sin fronteras 6 Oct 2022. indybay.org ENLACES de Red Latina sin fronteras 6 Octubre 2022 | comunicaciones e información para la liberación…

Staff (2022-10-09). Cuando la braveza de la tierra puede contra los embates de la naturaleza (+ Fotos). cubadebate.cu En la autopista nacional, después del Puente de Los Palacios, a mano derecha una carretera conduce hasta Tierra Brava, finca agroecológica que sufrió los embates del huracán Ian. Hoy, la imagen de Tierra Brava luce diferente a la que había dejado Ian, porque los trabajadores han puesto su empeño para resarcir los daños a los frutales.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-09). Al menos tres muertos deja explosión en el puente de Crimea. telesurtv.net Rusia señaló que la reacción del régimen de Kiev a la destrucción parcial de la estratégica estructura "refleja su naturaleza terrorista".

TeleSUR, JCM, JDO (2022-10-09). Huracán Julia golpea archipiélago colombiano de San Andrés y Providencia. telesurtv.net Tiene vientos de 120 km/h. A las 20H00 hora local su centro se hallaba a 30 km al oeste-suroeste de San Andrés y a 200 km al este-noreste del puerto nicaragüense de Bluefields.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-09). Al menos 12 muertos deja incendio de un autobús en India. telesurtv.net El primer ministro de India, Narendra Modi, dijo que estaba "angustiado por la tragedia del autobús".

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-09). Corea del Norte dice que pruebas de misiles son autodefensivas. telesurtv.net Corea del Norte criticó la postura de EE.UU. de impedir que el país asiático ejerza su derecho a la autodefensa.

TeleSUR, SH (2022-10-09). Gobierno haitiano autoriza la intervención militar extranjera. telesurtv.net La resolución sobre la intervención militar genero críticas en organizaciones y personalidades que consideran que está en juego la soberanía del país.

WorkWeek (2022-10-09). WorkWeek On LA SEIU 399 Organzing Struggles, Democracy & Business Unionism. indybay.org The struggle in Los Angeles SEIU 399 was central to the Justice For Janitors campaign. The workers however who led this struggle faced a struggle to continue the fight for the membership when they won control of the Local through the Multi-Racial Alliance. Prior to the AFL-CIO convention in LA they had a sit-in at their offices. The International sent in SEIU president's aid Bill Fletcher to end the sit-in. He promised that they would get control of the local but as soon as the sit-in ended they sold the building and merged the local into SEIU 1877.

_____ (2022-10-08). Puerto Rico: A Microcosm For The Worst Kind Of Capitalist Ideas. popularresistance.org Puerto Rico is in dire need of fuel for generators as they deal with the devastation of Hurricane Fiona. But a ship carrying fuel has been idling offshore, unable to enter a port, because it's Puerto Rico, where the Jones Act—requiring that all goods be brought in on a US-built ship, owned and crewed by US citizens, and flying the US flag—makes critical goods more expensive, or in this case, out of reach. (The White House has just announced it will temporarily waive the Jones Act.) | Investment firms in mainland states can't act as advisors to the government in the issue of bonds while at the same tim…

_____ (2022-10-08). Boxed Out: How Predatory Buying Is Killing Off Small Businesses. popularresistance.org Walmart, Amazon, and other powerful, well-financed companies have captured control over much of retailing. These giants maintain their extraordinary market position not by competing on the merits of their service. Instead, they exert their power as dominant buyers of food and goods to bully suppliers, extracting discounts for themselves while forcing independent retailers to pay more. This is threatening those small businesses, wounding competition, and hollowing out communities large and small. It's a monopoly tactic we call "predatory buying." | In this report, we examine the history of these abuses, the law Co…

_____ (2022-10-08). After 18 Months, Striking Warrior Met Miners And Families Hold The Line. popularresistance.org A somber bell toll broke the silence outside the West Brookwood Church in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The white-gloved hand of Larry Spencer, International Vice President of Mine Workers (UMWA) District 20, solemnly struck the Miners' Memorial bell as the names of victims of mine-related deaths were read aloud. | "As we gather this evening for our service, it is appropriate that we remember in the past twelve months over 2021 and 2022 there has been tremendous heartache as the result of mining accidents across this country," Thomas Wilson, a retired UMWA staff representative, announced from the podium. "Twelve co…

_____ (2022-10-08). Report: US Special Operations Forces are on the Ground in Ukraine. popularresistance.org US special operations forces are on the ground in Ukraine as part of a broad covert operation that includes CIA personnel, *The Intercept* reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed US intelligence and military officials. | The report said that the US withdrew its CIA and special operations assets from Ukraine shortly before Russia's invasion, although one US official said the CIA "never completely left." | The CIA initially predicted that Kyiv would fall quickly to Russia, but after it became clear that wouldn't happen, the Biden administration sent its covert assets back into Ukraine.

_____ (2022-10-08). Can Europe Turn A Blind Eye To Possible US Role In Pipeline Blasts? popularresistance.org The sabotage of the two Nord Stream pipelines leaves Europeans certain to be much poorer and colder this winter, and was an act of international vandalism on an almost unimaginable scale. The attacks severed Russian gas supplies to Europe and caused the release of enormous quantities of methane gas, the prime offender in global warming. | This is why no one is going to take responsibility for the crime — and most likely no one will ever be found definitively culpable. | Nonetheless, the level of difficulty and sophistication in setting off blasts at three separate locations on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipeli…

_____ (2022-10-08). A Radical Internationalist Perspective Is Not A Luxury. popularresistance.org Many eyebrows have been raised as a result of the surge to power of neo-fascists in Italy. Unfortunately, our community seemingly has the eyebrows of Whoopy Goldberg (meaning none) and thus far, the response has been radio silence. This is nothing new; since the Compromise of 1954 (not unlike the companion Compromise of 1850, which actually strengthened enslavers—contrary to advertisement—and instigated war) where in return for anti-Jim Crow concessions, tossed overboard were the internationalists among us– Paul Robeson in the first place– many of our leading organizations and intellectuals have ste…

_____ (2022-10-08). The Most Dangerous Situation That Humanity Has Ever Faced. popularresistance.org Since 1947, the Doomsday Clock has measured the likelihood of a human-made catastrophe, namely to warn the world against the possibility of a nuclear holocaust. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, who attend to this clock, originally set the device at seven minutes to midnight, with midnight being, essentially, the end of the world. The farthest that the clock has been from midnight was in 1991, when it was set at 17 minutes from midnight. The closest to midnight that the clock has been is now. Since 2020, the clock has sat at 'doom's doorstep' — 100 seconds from midnight. The motivation for this alarmin…

_____ (2022-10-08). Chris Hedges Report: Dystopia, Octopus Intelligence And What Makes Us Human. popularresistance.org Ray Nayler's novel The Mountain in the Sea asks the kinds of questions about us, our future and our interaction with other living beings that are raised by many great works of science fiction. In his book the marine habitat of a hyperintelligent species of octopus, endowed with its own language and culture, is seized by a global tech corporation determined to harness this non-human intelligence for profit in new systems of artificial intelligence. This dystopian future world is one of total surveillance, vast polluted dead zones, climate breakdown, a pervasive alienation, frequent targeted assassinations by gover…

_____ (2022-10-08). Why Reforming The United Nations Is Critical. popularresistance.org The 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly was, in many ways, similar to the 76th session and many other previous sessions: at best, a stage for rosy rhetoric that is rarely followed by tangible action or, at worse, a mere opportunity for some world leaders to score political points against their opponents. | This should surprise no one. For many years, the UN has been relegated to the role of either a cheerleader for the policy of great powers, or a timid protester of sociopolitical, economic or gender inequalities. Alas, as the Iraq war proved nearly thirty years ago, and as the Russia-Ukraine war…

_____ (2022-10-08). The Unknown Story Of Colombia's Military Intervention In Venezuela. popularresistance.org Last year in June I reported the targeted assassination of the communist Jesus Santrich in Venezuelan territory by mercenary commandos sent by the Colombian state. | In addition to being a charismatic spokesman for the Farc during the 2012-2016 peace talks, Santrich developed a reputation for his Marxist writings, poetry, music, and … cartoons. | Near blind and forced to use a cane, Santrich emerged as one of the leaders of the reformed Farc-EP (Segunda Marquetalia — "Second Marquetalia Republic") in 2019 after the Colombian state reneged on the 2016 peace agreement and stood indifferent in the face of th…

_____ (2022-10-08). How Activists Are Making The Right To Housing A Reality. popularresistance.org Apryl Lewis is in a housing fight — again. This time, she is pushing to keep dozens of families from being put out of a Charlotte extended-stay motel that is scheduled to be shut down in a matter of weeks. Such motels cost as much as $500 each week, expensive compared to long-term housing. But many of these families are living paycheck-to-paycheck or on fixed incomes, and have no other option. | "They can't afford the move-in costs for an apartment," Lewis said. "Landlords want up-front rent and utilities and a security deposit. Now they are even making people pay for rental insurance." | Others stay at the…

_____ (2022-10-08). Combat Nihilism: Revolutionary Optimism In The Age Of US Imperial Decline. popularresistance.org Hurricane Ian. The threat of nuclear war. Inflation. Mississippi's water crisis. Any one of these developments have the potential to send even the most clear-headed individual into a state of nihilism and despair. And this is just the short list of calamities currently plaguing humanity. | Life under the decline of U.S. imperialism is far from easy. Little relief exists from the toxic stress induced by poverty, debt, racism, militarism, social isolation, and mainstream media propaganda. Exhaustion is widespread. Trust in the institutions that form the fabric of U.S. society is incredibly low. These conditions hav…

_____ (2022-10-08). Who Sabotaged Nord Stream Pipelines? popularresistance.org A pair of natural gas pipelines, Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, which were built to transport natural gas underwater through the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany, were sabotaged in a series of explosions on September 26. | These suspicious attacks came mere hours before NATO members Norway, Denmark, and Poland officially opened their own natural gas pipeline, called the Baltic Pipe, which was built with European Union funding in order to compete with Nord Stream. | The Nord Stream pipelines are operated by company that is majority owned by Russia's state gas giant Gazprom. Authorities in Norway and Denmark hav…

_____ (2022-10-08). What's Behind The Escalations In Korea? popularresistance.org On October 4, in response to ongoing U.S. military buildup in the Pacific, North Korea fired missiles that flew over Japanese airspace — putting an end to five years of relative stability on the Korean peninsula. The United States responded by firing four missiles off the east coast of the peninsula. At the time of this writing, tensions will likely continue to escalate, but it's unclear by how much. | The U.S. action was taken in close coordination with the militaries of Japan and South Korea. In September the United States and South Korea began their first large-scale joint military exercises since 2017.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-08). Photos 18+: Group Of Foreign Mercenaries Destroyed In Zaporozhie Region. southfront.org A group of foreign mercenaries who are fighting on the Ukrainian side was destroyed by Russian-led forces. Russian servicemen shared footage from a GoPro camera of one of the foreigners who was killed. | The group of foreign fighters which included servicemen of the US special forces was destroyed on October 7. They were captured by Russian servicemen during a reconnaissance operation. Some of foreign mercenaries managed to escape but some were burned by Russian TOS-1A So…

Chris Menahan (2022-10-08). U.S. Buying $290M Worth of "Anti-Radiation Drugs" for Use in 'Nuclear Emergency'. "Billions in high-tech Weaponry to Ukraine to Strike inside Russia" globalresearch.ca

Kyle Anzalone (2022-10-08). White House Says Biden's 'Armageddon' Comment Not Based on New Intelligence. news.antiwar.com White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said there is no new intelligence suggesting Russia was deploying nuclear weapons. She was speaking with reporters about President Joe Biden's statement that the US and Russia are approaching armageddon. The comment raised alarms of a potential nuclear war between NATO and Russia.Biden warned that the world is closer …

Cynthia Papermaster (2022-10-08). Friday 10/14: "Defuse Nuclear War!" Say "NO" to Nukes! indybay.org 12 Noon: Senator Feinstein's Office, One Post St., SF | 1 PM: Senator Padilla's Office, 333 Bush St., SF…

WSWS (2022-10-08). European Political Community summit pledges to escalate war on Russia. wsws.org Even as US President Biden admitted that the NATO war with Russia threatens to unleash nuclear Armageddon, 44 European countries met and pledged to escalate the war.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Sri Lankan workers and youth support October 16 SEP meeting on nuclear war danger. wsws.org "The war in Ukraine affects every aspect of the lives of people in the world—from children to the elderly. But I also believe that this war can be stopped by uniting the working people of the world against it."

Staff (2022-10-08). Multiple explosions rock Kharkiv in Eastern Ukraine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — A series of explosions rocked the Eastern Ukraine city of Kharkiv early Saturday, sending towering plumes of illuminated smoke in the sky and triggering a series of secondary explosions in the country's second-largest city.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-08). North Korea Fires Unspecified Ballistic Missile. southfront.org

Staff (2022-10-08). North Korea says its missile tests were 'self-defense'. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — North Korea said on Saturday that its latest missile launches were carried out in self-defense against direct military threats from the United States.

Kzorinoco (2022-10-08). Sanctions Against North Korea a 'Dead End,' Russia Warns. orinocotribune.com On Thursday, October 6, the deputy permanent representative of Russia to the United Nations, Anna Evstigneeva, stated during a UN Security Council meeting that "the imposition of new sanctions against North Korea is a dead end, and a measure that, as we have already said, does not bring any results." | A meeting of the UN Security Council was called by the United States after North Korea fired a missile across Japanese territory into the Pacific Ocean on Tuesday, October 4, in response to joint military drill carried out by the United States and South Korea. | The Russian diplomat stressed that positive signs fro…

SouthFront5 (2022-10-08). Russian Army General Surovikin Appointed Commander Of Special Military Operation. southfront.org Army General S. Surovikin | Cadre changes continue in the leadership of the Russian Defense Ministry. Sources close to the Russian Defense Ministry reported that according to available information, Army General Surovikin has been appointed commander of a special military operation that Russia is conducting in the former Ukrainian territories. | Earlier, on September 24, 2022, the Defense Ministry announced that Colonel General Mikhail Mizintsev was appointed to…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-08). Military Situation In Ukraine On October 8, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org Russia struck the 17th Tank Brigade of the AFU near Seversk with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the 115th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU near Donetsk with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the 14th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU near Petropavlovka with high-precision missiles; | A large explosion damaged the Crimean Bridge that links the Republic of Crimea with mainland Russia; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Bakhmut; | Clashes…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-08). Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On October 8, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Pervomaiske; | Russian-led forces took control of Debrova village; | The AFU took control of Makiivka village; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Nevske; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Bakhmut; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Avdiivka; | The AFU reportedly struck the Russian ammunition warehouse in Donetsk; | Russian-led f…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-08). Military Situation In Southern Ukraine On October 8, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org A large explosion damaged the Crimean Bridge that links the Republic of Crimea with mainland Russia; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Mylove and Dudchany villages; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Davydov Brod; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Bruskynske village; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army continue near Blahodante village. | MORE ON THE TOPIC: :…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-08). Impact of Crimea Bridge Attack & Ukraine's Next Likely Offensive. libya360.wordpress.com Ukraine strike on Crimea Bridge complicates both civilian and military logistics to Crimea the former more so than the latter; The bridge attack is likely to be followed by anticipated offensive operations by Ukraine in Zaporizhzhia toward Melitopol; The bridge attack + Melitopol offensive is meant to isolate Crimea; Ukraine's…

Staff (2022-10-08). Putin, Zelensky reportedly agree to attend G20 summit in Bali. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — A media report indicates that Russian President Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky are likely to attend the upcoming G20 summit to be held in Indonesia.

Staff (2022-10-08). Russia appoints new commander for Ukraine operation. en.mehrnews.com The Russian Defense Ministry has announced the appointment of a new commander for what it calls its "special military operation" in Ukraine, according to Russian state media.

____ (2022-10-08). IMF allocates $1.3 billion for financial support to Ukraine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Friday approved the disbursement of $1.3 billion to Ukraine, the organization said in a statement.

Staff (2022-10-08). Moscow slams Kyiv's reaction to Crimean Bridge incident. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Ukraine's reaction to an incident on the Crimean Bridge highlights the terrorist nature of the Kyiv regime, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on Telegram on Saturday.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-08). Ukraine SitRep: Recent Incidents of Concern for All Sides. libya360.wordpress.com Moon of Alabama Yesterday saw two significant developments or incidents with regard to the conflict in Ukraine. The Kerch bridges which connect Crimea with Russia, one for cars and one for trains, were sabotaged. At least one of the two road spans has fallen down while tanker rail cars on the parallel train bridge caught…

Medea Benjamin, Ariel Gold (2022-10-08). Who Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize in Ukraine? commondreams.org A critical look at the committee's latest selection.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Half of Ukrainian 2023 budget dedicated to NATO proxy war against Russia. wsws.org The proposed budget underlines the reactionary nature of the Zelensky government, which is dedicated to the NATO proxy war with Russia and austerity and poverty for the working class.

Struggle, La Lucha (2022-10-08). CIA strengthens presence in Ukraine on Biden's orders. struggle-la-lucha.org

Paul Fitzgerald (2022-10-08). Zbigniew Brzezinski: Drawing the Russians into the Afghan Trap… globalresearch.ca

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-08). Crimean Bridge Terrorist Attack: A Soft Power Inflection Point for Both Sides. libya360.wordpress.com Andrew Korybko The future of the Golden Billion's soft power is already set in stone with respect to it continuing to rise within its "sphere of influence" while declining across the Global South. Russia's will continue declining across the Golden Billion but its future across the Global South remains uncertain since it'll largely depend on…

Staff (2022-10-08). Key bridge linking Crimea to Russia hit by huge explosion. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The Kerch bridge from Russia to Crimea has been hit by a massive explosion on the span that carries railway traffic.

Staff (2022-10-08). Explosion hits key bridge linking Crimea to Russia (+VIDEOS). en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The Kerch bridge from Russia to Crimea has been hit by a massive explosion on the span that carries railway traffic.

Staff (2022-10-08). Syria, Turkish FMs meetings imminent: reports. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Media have reported that after Bashar Jafari was appointed as Syria's new envoy to Russia, the level of the Syria-Turkey talks will enhance to a higher level.

Staff (2022-10-08). Iran ready to attract Russian capital in oil, gas projects. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iranian Oil Minister announced the readiness of the Iranian administration to attract the capital of Russians in the oil and gas sector.

____ (2022-10-08). Volker Tschapke: China is the only country that has a good idea for the next five or ten years. ecns.cn Volker Tschapke, president of the Prussian Society, praised China's significant achievements in man…

Staff (2022-10-08). Russia says 3 people killed in Crimea bridge blast. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Three people were killed in the Crimean bridge blast, Russian investigators said Saturday.

____ (2022-10-08). China's courier industry sees expansion during holiday week. ecns.cn China's courier industry reported steady growth during the week-long National Day holiday that concluded Friday, with express delivery firms handling more than 4.1 billion parcels, according to the State Post Bureau.

____ (2022-10-08). Xinjiang's largest wind turbine lifted into place. ecns.cn A 6.7-megawatt wind turbine was lifted into its place in northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region on Thursday, with electrical lines commencing installation.

____ (2022-10-08). Natural landscape of Gaskule Lake in Qinghai. ecns.cn Drone photo shows the natural landscape of the Gaskule Lake in Mangya city, northwest China's Qinghai Province. The brine overflows to the salt flat, looking like an ink painting.

____ (2022-10-08). China sees 422 million domestic trips during National Day holiday. ecns.cn China saw 422 million domestic trips nationwide during the seven-day national holiday, a year-on-year decrease of 18.2 percent, equivalent to 60.7 percent in the same period of 2019, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Friday.

____ (2022-10-08). Autumn colors add beauty to rice field in N China. ecns.cn Golden rice harvest and a crimson red wetland covered with blossoming seepweed add beauty to rice field in the fall in Panjin, northeast China's Liaoning Province.

____ (2022-10-08). Patriotic film leads China's holiday box office. ecns.cn Patriotic action film "Home Coming" dominated China's box office during the National Day holiday which concluded Friday, garnering 1.02 billion yuan (about 144 million U.S. dollars).

____ (2022-10-08). (Red Star over China in the New Era) Marco Cepik: China's successes are made under the leadership of the CPC. ecns.cn Marco Cepik, Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul used to say that economic results and social results are related to the institutions. And in China, huge economic success and social success are made under the leadership of the CPC.

____ (2022-10-08). Bala Ramasamy: China has everything that is required for a great future. ecns.cn Bala Ramasamy, Professor of Economics at CEIBS has been living in China for more than 10 years. He praised China's digital transformation and said this country has everything that is required for a great future so he is fully confident in it.

____ (2022-10-08). Stunning photos taken by Chinese taikonauts from Tiangong space station. ecns.cn China Manned Space Station recently released a new batch of photos taken by China's Shenzhou-14 taikonauts.

____ (2022-10-08). Media center for 20th CPC national congress to open on Oct. 12. ecns.cn A media center for the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will open on Oct. 12.

____ (2022-10-08). Marco Cepik: China's successes are made under the leadership of the CP. ecns.cn Marco Cepik, Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul used to say that economic results and social results are related to…

____ (2022-10-08). Picturesque autumn views in China's Qinghai. ecns.cn Autumn has brought a new color to Xianmi Forest Park, the largest natural forest area in northwest China's Qinghai Province.

____ (2022-10-08). Gal Luft: China will catch up with the West in innovation. ecns.cn China will reach a much higher level of innovation than the West and become a global leader, says Gal Luft, co-director of the Washington-based think tank IAGS.

____ (2022-10-08). (Red Star Over China in the New Era) Qianping Shi: The 20th CPC National Congress will open a new chapter of realizing Chinese dream. ecns.cn Qianping Shi, Chairman of DMI Industrial Group, seeks to utilize internationalization and localization to contribute to China's economic development. He believes the 20th CPC National Congress will open a new chapter of realizing Chinese dream.

____ (2022-10-08). Picturesque hot springs bubbling in NW China. ecns.cn A photographer captured hot springs bubbling out of rockets in Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Northeastern Qinghai Province.

____ (2022-10-08). Modern machines help China's farmers with autumn harvest. ecns.cn Agricultural machines were adopted to assist farmers with their bumper harvest in northeast China's Jilin Province on Friday.

____ (2022-10-08). (Red Star over China in the New Era) Lu Yajuan: The gap between China and the West is narrowing. ecns.cn Lu Yajuan, executive director of the Entrepreneurship Foundation of Chinese Students in Europe said she is impressed by China's development and the gap between China and the West is narrowing and China's even catching up.

____ (2022-10-08). Xinjiang-related draft decision "intends to contain China": diplomat. ecns.cn The United Nations Human Rights Council on Thursday rejected a Xinjiang-related draft decision, which a Chinese envoy in Geneva described as "with real intention to take advantage of UN human rights bodies to interfere in China's internal affairs and use Xinjiang-related issues to contain China."

____ (2022-10-08). Marco Cepik: China's successes are made under the leadership of the CPC. ecns.cn Marco Cepik, Professor at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul used to say that economic results and social results are related to…

____ (2022-10-08). China sends two satellites into space via offshore rocket launch. ecns.cn China successfully launched two test satellites from a launch platform in the Yellow Sea on Friday, via a Long March-11 carrier rocket.

____ (2022-10-08). Alexey Beloshitskiy: China has demonstrated great leadership both at home and abroad. ecns.cn Alexey Beloshitskiy, executive director of Big Data Storage and Analysis Center of Moscow State University said China has truly become…

____ (2022-10-08). Tax, fee incentives a strong boost to economy. ecns.cn China has ramped up its tax and fee incentives and supporting policies to enterprises, a move that has not only offered a "timely rain" to companies in financial drought but also served as a shot in the arm for the economy.

____ (2022-10-08). (Red Star over China in the New Era) Alexey Beloshitskiy: China has demonstrated great leadership both at home and abroad. ecns.cn Alexey Beloshitskiy, executive director of the Big Data Storage and Analysis Center of Moscow State University said China has truly become internationalized and demonstrated great leadership both at home and abroad. He said, "China has some great prospects."

____ (2022-10-08). Ei Sun OH: China's future economic development is important to the world. ecns.cn Ei Sun OH, principal advisor of the Pacific Research Center in Malaysia, has paid attention to China's achievements concerning poverty alleviation and environmental protection in the past decade. He also expects his optimism for China's future.

____ (2022-10-08). China's squid fishing activity responsible. ecns.cn China has been participating in high seas squid fishing under a regulatory framework, and its aquaculture industry has made increasing contributions to global food security, according to a fishery expert.

____ (2022-10-08). Josef Mahoney: China will meet global challenges better than others. ecns.cn Josef Mahoney, professor at the School of Politics and International Relations at East China Normal University, has witnessed China's achievements in digitization, poverty elimination, and green development. Though the world faces challenges, he's confident in China's future.

Staff (2022-10-08). Guerra comercial: EEUU impone nuevas restricciones a las exportaciones de semiconductores a China. cubadebate.cu La nueva medida debería "restringir la capacidad de la República Popular China para obtener chips de computación avanzados, desarrollar y mantener supercomputadoras y fabricar semiconductores" para esos fines.

Staff (2022-10-08). Realizan gala de homenaje al Che Guevara en Santa Clara. cubadebate.cu El pueblo de Santa Clara rindió homenaje al comandante argentino-cubano Ernesto Che Guevara con una gala artística, en recordación del aniversario 55 de su asesinato en Bolivia. En una tribuna emplazada frente al Teatro La Caridad en el entorno del parque Leoncio Vidal, un elenco de músicos locales y de la nación expusieron su arte frente a un público diverso.

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-08). Denuncian asesinato de otro líder social en el Cauca, Colombia. telesurtv.net La víctima fue identificada como Edinson Murillo Ararat, quien era miembro de la Guardia Cimarrona e integraba el Concejo Comunitario de Cuenca.

Staff (2022-10-08). Che: La sensibilidad tras el mito. cubadebate.cu Mucho se habla del guerrillero, internacionalista y revolucionario ferviente que fue el Che. Su imagen es de las más difundidas en múltiples soportes. Pero, øqué sabemos del hombre y de su proceso de crecimiento tras del mito? Este 2022 se conmemoran 55 años del asesinato de Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, un ser humano que, al partir de este mundo, dejó inculcada en no pocos su fe en el hombre nuevo.

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-08). Palestina condena asesinato de dos jóvenes por parte de Israel. telesurtv.net Autoridades responsabilizaron al Gobierno israelí por la escalada de violencia contra los palestinos.

SouthFront5 (2022-10-08). How You've Been Deceived: The Mechanics of Mass Mind-Control. southfront.org By The political right, the political left, and the political center, have all been deceived about global warming, so that global warming is an especially suitable issue for demonstrating how billionaires impose mass mind-control across the entire political spectrum. The special focus here will be on the political left, because the techniques of deceiving them are even more sophisticated…

WSWS (2022-10-08). Kroger workers furious after union claims sellout contract passed on fourth revote. wsws.org This was the fourth vote on the same concessionary contract negotiated by the union. Wage increases will be well under the inflation rate and Kroger will now have the ability to cut wages by slashing hours.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Interest rate hikes leading to recession, UN says. wsws.org In its annual report issued earlier this week the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) said that after a "recovery" in 2021, "the world economy is in the midst of cascading and multiplying crises."

Fight Back (2022-10-08). Join the effort to promote the political program of FRSO. fightbacknews.org To obtain a copy of the new FRSO Program book, reach out to your local FRSO organizers. If you are not in an area where FRSO has an organized district, you can order a copy at Comrades and friends, | The political program of Freedom Road Socialist Organization is being printed in book form. It is something that all revolutionaries will want to read and consider. It deals in a forthright manner with the enemy we are up against, the conditions we face, and most importantly what is to be done to move forward. | Members and supporters of…

Michael Welch (2022-10-08). Conform or be Cast Out! The New Model of Journalism During a Time of War. globalresearch.ca

Anonymous669 (2022-10-08). Senior Hezbollah Official Says Diplomacy Does Not Work With Israel, Only Force. southfront.org On October 7, a senior official of Hezbollah warned that Israel does not understand the language of diplomacy, stressing that only force could secure Lebanon's rights in the disputed gas-rich naval area. | Sheikh Ali Damush, head of Hezbollah Executive Council, made the warning just a few days after

Bill Lueders (2022-10-08). Beyond Good and Evil: On Wendell Berry's Brave New Book. commondreams.org A book by the celebrated author, poet, and farmer that takes on racism, the Civil War, and his life's work.

____ (2022-10-08). Iran top authorities thank people for thwarting enemy plots. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The heads of the three branches of the government in a meeting on Saturday emphasized that enemies consider the unified and powerful Iran as a threat to their interests.

Staff (2022-10-08). 2 new warships to join IRGC Navy by end of year. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The Commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri announced that two new destroyers will join the IRGC Navy by the end of the Iranian year (March 20, 2023).

WSWS (2022-10-08). Will Lehman: "Oppose threats to Stellantis Warren Truck Plant workers' jobs!" wsws.org "I call on all workers to oppose this attack on the workers at Warren Truck and mobilize in defense of their jobs," Lehman said.

Staff (2022-10-08). Iran stresses necessity for OPEC+ countries cooperation. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iran's permanent Envoy in Vienna-based International Organizations Mohsen Naziri Asl in a meeting with the Secretary General of OPEC Haitham Al Ghais stressed the importance of cooperation among OPEC+ countries.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-08). Crimean Bridge Opened For Cars. Official Reason Of Explosion Aroused Suspicions. southfront.org REpair of the bridge | The road on the Crimean Bridge was opened after a powerful Repair works are underway in the area of the damaged railway part of the Crimean Bridge. According to the local authorities, the first trains could pass across t…

Scorinoco (2022-10-08). Lula Wins Brazil's Presidential First Round by Over 6 Million Votes — Fears that Bolsonaro Won't Accept the Results if He Loses Run-Off (Statement). orinocotribune.com By Brazil Solidarity Initiative — Oct 4, 2022 | On Sunday, progressive candidate Lula Da Silva came top in the first round of Brazil's Presidential election. Lula won 48.43% of the vote, with over 57 million voters backing him at the ballot box. | Despite the impression given in some media reports, this was not a close election. Lula received over 6 million more votes than his nearest rival, the far-right incumbent president Jair Bolsonaro, who came second with 42.20%. | In the first round, over 118 million votes were cast with Lula just 1.5% short of passing the % threshold needed to win the presidency in…

Lydia Wheeler (2022-10-08). Government Credibility: Joe Biden Hands Pandemic Policy Opponents "Leg Up" in Legal Disputes. globalresearch.ca

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-08). Brazil's Landless Rural Workers' Movement Elects 6 Candidates. orinocotribune.com

Staff (2022-10-08). 30 Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike for 14 days: 900 prisoners return meals in solidarity. samidoun.net Thirty Palestinian prisoners are continuing their hunger strike to end administrative detention, imprisonment without charge or trial, as the prisoners' movement as a whole has acted to show solidarity and stand with the strikers. They are now on their 14th day of hunger strike, which they launched on 25 September. Zakaria Zubaidi, one of the …

Scorinoco (2022-10-08). Majority of OAS Member States Vote Against Guaidó, Venezuelan Opposition Figure Ochoa Antich Calls 'Failure of Interventionism'. orinocotribune.com On Thursday, October 6, 19 member states of the Organization of American States (OAS) voted in favor of a proposal to expel Juan Guaidó's representative Gustavo Tarre Briceño from the OAS General Assembly held in Lima, Peru. The proposal, presented by Antigua and Barbuda, was supported by 19 member countries of the OAS, while four voted against it, and nine abstained. | The countries that voted in favor of expelling the illegitimate "ambassador of Venezuela to the OAS" were Mexico, Panama, Peru, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua and Barbuda, Arg…

Scorinoco (2022-10-08). Venezuela Condemns UN Resolution Renewing 'Fact-Finding Mission' Mandate. orinocotribune.com On Friday, October 7, Venezuela announced its condemnation for the resolution approved by the United Nations Human Rights Council which renewed the mandate of the independent "Fact-Finding Mission" on the country. | Through an official statement published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Venezuela stated that "this Resolution is the result of the shameful double standards, selectivity, and politicized use of the mechanisms of the Human Rights Council by a minority group of states which obediently follow the dictates of the government of the United States of America in its obses…

Alejandra Garcia (2022-10-08). The 1976 Barbados terrorist bomb attack: The pain is still intact for Cubans. struggle-la-lucha.org

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-08). Green Capitalism in Crisis: The End of a Chimera. libya360.wordpress.com Eder Peña In the face of the global climate crisis, which is now evident in the destructive force of meteorological events, the question arises once again as to how to deal with this phenomenon, the causes of which are associated with the civilizational model that has spread from the United States and Europe to the…

_____ (2022-10-08). Africa steps up counterinsurgency efforts. journal-neo.org Improving the fight against terrorist groups continues to be a major challenge for a significant number of countries in Africa. After the defeat of radical Islamists in the Middle East, they refocused on the Dark Continent, moving leadership, units and assets to West Africa to make the region a new stronghold of Islamism. Terrorists regularly …

Kzorinoco (2022-10-08). More than 120 Municipalities in Venezuela Affected by Heavy Rains. orinocotribune.com On Thursday, October 7, President Nicolás Maduro reported that over 120 municipalities in Venezuela have been heavily affected due to the passage of Tropical Wave 41 that is causing torrential rain in different parts of the country. He added that the "government is fully activated" to alleviate these effects, and that emergency funds are available for mitigating damages. | The president held a video conference with the governors of all states, mayors of the municipalities, and authorities of the National Risk Management System to assess the situation. | Venezuelan Minister of the Interior and Justice Remigio Ceba…

M. Tiahui (2022-10-08). It's Autumn, and I can't wait for the Fall (of Columbus). struggle-la-lucha.org

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-08). Dozens of Jewish Settlers Attack Palestinian School in Occupied West Bank. orinocotribune.com

Fight Back (2022-10-08). Job growth slows in September, but still too good for Wall Street. fightbacknews.org San José, CA – On Friday, October 7 the U.S. Department of Labor released their report on new jobs and the unemployment rate in September. According to the Department of Labor, there were 263,000 more jobs in September than in August. This is the weakest job report since December of 2020. | The biggest drop in new jobs was in the government, which went from adding 40,000 jobs in August to a job loss of 25,000. Most of this job loss came from cuts at local schools, which had over 20,000 fewer workers than the month before. Another sign of job market weakness could be seen among retailers, which went from a gain of…

Ricardo Gomez (2022-10-08). YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: Biden's Midterm Marijuana Play. levernews.com Good things are happening! For starters, ahead of the midterms, Biden is taking some steps (although not nearly enough) to change his position on cannabis policy. What's more, young Americans are taking the labor movement's message to heart, a new act in California rolls back the harmful effects of criminal records, workers have a new tool in salary negotiations, and researchers have found that embracing basic food waste practices could have major impacts on the climate crisis. All this and much more in this week's edition of You Love To See It, available for supporting subscribers below.Biden (Somewhat) F…

____ (2022-10-08). Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge links millions of households in three cities. ecns.cn 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-08). Indirect Fire Attack Hits Turkish Base In Northern Syria. southfront.org FILE PHOTO: Turkish soldiers seen at the border town of Akcakale © Reuters / Murad Sezer | On October 8 morning, an attack with indirect fire targeted a key base of the Turkish military in the northern region of Syria. | The base, which is located near the town of Dabiq in the northern Aleppo countryside, was reportedly targeted with several artillery shells and rockets. The attack resulted in material losses. However, no casualties were reported. | In response to the attack, the Turkish military shelled the town…

WSWS (2022-10-08). To fight COVID-19, Michigan educators must build independent rank-and-file committees. wsws.org Educators could wield enormous power to fight COVID-19 if united in struggle with autoworkers, railroad and airline workers, Amazon workers, healthcare workers, and meatpackers, all of whom are also continuing to catch COVID-19 at work.

____ (2022-10-08). Irrigation projects get world heritage designation. ecns.cn Four historical Chinese irrigation sites were recognized as World Heritage Irrigation Structures on Thursday, bringing the total number of Chinese projects on the list to 30, the Ministry of Water Resources said.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-08). Syrian Army Confronts U.S. Forces In Northeastern Region After Raid In Government-Held Village (Photos). southfront.org On October 8, Syrian Arab Army (SAA) troops intercepted a convoy of the U.S.-led coalition in Syria's northeastern region. | The convoy, which consisted of seven armored vehicles, was stopped by Syrian service members as it was attempting to enter the village Qusur al-Gharajinah in the northwestern countryside of al-Hasakah. After a brief confrontation, the convoy was forced to retreat. | Cl…

Staff (2022-10-08). Link btw assaults on embassies, West's support undeniable. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — In reaction to the attacks on Iran's embassies in some European countries, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that the link between such assaults and the West's political support for rioters is undeniable.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Endless Australian university union betrayals result in election debacle. wsws.org While the incumbent NTEU leadership scraped back into office with small votes, "opposition" groups failed in their bankrupt appeals to "rebuild" or "renew" the discredited union.

Staff (2022-10-08). 11 dead, 38 injured in India due to bus accident. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — At least 11 were killed and 38 injured after a bus in Maharashtra's Nashik district was rammed by a truck early on Saturday morning.

____ (2022-10-08). Iran's IRGC Navy Force stage large-scale parade. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Force launched a large-scale parade at the 2nd Naval District of waters of the Persian Gulf in Bushehr on Saturday.

WSWS (2022-10-08). CDC deepens COVID-19 cover-up, switches to weekly reporting of cases and deaths. wsws.org Coming just before what is tipped to be another devastating surge of the pandemic across the US this fall and winter, the move is a major escalation of the Biden administration's homicidal "forever COVID" policy.

Trita Parsi (2022-10-08). OPEC's Slap in the Face Shows Biden Critics Were Right About Meeting With Murderous Saudi Prince. commondreams.org Further proof Biden should have stuck to his instincts and declined to visit Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

Human Agenda (2022-10-08). Saturday 10/8: Break the Mold: Free Education for All / Free Health Care for All ! indybay.org Technology Center, Room T-415 | San José City College | 2201 Moorpark Avenue | San José, CA 95128…

WSWS (2022-10-08). Weak US jobs report not weak enough: Financial markets plunge. wsws.org The jobs report for September showed a major decline in job-creation and a further fall in real wages. But for the financial markets, this was not enough.

Ralph Nader (2022-10-08). Democrats—Broaden Your Campaign Messages and Strategies! commondreams.org With their ample funds, the Democrats have to aggregate the case against the GOP's morbid opposition to humanity.

____ (2022-10-08). Turkish fighter jets attack N Iraq. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — News sources on Friday night reported that Turkey's fighter jets targeted northern Iraq.

Ramon du Houx (2022-10-08). Everyone Under the Sun Rally & Festival in Sacramento October 11. indybay.org power is at risk in CA because special interests don't want clean, affordable electric energy for communities and have been trying to tax it at the Capitol the rally lets them know people need to be treated equitably and don't want the tax.

____ (2022-10-08). Armed forces must prepare to face enemy's combined threats. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that the Armed Forces of the country must fully prepare themselves to face hybrid threat of enemies waged against Islamic Revolution.

Editor (2022-10-08). Patrick Lawrence: Sins of Silence. scheerpost.com

____ (2022-10-08). Iran ready to win AFC Futsal Asian Cup title. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iran are confident of defending their AFC Futsal Asian Cup title when they go up against perennial rivals Japan in the final on Saturday.

Staff (2022-10-08). Spox. slams US for imposing news anti-Iranian sanction. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan'ani slammed US actions in imposing news anti-Iranian sanctions and said that sanctions are considered the basis of United States Human Rights.

Staff (2022-10-08). Death toll rises to 7 in blast at gas station in Ireland. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Authorities say at least seven people have been killed in an explosion at a gas station in a small village in northwest Ireland.

____ (2022-10-08). New York City declares state of emergency amid rising influx of asylum seekers. ecns.cn New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency on Friday in response to a record-breaking influx of asylum seekers into the city, mostly from the southern border of the United States.

Staff (2022-10-08). 'Adjustment' to vie at Raindance Film Festival. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Directed by Iranian filmmaker Mehrdad Hassani, "Adjustment" is scheduled to be screened at the 2022 version of the Raindance Film Festival.

Staff (2022-10-08). National unity, cohesion necessary to deal with enemy's plots. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi described national unity and cohesion as a necessary need to deal with the enemy's plots against the nation and the country.

Staff (2022-10-08). Joint Police Morning Ceremony held on Police Week. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — On the occasion of Police Week, a Joint Morning Ceremony of Law Enforcement Forces (Police) was held in Tehran on Saturday.

____ (2022-10-08). Thailand mourns lives lost in childcare center mass shooting. ecns.cn Thailand on Friday mourned victims of a mass shooting at a childcare center in northeastern Nong Bua Lamphu province, which has led to at least 37 deaths, most of them children.

Editor (2022-10-08). Walter Kirn and Matt Taibbi on "America This Week" scheerpost.com

WSWS (2022-10-08). After WestRock paper mill workers in Alabama reject second contract, company enforces lockout. wsws.org Five hundred workers at the Mahrt Mill paper mill in Cottonton, Alabama, were locked out Thursday by multinational conglomerate WestRock, which operates the mill.

Editor (2022-10-08). Patrick Lawrence: Sins of Silence, OR Silence by Design. scheerpost.com

Staff (2022-10-08). Mahsa Amini's death caused by illness: probe. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iran's Legal Medicine Organization said that Mahsa Amini's controversial death was caused by an illness rather than alleged blows to the head or other vital body organs.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and New Zealand. wsws.org India: Delhi University teachers strike to defend jobs; Punjab power distribution workers protest privatisation; Australia: Hydro Tasmania workers strike for higher pay; Western Australian public hospital nurses plan to strike.

Staff (2022-10-08). Iran, Venezuela keen on developing cooperation in gas field. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The CEO of Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company and the Vice President of Venezuela Oil Company in gas affairs met and discussed cooperation in the field of gas and equipment supply.

____ (2022-10-08). Iran defeat Kyrgyz at AFC U17 Asian Cup 2023 Qualifiers. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iran defeated Kyrgyz Republic 4-0 in Group I of the AFC U17 Asian Cup 2023 Qualifiers on Friday.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Former police officer massacres 38 people, including 24 children, in Thailand. wsws.org The horrific attack has shocked millions of people and raised questions about the militarised police and army, a growing drug epidemic and social tensions that have reached a breaking point.

____ (2022-10-08). Iran's export of gas condensate, petrochemicals at 39% growth. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Statistics of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade said that export of petrochemicals and gas condensates in the first four months of the current year (from March 21 to July 23) increased 38.8 percent.

____ (2022-10-08). People mourn victims of childcare center mass shooting in Thailand. ecns.cn The death toll from a mass shooting at a childcare center on Thursday rose to 38, including 24 children.

____ (2022-10-08). ICAO to realize net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. ecns.cn The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) on Friday announced that it has reached an agreement on a goal of net-zero carbon emissions for international flights by 2050 at its Montreal headquarters in Canada.

Sean Callebs (2022-10-08). The Heat: Critical U.S. midterm elections just weeks away. america.cgtn.com Critical midterm elections just weeks away in the United States. What's on the minds of voters in the race for control of Congress?>

____ (2022-10-08). Enceladus' ocean may be abundant in dissolved phosphates. ecns.cn Enceladus' ocean may be abundant in dissolved phosphates that could support the origin and proliferation of potential microorganism.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Class tensions mount in wake of rejection of Chile's draft constitution. wsws.org The overwhelming vote to reject the constitution represents a popular rebuke to the pseudo-left coalition government and its acquiescence to every demand of international finance capital.

Staff (2022-10-08). Front pages of Iran's English dailies on Oct. 08. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Here are the front pages of Iran's English language dailies on Saturday, October 8.

Staff (2022-10-08). US army plunders 50 more oil tankers from northeast Syria. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The American army once again stole dozens of shipments of oil on trucks from Syrian oil wells for its own use in Iraq.

Staff (2022-10-08). US should immediately withdraw its forces from Syria. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Syrian Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that the US should immediately withdraw its illegitimate forces from the Syrian territories, and stop its support to mercenaries, terrorists and separatist militias.

Staff (2022-10-08). Iran supports peace on Azerbaijan-Armenia shared borders. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Director of International Affairs at the Iranian parliament said Islamic Republic of Iran supports all the efforts made at various international levels in order to establish peace on Azerbaijan-Armenia shared borders.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Jews. In Their Own Words: A propaganda play on "left anti-Semitism" wsws.org The dramatis personae is a roll call of conspirators in the right-wing campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and any left movement within and outside the Labour Party.

____ (2022-10-08). Iran's exports at 24% growth in five months: industry min. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade put the country's exports value at 24 percent growth in the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year in 1401 (from March 21 to August 23).

Louis Henri Seukwa & Claudia Jansson (2022-10-08). We need an Enlightenment 2.0: On Misguided Colonial and Gender Policy. indybay.org Colonial knowledge was imposed by force. The West has set our planet on fire. To extinguish it, we need all archives of knowledge with their different references to the world. We cannot do it any other way. Therefore, it is urgent to initiate a paradigmatic change in education, not only in Germany, to correct this deplorable state of affairs.

____ (2022-10-08). Iran lose to Japan 2-3 at AFC Futsal Asian Cup. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iran's national futsal team, after accepting defeat against Japan in the final of 16th edition of the Asian Futsal Cup, failed to repeat the championship title in this competition, and Japanese team won the cup for 4th time.

Mitchell Zimmerman (2022-10-08). Here's the Brutal Truth: Republicans Have Given Up on Democracy. commondreams.org America is polarized on what the crisis is—but one side is dead wrong.

Staff (2022-10-08). VIDEO: Crimean Bridge reopens for traffic after explosion. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Road traffic on the Crimean Bridge, which was damaged by a truck explosion earlier on Saturday, has partly resumed, and trains are expected to start moving later in the evening, RT reported.

Staff (2022-10-08). Sabotage halts rail traffic in northern Germany. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Attackers cut cables vital for the rail network in two places causing a near three-hour halt to all rail traffic in northern Germany on Saturday morning, in what authorities called an act of sabotage, media reported.

Staff (2022-10-08). Iran summons Danish envoy over lack of security for diplomats. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — The Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned Denmark's ambassador to Tehran to officially protest over a lack of security for Iran's embassy and its diplomats.

____ (2022-10-08). On The Issue Of The Linear Targets. smoothiex12.blogspot.com A classic diversionary (sabotage) act against linear target is blowing up the rail. Immediately note to yourself–rails are blown not for the sake of demolishing the railway, but for the sake of derailing passing train. Derailing the train is the end with railway damage being merely means. For a simple reason–you can repair railway relatively fast, sometimes within a few days, if not hours. The same applies to the bridges such as Crimean Bridge. One can take out one or two spans but one cannot blow up all 19 kilometers (12 miles) of this bridge. And that means that being linear is your greatest advantage. You ca…

WSWS (2022-10-08). Australia: Nurses' union promotes New South Wales Labor election campaign. wsws.org Despite the token character of Labor's proposed measures, which would do nothing to resolve a healthcare meltdown, New South Wales Nurses and Midwives' Association leader Shaye Candish hailed "a fantastic announcement."

WSWS (2022-10-08). Another tragic death at Stellantis Sterling Stamping. wsws.org A worker said that rather than send workers home to allow them time to grieve, management actually increased the speed of the production line following McAuliffe's death.

WSWS (2022-10-08). Rank-and-file Ontario education worker denounces union bureaucracy's bogus "Why vote yes!" campaign. wsws.org The main thrust of the OSBCU leadership's campaign was that education support workers should vote "yes" for a strike to prevent any job action from taking place.

Staff (2022-10-08). Raeisi officially marks beginning of new academic year. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi participated in a ceremony at Alzahra University to mark the start of the academic year.

____ (2022-10-08). UN resolution urges relevant countries to remedy historical racial injustice. ecns.cn The UN Human Rights Council on Friday, the last day of its 51st session, adopted a resolution calling upon all the relevant countries to find ways to remedy historical racial injustice so as to help restore the dignity of the affected countries and their people.

____ (2022-10-08). First customized train returns stranded workers to Tibet's Shigatse. ecns.cn A total of 680 Shigatse residents who were stranded in Nyingchi City due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Tibet Autonomous Region arrived at Shigatse Railway Station by train C926 on Thursday…

____ (2022-10-08). Cradle of Civilization: Haihun Principality Site. ecns.cn

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-08). Iran launches remote sensing center for satellites. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Iran has started using the images and data sent from domestically-made satellites including Khayyam after inaugurating the first satellite sensing center.

WSWS (2022-10-08). GM workers in Silao, Mexico speak out after co-worker loses his leg. wsws.org Deeply stirred by the accident, active and former workers of the Silao plant reached out to the World Socialist Web Site to register their anger, describe safety concerns and condemn the new and so-called Independent Union (SINTTIA) for its bankrupt response.

WSWS (2022-10-08). The lies, distortions and half-truths in rail unions' joint video statement against "misinformation" wsws.org The video by BLET President Dennis Pierce and SMART-TD President Jeremy Ferguson was the latest of attempts by the unions to try to recapture control of the narrative over the contract in the face of massive opposition.

Staff (2022-10-08). 3 injured in Afghanistan's Kabul blast. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Police in Afghanistan reported that three people were injured in the explosion in Kabul on Saturday morning.

Staff (2022-10-08). Headlines of Iran's Persian dailies on October 8. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Mehr news agency takes a look at the headlines of Iran's Persian-language dailies on Saturday, October 8.

Staff (2022-10-08). Uni. students not to allow enemy's false dreams to come true. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 08 (MNA) — Referring to the footprints of the enemy in recent riots in the country, President Raeisi says that Iranian university students and professors will not allow the false dreams of the enemy to come true.

Staff (2022-10-08). Díaz-Canel: "Hay que darlo todo por el pueblo" cubadebate.cu Como ha hecho día tras día durante las últimas dos semanas, desde antes del paso del huracán Ian, Díaz-Canel encabezó este viernes el chequeo de las acciones para resarcirnos de los daños ocasionados por este. Nuevamente intercambio con los consejos de defensa provinciales de La Habana, Artemisa y Pinar del Río, que aún continúan en fase recuperativa.

Staff (2022-10-08). Fundación de la UH presenta incubadora especializada en seguridad alimentaria. cubadebate.cu Para impulsar proyectos y emprendimientos de base tecnológica, con un impacto económico, social y ambiental, fue presentada este viernes por la Fundación Universitaria de Innovación y Desarrollo de la Universidad de La Habana la metodología de una incubadora especializada en seguridad alimentaria.

Staff (2022-10-08). El Puente de Canímar: Crónica de una decisión tardía. cubadebate.cu El pasado 21 de septiembre las entidades implicadas inspeccionaron a profundidad para determinar el estado de la estructura. El resultado de la pesquisa arrojó que "14 montantes mantienen un estado crítico, seis de ellos con fallo estructural, y han ocurrido varios desplazamientos axiales como resultado del agotamiento de la sección y las sobrecargas. Asimismo, se evidencian deformaciones por torsión en las barandas adosadas a estos montantes.

Staff (2022-10-08). Viral: Crean un innovador vestido con spray (+ Video). cubadebate.cu El momento más viral de la Semana de la Moda de París se vivió en el desfile de Coperni, donde el inventor del tejido en spray Manel Torres, director de Fabrican Ltd, aplicó personalmente el producto en la top model Bella Hadid, que al secarse y darle forma se transformó en cuestión de segundos en un vestido.

Staff (2022-10-08). Primer ministro se reúne con integrantes de misión diplomática cubana en Francia. cubadebate.cu "Tenemos un total convencimiento de que superaremos las actuales dificultades, movilizados junto a nuestro pueblo para encontrar soluciones", afirmó el primer ministro Manuel Marrero Cruz, durante un encuentro en la embajada con integrantes de la misión estatal en Francia, tras cumplir una amplia gira por países asiáticos.

TeleSUR, ysm, MER (2022-10-08). Presidente cubano supervisa recuperación en Pinar del Río tras Ian. telesurtv.net El mandatario Díaz-Canel sostuvo un encuentro con las autoridades de la provincia de Pinar del Río.

Staff (2022-10-08). El tiempo: Algunas lluvias en el centro de Cuba y la Isla de la Juventud. cubadebate.cu Desde el final de la mañana estará parcialmente nublado, y se nublará en la tarde en localidades del interior y sur del centro, con algunos chubascos y tormentas eléctricas, principalmente en el sur de Matanzas, Cienfuegos y Sancti Spíritus, los que abarcarán la Isla de la Juventud en la noche. En el resto del territorio nacional las precipitaciones serán aisladas.

Staff (2022-10-08). Unión Eléctrica prevé una afectación máxima de 1257 MW en el horario pico nocturno. cubadebate.cu La máxima afectación en el horario de la noche fue 1432 MW a las 19: 10 horas, coincidiendo con la hora pico, de ellos 118 MW por los daños ocasionados por el huracán Ian. Para esta jornada se estima para la hora pico una disponibilidad de 2013 MW y una demanda máxima de 3200 MW, para un déficit de 1187 MW, por lo que de mantenerse las condiciones previstas se pronostica una afectación de 1257 MW en este horario.

Staff (2022-10-08). Expresa Cuba su solidaridad con Venezuela por daños de intensas lluvias. cubadebate.cu El primer secretario del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba y presidente de la República, Miguel Díaz-Canel expresó este viernes su solidaridad con el pueblo y Gobierno de Venezuela por la pérdida de vidas humanas y los daños provocados por las fuertes lluvias e inundaciones de los últimos días.

Staff (2022-10-08). Ante el gesto del Che y sus compañeros: °Silencio! (+ Fotos). cubadebate.cu Si frente al cuadro de las realidades que enfrentaron los guerrilleros en Bolivia, alguien considera que no fueron virtuosos, "pero no tiene acción consecuente que implique una esperanza real a la población de América Latina, entonces lo más decoroso sería el silencio, ante el gesto del Che y los que con él cayeron defendiendo sus ideas con coraje", sentenció Fidel.

Staff (2022-10-08). Insta vicepresidente cubano a producir alimentos con recursos propios. cubadebate.cu Salvador Valdés Mesa, vicepresidente de la República de Cuba, reiteró en Camagàºey la importancia de continuar la búsqueda de alternativas locales a favor de mayores producciones de alimentos en medio de las actuales limitaciones de recursos.

Staff (2022-10-08). Celebrará Grupo Ismaelillo 42 años de creado. cubadebate.cu Celebrar los 42 años de creado el Grupo Ismaelillo, con una trayectoria sobresaliente, es el propósito del concierto que tendrá lugar este sábado en la sala principal del Teatro Tomás Terry, y que deviene inicio anticipado por la Jornada de la Cultura Cubana en Cienfuegos. El 10 de octubre de 1980 se crea el Grupo Ismaelillo.

Staff (2022-10-08). Omara Portuondo compartirá escena con Natalia Lafourcade en prestigioso escenario de Nueva York. cubadebate.cu Omara Portuondo unirá su voz con Lafourcade para interpretar temas de su más reciente álbum, compuesto por 12 canciones, inspiradas en diferentes experiencias de vida. Se trata de "una pieza que honra la vulnerabilidad, la vida y la muerte, la feminidad, la naturaleza, lo místico, el amor y el desamor", según la propia autora.

Staff (2022-10-08). Sin mucho material, pero con solidaridad. cubadebate.cu Es cierto que ha pasado una semana del desastre pero en La Coloma queda mucho por hacer y aún hay salitre y azufre mezclados con tierra por todas partes. Quizás, para quien no vive en un pueblo cercano a la costa, cueste imaginarse de lo que hablo pero simula un derrame de petróleo, un pantano de arenas negras.

Staff (2022-10-08). Nueva encuesta muestra ventaja de Lula sobre Bolsonaro para balotaje en Brasil. cubadebate.cu Una nueva pesquisa de la encuestadora Datafolha mostró este viernes que el candidato a la Presidencia de Brasil por el Partido de los Trabajadores, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, cuenta con el 53 por ciento de los votos válidos de cara a la segunda vuelta que se realizará el próximo 30 de octubre. El sondeo indicó que Lula le ganaría al actual mandatario del país.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-08). El Caribe y Centroamérica alerta ante paso de tormenta tropical. telesurtv.net Los gobiernos correspondientes instan a la ciudadanía a mantenerse informada por los canales oficiales de información.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-08). Estampida humana y represión deja un muerto en fútbol argentino. telesurtv.net El gobernador de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof cuestionó la Policía y ordenó apartar al jefe del operativo.

TeleSUR, JCM, JDO (2022-10-08). Julia se convierte en huracán y atraviesa el archipiélago colombiano de San Andrés y Providencia. telesurtv.net Tiene vientos de 120 km/h. A las 20H00 hora local su centro se hallaba a 30 km al oeste-suroeste de San Andrés y a 200 km al este-noreste del puerto nicaragüense de Bluefields.

Staff (2022-10-08). Es tan pequeña la diferencia que tienes que ser muy perspicaz para darte cuenta. cubadebate.cu Encuentra todos los errores posibles en un acertijo que el 90% no logró en menos de quince segundos. Precaución si quieres resolverlo. Puede que este reto viral sea de tu agrado debido a que compromete nuestra lógica.

Staff (2022-10-08). De la cacería hasta la subasta del Che. cubadebate.cu La orden de enviar a este equipo para "cazar" al Che, se había dado después que la CIA obtuviera las fotos realizadas desde un avión espía, tipo U-2. Este "pájaro invisible" había realizado sus primeros vuelos en 1956. Su existencia saltó a las primeras páginas de la prensa mundial el primero de mayo de 1960, cuando los soviéticos abatieron un ejemplar sobre su territorio.

Staff (2022-10-08). El Che: Una imagen, dos poemas. cubadebate.cu Una imagen, dos poemas: poesía visual y poesía escrita como testimonio de recordación al Guerrillero Heroico, Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara, a 55 años de su tránsito a la eternidad.

Staff (2022-10-08). Cuba reporta cuatro nuevos casos de COVID-19 y ningún fallecido. cubadebate.cu Al cierre del día de ayer, 7 de octubre, se encuentran ingresados un total de 72 pacientes, sospechosos 50 y confirmados activos 22. En el día en Cuba para la COVID-19 se realizaron un total de 1 333 muestras para la vigilancia, resultando positivas 4.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-08). Arabia Saudita aumenta el precio del petróleo a EE.UU. telesurtv.net La compañía saudí subió a EE.UU. 0,2 dólares por barril como reflejo del estado de las relaciones bilaterales.

Staff (2022-10-08). Falleció el emblemático actor cubano Mario Balmaseda (+ Video). cubadebate.cu El actor Mario Balmaseda, figura emblemática del teatro, el cine y la televisión cubana, falleció este sábado en La Habana a los 81 años, informó el ministro de Cultura, Alpidio Alonso Grau a través de su cuenta de Twitter.

TeleSUR-mcs, DRL (2022-10-08). Senado colombiano aprueba reforma tributaria en primer debate. telesurtv.net Esta reforma está enmarcada dentro de la protección de la economía como parte de las promesas del Pacto Histórico.

Staff (2022-10-08). Juez suspende, indefinidamente, ley que prohíbe el aborto en Ohio. cubadebate.cu Un juez de Ohio, en Estados Unidos, bloqueó indefinidamente una ley estatal que prohíbe el aborto después de las seis semanas de gestación. El fallo de este viernes extiende así una suspensión temporal anterior, que expiraba la próxima semana, y permite llevar a cabo el procedimiento hasta las 20 semanas de embarazo.

Staff (2022-10-08). Celebran primer matrimonio igualitario en Granma. cubadebate.cu La vida de Alberto y José dio el giro de 180 grados por el que tanto soñaron. Este martes firmaron ante notario, la unión oficial en matrimonio, primero que ocurre en la provincia de Granma, luego de aprobarse el nuevo Código de las Familias en Cuba. Sellan de esa manera un proceso que ahora les ofrece responsabilidades ante alguna situación de los cónyuges.

TeleSUR, ysm, MER (2022-10-08). Presidente boliviano advierte sobre intentos de desestabilización. telesurtv.net El mandatario llamó a la unidad para evitar cualquier intento que busque reeditar el golpe de Estado de 2019 en el país.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-08). Cerca de .000 uruguayos exigen mayor presupuesto educacional. telesurtv.net La concentración ocupó más de dos cuadras de la Avenida 18 de Julio, la calle más importante de Montevideo.

Staff (2022-10-08). Viceprimer ministro Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz concluyó visita de trabajo a Rusia. cubadebate.cu El Viceprimer Ministro de la República de Cuba, Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, realizó una visita de trabajo a Rusia del 4 al 8 de octubre para pasar revista a los temas actuales de las relaciones económicas, comerciales, financieras y de cooperación entre ambos países. Ambas partes acordaron trabajar de conjunto en la elaboración de una nueva Agenda Económica Bilateral.

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-08). Nueva encuesta mantiene ventaja de Lula para balotaje en Brasil. telesurtv.net El sondeo refiere que, tanto en votos válidos como en intención de voto, Lula le ganaría a Bolsonaro en la segunda vuelta.

TeleSUR, ysm, MER (2022-10-08). FAO: precios de alimentos bajan por sexto mes consecutivo. telesurtv.net La FAO indicó que en septiembre el precio de los aceites vegetales bajó al 6,6 por ciento, mientras incrementó el de los cereales al 1,5 por ciento.

TeleSUR -mcs, DRL (2022-10-08). Organizaciones sindicales exigen subidas salariales en España. telesurtv.net La negociación salarial fue detenida en mayo, cuando fue rechazada la propuesta de los sindicatos de una subida del 3 por ciento.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-08). Colombia decreta alerta máxima en isla de San Andrés por tormenta Julia. telesurtv.net "Es altamente probable que tormenta Julia pase a huracán y llegue a San Andrés entre las 7 y las 9 de la noche", informó el presidente colombiano, Gustavo Petro.

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-08). Designan a Raquel Buenrostro como secretaria de Economía en México. telesurtv.net López Obrador destacó que Buenrostro ha tenido un buen desempeño y que es una servidora pública ejemplar.

Staff (2022-10-08). Qué trae la prensa cubana, sábado 8 de octubre de 2022. cubadebate.cu

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-08). Rusia acoge reunión informal de jefes de Estado de la CEI. telesurtv.net Putin señaló que en 2021 "el intercambio comercial entre Rusia y los países de la CEI aumentó en un 30 por ciento".

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-08). Alistan los XXIV Juegos Centroamericanos y del Caribe en El Salvador. telesurtv.net Los organizadores informaron que se han realizado remodelaciones en las instalaciones que acogerán las competencias.

TeleSUR, mcs, DRL (2022-10-08). Puerto Rico mantiene 67 escuelas clausuradas tras huracán Fiona. telesurtv.net Se han registrado diversas emergencias o desastres que han provocado largas interrupciones y atrasos en las clases.

Editor (2022-10-07). Watch: Assange Protests at UK Parliament & DOJ. scheerpost.com Protestors will march around Parliament in London and around the Dept. of Justice in Washington on Saturday to support press freedom and to oppose Julian Assange's extradition. Consortium News will bring you both events.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-07). Is a Nuclear War Between Russia and NATO Possible? libya360.wordpress.com Mission Verdad The return to the moments of greatest tension during the Cold War is a fact, and the constant allusions to the use of nuclear weapons imply a catastrophic escalation of the international situation (Photo: Ronald Gutridge / U.S. Navy) The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine after the incorporation of the Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhie…

_____ (2022-10-07). The US is pushing the situation towards a clash of major nuclear powers. journal-neo.org With its actions in recent months, the United States is blatantly pushing the international situation towards a clash of major nuclear powers. This is true of Washington's blatantly provocative moves against both Russia and China. US officials continue to inflame the situation, intimidating their own and the world public with "imaginary nuclear threats" from Russia …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-07). The US is Pushing the World Towards a Clash of Major Nuclear Powers. libya360.wordpress.com Valery Kulikov With its actions in recent months, the United States is blatantly pushing the international situation towards a clash of major nuclear powers. This is true of Washington's blatantly provocative moves against both Russia and China. US officials continue to inflame the situation, intimidating their own and the world public with "imaginary nuclear threats"…

WSWS (2022-10-07). Biden warns of nuclear "Armageddon" as Zelensky calls for "preventive strikes" on Russia. wsws.org President Joe Biden said Thursday that the world is at risk of nuclear "Armageddon," implying that the rapid escalation of the war in Ukraine could lead to nuclear war between the United States and Russia.

Kyle Anzalone (2022-10-07). Ukraine Passes 2023 Budget in Secret, Expects US To Cover Deficit. news.antiwar.com Ukraine's Rada approved a draft budget for 2023 in a closed session. The spending plan has a $30 billion deficit which Kiev largely expects to be covered by Washington. The White House has sent Ukraine tens of billions in aid since Russia invaded in February. Yaroslav Zheleznyak, the first deputy chairman of parliament's finance, tax …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-07). Ukraine: U.S., NATO to Expand Arms Industry, Ramp Up Production. libya360.wordpress.com Gary Wilson The U.S. is sending Lockheed Martin HIMARS rocket launchers to Ukraine, like the one shown here at a military arms convention. War means industry. Wars are not fought with global supply chains that crisscross a world where production happens across borders and oceans. War means preparing an industrial base for armaments — from…

_____ (2022-10-07). Relations between Russia, China and Mongolia develop despite global instability. journal-neo.org Relations between Mongolia, Russia and China continue to develop successfully. The focal point of this process lies in the rational and considered decisions of national leaders. Mongolia, a landlocked country with a population of 3.4 million, interacts primarily with its neighbors along its land border, the PRC and the Russian Federation. During the Soviet era, …

____ (2022-10-07). 2,000-year-old bronze coins unearthed in China's Xi'an. ecns.cn A new batch of relics, including thousands of bronze coins, have been unearthed from the remains of a mint dating back more than 2,000 years in Xi'an, the capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

Vijay Prashad y Manolo De Los Santos (2022-10-07). Cómo Cuba enfrenta la devastación del huracán Ian. struggle-la-lucha.org

Gary Wilson (2022-10-07). U.S., NATO to expand arms industry, ramp up production. struggle-la-lucha.org

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-07). US Envoy Fears 'Return to War' After Yemen Ceasefire Expires. news.antiwar.com Tim Lenderking, the US special envoy for Yemen, said Wednesday that he fears there will be a "return to war" in Yemen after a six-month ceasefire expired on Sunday. The UN tried to broker a ceasefire extension between the Houthis and the US-backed Saudi-led coalition, but the talks failed. Lenderking blamed the Houthis for the …

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-07). One Person Killed in Rare US Raid in Syrian Government-Controlled Territory. news.antiwar.com US special operations forces launched a rare raid in Syrian government-controlled territories in Syria, killing one person and arresting two more. US Central Command said on Thursday that the raid was carried out overnight near the city of Qamishli and targeted an ISIS member. According to Al Jazeera, it was the "first known" US raid …

Jason Ditz (2022-10-07). US Kills Three ISIS Leaders in Syria Operations. news.antiwar.com

WSWS (2022-10-07). Millions driven into poverty by pandemic, soaring prices and recession. wsws.org A World Bank report has found that in 2020 global median income declined by 4 percent, the first such decline since it began measurements in median income in 1990, with the most impoverished suffering "setbacks in education and health, with massive learning losses and shortened lifespans."

Rann Miller (2022-10-07). Opinion: We'll Take Your Awards But We Don't Need Emmys, Oscars And Grammys To Validate Black Art Or Artists. moguldom.com I am not a fan of social structure award shows or mainstream ceremonies. By social structure award shows, I mean the Emmys, Oscars and Grammys specifically. It's because these shows are orchestrated and sponsored by white people who are either completely unaware of Black culture on display in TV, film and music, or who are …

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-07). Israel Blocks Award To Renowned Rights Leader. orinocotribune.com By Barbara Crossette Oct 3, 2022 | Publicly, the lobbying against Navi Pillay began with an article in the pro-Israeli German tabloid Bild, Barbara Crossette reports. | It was billed as a grand ceremony staged by the United Nations Association of Germany to award its biennial Otto Hahn Peace Medal to The setting for the cere…

John Bachtell (2022-10-07). Republicans crank up their hypocrisy and lie machines in Georgia. peoplesworld.org Republicans, anti-abortion groups, and fascist Christian white supremacists have desperately rallied around Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker despite new revelations he paid for the abortion of an ex-girlfriend who was also the mother of one of his children. Walker is running on a "no exceptions" anti-abortion platform, even in the case of rape, incest, or …

Staff (2022-10-07). Opposing War Together With Libertarians. davidswanson.org

Mark Gruenberg (2022-10-07). Organizing the Congress: Three lawmakers' staffs go union. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON —It's a little-known nickname, but Capitol Hill's workers—the staff, not the lawmakersoften call their job site "The Last Plantation." Now, exploited staffers are starting to change that. Congress received that moniker from their own aides and especially from the cafeteria cooks, servers and others who toil in its warrens. The reasons: Low pay, no …

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-10-07). A Recap Of The Reparations And Political Panels At The Revolt Summit. moguldom.com Paying the debt of reparations to Black Americans is not a new idea. Black leaders have been advocating for them since the 1800s when President Andrew Johnson reneged on the promise of his assassinated predecessor, President Abraham Lincoln, to give each newly freed man 40 acres and a mule to atone for slavery. However, no one can …

Dana Sanchez (2022-10-07). The Business Of 'Soul Train': 11 Things To Know About Don Cornelius Productions. moguldom.com One of the longest-running syndicated shows in TV history, "Soul Train" was started by Don Cornelius in 1970 as a small local production in Chicago. Showcasing the blend of gospel and R&B that is soul music, it broadcast local talent to local viewers, featuring the hottest music, dances and fashions at a time when there were …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-07). The Alliance of the Left in Guatemala for 2023. libya360.wordpress.com Ollantay ItzamnáMeeting of representatives of URNG and WINAQ. Without intending to do so, this left-wing alliance in Guatemala has created an exciting electoral context that will force voters outraged by corruption to choose between a left that seeks to maintain seats in Congress, and the MLP that proposes structural changes in the country through a…

Fight Back (2022-10-07). Minnesota: Campus AFSCME workers to picket meeting of President Gabel and deans. fightbacknews.org Minneapolis, MN – AFSCME at the University of Minnesota is holding an informational picket on Monday, October 10, from noon until 2 p.m. at Walter Library on the East Bank campus here. This coincides with a meeting between President Joan Gabel and Twin Cities deans at the same location. They will demand university leadership respond to their demands for raises, respect and racial equity. | Cherrene Horazuk, president of AFSCME 3800 and executive office and administrative specialist at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, said, "AFSCME UMN locals are currently in joint contract negotiations with the U. The unive…

TeleSUR (2022-10-07). 27 Countries Reported Cholera Outbreaks Throughout 2022 – WHO. telesurenglish.net At a press conference in Geneva, Dr. Tedros pointed to poverty, conflict, and climate change as the factors fueling the current cholera outbreak in the world. | RELATED: | According to the Director General, "the average number of fatalities so far this year is almost three times that of the last five years." | In this regard, Tedros brought up the alarming situation in Syria and Haiti. Syria has reported more than 10 000 suspected cases…

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-10-07). Federal Agents, US Govt. Believe They Have Enough To Charge Joe Biden's Son, Hunter Biden, With Crimes. moguldom.com The Federal Bureau of Investigation believes its agents have gathered enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden, son of U.S. President Joe Biden, with crimes, according to a report by The Washington Post. According to…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-07). Sudanese Resistance Committees Agree on Revolutionary Charter for the Establishment of People's Power. libya360.wordpress.com Sudanese demonstrators attend rally to demand the return to civilian rule, in Khartoum, Sudan, October 6, 2022. (AP) More than Sudanese pro-democracy groups have agreed on a new draft constitution, in one of the largest shows of unity from the country's opposition since the 2019 popular uprising. The document, signed Wednesday evening, is meant…

Yunus Soner (2022-10-07). 'Yankees want the cage but not the birds'. struggle-la-lucha.org

Lauren DeLisa Coleman (2022-10-07). Opinion: New York Should Be A Major Priority In The Forthcoming Dutch Slavery Apology And Fund. moguldom.com A wave of apologies for slavery and small funding set aside has been forthcoming from such legacy institutions as Harvard University. The Netherlands announced that it would soon be making its own apology for the slave trade. Bloomberg was one of the first major media outlets to report on this action and announced that there could …

John Besche (2022-10-07). Altruistic Celebrity Chef Wants To Keep Wages Low. levernews.com

TeleSUR (2022-10-07). Colombia Holds Second Humanitarian Summit. telesurenglish.net On Friday, over 200 Colombian social leaders from the territories most affected by armed violence hold the Second Humanitarian Summit in Bogota. . | RELATED: | It is a space for meeting and dialogue whose purpose is to find negotiated political solutions to the prevailing structural violence in this South American country. | "The participants will propose to the National Government and armed actors a set of urge…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-07). Gilmar Mauro: "Defeating Fascism in Brazil is Fundamental" libya360.wordpress.com Days after the first round of elections in Brazil, Gilmar Mauro, of the national board of the Landless Rural Workers' Movement spoke to Peoples Dispatch about the challenges ahead for people's movements in Brazil to secure the victory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the Workers' Party of Brazil.

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-10-07). Biden Pardons Those With Marijuana Possession Offenses Before Midterm Elections: 3 Things To Know. moguldom.com President Joe Biden pardoned Americans with convictions for marijuana possession on Thursday, Oct. 6, and he called on governors across the country to do the same. Here are three things to know about Biden's latest executive action. 1. Biden announced his pardons of Americans with simple marijuana possession convictions as fulfilling a campaign promise. Biden …

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-07). Challenging Fortress Europe: March to Brussels Calls to Strengthen Strategies to Change Migration Policies. libya360.wordpress.com Redacción Madrid End of the March to Brussels (Image by Caravana Abriendo Fronteras 2022) The March to Brussels has ended with a call for the strengthening of a strategy and a change in the balance of power that allows for a different migration policy based on the fulfilment of human rights. Several hundred people took…

Brett Wilkins (2022-10-07). Naomi Klein Spotlights Perils of UN Climate Summit Hosted by Despotic Egyptian Regime. commondreams.org "Unless political freedoms are defended, there will be no meaningful climate action. Not in Egypt, nor anywhere else. These issues are intertwined, as are our fates."

Jake Watkins (2022-10-07). Indianapolis union local steps up to aid the homeless. peoplesworld.org INDIANAPOLIS, In. On "Community Day," Sept. 25 at the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM), Local 372A offices, clothing, and shoes were given away, donations accepted to purchase hygiene products, and food was cooked and distributed to those who needed it. "I believe that everyone will, at some point in …

Editor (2022-10-07). Jim Mamer: Fake Journalism Is Only the First Draft of Fake History. scheerpost.com 35 year teaching veteran Jim Mamer explores the areas of history many schools fail to teach and what it means about the state of the world today, on this week's "Scheer Intelligence."

WSWS (2022-10-07). Suspicion mounts among railroaders over ballot fraud as train dispatchers' union announces ratification of deal. wsws.org On Monday, the American Train Dispatchers Association announced its five-year deal had been ratified, drawing widespread skepticism.

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-10-07). Q&A: Helping the BBC film bumblebees in the Arctic. imperial.ac.uk For the BBC's latest landmark natural history series, Frozen Planet II, Dr Richard Gill helped the production team find and film Arctic bumblebees.

Editor (2022-10-07). FBI Crime Data Is Out. Here's What You Need To Know. scheerpost.com

Staff (2022-10-07). Erdogan says meeting Assad not impossible. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 07 (MNA) — Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday he could meet with his Syrian counterpart Bashar Al-Assad when the time was right.

Editor (2022-10-07). Despite Three Botched Executions, Alabama Plans to Kill a Fourth Man Next Month. scheerpost.com

____ (2022-10-07). Something For The Weekend. smoothiex12.blogspot.com "Lev Sharansky" is at it again, LOL)) But many people still do not understand a huge significance of all that. I explain some of it in my latest (today):
So, enjoy the weekend.

Staff (2022-10-07). Iran proposes stronger int'l coop., effective multilateralism. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 07 (MNA) — Permanent head of Iran mission to UN said in 77th General Assembly said that answering the serious challenges posed against the global society calls for stronger international cooperation and more effective multilateralism.

Roberta Wood (2022-10-07). Communist leader indicts Coors for its watery beer and dangerous politics. peoplesworld.org "Watery beer and horrible politics!" Communist Party co-chair Joe Sims issued this indictment of Coors Beer, one of America's huge corporations, in a YouTube video released this week by the Party to argue for collective action by this country's working class to defeat what Sims calls "the fascist caucus." Sims zeroes in on the role …

Staff (2022-10-07). Car bomb blast leaves 5 killed, injured in Iraq's Erbil. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 07 (MNA) — Iraqi news sources reported that 5 people were killed or injured after a car bomb exploded in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan region.

Chauncey K. Robinson (2022-10-07). 'TàÅR' review: A riveting character study dissecting identity, corruption, and cancel culture. peoplesworld.org The new psychological drama TàÅR is an intense experience of watching the deconstruction of perhaps one of the most interesting characters to grace our screens in some time. The main protagonist, Lydia Tár, is a musical genius who arguably may be her own worst enemy. Through the time we spend with her we are introduced …

Keri Blakinger (2022-10-07). Alabama lied: Prisoners face deadly retaliation for their strike. peoplesworld.org Last Friday, five days after Alabama prisoners launched a statewide labor strike, Republican Gov. Kay Ivey assured reporters that the head of the state's beleaguered corrections department had things "well under control." But images and interviews from inside the state's prisons show a system in disarray, with deteriorating conditions, pervasive violence, multiple deaths and little …

Mark Gruenberg (2022-10-07). With union backing, women to march on October 8 for reproductive rights. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—With endorsements from the AFL-CIO, the Teachers (AFT) and the Service Employees, hundreds of thousands of women and their allies will march in cities nationwide on October 8 for restoration of reproductive rights. The Women's March, which organized the demonstrations, has gathered dozens of allied groups, including the two unions and the labor federation, though …

Associated Press (2022-10-07). Mexico pledges to bring second lawsuit against gun dealers. peoplesworld.org MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Mexican government plans to bring another lawsuit against U.S. companies it claims are responsible for the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico, Foreign Affairs Secretary Marcelo Ebrard said Wednesday. Ebrard suggested the new lawsuit could target gun shops or dealers in U.S. border states like Arizona who sell guns to …

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-10-07). Costa Rica corta fondos de Cultura mientras negocia con el FMI. telesurtv.net El Frente Amplio denuncia un recorye de los fondos para la Cultura, el Gobierno accede a un nuevo préstamo con el FMI.

Staff (2022-10-07). Con Filo: Guerrilleros vs terroristas (+ Video). cubadebate.cu No es lo mismo ser guerrillero que terrorista, aunque hoy más de un medio y más de un "experto" quieran convencerlo a uno de lo contrario. Y, en fechas tan señaladas como en las que estamos, nunca está de más hablar de esas tremendas diferencias. El tema se analizó este jueves en Con Filo.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-07). Entregan títulos a resguardos indígenas en Colombia. telesurtv.net El Gobierno colombiano formaliza la constitución o ampliación de 10 resguardos de pueblos originarios.

Staff (2022-10-07). Recuperación en Mayabeque tras el paso del huracán Ian: La prioridad ahora es trabajar en la restauración del fondo habitacional. cubadebate.cu La gobernadora de la provincia de Mayabeque, Tamara Valido Benítez, explicó este jueves en el programa Mesa Redonda que el paso del huracán Ian por ese territorio del occidente del país provocó pérdidas en la agricultura y afectó servicios básicos para la población, que paulatinamente se han restablecido.

TeleSUR, gao, SH (2022-10-07). Declaran estado de emergencia por conspiración en Bolivia. telesurtv.net El MAS asegura que está en marcha un plan para matar al expresidente Evo Morales y derrocar al Gobierno de Luis Arce.

TeleSUR, ysm, MER (2022-10-07). OMS laza campaña para la prevención de suicidios en àÅfrica. telesurtv.net La campaña busca aumentar la conciencia pública y movilizar el apoyo para incrementar el enfoque y la financiación de los programas de salud mental.

Fight Back (2022-10-07). Cuban diplomats visit Minnesota. fightbacknews.org St. Paul – MN – The Twin Cities had the honor of hosting two diplomats from the Cuban Embassy to the United States. Second Ambassador of Cuba Alejandro García del Toro and Vice Consul of Cuba Tatiana Martinez were invited by musician Nachito Herrera and Aurora González to attend Herrera's concert on September 24. | During their four-day visit, they participated in a reception with Cuba solidarity groups, hosted by the Solidarity Committee on the Americas and the Minnesota Cuba Committee. They learned about the activities of the groups and shared information about today's Cuba. | They had meetings with city leader…

Struggle, La Lucha (2022-10-07). Boston March for MA Statewide Indigenous Peoples Day, Oct. 8. struggle-la-lucha.org

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