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2022-10-06: News Headlines

WSWS (2022-10-06). Poland discusses hosting American nuclear weapons as US buys up anti-radiation drugs. wsws.org Amid growing warnings that the war between Russia and NATO in Ukraine could turn nuclear, polish Prime Minister Andrzej Duda. Said Wednesday that he has spoken to the United States about stationing its nuclear weapons in the country.

Dave LIndorff (2022-10-06). Americans Need a Say in How Far the US is Going to Go in Backing Ukraine! thiscantbehappening.net Russian president Vladimir Putin is playing a dangerous game by making threats to use 'small' so-called theater nuclear weapons with explosive power this fraction of the power of the city-busting bombs the US used on Japan in August 1945. But so is the White House and the Pentagon playing a dangerous game in … |

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-06). Report: US Intelligence Believes Ukraine Was Behind Killing of Darya Dugina. news.antiwar.com The New York Times reported on Wednesday that US intelligence agencies believe parts of the Ukrainian government were behind the slaying of Darya Dugina, the daughter of the prominent Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin. Dugina, who was a political scientist and journalist, was killed by a car bomb outside of Moscow back in August while driving …

____ (2022-10-06). Gunman in Thailand kills 34 people at day-care center: report. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — A former policeman killed 34 people on Thursday in a mass shooting at a children's day-care center in Thailand, with media reporting the gunman later shot and killed himself.

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-06). US Stepping Up Effort to Turn Taiwan Into an Arms Depot. news.antiwar.com The US is stepping up its efforts to turn Taiwan into a major weapons depot, The New York Times reported on Wednesday. US officials have long called for turning Taiwan into a "porcupine" that could withstand a Chinese attack, but support for Taiwan has intensified in recent years as Washington has grown more confrontational toward …

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-06). Report: US Looking to Ease Sanctions on Venezuela to Allow Chevron to Pump Oil. news.antiwar.com The Biden administration is preparing to ease sanctions on Venezuela to allow Chevron to pump oil in the country under a potential deal with the Venezuelan government, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday, citing people familiar with the matter. The Trump administration began imposing crippling economic sanctions on Venezuela in 2017. In 2019, the US …

____ (2022-10-06). China urges U.S. to end police violence against Black Americans during UN session. ecns.cn A senior Chinese diplomat on Monday urged the U.S. to take concrete action to address systemic racism, racial discrimination and police violence in the country.

Nabila Feroz (2022-10-06). Deep-Rooted Gender Inequities Make Women More Vulnerable During Climate Disasters. commondreams.org Women continue to pay the price even in disaster situations.

Editor (2022-10-06). Our Democracy Was Stolen A Long Time Ago w/ Chris Hedges and Jimmy Dore. scheerpost.com "American democracy has been steadily eroding since the Reagan administration, Hedges says, and if you think Donald Trump's arrival on the political scene is what killed democracy you have not been paying attention."

WSWS (2022-10-06). Reinforcements for the CIA Democrats in the 2022 elections: Part one. wsws.org Twelve Democrats from a military-intelligence background have entered the House of Representatives since 2018. Their ranks could nearly double this year.

WSWS (2022-10-06). New York Times acknowledges Ukraine behind assassination of Darya Dugina. wsws.org Can it be that the Times report indicates US concern over the political fallout from a more recent operation that is of far greater international consequence than the Moscow assassination? The unexplained bombing of the Nordstream pipeline comes to mind.

Gary Wilson (2022-10-06). An act of war: U.S. bombs pipelines. struggle-la-lucha.org

Alan Macleod (2022-10-06). The BBC-to-NATO Pipeline: How the British State Broadcaster Serves the Powerful. mintpressnews.com While the BBC still maintains a good reputation in the United Kingdom and abroad, it is all too close to key centers of British state power, including the military, government, and the Conservative Party.

Jonathan Cook (2022-10-06). Can Europe Afford to Turn a Blind Eye to Evidence of a US Role in Pipeline Blasts? mintpressnews.com If Washington was involved, it would mark a dangerous new stage not only in the Ukraine war but in Europe's acceptance of vassal status.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-06). Night Attacks In Ukraine: Strikes On Zaporozhie, Kharkov, Odessa. southfront.org Zaporozhie | At night, several precise strikes by the Russian military hit targets in different Ukrainian regions. In turn, Ukrainian forces shelled the regions that have recently entered the Russian Federation as well as the Russian border regions. | Russian Geranium-2 UAVs were active over the Ukrainian territories last night. Attacks of the suicide drones were reported in the Kharkov region. According to preliminary data, several UAVs struck a military facility in the Osnovyansky district of the city. Some reports cla…

Infobrics (2022-10-06). India, Russia Expand Cooperation in Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant. infobrics.org Atommash, AEM-Technologies, JSC Branch in Volgodonsk (part of the machine-building division of Rosatom – Atomenergomash) carried out the final heat treatment of the VVER-1000 Reactor Vessel for Kudankulam NPP Unit No.5…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-06). Poland Says It's Discussed Hosting Nuclear Weapons With the US. southfront.org

Cynthia Papermaster (2022-10-06). Friday 10/14: "Defuse Nuclear War!" Say "NO" to Nukes! indybay.org 12 Noon: Senator Feinstein's Office, One Post St., SF | 1 PM: Senator Padilla's Office, 333 Bush St., SF…

____ (2022-10-06). Iran's FM, EU's Borrell discuss bilateral ties, JCPOA. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell held a telephone conversation late on Wednesday to discuss bilateral ties, issues of mutual interests and Iran's nuclear deal, JCPOA.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-06). Rusia asumirá el control de central nuclear de Zaporiyia. telesurtv.net El Gabinete de Ministros tendrá hasta el primero de enero de 2028 para determinar los detalles del uso de los recursos financieros, y de otro tipo.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-06). Ukrainian Offensive In North-Eastern Ukraine On October 6, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org

Anonymous103 (2022-10-06). Military Situation In Ukraine On October 6, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org Russia struck the 35th Marine Brigade of the AFU near Davydiv Brid with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the 46th Airmobile Brigade of the AFU near Nikolayev with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the 60th Infantry Brigade of the AFU near Trifonovka with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the AFU position near Artyomovsk with high-precision missiles; | Russian-led forces recaptured the village of Debrova; | Clashes between the AFU and the Russian Army…

Moss Robeson (2022-10-06). 'Now, All of You Are Azov': 'openly neo-Nazi' Ukrainian delegation meets Congress, tours US. thegrayzone.com After meeting with at least 50 members of Congress, soldiers of the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment toured the US to auction off swastika-inspired patches and lobby for an end to restrictions on US arms and training. This article was originally published by Moss Robeson's Ukes, Kooks and Spooks blog and lightly edited by The Grayzone. Read part one of Robeson's series on Azov's US tour here. This September, a delegation of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi-led Azov movement arrived in the United States, …

Infobrics (2022-10-06). BRICS Countries Discussing Creation of Single Currency. infobrics.org Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) are discussing the possibility of creating a single Currency, Pavel Knyazev, ambassador at large of the Russian Foreign Ministry and sous-sherpa of Russia in BRICS, said…

____ (2022-10-06). Iran to become energy hub in region: Oil min. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iran's oil minister said on Thursday that oil and gas swap between Iran and Russia would turn Iran the hub of energy in the region.

____ (2022-10-06). Russia keen on investing in Iranian ports: Iran dep. min. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development for the Transportation Affairs said that Russian companies are vehemently interested in making investment in Iranian ports such as Chabahar.

____ (2022-10-06). Iran, Russia vow to strengthen econ. ties despite sanctions. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Senior officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russian Federation expressed their readiness to enhance bilateral cooperation in all fields especially in economic areas in spite of sanctions imposed against the country.

____ (2022-10-06). 2nd Caspian Economic Forum held in Moscow. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — The Second Caspian Economic Forum was held in Moscow, capital of Russia, on Thursday with the participation of Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber.

____ (2022-10-06). Iran's VP meets Russian President's Aide in Moscow for talks. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber in the first day of his visit to Moscow met and held talks with the Russian Presidential Aide Igor Levitin.

____ (2022-10-06). VP calls for implementing Iran-Russia bilateral agreements. en.mehrnews.com EHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iran's First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber on Wednesday called for intesifying efforts to implement cooperation agreements between Iran and Russia, saying that it will help safeguard the interests of both countries.

____ (2022-10-06). Macao SAR selects payload specialist to join national space program. ecns.cn China's Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) started to select candidates on Monday to be trained as a payload specialist to join, for the first time, the country's manned space program.

____ (2022-10-06). China uses large UAV for cloud seeding over Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. ecns.cn China's Wing Loong-2H large civil unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has recently conducted a cloud seeding operation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, according to the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC).

____ (2022-10-06). Ceremony paying tribute to legendary ancestor held on Double Ninth Festival. ecns.cn A grand ceremony paying tribute to Huangdi, or the Yellow Emperor, a legendary ancestor of the Chinese nation, was held at the Mausoleum of Huangdi in northwest China's Shaanxi Province on Tuesday.

____ (2022-10-06). China made solid progress on elderly care over past decade: NHC. ecns.cn

____ (2022-10-06). Culture fact: keywords in China's Double Ninth Festival. ecns.cn

____ (2022-10-06). Holiday spending reflects upturn in China's consumer market. ecns.cn During the National Day holiday in China, both online and offline shopping have gained momentum in the country, thanks to heightened consumer enthusiasm and the implementation of pro-consumption policies.

____ (2022-10-06). Nation leads globally in planted forest area. ecns.cn China ranks first globally in the land area of planted forests and forest coverage growth, contributing one-fourth of the world's new forest area in the past decade.

____ (2022-10-06). 2,000-year-old bronze coins unearthed in China's Xi'an. ecns.cn A new batch of relics, including thousands of bronze coins, have been unearthed from the remains of a mint dating back more than 2,000 years in Xi'an, the capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

____ (2022-10-06). RFB variable load power station in China's Dalian to start operation soon. ecns.cn The 100MW-class Redox flow batteries (RFB) variable load power station in Dalian, which has the largest power and capacity in the world, has recently come to the final stage of commissioning for synchronization and will be officially put into use in mid-October.

____ (2022-10-06). China re-elected as ITU council member. ecns.cn China was re-elected on Monday as a council member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations specialized agency.

____ (2022-10-06). Dictionary buzzwords illustrate China's transformation in past decade. ecns.cn

____ (2022-10-06). U.S. California invests in preserving Chinese American history. ecns.cn Officials in the U.S. state of California on Tuesday joined community members in San Francisco's Chinatown to announce plans to restore and preserve the artifacts and oral histories of Chinese Americans.

____ (2022-10-06). China expects 5.75 mln railway passenger trips Monday. ecns.cn China is expected to see 5.75 million railway passenger trips on Monday, the third day of the weeklong National Day holiday, according to the national railway operator.

____ (2022-10-06). Foreign officials, experts wish 20th CPC National Congress success during celebrations of China's National Day. ecns.cn Foreign officials and experts expressed their good wishes for the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and eyed further cooperation.

____ (2022-10-06). Xi encourages geological workers to play greater role in mineral exploration. ecns.cn Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged a team of geological workers in east China's Shandong Province to carry forward fine traditions and play a greater role in mineral resource exploration.

Vijay Prashad (2022-10-06). Haití: cuatro años seguidos de protestas ininterrumpidas. struggle-la-lucha.org

Ali Abunimah (2022-10-06). Will Pakistan surrender to pro-Israel pressure? electronicintifada.net Islamabad distances itself from normalization effort but doesn't denounce it.

WSWS (2022-10-06). Trump's death threat against McConnell and the silence of the Democratic Party. wsws.org Nearly a week after Trump issued an explicit death threat targeting Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell and his wife on social media, not a single leading member of either political party, including President Joe Biden, has denounced the ex-president's call to violence.

Staff (2022-10-06). Mundial de Judo: Cuba abre con derrota en los 60 kg. cubadebate.cu Este jueves comenzaron las acciones en el Campeonato Mundial de Judo y Cuba tuvo en competencia al jovencito Danny Porte, pero el antillano no protagonizó un buen comienzo y cedió en su primer pleito. Para este viernes 7 de octubre, Cuba tendrá en acción a Orlando Polando en los 66 kg y a Melissa Hurtado en los 52 kg.

TeleSUR, ysm, JGN (2022-10-06). Ândice de homicidios en EE.UU. aumenta 4.3 % durante 2021. telesurtv.net En 2021 se registraron en EE. UU. cerca de 22.900 asesinatos y homicidios, con una tasa de 6.9 por cada 100.000 personas.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-06). Fuerzas israelíes asesinan a joven palestino en Cisjordania. telesurtv.net El ministerio de Salud palestino señaló que el joven de 21 años, Alaa Nasser Zaghal, murió de una herida en la cabeza.

Staff (2022-10-06). Falleció reconocida baloncestista cubana Leydis Oquendo. cubadebate.cu El movimiento deportivo cubano lamenta este miércoles el fallecimiento de la baloncestista Leydis Oquendo. La atleta camagàºeyana deja de existir a los 40 años de edad, luego de una complicación postoperatoria en El Salvador, donde recientemente culminó como líder anotadora del torneo local. Oquendo fue miembro por más de 16 años de las preselecciones nacionales y participó en los campeonatos mundiales de Brasil 2006 y Turquía 2014.

Staff (2022-10-06). Cuba cae ante Canadá en Copa Panamericana, pero aún puede clasificar al Mundial Sub-21 de Voleibol. cubadebate.cu Cuba cayó frente a Canadá en cuatro sets en el partido más reñido hasta el momento en la V Copa Panamericana Masculina Sub-21 de Voleibol que acontece en el Coliseo de la Ciudad Deportiva, en La Habana. Sin embargo, todavía tiene opciones de conseguir la clasificación para el campeonato mundial de la categoría.

____ (2022-10-06). Elon Musk proposes to buy Twitter at original price. ecns.cn Tesla CEO Elon Musk has proposed to proceed with a deal to buy Twitter at the original price of 44 billion U.S. dollars, according to a financial filing on Tuesday.

WSWS (2022-10-06). Modi booster, Gautam Adani becomes world's second richest man amid social misery for Indian working class. wsws.org Pro-investor economic reforms‚ÄÜcarried out since 1991 by successive Indian governments, led by both the Congress Party and Modi's BJP, have dramatically deepened social inequality and concentrated wealth in the hands of rapacious billionaires like Adani.

Richard Heinberg (2022-10-06). United States: Is the energy transition taking off — or hitting a wall? greenleft.org.au The passage of the Inflation Reduction Act constitutes the boldest climate action so far by the US government, writes Richard Heinberg. However, this doesn't mean the US or the world is on track to a safe climate future.

WSWS (2022-10-06). Sri Lankan cabinet tables repressive "rehabilitation" bureau bill. wsws.org Wickremesinghe's new bill is to further strengthen repressive measures in preparation for the re-emergence of mass struggles in response to the next round of IMF austerity.

WSWS (2022-10-06). University of Melbourne student union refuses to affiliate IYSSE despite successful affiliation meeting. wsws.org The student union is riding roughshod over the democratic rights of students who want to fight for a socialist alternative to war, austerity and dictatorship.

____ (2022-10-06). Spartan Race held in New Jersey attracts lots of 'warriors'. ecns.cn The Spartan Race was held on weekends in Vernon Township, New Jersey, United States. Many participants from the American East came to challenge themselves. The Spartan Race originated in the United States, and 20 countries and regions have been authorized to hold this event.

Harriet Jones (2022-10-06). Affordable housing and police reform define D.C.'s at-large city council race. peoplesworld.org WASHINGTON—The race for two D.C. City Council at-large seats continues to heat up ahead of Election Day as aspirants vie to make an impression in a crowded seven-candidate race. The local Democratic Party already nominated incumbent Anita Bonds, propelling her towards a likely win of one seat. An entrenched figure in D.C.'s political establishment, Bonds' …

____ (2022-10-06). Iran two matches away from AFC Futsal Asian Cup title. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iran are two matches away from defending their AFC Futsal Asian Cup title, but have been warned to expect a fired up Thailand in the semifinals on Thursday.

Fight Back (2022-10-06). UCONN SDS fights to save cultural centers. fightbacknews.org Storrs, CT – Members of the University of Connecticut's Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) chapter are rallying to defend the campus' cultural centers after the new UCONN president's attack on the Diversity and Inclusion program. On September 28, members of the UCONN board of trustees voted to appoint Radenka Maric as the new president of the University of Connecticut. This decision, without consent from the student body, comes on the heels of Maric's recent campaign to restructure funding for the diversity and equity program that cuts the budgets of many cultural centers. | In the case of the Native America…

Infobrics (2022-10-06). India, Brazil Support Each Other's Candidacy at UNSC. infobrics.org As India has been at the forefront of the efforts at the UN to push for long-pending reforms of the Security Council and looking for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the Brazilian Ambassador to India Andre Aranha Correa do Lago highlighted the fact that both India and Brazil are discussing that and support each other's candidacy very strongly…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-06). Coalition of Caribbean Civil Society Organizations: A Call to Establish October 6th as the International Day Against Terrorism. libya360.wordpress.com Press Statement By Coalition of Caribbean Civil Society Organizations A Call To Designate October 6th as International Day Against Terrorism Background The people of the Caribbean have had a collective historical experience which, since the early 15th Century, has been defined and shaped largely by genocide, enslavement, forced labour and a daily existence characterised by…

Alejandra Garcia (2022-10-06). Cuba: Hope emerges with collective strength after Hurricane Ian. struggle-la-lucha.org

Staff (2022-10-06). Official rejects any links btw Nika's death and riots. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — The caretaker chairman of Tehran criminal court rejected any links between teenager Nika Shakarami's death with the recent riots in the country.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-06). Crisis In Syria's Al-Tanf Ends With U.S. Imposing Its Will On Its Proxies. southfront.org Muhammad Farid Qassem on the right side. Source: (@MaghaweirThowra) on Twitter. | The U.S.-led coalition has finally imposed its will on its proxies in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf by installing a new leader for Maghaweir al-Thowra (MaT) of its own choosing. | A crisis emerged in al-Tanf late in September when the U.S. coalition sacked Muhanad Tala, a former colonel of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), from his position as the leader of the MaT. The coalition replaced Tala with Muhammad F…

_____ (2022-10-06). How sincere is London in its desire to normalize relations with Beijing? journal-neo.org On September 29, in an interview with Channel News Asia, British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who was appointed by new Prime Minister Liz Truss, said with typical British duplicity that the kingdom allegedly wants to normalize relations with the PRC. J. Cleverly, however, stressed that Beijing should play a major role in this process, specifying …

Michael Lowy (2022-10-06). Brazil: End of the nightmare? greenleft.org.au It is vital that the social forces in Brazil combine to secure a victory for Luiz Inacio "Lula" Da Silva in the second round of elections on October 30, and to face the challenges ahead, writes Michael Lowy.

CIIS Public Programs (2022-10-06). Saturday 12/10: On Two Spirit Identity and Cultural Expression. indybay.org California Institute of Integral Studies | 1453 Mission St. | San Francisco, CA 94103…

WSWS (2022-10-06). IBEW acknowledges problems with ballots for rail contact but refuses to conduct re-vote. wsws.org According to multiple workers who belong to the IBEW and who personally spoke to IBEW Railroad Department head Al Russo via telephone in recent days, the IBEW has acknowledged that a significant number of ballots were not properly sent to workers.

Join In (2022-10-06). Saturday 10/8: SF: Legal Abortion Nationwide Now! Rally and March. indybay.org Start at Union Square in SF to rally. Followed by a march.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-06). U.S.-led Coalition Conducts First Known Raid In Government-Held Village In Northeastern Syria. southfront.org LUNGI, Sierra Leone — An HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter prepares to land after training here. The helicopter is assigned to the 56th Rescue Squadron and is deployed with the 398th Air Expeditionary Group in Senegal. (U. S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Justin D. Pyle) | On October 6, the U.S.-led coalition conducted an unprecedented raid in a village held by Syrian government forces in the country's northeastern region. | U.S. special operations forces landed early in the morning from se…

Reproductive Justice Crier (2022-10-06). Remembering Rosie Jiménez-Victim of the Hyde Amendment. indybay.org People across the U.S. came into the streets to protest the Hyde Amendment that removed federal funds from abortion services. They remembered the first known death due to that law, that of Rosie Jiménez. In San Francisco, poetry and song punctuated a program of moving speeches in the Mission District.

For Workers Power In Iran (2022-10-06). Mass Iran Solidarity Protest At SF Union Square. indybay.org Thousands of Iranian Americans rallied in San Francisco's Union Square to protest the regime.

Oakland Privacy (2022-10-06). Alameda County Sheriff Drones Flew Over the Solano Stroll. indybay.org In September, the next door cities of Berkeley and Albany hold a street fair called the Solano Stroll, along the avenue that crosses both cities. The event attracts thousands of people.

____ (2022-10-06). Sweden's Svante Paabo wins 2022 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. ecns.cn Swedish geneticist Svante Paabo won 2022 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discoveries "concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution," the Nobel committee announced here on Monday.

Labor Video Project (2022-10-06). Free Assange, Mumia and Palestine-Rally in Berkeley. indybay.org

____ (2022-10-06). World not forgotten scandal of mass grave detected in Canada. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that the world has not yet forgotten the scandal of the discovery of mass graves of hundreds of innocent children in the yard of Canadian residential schools about a year ago.

WSWS (2022-10-06). Biden appears with DeSantis in Fort Myers as death toll from Hurricane Ian continues to rise. wsws.org President Joe Biden and Governor Ron DeSantis appeared in Fort Myers on Wednesday to deflect public anger away from their role in facilitating the death toll from the storm.

Terra Nova Women's Advocacy Club (2022-10-06). Saturday 10/8: Pacifica: Women's Wave 2022 – March for Reproductive Justice. indybay.org Meet in front of the Taco Bell | 5200 California Hwy. 1 | Pacifica, CA, 94044…

Leon Kunstenaar (2022-10-06). Mission Rally to Remember Rosie Jimenez. indybay.org She died from a back alley abortion…

WSWS (2022-10-06). Australia: Optus data breach highlights widespread security vulnerabilities. wsws.org The massive breach points to the danger of placing sensitive data in the hands of vast corporations, whose only concern is profit.

Strike! (2022-10-06). Santa Cruz City Workers to Begin Strike. indybay.org Santa Cruz City workers will strike starting tomorrow to stop the City's unfair labor practices, win equity for essential workers, and fund the front line to protect community services. Add your name in solidarity: bit.ly/protectsantacruzcityworkers | Show up on the strike line starting Monday, Oct. 3, at 7 AM, Santa Cruz City Hall, 809 Center St. Santa Cruz.

Jake Johnson (2022-10-06). After OPEC Move, Sanders Says US Must 'Eliminate Military Assistance to Saudi Arabia'. commondreams.org Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Saudi-led OPEC of a "blatant attempt to increase gas prices at the pump."

____ (2022-10-06). 3 scientists share 2022 Nobel Prize for quantum physics. ecns.cn Alain Aspect from France, John F. Clauser from the United States and Anton Zeilinger from Austria won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for their work on quantum information science, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced Tuesday.

____ (2022-10-06). Europeans should not fall victim to US policies. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs and the top negotiator in the Vienna talks said that Europeans should not forget about their interests under the pressure from the United States.

Alex Bainbridge (2022-10-06). Weapons of death expo disrupted. greenleft.org.au Hundreds participated in a multi-faceted protest outside the Land Forces weapons expo over October 4—6. Alex Bainbridge reports.

Anna Langford (2022-10-06). Record emissions cut sets Victoria up for bold 2035 climate target. greenleft.org.au A more climate-friendly federal government does not give Victoria an excuse to become complacent, argues Anna Langford.

WSWS (2022-10-06). Pipefitter says BP used unskilled contractors on unit before fatal explosion at Toledo, Ohio refinery. wsws.org A pipefitter who worked at the BP Huskey refinery spoke about unsafe practices by management that could have contributed to the September 20 fire that killed Max and Ben Morrissey.

Appreciating Diversity Film Series (2022-10-06). Friday 12/30: Diversity Film Series: Education/Sports for Girls. indybay.org Ellen Driscoll Playhouse | 325 Highland Avenue near the corner of Oakland avenue | Piedmont, CA 94611…

____ (2022-10-06). Factors affecting carbon, nitrogen cycling on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau discovered. ecns.cn Chinese researchers have figured out the main factors affecting carbon and nitrogen cycling on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, according to a research article published recently in the journal Nature Reviews Earth and Environment.

Contributing Writers (2022-10-06). Dr. Charles Hoffe: "92% of all Covid deaths were in the vaccinated, so this is a pandemic of the vaccinated" marktaliano.net Dr. Charles Hoffe ~"92% of all Covid deaths were in the vaccinated, so this is a pandemic of the vaccinated" Watch and share. #VaccineSideEffects #pandemic pic.twitter.com/4pY7WNgYQQ — Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson (@LauraLynnTT) September 14, 2022…

____ (2022-10-06). Chinese scientists accurately map pea genomes. ecns.cn Chinese scientists have accurately mapped the reference genome and pan-genome of peas, providing a reference for its evolution and cultivation, according to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-06). Iran calls for formation of Caspian Sea free economic zone. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — The Iranian First Vice-President called for formation a joint free economic zone among the Caspian Sea littoral states on Thursday.

CURYJ (2022-10-06). Thursday 10/6: Hundreds to Participate in Dream Beyond Bars and Borders Street Action to Demand End to Vi. indybay.org Oscar Grant Plaza (also called Frank H. Ogawa Plaza), Oakland…

Rosalind English (2022-10-06). "Government control over the flow of information: Lord Sumption speaks out against the Online Safety Bill in latest episode of Law Pod UK. ukhumanrightsblog.com With the conclusion of the inquest into the death of the teenager Molly Russell, attention has turned again to the Online Safety Bill, currently making its way through the House of Commons. The bill's concept of "legal but harm" is controversial, and has attracted criticism from high places, not least of all former Supreme Court …

Human Agenda (2022-10-06). Saturday 10/8: Break the Mold: Free Education for All / Free Health Care for All ! indybay.org Technology Center, Room T-415 | San José City College | 2201 Moorpark Avenue | San José, CA 95128…

Local volunteers (2022-10-06). Saturday 10/8: Santa Rosa: Women's Wave Rally for Abortion Rights. indybay.org Old Courthouse Square | Fourth Street and Santa Rosa Avenue | Santa Rosa, CA, 95401…

South Bay Indigenous Solidarity (2022-10-06). Thursday 10/6: South Bay Indigenous Solidarity general meeting. indybay.org Via Zoom. Register at: us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0pcuCuqz4iH9YWQ1VB0khUvgEr_zxugXaz

Anjoulie Woodhead (2022-10-06). IMF Provides Emergency Food Crisis Loans. indybay.org The IMF launches the Food Shock Window to aid countries facing food shortages by expanding access to rapid, low-interest loans.

____ (2022-10-06). Hurricane Ian kills at least 80 in U.S. ecns.cn At least 80 people were killed in the U.S. states of Florida and North Caroline by Hurricane Ian which made landfall in southwestern Florida as Category 4 last week.

Andrew Wright (2022-10-06). Fighting anti-communism and anti-Blackness: An interview with Dr. Charisse Burden-Stelly. peoplesworld.org Among the disheartening happenings in Detroit this year have been the dedication of ARPA emergency funding to increased police surveillance throughout the city and being deemed a federal "hot spot" for crime. It's been feeling like the Motor City would be rounding out another disappointing year masked only by the North American Auto Show—and the …

David Giesen (2022-10-06). Wednesday 10/12: Solon's Salon . . . the ides on the prize. indybay.org Notable House | 189 Ellsworth St. | San Francisco…

Chloe DS (2022-10-06). Socialist Alliance's 'deep reach' shown at election campaign launch. greenleft.org.au Socialist Alliance's "deep reach" in the north west of Melbourne was reflected at the launch of its election campaign. Chloe DS reports.

____ (2022-10-06). Iran, Iraq-Syria joint railway discussed by ministers. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — A shared railway among Iran and Iraq -Syria were discussed in the meeting between Iranian and Syrian road minister on Thursday.

Labor Video Project (2022-10-06). SF Sheriff Blockades Laguna Honda To Stop Press Conference On Hospital Closures. indybay.org San Francisco Sheriff's department were directed by Mayor London Breed's DPH to blockade Laguna Honda hospital to prevent a press conference on the grounds.

SACTO (2022-10-06). Saturday 10/8: Sacramento: Women's Wave Rally at California Capitol – Our Choice. Period. indybay.org CA State Capitol – West Steps | 1315 10th Street | Sacramento, CA, 95814…

____ (2022-10-06). Skirmishes break out between Syrian army, US troops in NE. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Mass media on Thursday reported the clash broke out between Syrian army and the American forces in the southern suburbs of the Kurdish city of Qamishli, located in the northeast of Syria.

____ (2022-10-06). Three people stabbed in central London: report. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Three people were stabbed in an incident in central London in what is believed to have been a suspected robbery.

Ramon du Houx (2022-10-06). Everyone Under the Sun Rally & Festival in Sacramento October 11. indybay.org power is at risk in CA because special interests don't want clean, affordable electric energy for communities and have been trying to tax it at the Capitol the rally lets them know people need to be treated equitably and don't want the tax.

Adios ahern (2022-10-06). No Confidence in Sheriff Ahern — 15 Orgs Sign Letter to Alameda County BOS & AG Bonta. indybay.org Fifteen organizations signed the attached letter asking to Alameda County Board of Supervisors to vote "No Confidence" in Sheriff Ahern and ask him to step down, appointing Sheriff-elect Sanchez to fill in until her term begins. They also ask California Attorney General Bonta to oversee the review of the 47 deputies with problematic psychiatric testing.

WSWS (2022-10-06). UAW presidential candidate Will Lehman: Form rank-and-file election committees to build workers' power! wsws.org The UAW apparatus has done everything it can to prevent workers from knowing about the election or understanding the positions of the candidates.

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-10-06). Discover Gold, Reclaiming Our Past: California Pioneers of African Descent (1840-1875). indybay.org Negro Hill, Mormon Island and Negro Bar, early 1848 Gold Mining towns continue to anchor the Historic Gold Mining District where the "African Founding Father of California" helped facilitate our California Underground Railroad Network to Freedom.

Chris Slee (2022-10-06). Plasterboard workers stand strong at Knauf picket. greenleft.org.au CFMEU members employed by giant plasterboard manufacturer Knauf have been picketing the company's Port Melbourne factory in support of their claim for a pay rise and permanent contacts. Chris Slee reports.

____ (2022-10-06). Three scientists share 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. ecns.cn Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Morten Meldal and K. Barry Sharpless won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry "for the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry," the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced in Stockholm on Wednesday.

____ (2022-10-06). Ecological environment improved at Baiyangdian Lake in Xiong'an New Area. ecns.cn

South Bay Progressive Alliance (2022-10-06). Saturday 10/15: Elections Forum. indybay.org Roosevelt Community Center | 901 East Santa Clara Street | San Jose, CA 95116 | (Access Parking lot from North 21st Street)…

WSWS (2022-10-06). Trump seeks Supreme Court intervention in Mar-a-Lago state secrets dispute. wsws.org Trump petitioned the US Supreme Court Wednesday to intervene in the special master's review of documents seized by the FBI at his Mar-a-Lago resort on August 8.

____ (2022-10-06). Caspian Economic Forum an opportunity to implement agreements. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 06 (MNA) — Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for the Economic Diplomacy said that Caspian Economic Forum is an opportunity for the implementation of agreements inked between leaders of the Caspian Sea littoral states.

Louis Henri Seukwa & Claudia Jansson (2022-10-06). We need an Enlightenment 2.0: On Misguided Colonial and Gender Policy. indybay.org Colonial knowledge was imposed by force. The West has set our planet on fire. To extinguish it, we need all archives of knowledge with their different references to the world. We cannot do it any other way. Therefore, it is urgent to initiate a paradigmatic change in education, not only in Germany, to correct this deplorable state of affairs.

Staff (2022-10-06). Mensaje de educadores, periodistas, escritores, artistas y científicos cubanos a sus colegas de otros países. cubadebate.cu Somos parte de los millones de cubanas y cubanos formados por la Revolución y defensores de sus valores. Como la inmensa mayoría de nuestra población, nos consagramos a recuperar el país del terrible impacto del huracán. Sufrimos el malestar de la ciudadanía a causa de los apagones y carencias. Nos identificamos con el esfuerzo y la abnegación de las autoridades cubanas.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-06). Cocaleros peruanos protestan por erradicación de sus cultivos. telesurtv.net El Ministerio del Interior no ha cumplido con la promesa de suspender la erradicación de los cultivos de coca, denuncian.

TeleSUR, JDO (2022-10-06). Simone Tebet anuncia su apoyo a Lula para balotaje en Brasil. telesurtv.net Destaca el compromiso del candidato del PT con la democracia y la Constitución, cuestión que no reconoce en el presidente Jair Bolsonaro.

TeleSUR, gao, DRL (2022-10-06). Venezuela y Colombia fortalecen relaciones comerciales. telesurtv.net La vicepresidenta Delcy Rodríguez revisó la agenda bilateral con autoridades colombianas.

Staff (2022-10-06). Respuesta a "Comenzando octubre con razonamiento matemático y un desmenuce de refrán" cubadebate.cu Para sorpresa de muchos, les digo que ambos problemas matemáticos corresponden a grados de la enseñanza primaria. Buenas respuestas con excelentes demostraciones. El refrán propició un enriquecedor desmenuce. Vamos por parte.

TeleSUR, gao, JGN (2022-10-06). Ataque contra guardería deja al menos 36 muertos en Tailandia. telesurtv.net El asesino irrumpió en la guardería con un arma de fuego y un cuchillo por razones aún desconocidas.

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-10-06). Argentina acredita fábrica estatal de cannabis medicinal. telesurtv.net La empresa Cannava aspira a pasar al radar internacional de la producción de cannabis medicinal con fines farmacéuticos.

Staff (2022-10-06). Otorgan Premio Nobel de Literatura 2022 a la escritora francesa Annie Ernaux. cubadebate.cu El Premio Nobel de Literatura 2022 fue otorgado a la autora francesa Annie Ernaux. La escritora fue reconocida por la Academia Sueca por "el coraje y la agudeza clínica con la que descubre las raíces, los extrañamientos y las restricciones colectivas de la memoria personal". Sus libros se consideran clásicos contemporáneos en Francia.

Staff (2022-10-06). El tiempo: Algunas lluvias en occidente y oriente. cubadebate.cu Desde el final de la mañana estará parcialmente nublado en gran parte del territorio nacional, nublándose en la tarde en el interior y sur de occidente y oriente con algunos chubascos, lluvias y aisladas tormentas eléctricas. En el resto del país las lluvias serán aisladas.

TeleSUR, mcs, JCM (2022-10-06). Atentado en mezquita afgana deja al menos cuatro muertos. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con el Gobierno talibán, se están realizando investigaciones sobre la explosión y el resultado se publicará en los medios locales.

Staff (2022-10-06). Ministerio de Economía y Planificación aprueba nuevos actores económicos (+ PDF). cubadebate.cu El Ministerio de Economía y Planificación aprobó este jueves 102 solicitudes de creación de micro, pequeñas y medianas empresas privadas. Con esta decisión, suman 5 360 los actores económicos aprobados desde que inició el proceso en septiembre de 2021. Se estima que estos actores económicos generen 91 622 nuevos puestos de trabajo.

TeleSUR, mcs, JCM (2022-10-06). Avanzan investigaciones judiciales en el caso de Cristina Fernández. telesurtv.net Las prohibiciones de salida del país están relacionadas con las investigaciones al grupo cercano a Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo, detenido en el marco del análisis del intento de magnicidio a la senadora Cristina Fernández.

Staff (2022-10-06). Díaz-Canel: "Todos tenemos la responsabilidad de superar los daños" cubadebate.cu Un huracán en pocas horas nos destruye a mayor velocidad que a la que podemos recuperarnos, esa es una primera lógica que hay que tener; pero eso no nos puede derrotar, lo que hay es que unir esfuerzos, unir talentos, unir brazos, unir disposición. […] Creo que esa es la concepción con la que tenemos que trabajar, la que tenemos que compartir, lo que tenemos que transmitir, lo que tenemos que comunicar, lo que le tenemos que explicar a todo el pueblo.

Staff (2022-10-06). Archivo CD: La culpabilidad de la CIA en el crimen del avión cubano en Barbados. cubadebate.cu Este 6 de octubre se conmemora el aniversario 46 del horrendo Crimen de Barbados. Cubadebate comparte de sus archivos este trabajo, titulado "La culpabilidad de la CIA en el crimen del avión cubano en Barbados".

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-06). Asesinan a alcalde y a 17 personas más en Guerrero, México. telesurtv.net La gobernadora del estado de Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado Pineda, dijo que ordenó a la Fiscalía General estatal agilizar las investigaciones y esclarecer los hechos.

Staff (2022-10-06). Qué trae la prensa cubana, jueves 6 de octubre de 2022. cubadebate.cu

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-06). OPEP+ anuncia recorte de producción para impulsar los precios. telesurtv.net Entre el conjunto de decisiones tomadas también suscribe la extensión de la declaración de cooperación hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2023.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-06). Jornada de violencia en cárcel de Ecuador deja 16 muertos. telesurtv.net Durante los años 2021 y 2022, se han producido unas 8 masacres carcelarias y 379 muertos en recintos ecuatorianos.

TeleSUR, gao, JGN (2022-10-06). Corea del Norte lanza dos misiles al mar de Japón. telesurtv.net Norcorea ha realizado seis lanzamientos de misiles en los últimos 10 días, ante presencia de Estados Unidos en la región.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-06). Nuevas protestas exigen renuncia del premier haitiano. telesurtv.net Los enfrentamientos entre los manifestantes y la Policía estuvo mediada por la utilización de gases lacrimógenos.


TeleSUR, gao, JGN (2022-10-06). Lula da Silva encabeza sondeo para segunda vuelta electoral en Brasil. telesurtv.net El candidato presidencial del Partido de los Trabajadores (PT) muestra el 51 por ciento de la intención de voto, mientras que Bolsonaro acumula el 43 por ciento.

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-10-06). Festival de Poesía de Venezuela reunirá a 35 poetas internacionales. telesurtv.net La 16º edición del festival se celebrará del 13 al 20 de octubre. Estará dedicada a la poetisa trujillana Ana María Oviedo.

Staff (2022-10-06). Cuba en recuperación de los daños de Ian (IV), hoy en la Mesa Redonda. mesaredonda.cubadebate.cu La Gobernadora de Mayabeque y la Presidenta de Etecsa comparecerán este jueves en la Mesa Redonda para informar sobre las labores de recuperación que se acometen para enfrentar los graves daños que dejó el huracán Ian a su paso por Cuba.

TeleSUR, lvm, JGN (2022-10-06). Accidente de tránsito deja 17 personas fallecidas en Guatemala. telesurtv.net Los socorristas señalaron que entre los fallecidos había dos menores y una adolescente.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-06). Sismo de magnitud 6,1 sacude región de Piura en el norte de Perú. telesurtv.net Autoridades peruanas reportaron preliminarmente un fallecido y dos heridos como consecuencia del sismo.

TeleSUR, mcs, JCM (2022-10-06). Gobierno de Dinamarca convoca elecciones anticipadas. telesurtv.net Las elecciones generales de Dinamarca habrían tenido que celebrarse en junio del próximo 2023.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-06). México presentará segunda demanda en EE.UU. por tráfico de armas. telesurtv.net Se apelará la decisión de un juez federal de EE.UU. que desechó la primera demanda de México, por la que se pretendía responsabilizar a los fabricantes de armas de alto calibre.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-06). Reportan siete muertos por enfrentamiento de maras en Guatemala. telesurtv.net La Policía Nacional Civil confirmó que el incidente fue en el hotel Casandra, ubicado en las playas de El Semillero.

TeleSUR- hvh (2022-10-06). Convocan a cadena humana por libertad de Assange en Reino Unido. telesurtv.net La convocatoria en el perfil de WikiLeaks en Twitter llama a unirse a miles de personas en el Palacio de Westminster.

Staff (2022-10-06). Unión Eléctrica pronostica una afectación de 1 157 MW en el pico nocturno. cubadebate.cu Con este pronóstico, se estima para la hora pico una disponibilidad de 1 913 MW y una demanda máxima de 3 000 MW, para un déficit de 1 087 MW, por lo que de mantenerse las condiciones previstas se pronostica una afectación de 1 157 MW en este horario, de ellos 110 MW por los daños ocasionados por el huracán Ian.

Staff (2022-10-06). Impactos del huracán Ian en Artemisa: "Fue un golpe fuerte, pero nos vamos a recuperar" cubadebate.cu La provincia de Artemisa, sobre todo sus municipios del oeste (Bahía Honda, San Cristóbal y Candelaria), fue fuertemente afectada por Ian. Se observa bastante destrucción en la infraestructura de la vivienda y un duro impacto en la agricultura. "Fue un golpe fuerte, pero nos vamos a recuperar", aseguró en la Mesa Redonda el gobernador de ese territorio.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-06). Estudiantes argentinos exigen calidad en alimentos escolares. telesurtv.net Es la continuación de la protesta que desde la semana pasada se expresó en la ocupación y toma de escuelas y liceos.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-06). Premio Nobel de Química a estudios sobre construcción molecular. telesurtv.net El estadounidense Karl Barry Sharpless se hizo acreedor del premio Nobel de Química, por segunda ocasión en su vida, ahora sobre sus trabajos sobre cómo construir moléculas.

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-10-06). Alumno dispara a tres compañeros en escuela de Ceará, Brasil. telesurtv.net Tras ser detenido, el sospechoso argumentó que se sentía víctima de acoso escolar y por esa razón cometió el acto violento.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-06). Expresidente Cardoso declara su apoyo a Lula para el balotaje. telesurtv.net Otro destacado miembro del PSDB, el economista brasileño José Serra, crítico opositor al expresidente y líder del Partido de los Trabajadores (PT), anunció su apoyo a Lula.

TeleSUR, gao, JGN (2022-10-06). Detienen a militar boliviano por la masacre de Senkata en 2019. telesurtv.net Al teniente coronel Santiesteban Stroebel se le acusa por presuntos delitos de genocidio, homicidio, lesiones graves y leves.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-06). Panamá vacunará contra Covid-19 a niños de 6 meses a 4 años. telesurtv.net Desde el 21 de enero de 2021 y hasta el 3 de octubre de 2022, se aplicaron 471.038 dosis pediátricas contra el virus del Sars-Cov-2.

Staff (2022-10-06). øCuáles son las afectaciones en la agricultura tras el impacto del huracán Ian y las medidas de recuperación? cubadebate.cu El huracán Ian causó numerosos daños en los cultivos varios, el tabaco y el sistema de la agricultura urbana, a su paso por el occidente del país. El evento hidrometeorológico dejó 21 259 hectáreas afectadas, fundamentalmente en Pinar del Río, Artemisa, Mayabeque y en menor medida La Habana.

TeleSUR, lvm, MER (2022-10-06). Protestan por mejoras salariales para docentes en Hungría. telesurtv.net En la jornada de movilización participaron estudiantes, familiares, maestros y profesores para sumarse a la demanda de mejoras para el sector.

Karl Kramer (2022-10-06). Saturday 10/22: El Salvador event. indybay.org At Accion Latina, 2958 24th Street (btw Harrison and Alabama Streets), San Francisco…

WorkWeek (2022-10-06). WorkWeek On LA SEIU 399 Organzing Struggles, Democracy & Business Unionism. indybay.org The struggle in Los Angeles SEIU 399 was central to the Justice For Janitors campaign. The workers however who led this struggle faced a struggle to continue the fight for the membership when they won control of the Local through the Multi-Racial Alliance. Prior to the AFL-CIO convention in LA they had a sit-in at their offices. The International sent in SEIU president's aid Bill Fletcher to end the sit-in. He promised that they would get control of the local but as soon as the sit-in ended they sold the building and merged the local into SEIU 1877.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-06). Ascienden a 29 los fallecimientos por ébola en Uganda. telesurtv.net "Sesenta y tres casos confirmados y probables se han reportado", confirmó la OMS.

WSWS (2022-10-06). Los Angeles unions preparing new betrayals of education workers. wsws.org The Los Angeles Educators Rank-and-File Committee urges teachers to organize a mass assembly of educators and support workers to discuss and elaborate demands that make up for years of cuts in real wages.

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-10-06). Reportan 75 fallecidos por inundaciones en Yobe, Nigeria. telesurtv.net Los vendavales que se han desatado en los últimos seis meses han obligado a desplazarse a 6.592 personas.

_____ (2022-10-05). Wall Street Is Behind The Jackson, Mississippi, Water Crisis. popularresistance.org Jackson, Mississippi – In August, clean water stopped flowing from residents' taps in Jackson, Mississippi. The crisis lasted more than six weeks, leaving 150,000 people without a consistent source of safe water. The catastrophe can be traced back to a decision by a credit ratings agency four years ago that massively inflated the city's borrowing costs for infrastructure improvements, most notably for its water and sewer system. | In 2018, ratings analysts at Moody's Investor Service — a credit rating agency with a legacy of misconduct — downgraded Jackson's bond rating to a junk status, citing in par…

_____ (2022-10-05). Stop Using Human Tragedies To Instigate 'Velvet Revolution' In Iran! popularresistance.org The United States Peace Council is deeply concerned about current events in Iran and the international reaction to them. | As an initial matter, the USPC unequivocally condemns the events which led to the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the "Morality Police" for failing to wear a hijab. The USPC supports the right of women in Iran and around the world to make decisions about their own bodies and lives, including decisions about what they wear. No state organization has the right to interfere in such decisions, and no woman should be arrested, interrogated or otherwise abused because of the manner in which…

_____ (2022-10-05). Support Philadelphia Museum Of Art strike. popularresistance.org Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Since Sept. 26, almost 200 workers have been on strike — not reporting for work in person or virtually — at one of the oldest and largest art museums in the U.S. with over 240,000 works of art from around the world. | Members of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Union, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 397, affiliated with AFSCME District Council 47, voted for union representation in a landslide, 89% "yes" vote in August 2020. Since then, the PMA Board of Trustees and executive management have refused to come to an agreement with the PMA Union…

_____ (2022-10-05). 'The Greatest Evil Is War' Excerpt Details The Horrors Of Post-War Life. popularresistance.org I flew to Kansas City to see Tomas Young. Tomas was paralyzed in Iraq in 2004. He was receiving hospice care at his home. I knew him by reputation and the movie documentary Body of War. He was one of the first veterans to publicly oppose the war in Iraq. He fought as long and as hard as he could against the war that crippled him, until his physical deterioration caught up with him. | "I had been toying with the idea of suicide for a long time because I had become helpless," he told me in his small house on the Kansas City outskirts where he intended to die. "I couldn't dress myself. People have to help me with th…

_____ (2022-10-05). The DNC Secretly Changed Its Rules To Help The Elite Establishment. popularresistance.org It's not a presidential election year — which explains my lack of gastrointestinal issues — so when better for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to quietly, behind closed doors, change their rules to make it even harder for regular people to have any impact on our completely unhinged government? | That's exactly what they did! But in their defense, they did send out invitations to all DNC voting members with one of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's inner thigh scabs in each envelope. | The DNC is best known for being the most hated organization in the United States for 26 years running! You'll never ca…

_____ (2022-10-05). We Need A Labor Movement That's A Lot More Militant. popularresistance.org Class struggle unionism is based on a very simple idea, which is that workers create all wealth. Through the employment process this wealth gets separated from the workers and flows to a handful of people in society. That is why and how we get billionaires. | This view of employment is very different from business unionism, which was the main competing form of unionism to class struggle unionism. Business unionism sees itself as having a very narrow role of negotiating the sale of labor. The view can be summed up with the slogan "a fair days wage for a fair days work." Business unionists see themselves as narrowl…

_____ (2022-10-05). 'Our Health And Safety Is Not A Priority Here'. popularresistance.org Nearly 240 factory workers at the world's biggest independent bottler, Refresco, in Wharton, New Jersey, have been fighting for years to improve working conditions and win recognition of their union after voting twice to unionize their workplace. | Now, after winning their second election, Refresco workers are finally starting negotiations with the company. Refresco filed numerous appeals and stalled the bargaining process for as long as possible by claiming the election had been improperly run. The National Labor Relations Board did, in fact, overturn workers' first union victory in June 2021. The reason? An age…

_____ (2022-10-05). Thousands Protest Climate And Cost of Living Crises In The UK. popularresistance.org Thousands of people across the UK took to the streets Saturday and Sunday to protest the climate and cost-of-living crises, which demonstrators linked to the country's dependence on fossil fuels. | Saturday's protests were joined by thousands of people in major cities from London to Glasgow to Belfast, as the Press Association reported. On Sunday, 250 demonstrators from the group Just Stop Oil marched through London and blocked its Waterloo Bridge for the second day in a row, the group said. | "I'm doing this for my son," one demonstrator said as she was arrested Sunday. "The government's inaction on climate chan…

_____ (2022-10-05). Land Change, Failures Of Omission, And The Renaturing Of Climate. popularresistance.org Land change is a scientific term you're not likely to hear in mainstream climate conversation, which is a shame, because what it refers to, the climatic effects of human damage to living landscapes, is a big part of the climate crisis. I talk in greater detail about land change and how it got left out of the climate narrative in an earlier Resilience piece, called Putting the Land Back in Climate. Here, I want to consider the effects of this omission, not only in the practical terms of climate policy, but in terms less definitive. What does it mean to our treatment of the land that it's gotten left out of our pic…

_____ (2022-10-05). Anti-War Activists Protest Harvard Kennedy School Professor With Ties To Defense Contractor. popularresistance.org Over a dozen anti-war activists staged a protest against Harvard Kennedy School professor Meghan L. O'Sullivan Tuesday morning, disrupting a class she was teaching to first-year master's of public policy students. | The protesters denounced O'Sullivan's affiliation with Raytheon Technologies, a weapons manufacturing firm, and her role in the Bush administration during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. O'Sullivan served as deputy national security advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan in the Bush administration prior to joining the Harvard Kennedy School. She currently sits on Raytheon's board of directors. | The prote…

_____ (2022-10-05). I Saw What Turning Masafer Yatta Into An Israeli Military 'Firing Zone' Means. popularresistance.org Since a ruling of the Israeli Supreme Court on May 4, the Israeli military has been actively training in Masafer Yatta, in the middle of eight villages and hamlets where more than 1,100 Palestinians are living. More than half of the residents are children. | Masafer Yatta covers more than 210 square miles, an area about the size of the Gaza Strip. It is located 16 miles south of Hebron down to the 1949 Armistice Line and consists of a collection of 33 villages and hamlets that go back to 6,500 years, with around 3,000 Palestinians living there as shepherds and farmers. | The region has been under the risk of forc…

_____ (2022-10-05). John Kiriakou: A Depressing Journey. popularresistance.org I had occasion to visit London and Jerusalem to meet with members of the (establishment) media, of the two respective parliaments and people from think tanks and universities. | I took this trip to talk with interested parties about a human rights case. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of a group called the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), is being held in solitary confinement in a prison in Nigeria. His crime? He gave an interview to the BBC in which he said that Nigeria's 70 million Biafrans want a referendum on independence. | Nnamdi is a British citizen; his wife and child live in Manchester, England. He renounced…

Pepe Escobar (2022-10-05). Pipeline Terror Is the 9/11 of the Raging Twenties. globalresearch.ca

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). American Pravda: Of Pipelines and Plagues. libya360.wordpress.com Ron Unz Europe is facing its worst energy crisis in generations, with numerous factories shutting down and severe hardship expected during the approaching winter. Heavily-industrialized Germany has been especially hard hit, with more than half of all small- and mid-sized businesses fearful that they might be forced to close, an economic catastrophe of Great Depression proportions. The only…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-05). Gazprom Says Undamaged Nord Stream 2 Line Could Ship Gas to Europe. news.antiwar.com Russia's Gazprom said Monday that it could potentially ship gas to Europe via an undamaged line on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which has never made deliveries after Berlin paused the project around the time Russia invaded Ukraine. Both Nord Stream pipelines came under attack last week, and explosions caused major leaks that Gazprom said …

Julia Conley (2022-10-05). Permian Basin Leaking 14 Times More Methane Than EPA Estimates: Study. commondreams.org "Applying this estimate to all gas gathering pipelines nationwide for illustrative purposes would increase the EPA inventory estimate for the entire natural gas system by 27%," noted co-authors of a new study.

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-05). Russia's Parliament Fully Ratifies Unification Treaties. orinocotribune.com The Federation Council has approved agreements with four former Ukrainian regions on accepting them as new Russian territories | The Federation Council, the upper house of the Russian parliament, has ratified unification treaties with Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics and Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions. | The treaties were signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the heads of the four former Ukrainian regions on Friday last week. They were certified as lawful by the Constitutional Court over the weekend and ratified by the State Duma, the lower house of the Parliament, on Monday. | The latest step in t…

Staff (2022-10-05). EU agrees on new sanctions package against Russia. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — EU countries on Wednesday reached an agreement on an eighth sanctions package against Russia in response to its recent partial military mobilization and annexation of Ukrainian regions.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). Zaporozhie NPP Pass Into Russia's Ownership. southfront.org The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant officially became the property of Russia after the territories of the Zaporozhie region that are under control of the Russian military entered into the Russian Federation. It was already reported that Rosatom will manage the largest NPP in Europe. | On October 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to take into federal ownership the facilities of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant located near the city of Energodar. The Gov…

Staff (2022-10-05). Vladímir Putin ordenó el traspaso a Rusia del control de la planta nuclear de Zaporozhie. cubadebate.cu El presidente ruso, Vladímir Putin, ordenó transferir a Rusia la dirección de la central nuclear de Zaporozhie, decreto que se publicó en el portal oficial de información legal. El Gabinete ruso tendrá hasta el 1 de enero de 2028 para planear el uso de recursos financieros y de otro tipo necesarios para garantizar la seguridad de la central nuclear.

Infobrics (2022-10-05). American missile policy endangers international security. infobrics.org The US activity in deploying global missile defense systems all over the world, in combination with high accuracy non-nuclear weapons capable of solving strategic tasks remains a negative factor fraught with significant risks for strategic stability.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-10-05). "Preemptive Nuclear War": The Historic Battle for Peace and Democracy. A Third World War Threatens the Future of Humanity. globalresearch.ca US nuclear doctrine consists in portraying nuclear weapons as a means of "self defense" rather than a "weapon of mass destruction". There are powerful financial interests behind Joe Biden's $1.3 trillion nuclear weapons program initiated under Obama.

WSWS (2022-10-05). A History of US threats to use nuclear weapons. wsws.org The US and other imperialist powers have not only considered on several critical occasions using nuclear weapons to reverse military defeats. They have directly threatened to drop atom bombs in order to extract concessions from their enemies.‚Ä®‚Ä®…

Global Research (2022-10-05). Invitación a conferencia del Prof. Michel Chossudovsky øTercera guerra mundial? El peligro de una conflagración nuclear. globalizacion.ca Conferencia | Miércoles 5 de octubre, 2022, 13 pm hora de Ciudad de México | El Club de Periodistas de México A.C. | invita usted a unirse a la Conferencia magistral que será dictada por el…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-05). Putin Signs Law Formalizing the Annexation of Four Ukrainian Territories. news.antiwar.com Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed a law formalizing the absorption of four Ukrainian territories into the Russian Federation after the annexation was approved by both houses of Russia's parliament. The move means that the Russian-controlled areas in the Ukrainian oblasts of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia and the breakaway Donbas republics of Donetsk and Luhansk …

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). In Video: Ukrainian Military Column Under Fire In Kherson Region. southfront.org

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). South Korea, US fire missiles in response to North Korea test. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — The South Korean and United States (US) militaries fired a volley of missiles into the sea in response to North Korea firing a ballistic missile over Japan, Seoul said Wednesday (Oct 5).

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). In Video: Rescue Operation On Ukrainian Battlefield. southfront.org

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). The Limits of Ukraine's Offensive and the High Price to be Paid When it Ends. libya360.wordpress.com Update on Russian operations in Ukraine for October 5, 2022 — Latest US aid package falls far short of replacing steep Ukrainian losses amid continued offensives; — Ukraine's offensive has limited capabilities, will not achieve "victory" over Russian forces in territory deemed "Ukrainian" by Kiev; — Ukrainian offensive is an "all-or-nothing" proposition, hoping to achieve…

Anonymous765 (2022-10-05). Threat For Russian Military On Ukrainian Front Lines. southfront.org |

Kahlil Wall-Johnson (2022-10-05). Will the Spaniards Smell the Coffee? orinocotribune.com By Kahlil Wall-Johnson Oct 1, 2022 | The Ukraine drama has proven to be more than enough to quell any potential discontent over the reckless diplomacy and pathetic subservience to US interests being displayed throughout the Iberian Peninsula. | Putin recently

Infobrics (2022-10-05). Moldovan President Sandu cares little for her country's sovereignty. infobrics.org Moldova is ready to hand over its only port to Ukraine, mulls growing military budget to join NATO despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe.

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). In Video: Ukrainian Servicemen Reveal Crimes Of Their Command. southfront.org

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). Blood On The Streets In Donetsk (Photos). southfront.org The shelling of the city of Donetsk and other settlements by the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues daily, and civilians are killed daily. | On October 5, among the targets for the Kiev forces there were the Kiev, Kirov and Kuibyshev districts of the city of Donetsk. They came under massive artillery fire. More than 25 strikes with NATO 155 mm shells were recorded. Civilian infrastructure facilities of the capital were shelled, including the local school No. 65, City Hospital No. 25, Abakumov…

Contributing Writers (2022-10-05). Russia, Ukraine and the "New" New World Order (Canadian Patriot Interview with Vanessa Beeley). marktaliano.net READ MORE: |


Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). Ukraine's Revenge on the West. libya360.wordpress.com MK Bhadrakumar As the balance of power shifts again in Ukraine, its reverberations will impact the very unity of the EU project Vector politics in Ukraine has added new dimensions to the 222 day-old conflict. Typically, any conflict behavior should end when a new balance of powers has been determined. But the 'balancing of powers' will...

Dr. Vladislav B. Sotirović (2022-10-05). Ukraine and the Balkans. US-NATO Flagrant Violations of Human Rights. globalresearch.ca

Medea Benjamin, Nicolas J.S. Davies (2022-10-05). 'End War in Ukraine' Say 66 Nations At UN General Assembly. towardfreedom.org Calls to end the war in Ukraine "reverberated through the hall" at the United Nations General Assembly, as the president of the session said in his closing statement. Sixty-six countries, representing most of the world's population, pleaded for a negotiated peace in Ukraine, write Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies.

SP Editor (2022-10-05). US Ignores Growing Calls for Diplomacy and Sends More Weapons to Ukraine. scheerpost.com "Are there still negotiation possibilities?" asked Noam Chomsky. "There's only one way to find out. That's to try. If you refuse to try, of course, there's no option, no possibilities."

WSWS (2022-10-05). US sends hundreds of armored vehicles to Ukraine as offensive continues. wsws.org As the Ukrainian military continued its rapid advances along multiple fronts, the White House announced another massive arms shipment for the war against Russia, sending over 200 armored vehicles in its latest arms shipment.

Infobrics (2022-10-05). Russia's PSCB Opens Rupee Account With Yes Bank to Start Rupee-Rouble Trade. infobrics.org The Russian bank has opened a rupee account with nearly three dozen Russian companies settling payments for trades with New Delhi...

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-05). EU Agrees on Sanctions to Impose Price Cap for Russian Oil. news.antiwar.com EU ambassadors agreed on Wednesday on a new round of sanctions on Russia that includes a price cap on Russian oil. The officials agreed on a draft text for the sanctions that is expected to be released on Thursday, according to Politico. Some countries had concerns that the attempted price cap could impact their shipping ...

Deccan Chronicle (2022-10-05). US Rolls Out Red Carpet for Pakistan Army Chief as India Wavers on Anti-Russia Stand. globalresearch.ca

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). Military Situation In Syria On October 5, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org On October 4, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 2 times: 1 in Latakia province, 1 in Idlib province; | On October 4, SAA artillery shelled positions of Turkish-backed forces in the Sheikh Sindian village; | On October 4, artillery of Turkish-backed forces shelled SDF positions in the Tal Abu Rasin area; | On October 4, an SAA serviceman was killed by unknown gunmen in the Saida area; | On October 5, ISIS clai...

Infobrics (2022-10-05). Visa-Free Entry for Indian Tourists to Russia on the Cards. infobrics.org Russia might possibly introduce a visa-free regime for Indian tourist groups...

Fra Hughes (2022-10-05). Violence in Iran; Is It Internal or External in Its Inception? orinocotribune.com By Fra Hughes Sep 30, 2022 | Be careful what you call for at a time when the imperialists want war with China, Russia, and Iran. | The tragic death of a young woman in an Iranian police station who was seen collapsing on CCTV is a devastating blow to her family and friends. | We all mourn the loss of an innocent young woman while we await the official outcome concerning the cause of her death. | While local police are still investigating the cause of death, the Western mainstream media claim she was beaten to death. | The reaction here in Ireland and the UK has been almost instantaneous and universal. | Ral...

Infobrics (2022-10-05). Russia, China Sign Contracts on Mutual Deployment of Navigation Stations. infobrics.org Russia and China have signed contracts for the deployment of Russia's GLONASS stations in China and China's Beidou system stations in Russia...

Fra Hughes (2022-10-05). Violence in Iran: Is It Internal or External in Its Inception? orinocotribune.com By Fra Hughes Sep 30, 2022 | Be careful what you call for at a time when the imperialists want war with China, Russia, and Iran. | The tragic death of a young woman in an Iranian police station who was seen collapsing on CCTV is a devastating blow to her family and friends. | We all mourn the loss of an innocent young woman while we await the official outcome concerning the cause of her death. | While local police are still investigating the cause of death, the Western mainstream media claim she was beaten to death. | The reaction here in Ireland and the UK has been almost instantaneous and universal. | Ral...

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). Former CIA Director Petraeus Threatens Russia. southfront.org Click to see full-size imageThe very idea such a high-ranking (former) official thinks Russia would stand idle while NATO targets its forces is quite terrifying for the rest of the world. | Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst | On October 2,

Anonymous669 (2022-10-05). Russian Airstrikes Hit Key Stronghold Of Terrorists In Syria's Greater Idlib. southfront.org 2712070 10/04/2015 Russian servicemen attach a Kh-25 high-precision missile to a Su-24 aircraft at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. Dmitriy Vinogradov/RIA Novosti | On October 4, a new wave of Russian airstrikes hit a stronghold of terrorist groups in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib. | The airstrikes targeted the town of Kobane and a number of nearby hilltops in the northern countryside of Lattakia. No casualties were reported as a result of the airstrikes. | Kabani is a stronghold of...

Editor (2022-10-05). VIDEO: The Late Stephen F. Cohen Provides Clarity on NATO Expansion and Russia, More Than 10 Years Ago. scheerpost.com

WSWS (2022-10-05). Kenyan President Ruto auditions for US and British imperialism. wsws.org Even as its economic ties with China grow, the Kenyan regime is signing up to the US-NATO war targeting Russia and China.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). Ulyanov says Iran talks could resume in November. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Russian representative in Vienna-based international organizations says that the Vienna talks on the removal anti-Iran sanctions might resume next month.

Editor (2022-10-05). VIDEO: Stephen F. Cohen Provides Clarity on NATO Expansion and Russia, More Than 10 Years Ago. scheerpost.com

Anonymous669 (2022-10-05). Russian A-26 Avoided Collision With Two U.S. Combat Drones Over Syria. southfront.org Antonov An-26. Flickr, by Marko Stojkovic. | A Russian An-26 military transport plane had to dodge two United States combat drones over northern Syria while performing a resupply mission, Deputy Head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria Major General Oleg Yegorov revealed on October 4. | The commander told reporters that the U.S.-led coalition keep sending full-armed combat drones to conduct unauthorized flights in the Syrian airspace."At 07: 25 Mosco...

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-05). Taiwan Says China Wants to 'Normalize' Increased Military Activity. news.antiwar.com Taiwan's Defense Ministry said Tuesday that China is "In the future, the activities of Chinese Communist military aircraft and ships entering our air defense identification zone, crossing the median line, and approaching maritime areas close to the island will gradually becom...

____ (2022-10-05). Behind C919: China's path to first self-developed large passenger aircraft. ecns.cn The C919 project has involved over 300,000 people from over 1,000 enterprises from over 20 provinces and cities of China, Wu Guanghui, the chief designer of the C919 and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told CMG.

____ (2022-10-05). (W. E. Talk) Why is Xinjiang's Prosperity and Development the most Powerful Counterattack to the U.S. Political Conspiracy of "Containing China through Disrupting Xinjiang". ecns.cn The truth is always a "shredder" for lies. In fact, Xinjiang has always adhered to the people-centered development ideology and has been promoting the people-benefiting projects on employment, healthcare and education, so that the fruits of the development can better benefit its people.

____ (2022-10-05). China to recruit new reserve astronauts for future space missions. ecns.cn China will recruit 12 to 14 new reserve astronauts for future spaceflight missions, announced the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) Sunday.

____ (2022-10-05). Production, new orders increase in September. ecns.cn China's factory activity returned to expansionary territory in September as production and new orders increased, reflecting that the nation's economic recovery is gaining momentum amid a better COVID-19 situation domestically and intensified macroeconomic policy support, officials and experts said.

Vijay Prashad, Manolo De Los Santos (2022-10-05). How Cuba is dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Ian. struggle-la-lucha.org

Miko Peled (2022-10-05). Roger Waters' Success Shows You Can Be a Star and Pro-Palestine At the Same Time. mintpressnews.com Roger Waters' message is an answer to all those who tell young people that they must be silent; that speaking for justice, particularly regarding Palestine, may obstruct their careers or ruin their lives.

Jessica Buxbaum (2022-10-05). Israel Using Palestinians as Lab Rats with AI-powered Gun at Checkpoint. mintpressnews.com The Israeli military installed an automatic weapon at a heavily-trafficked checkpoint in the occupied West Bank city of al-Khalil in September. While it was

Mitchell Plitnick (2022-10-05). The Draconian Silencing of Those Who Call Out 'Israeli Apartheid'. commondreams.org The growing awareness of Israeli apartheid is leading Israel and its supporters to double down on draconian tactics to silence the truth.

Maureen Clare Murphy (2022-10-05). Palestinians killed in escalation of West Bank violence. electronicintifada.net Settlers block traffic and throw stones at vehicles outside major cities.

Nora Barrows-Friedman (2022-10-05). Canadian corporation abets Israel's war crimes with public funds. electronicintifada.net Coalition demands Quebec pension severs ties with company that trains Israeli police.

Staff (2022-10-05). NATO melds Georgian-Iraqi military cohesion. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Georgian Ministry of DefenseOctober 4, 2022 A delegation of the Iraqi Armed Forces is visiting the Defense Forces of Georgia A delegation of the Iraqi Armed Forces is on a visit to Georgia. The purpose of the visit is to share experience on issues of development of the Georgian Sergeant Corps for Iraqi high-ranking officers ...

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). Iran FM warns EU of reciprocal move if it continues meddeling. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — In a phone call with his Italian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahina warned "If the European Union wants to take a hasty and ill-considered action hypocritically, it has to wait for Iran's effective reciprocal action."

Brett Wilkins (2022-10-05). 'Not a Blacklist' But a 'Whitewash': EU Slammed for Letting Tax Havens Off the Hook. commondreams.org "How can anyone give this list any credibility?" asked Oxfam's tax expert after the European Union removed infamous safe harbor Bermuda from a roster that also exempts E.U. members.

Frank Cappello (2022-10-05). üéß LEVER TIME: Billionaires Are Preparing For The Apocalypse — And You're Not Invited. levernews.com

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). Why Western Countries Are Interested in Maintaining Energy Poverty in Africa. libya360.wordpress.com Ekaterina Blinova Sudanese-British billionaire Mo Ibrahim criticized the West on Monday for obstructing African nations' effort to develop their own hydrocarbon reserves and constantly ignoring the energy poverty problems of the Global South. What's behind the Global North's political short-sightedness and who benefits from the controversy? Even though Africa boasts roughly 12% and 9% of...

Dana Sanchez (2022-10-05). ATL Fed President Raphael Bostic: Expect Job Losses From Rate Hikes, There Is Chance Economy Won't Be Killed. moguldom.com Raphael Bostic, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, said he is optimistic that Fed policies can slow inflation, that strong employment means job losses could be "smaller than what we've seen in other situations," and that the economy can absorb interest rate hikes. The U.S. central bank raised the federal funds rate ...

WSWS (2022-10-05). In Germany, more and more depend on food banks. wsws.org As a result of war, inflation and the energy price explosion, the number of people seeking help has doubled in two years from 1.1 million to more than 2 million.

C.J. Atkins (2022-10-05). The Fed's intentional recession: Higher interest rates mean fewer jobs, smaller paychecks. peoplesworld.org Whenever the Federal Reserve announces interest rate hikes, a lot of working people wonder what it means for them. If you're buying a home or have an adjustable rate mortgage already, then you can expect the interest offer you get from the bank to be higher. Perhaps the loan you want to take out for ...

_____ (2022-10-05). Yemen's devastating seven-year war continues unabated. journal-neo.org The ongoing seven-year war in Yemen remains an important element of the wider Middle East conflict. Following the end of a Yemeni truce on October 2, Mohammed Abdessalam of the Ansar Allah group ruling in the North, who is head of the Houthis delegation in talks with the government, said the parties to the conflict ...

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-10-05). Climate Instability Worldwide: Does the US Military "Own the Weather"? "Weaponizing the Weather" as an Instrument of Modern Warfare? globalresearch.ca Weather-modification, according to the US Air Force document AF 2025 Final Report, "offers the war fighter a wide range of possible options to defeat or coerce an adversary", capabilities, it says, extend to the triggering of floods, hurricanes, droughts and earthquakes...

WSWS (2022-10-05). US attorneys reveal coordination between Stewart Rhodes and Roger Stone following Trump's defeat. wsws.org US prosecutors presented text messages Rhodes sent on November 7, 2020 to the "Friends of Stone" chat group, which included Proud Boys leader Henry "Enrique" Tarrio, and "Stop the Steal" lead organizer Ali Alexander.

WSWS (2022-10-05). Florida Governor DeSantis defends government inaction as Hurricane Ian death toll surpasses 100. wsws.org Much as in previous responses by the political establishment to storms and the ongoing pandemic, the policy of the government towards Hurricane Ian was one of malign neglect centered around protecting profits rather than lives.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). Sanctioning the Horn of Africa. libya360.wordpress.com Ann Garrison Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia have suffered from a variety of U.S. interventions over many years. Proxy wars and unilateral coercive measures, sanctions, are the tools used to prevent these nations from finding a means of peacfully coexisting. During Donald Trump's four years in office, he for the most part left the Horn of...

Anonymous669 (2022-10-05). In Video: Syrian Army's 4th Division, Republican Guards Conduct Large-Scale Drills. southfront.org Click to see full-size image. | On October 4, the Syrian Ministry of Defense announced that different formations of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) conducted large-scale drills over the span of several days. | The drills, which mimicked a large offensive, began with a series of strikes with artillery, ballistic missiles and warplanes. Under the cover of the strikes, armored formations advanced across the frontline, while several commando units landed from helicopters behind enemy defenses...

WSWS (2022-10-05). Amazon suspends as many as 80 workers who refused to work after a fire in Staten Island warehouse. wsws.org Management took the vindictive action after around 100 workers at the facility staged a protest in a management office and demanded to be sent home with pay because of unsafe conditions.

Matt Kennard (2022-10-05). Rafael Correa: They Have Already Destroyed Assange (Interview). orinocotribune.com Declassified UK's Matt Kennard interviewed the former president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, who granted Julian Assange asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Correa discussed about dealing with the British, how the US seeks to control his country, and the lawfare campaign against him. | On a cloudy Saturday morning in the middle of June 2012, Australian journalist Julian Assange walked into the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge, London. | He was a hunted man. Over the past two years, he'd been revealing the secrets, in alliance with the world's largest newspapers, of the US's so-called War on Terror, an ext...

WSWS (2022-10-05). Will Lehman joins Stellantis workers in denouncing job cut threats at Warren Truck plant. wsws.org Stellantis' Chief Manufacturing Officer Arnaud Debouef threatened the jobs of 5,200 workers during a visit to the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in suburban Detroit Tuesday.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). Neo-Nazis in the Dominican Republic Work with the Government to Prevent Solidarity with Haitian People. libya360.wordpress.com Socialist Movement of the Workers of the Dominican Republic Police in the Dominican Republic (Photo: Felix Leon) Any act of solidarity with the Haitian people in the Dominican Republic is blocked by the national police force and Neo-Nazi groups. The deployment of dozens of Members of the National Police, in coordination with a smaller group of neo-Nazi militants, occupied...

Editor (2022-10-05). Zelensky Signs Decree Ruling Out Peace Talks With Putin as 'Impossible'. scheerpost.com

Editor (2022-10-05). Zelensky Signs Decree Ruling Out Peace Talks With Putin. scheerpost.com

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2022-10-05). Peace, Freedom and Justice Continue to be Desired Goals of All Human Beings. globalresearch.ca

Sajjad Shaukat (2022-10-05). Sikh Movement for the Liberation of Indian Punjab Accelerates. globalresearch.ca

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). COP27 and the Imperatives for a Renewed African Security Framework. libya360.wordpress.com Abayomi Azikiwe United Nations Climate Conference will be hosted by Egypt amid growing uncertainties on the continent related to military interventions and the continuing economic dependency on the West Note: These remarks were prepared and delivered in part for a webinar sponsored by the Canadian section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom...

Victoria Torres (2022-10-05). Looking Back on 10 Years Since the Largest March in the History of Venezuela. orinocotribune.com This Tuesday, October 4, marks the 10th anniversary of the largest march in Venezuela's history. With seven avenues completely filled, the people came out in the rain to close the presidential campaign of Commander Hugo Chávez. | A decade of that oath to never return to what was, of admiring how a man gave up his life for his family and for the revolution. | In commemoration, social media networks flooded with memories of that rainy and historic October 4th day on Bolívar Avenue. | It is a day to remember the struggles, which hang over the collective imagination of all Chavistas who took to those streets in the m...

Peter Certo (2022-10-05). In OtherWords: October 5, 2022. otherwords.org In Jackson, Mississippi, some 150,000 people recently lost their access to clean water as filthy, foul-smelling sludge dripped from their taps. The shortage went on for two weeks, but it's part of a much longer-running crisis in the city — and far beyond it. | This week in OtherWords,

Jon Lamson (2022-10-05). In Massachusetts, An Undercover Climate Foe. levernews.com

Stephen Karganovic (2022-10-05). Bosnia Herzegovina: In the Republic of Srpska, So Far Another Orange Revolution Falls Flat. globalresearch.ca

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-10-05). In Response to Antonio Guterres, Haitian Organizations Point to Responsibility of UN for the Gangsterization of Haiti. orinocotribune.com By AlterPresse Sep 28, 2022 | The United Nations is complicit in what is referred to as the "gangsterization" of Haiti. The existence of criminal gangs is the result of UN Core Group interference, yet these criminal gangs are now being used as the pretext for additional intervention. | Open letter to the secretary general of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, dated 22 September 2022, by a set of political and social organizations. Submitted to AlterPresse. | Mr. Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), | Dear Secretary General, | The struggling Haitian people were greatly surprised and stunned...

Dean Baker (2022-10-05). NYT Headlines Piece on National Debt Crossing $31.1 Trillion for the First Time! cepr.net It might have been helpful if we had some context ... instead of just trying to scare readers with the really big numbers.

Dean Baker (2022-10-05). Preview: Jobs, Wages, and Hours — The Big Three Items in September. cepr.net In a best-case scenario, we will see a picture of a labor market that looks like 2019, with the economy near full employment, but wages increasing at a more moderate pace.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-05). South Africa: The Electricity Crisis Demands a Solution that Benefits the Majority. libya360.wordpress.com Vashna Jagarnath Load shedding, implemented when the state-owned electricity company Eskom is unable to provide power to the whole country and the electricity grid needs to be kept stable, seems to have reached a new nadir in recent days with most areas going without power for up to 12 hours a day. South Africa will...

Jim Hightower (2022-10-05). The Collapse of Local Newspapers Helps Hacks Spread Lies. otherwords.org

Frank Cappello (2022-10-05). üéß LEVER TIME PREMIUM. levernews.com All of The Lever's supporting subscribers get access to Lever Time Premium, an exclusive version of our podcast that includes extended interviews and bonus content. Recent Premium segments include: | * The Mental Gymnastics of Larry Summers | * Pod Is Not Saving America | * Chuck The King...

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-10-05). Former Head Of Mississippi Welfare Agency Enters Deal With Feds: Brett Favre Could Be Picked Off Over Missing Millions. moguldom.com John Davis, the former head of Mississippi's welfare agency, has pleaded guilty to charges he faced surrounding a massive welfare fraud case that also implicates retired quarterback Brett Favre. Davis made a plea agreement to cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which could help officially incriminate the NFL hall-of-famer. Davis served as the director ...

Dana Sanchez (2022-10-05). Virginia NAACP Leader Murdered By Group With Automatic Weapons In Turks And Caicos. moguldom.com Kent Carter, vice president of the Arlington, Virginia NAACP branch, was fatally shot while celebrating his 40th birthday in Turks and Caicos Sunday after gunmen "indiscriminately" opened fire on a vehicle in which he was taking a tour, local authorities said. Carter was returning from an excursion in Long Bay when several men with automatic ...

Maureen Bowling (2022-10-05). Revive the Child Tax Credit. Our Children Deserve Nothing Less. otherwords.org I like to think I'm an American success story. | I was born into homelessness, grew up in the foster care system, and suffered unthinkable domestic abuse as an adult. Now I'm on track to graduate with a Master's degree in social work next spring. | But don't mistake my story for the "pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" trope that conservative lawmakers like to call the American Dream. That idea is mythical, and my own success story proves it. | I'm one hero of my story, certainly. My children, friends, and community members are, too. | But so are the well-funded foster care services I received growing up in...

Fight Back (2022-10-05). Milwaukee demands the city fund the people, not the cops. fightbacknews.org Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, October 3, more than 30 people rallied and marched into the Common Council Chambers of City Hall to voice their disapproval of Mayor Cavalier Johnson's budget proposal and demand a budget that reflects the needs of the people of Milwaukee. | This event served as the kick-off for a new campaign demanding a People's Budget in Milwaukee. The demands for the new budget include: No layoffs for general city employees; implement the raises that were promised by the city (2% for general city employees and a 1% alternative to hazard pay already approved under ARPA); and reinvest 50% of the Milw...

Mitchell Zimmerman (2022-10-05). Democrats and Republicans Agree on One Thing: Democracy Is In Crisis. otherwords.org Seven out of ten Republicans — like seven of ten Democrats — believe that American democracy is Both sides correctly fear the end of our democracy. But they see the danger very differently. | As Democrats see it, GOP candidates are mouthing Donald Trump's "big lie" that the 2020 election was stolen and supporting the January 6 rioters at the Capitol as "patriots." Democrats see Republican legislatures attacking the right to vote based on phony claims of election fraud — and they see GOP plans to steal election...

KATIE (2022-10-05). PHROC Open Letter to Siemens Regarding EuroAsia Interconnector. bdsmovement.net

Marion Aguas, GABRIELA New York (2022-10-05). Filipino community & allies demand all charges dropped for #MakibekiNYC3. struggle-la-lucha.org

Kwjorinoco (2022-10-05). First Day of School for More than 8 Million Venezuelan Students. orinocotribune.com

Anonymous103 (2022-10-05). Betting On The Wrong Horse: The Battle To Define Moderate Islam. southfront.org Written by Proponents of a moderate Islam that embraces tolerance, diversity, and pluralism may be betting on the wrong horse by supporting Muslim scholars on autocrats' payroll. | Polling in the Middle East seems to confirm that state-sponsored clerics lack credibility. | Recent research suggesting that non-violent protest...

Dr. Rudolf Hà§nsel (2022-10-05). Frieden, Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit sind weiterhin erstrebenswerte Ziele aller Menschen. globalresearch.ca

Alastair Crooke (2022-10-05). Will Biden Know When to Stop? globalresearch.ca

Fvorinoco (2022-10-05). An Impossible Pairing? The Dilemma of the Mexican Left Over the Militarization of Public Security Force. orinocotribune.com By Javier Buenrostro Sep 29, 2022 | There is currently a debate in Mexico about whether the National Guard should be directed under a structure that depends on the civil command of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC)—as currently is the case—or should go to the Ministry of Defense National (SEDENA) and subsume a military structure from head to toe. | The controversy is complex because there are various arguments, some real and others merely rhetorical, that make it difficult to capture a black or white scenario. For a country that has been carrying an average of 30,000 peop...

Staff (2022-10-05). Colombia's Government and ELN Sign Agreement in Caracas to Resume Peace Talks. orinocotribune.com This Tuesday, October 4, in Caracas, Venezuela, the government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN) signed an agreement to resume the peace process. Antonio García, first commander of the ELN, explained at a press conference held at the Aquiles Nazoa Cultural House, in Caracas, that this process has been going on for 10 years and, given the new political reality in Colombia, the negotiations should be relaunched. The agreement indicates that the dialogue process will be formally resumed in the first week of November. | The current talks began from the points of agreement dating back to March 30, 201...

Avi Shlaim (2022-10-05). Liz Truss Moving UK Embassy to Jerusalem Would be Disastrous. globalresearch.ca

KATIE (2022-10-05). Call to Boycott Chevron & Siemens. bdsmovement.net

Staff (2022-10-05). President Maduro Receives José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero at Miraflores Palace. orinocotribune.com

Dana Sanchez (2022-10-05). Morgan Stanley: Housing Affordability Is Deteriorating Fastest In Our History Of Tracking Data. moguldom.com Homes prices are still rising for now, but they are expected to turn negative in the first half of 2023, according to Morgan Stanley analysts. Owning a home is becoming unaffordable for many would-be buyers at the fastest pace in the history of data tracking, while sales are falling faster than they did during the ...

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-10-05). NAASD Hosts Inaugural Reparations Summit In Atlanta, Trains And Recognizes Advocates Committed To Cause. moguldom.com The National Assembly of American Slavery Descendants (NAASD) recently hosted its inaugural Reparations Summit and attendees left giving glowing reviews. Held Sept. 30 thru Oct. 1 at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Georgia, the conference included a variety of trainings, sessions, speakers, breakfast and lunch events, and a museum tour. ...

_____ (2022-10-05). On the major players' activities on the sidelines of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly. journal-neo.org Perhaps more than ever, the 77th regular session of the UN General Assembly is being actively used by major world players in events missing from the agenda of this esteemed organization. It is by no means an exception in this regard, as the same is observed during scheduled meetings of other international configurations, forums and ...

WSWS (2022-10-05). "At what point are we safe to drink it, if ever?": Residents of Jackson, Mississippi, speak about ongoing water crisis. wsws.org The state capital did not have running water for a week last month, rendering the city of more than 160,000 people without the ability to properly hydrate, bathe, or flush toilets.

Peter Koenig (2022-10-05). Property "Personal": "Freedom and personal property Lost in the last 2 1/2 Years" globalresearch.ca

Staff (2022-10-05). VIDEO: Liz Truss speech disrupted by protesters. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Activists interrupt PM's conference address in which she says her plans are disruptive but beneficial for UK.

Labor Video Project (2022-10-05). Union Busting Kaiser Takes Hardline On NUHW Workers While Gov Newsom Is MIA. indybay.org Striking NUHW healthcare workers after 7 weeks on strike face a union busting attack by Kaiser executives and refusal of Governor Gavin Newsom and State Attorney General to enforce the law.

WSWS (2022-10-05). Elvis: A film biography of the legendary musical artist. wsws.org Baz Luhrmann's film neither fixates solely on the personal demons of its subject nor does it ignore them.

WSWS (2022-10-05). The global strike wave and the crisis of revolutionary leadership. wsws.org Across the world, a surge of working-class opposition to inequality and capitalist exploitation is developing in the form of strikes and protests on every continent.

Editor (2022-10-05). Patrick Lawrence: The Strong, and the Merely Powerful. scheerpost.com In the world order now emerging, it is genuinely strong nations that will prevail over those reliant on power alone, and force will have little to do with it.

Staff (2022-10-05). Safeguarding Iran's border symbol of national security. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Protecting the borders of the Islamic Republic has always symbolized national security and Iran's police have been playing a key role to this end.

John Bachtell (2022-10-05). New book, 'Power Concedes Nothing,' collects insights from on-the-ground electoral organizers. peoplesworld.org The future of U.S. democracy rests on a knife's edge. The November elections offer an opportunity to deal a blow to the GOP fascist movement, but the outcome depends on the ability and capacity of the broad pro-democracy coalition to turn out every voter possible. Like many of you, I'm deeply involved in this titanic ...

Editor (2022-10-05). The Military Industrial Complex Wants You To Be More Media (I)literate. scheerpost.com

Staff (2022-10-05). Taliban says put out huge fire at major Kabul market. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — The Taliban defense ministry has announced that the massive fire that occurred in the Abbasin Zadran market in the Kote Sangi District in Kabul was contained by the fire department.

WSWS (2022-10-05). Australia: Massive Optus data breach highlights lax regulations for telco giants. wsws.org The breach, affecting up to 40 percent of the Australian population, underscores the dangers of major corporations controlling critical social infrastructure and the data of millions of people.

WSWS (2022-10-05). Prevent the Ford Saarlouis plant closure! Unite all Ford workers! No trust in the IG Metall union, works council and the corporation! wsws.org At the factory meeting on Wednesday, the works council and IG Metall union, supported by Saarland's Minister President Anke Rehlinger (Social Democrats, SPD), will do everything they can to seal the plant's closure.

Staff (2022-10-05). "Begher Namazi" Leaves Iran for Oman. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Bagheri Namazi, an American spy who was recently released on the humanitarian ground by the Islamic Republic of Iran left Iran to go to Oman.

Staff (2022-10-05). Funeral in Qom for martyred Basij member. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — A large number of people in Qom attended a funeral for Basij seminary student Mehdi Zahedlouei who recently was martyred by foreign-planned riots in the holy city.

Staff (2022-10-05). Iranians mourn martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Askari. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Today coincides with the 8th day of the lunar month of Rabi' Thani, which marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Askari (PBUH), the 11th Shia Imam.

Staff (2022-10-05). Appeal to the Washington Post. davidswanson.org

Anonymous669 (2022-10-05). HTS Drone Shot Down Over Greater Idlib, Possibly By Turkish Forces (Video). southfront.org On October 5, a drone crashed near the town Binnish in the eastern part of the Syrian region of Greater Idlib, where the Turkish military maintains a large presence. | Syrian opposition activists in Greater Idlib claimed that the drone was Iranian. However, footage of the wreckage showed a primitive drone similar to the types manufactured and operated by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of the region. | The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Right...

WSWS (2022-10-05). Re-elected Coalition Avenir Québec government will come into headlong conflict with the working class. wsws.org Legault and his CAQ benefited from mass popular alienation with the traditional parties of provincial government and the right-wing campaign mounted by the pseudo-left Québec Solidaire.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-05). Five Syrian Soldiers Killed Or Wounded In New Attack By HTS In Western Aleppo (Photos). southfront.org On October 5, terrorists of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, raided a position of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the 46th Regiment Base in the western countryside of Aleppo. | The raid was carried out by the Inghamiseen Division of HTS's Umar ibn al-Khattab Brigade, which is specialized in suicide attacks. | A spokesman for HTS claimed that five soldiers of the SAA were killed or wounded as a result of the raid, which...

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). Iran pitted vs US at 2022 Intercontinental Beach Soccer. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Iran is drawn with the U.S. in Group B of the 2022 Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup.

Michael Arney (2022-10-05). New York voters to play major role in 'vulnerable' House districts. peoplesworld.org For the upcoming midterms, liberals and progressives should be on red alert. Even President Biden calls the opponent "semi-fascist." If the Republican Party of Trump wins back the Senate or the House (or both), all federal legislative progress ends. Biden will be reduced to issuing executive orders that will be overturned by a hostile successor. ...

WSWS (2022-10-05). Australia: Health workers support Chris O'Brien Lifehouse nurses' fight against union-management agreement. wsws.org "We are starting to see cross-supporting, like doctors supporting nurses on strike, or teachers supporting nurses. Workers have a common enemy in the government and the corporations."

Jim Pugh (2022-10-05). Reviving the Child Tax Credit Is a Winning Campaign Message for Democrats This Coming Midterms. commondreams.org The expanded Child Tax Credit was the most impactful anti-poverty program in a generation. Democrats should campaign on bringing it back.

Julia Conley (2022-10-05). 'Who Voted for This?': Campaigners Disrupt Truss Speech Over Fracking Ban 'U-Turn'. commondreams.org "Nobody voted for fracking, nobody voted to cut benefits, nobody voted to trash nature, nobody voted to scrap workers' rights," said one Greenpeace organizer.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). Iran summons UK ambassador over meddlesome statement. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — UK Ambassador to Iran Simon Shercliff was summoned to Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in reaction to an earlier meddlesome statement by the UK Foreign Office.

Women's March California (2022-10-05). Saturday 10/8: Women's March: CA & Nationwide Marches & Rallies for Reproductive Freedom & GOTV. indybay.org Marches & Rallies throughout SF Bay Area and beyond: https://www.womensmarch.com/initiatives/womens-wave...

Brett Wilkins (2022-10-05). Ro Khanna Lays Out New Vision for American Manufacturing and Economic Progress. commondreams.org "Embracing a New Economic Patriotism plan isn't just about jobs. It's about unifying Americans—from the coasts to the heartland—with a shared purpose."

Andreas Karelas (2022-10-05). The Climate Emergency Is Very Much Here. Now We Must Act. commondreams.org Climate impacts are here today so we need to double down on climate adaptation now.

WSWS (2022-10-05). New Zealand nurses take action over staffing crisis and pay cut. wsws.org Thousands of nurses in public hospitals are refusing extra shifts this week after the government slashed overtime pay, but the union has refused to call a strike.

WSWS (2022-10-05). Doncaster Sheffield Airport in the UK set to close with 800 job losses. wsws.org The airport's closure is a devastating blow to the region and will impact thousands of workers in the run-up to Christmas.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). Huge blast reported at mosque near Taliban interior ministry. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — An explosion hit a mosque in Kabul in the vicinity of the heavily fortified Taliban Interior Ministry compound on Wednesday, with dozens reported killed and injured.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). VP Mokhber departs for Moscow for 2nd Caspian Economic Forum. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Before leaving for Moscow to participate in the second Caspian Economic Forum, the Iranian First Vice President Mohmmad Mokhber said developing relations with neighbors is Raeisi government's top priority.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). Oman thanks Iran for action in handing over "Bagheri Namazi" en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian held a phone conversation with his Omani counterpart, Sayyid Badr Albusaidi.

Staff (2022-10-05). Grounds prepared for a good agreement in talks: Raeisi. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — President Ebrahim Raeisi has said that "If the Americans and Europeans fulfill their commitment, there is ground for a good agreement."

Hendrik Sybrandy (2022-10-05). Long COVID and worker shortage in the U.S. america.cgtn.com Long COVID is a term that's now entered our collective lexicon. It refers to lingering symptoms of COVID-19 that can plague patients for months, even years. But long COVID could also describe the lingering effects the pandemic has had on services that many people, ...

WSWS (2022-10-05). Australia's central bank slows pace of interest rate rises but insists they will continue. wsws.org The RBA said it would pay close attention to "labour costs"—that is, workers' wages—in the coming period.

WSWS (2022-10-05). Young worker killed at Tyson meatpacking, family fights to get the truth out. wsws.org The family of 22-year-old Casen Garcia speaks out about the terrible conditions at Tyson that led to the young man's death.

Editor (2022-10-05). The Military Industrial Complex Wants You To Be More Media (Il)literate. scheerpost.com

Sharat G Lin (2022-10-05). Sunday 10/2: The Art of Protest. indybay.org Fremont Main Library | 2400 Stevenson Blvd. | Fremont, CA 94538...

Sammie Lewis (2022-10-05). Faulty Shotspotter gun crime surveillance system doesn't meet needs of Detroit's people. peoplesworld.org I still remember the common occurrences of police brutality as a frontliner throughout the 2020 Black Lives Matter uprisings. I can still feel the trauma sinking to the pit of my stomach and making my skin crawl with the tingling sensation of goosebumps when I think about it. I flashback to Aug. 22 and 23 ...

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). Oman thanks Iran for action in handing over "Bagher Namazi" en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian held a phone conversation with his Omani counterpart, Sayyid Badr Albusaidi.

Lylla Younes, Zoya Teirstein (2022-10-05). Supreme Court decision could withdraw vital Clean Water Act protections. peoplesworld.org The Supreme Court opened its new session Monday by hearing oral arguments in a case that could roll back protections for more than percent of the nation's wetlands and thousands of other federally regulated bodies of water. The suit, Sackett v. EPA, challenges a definition at the heart of the Clean Water Act, a landmark 1972 law that prevents ...

Planned Parenthood, East BayDSA (2022-10-05). Saturday 10/8: Oakland: Women's Wave Rally - Abortion is a Human Right! Yes on CA Prop 1! indybay.org Frank Ogawa Plaza | 436-476 14th Street | Oakland, CA, 94612...

Leonard Pitts Jr. (2022-10-05). For Ron DeSantis, 'We're All in This Together'—When It's Convenient for Him. commondreams.org DeSantis is a secessionist of convenience: He scorned federal aid until he needed federal aid.

____ (2022-10-05). What Was Lavrov Talking About? smoothiex12.blogspot.com especially about the next "set of laws" for new "complement" (set) of "subjects. While

WSWS (2022-10-05). Australian university union tries to impose sellout at Western Sydney University College. wsws.org The NTEU's false claims of an "historic win" at Western Sydney University were further exposed at a sparsely-attended union meeting last week at the college, where union officials sought to push through an even worse enterprise agreement.

Kamal Iranidoost (2022-10-05). 5.4 magnitude quake strikes Khoy in northwest Iran. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Oct. 05 (MNA) — As many as 100 people were imjured in a 5.4 magnitude quake that hit Khoy in West Azarbaijan in northwest Iran.

Mark Gruenberg (2022-10-05). Starbucks Workers United calls company bluff, draws up bargaining proposals. peoplesworld.org NEW YORK—Taking up their bosses' dare—or maybe calling its bluff—members of Starbucks Workers United, the grassroots nationwide movement that has organized 244 Starbucks stores and counting, are starting to craft bargaining proposals. The response came as two more stores, one in D.C., at 1429 P Street N.W., and another in Santa Maria, Calif., joined the ...

Dave Welsh (2022-10-05). Sunday 10/9: Support Amazon Workers Picket Whole Foods. indybay.org NoeValley WholeFoods-11AM Sun.Oct 9- | 3950-24th St,SF...

Michael Arney (2022-10-05). New York voters to play major role in "vulnerable" House districts. peoplesworld.org For the upcoming midterms, liberals and progressives should be on red alert. Even President Biden calls the opponent "semi-fascist." If the Republican Party of Trump wins back the Senate or the House (or both), all federal legislative progress ends. Biden will be reduced to issuing executive orders that will be overturned by a hostile successor. ...

Anand Naidoo (2022-10-05). The Heat: Brazil elections. america.cgtn.com Brazil's presidential election is headed for a run-off, after a surprisingly tight showing in first-round voting this weekend. It's set to be an epic match-up of left vs. right - but of course so much more as well.

WSWS (2022-10-05). Pseudo-left union in Argentina imposes sellout contract on tire workers after following nationalist strategy. wsws.org The Partido Obrero leadership advanced a failed nationalist strategy oriented to the union bureaucracy and the Peronist government.

SP Editor (2022-10-05). Pakistan Flooding 'Calamity' Prompts Call for Reparations. scheerpost.com "I have seen many humanitarian disasters in the world, but I have never seen climate carnage on this scale," says UN Secretary General António Guterres of the recent floods in Pakistan.

WSWS (2022-10-05). CIA co-opts Harriet Tubman to boost its efforts to recruit spies and assassins. wsws.org The seamless marriage of identity politics and US imperialism is a devastating exposure of the real reactionary content of politics based on race, gender and sexuality.

____ (2022-10-05). HKSAR gov't vows full cooperation to country's recruitment of payload specialists in Hong Kong. ecns.cn The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government said on Sunday that it will render its full assistance and cooperation to the country's selection exercise for recruitment of payload specialists in the HKSAR.

Staff (2022-10-05). Manuel Marrero, primer ministro cubano, se reúne con el rey de Camboya. cubadebate.cu Como parte del programa de actividades de su visita oficial a Camboya, el primer ministro cubano Manuel Marrero Cruz, se reunió este miércoles en el Palacio Real con Norodom Sihamoni, rey de esa nación asiática. Durante el intercambio recordaron la amistad entre el Rey Padre Norodom Sihanouk y el líder histórico de la Revolución, Fidel Castro Ruz.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-05). Garantes aplauden acuerdo tomado por Gobierno de Colombia y ELN de reanudar diálogo. telesurtv.net "Confirmo que Cuba continuará su papel de garante con arreglo a lo acordado y a lo que requieran las partes", dijo el presidente de la isla caribeña, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-05). Garantes aplauden acuerdo tomado por Gobierno de Colombia y ELN. telesurtv.net "Confirmo que Cuba continuará su papel de garante con arreglo a lo acordado y a lo que requieran las partes", dijo el presidente de la isla caribeña, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-10-05). Inicia en Costa Rica vacunación anticovid en menores de 5 años. telesurtv.net Los niños entre seis meses y cinco años de edad serán inmunizados con un esquema que incluye tres dosis.

Staff (2022-10-05). Aerolíneas extranjeras incrementan sus operaciones en Cuba. cubadebate.cu La mayor de las Antillas experimenta un incremento de las operaciones aéreas, con unas 45 aerolíneas extranjeras realizando vuelos regulares y chárter. José Ramón Hernández, director de Ecasa S.A, precisó que dicha cifra ha crecido de manera sostenida desde la reapertura de vuelos el pasado 15 de noviembre.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-05). Cuba reafirma voluntad de dialogar con el Gobierno de EE.UU. telesurtv.net El canciller cubano afirmó que el presente año constituye un momento oportuno para normalizar las relaciones.

Staff (2022-10-05). El tiempo: Algunas lluvias en la región oriental. cubadebate.cu Amanecerá parcialmente nublado en la región oriental, así como zonas de la costa norte occidental y habrá poca nubosidad en el resto del archipiélago. Desde el final de la mañana estará parcialmente nublado en gran parte del territorio nacional, nublándose desde Camagàºey hasta Guantánamo con algunos chubascos, lluvias y tormentas eléctricas.

Staff (2022-10-05). Continúan las investigaciones sobre intento de magnicidio contra Cristina Fernández. cubadebate.cu Este miércoles, la jueza María Eugenia Capuchetti prohibió la salida del país de los integrantes de la Banda de los Copitos, quienes intercambiaron mensajes con Brenda Uliarte y con Nicolás Gabriel Carrizo, ambos detenidos por el intento de magnicidio contra la vicepresidenta de Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (CFK).

Staff (2022-10-05). BioCubaFarma suma esfuerzos en apoyo a Pinar del Río. cubadebate.cu Empresas de BioCubaFarma realizan esta mañana un donativo a la provincia de Pinar del Río, la más afectada del país por el huracán Ian. El gesto solidario incluye 108 embalajes, fundamentalmente con ropa, zapatos, útiles de limpieza, alimentos, cajas de termo o nevera y culeros desechables.

Staff (2022-10-05). Cuba atiende con prioridad su situación epidemiológica. cubadebate.cu En los encuentros sostenidos en la tarde de este martes por el Primer Secretario del Comité Central del Partido Comunista y Presidente de la República, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, con expertos y científicos para temas de Salud, y los integrantes del Grupo Temporal de Trabajo para la prevención y el control de la COVID-19, se continuó la evaluación del escenario epidemiológico de la nación.

Staff (2022-10-05). Hematólogos de Reino Unido hallan una potencial nueva clasificación de grupos sanguíneos. cubadebate.cu "Descubrir un nuevo sistema de grupos sanguíneos es como descubrir un nuevo planeta. Amplía el panorama de nuestra realidad", comentó Daniela Hermelin de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de Saint Louis. Según esta experta el conocimiento de los grupos 'Er' ayudará a solucionar problemas relacionados con la incompatibilidad sanguínea.

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-05). Presidente de Venezuela sostiene encuentro con el canciller de Colombia. telesurtv.net El mandatario destacó que Venezuela y Colombia continúan avanzando en la cooperación por el bienestar de sus pueblos.

Staff (2022-10-05). Verde para La Coloma y un sí por Cuba. cubadebate.cu Entre quienes lloraron de felicidad en la tarde del pasado martes se encontraban niños y ancianos de La Coloma, hasta donde llegaron miembros de la Cooperativa No Agropecuaria (CNA) La Esperanza, cargados de una marea verde de plástico para reafirmar la fe en la recuperación. Realizaron el viaje con la única intención de estrechar tanta mano necesitada.

Staff (2022-10-05). Que las relaciones bilaterales con Cambodia alcancen un estadio superior. cubadebate.cu Cuba y Cambodia firmaron este martes dos acuerdos de cooperación en los ámbitos de la cultura y el deporte, con el propósito de ´fomentar, promover y fortalecer ª la colaboración técnica en estas áreas, así como el intercambio de expertos.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-05). Irán califica de crimen de lesa humanidad a sanciones de EE.UU. telesurtv.net Las declaraciones se producen luego de que Washington amenazara a Teherán con imponer nuevas sanciones contra Teherán.

Staff (2022-10-05). Cubano Reiniel Pérez se convierte en el autor más joven en ganar el Premio Loewe de Poesía. cubadebate.cu El poeta cubano Reiniel Pérez, de 23 años, ha logrado el Premio Loewe de Poesía 2022 por su libro Las sílabas y el cuerpo en la XXXV edición de estos premios. El Jurado, presidido por Víctor García de la Concha, ha destacado que se trata de "un libro unitario y rítmico, con gran soltura expresiva y voluntad de innovación".

Staff (2022-10-05). Chapeando: Con eso no se juega (+ Podcast). cubadebate.cu øQué hay detrás de este tipo de show, a qué tributan? Sin dudas, a la estrategia para sacar a la gente a la calle, no a cooperar para limpiar de forma urgente, sino para generar indisciplinas, entorpecer las acciones de recuperación y engordar la campaña de descrédito del liderazgo de la Revolución.

Staff (2022-10-05). Pon a prueba tu mente y resuelve estos tres retos visuales imposibles de conseguir. cubadebate.cu El autor Gergely Dudas, más conocido como Dudolf, comparte con los usuarios tres imágenes de las que aparecen en sus libros recopilatorios. En ellas, nos reta a encontrar varios objetos escondidos, manteniendo entretenidos tanto a niños como adultos.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-05). Corea del Sur y EE.UU. disparan misiles en represalia con el Norte. telesurtv.net El Estado Mayor Conjunto del Ejército de Corea del Sur confirmó este miércoles el fallo del lanzamiento de un misil casi 12 horas después del suceso...

Staff (2022-10-05). Avanzas labores de recuperación en La Habana: El 99.7% de los clientes tiene servicio eléctrico (+Video). cubadebate.cu Al comenzar su intervención en la Mesa Redonda, Reinaldo García Zapata dijo que se ha trabajado muy duro en estos siete días, luego del paso de Ian. "Se ha avanzado con urgencia en la recuperación de la provincia". En estos momentos, existen en la capital 1829 clientes afectados son servicios eléctricos. "El 99.7,% de los clientes de la capital tienen servicio eléctrico".

TeleSUR, jaa, JDO (2022-10-05). Unicef alerta que cólera amenaza a millones de niños haitianos. telesurtv.net La agencia global recalca la incidencia de la inseguridad, razón por la que muchas familias tienen que consumir agua no potable.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-05). Confirman primer caso de gripe aviar H5N1 en humanos en España. telesurtv.net A mediados de septiembre pasado se sacrificaron 601.000 gallinas ponedoras tras detectarse un brote de esta gripe aviar.

Staff (2022-10-05). Asociación Internacional de Boxeo permitirá que atletas de Rusia y Bielorrusia participen en sus competencias. cubadebate.cu La Asociación Internacional de Boxeo (IBA) anunció que su junta directiva decidió poner fin a la medida que prohibía a los boxeadores de Rusia y Bielorrusia competir en eventos organizados por la entidad deportiva. "La IBA cree firmemente que la política no debería tener ninguna influencia en los deportes", señaló el organismo.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-05). Nueva masacre deja al menos cuatro muertos en Cali, Colombia. telesurtv.net En lo que va de año se han registrado 83 masacres en Colombia, a la espera de recomenzar conversaciones de paz.

Staff (2022-10-05). Exportadores de petróleo aprueban un fuerte recorte a la producción del crudo. cubadebate.cu Este miércoles se celebró en Viena una reunión de los miembros del grupo petrolero, en la que los productores acordaron un profundo recorte de su objetivo de producción, frenando la oferta en un mercado ya ajustado a pesar de la presión de Estados Unidos para bombear más. Esta sería la mayor disminución en la producción desde el comienzo de la pandemia de covid-19.

Volunteers in solidarity with Women's March (2022-10-05). Saturday 10/8: San Jose: Women's Wave Rally & March for Reproductive Rights. indybay.org Rally at Plaza of San Jose City Hall, 200 E Santa Clara St., San Jose 95113; then we march to Plaza de Cesar Chavez Park...

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-05). Partido Democrático de Brasil apoyará candidatura de Lula. telesurtv.net "Tenemos un presidente absolutamente incapaz, que dejó a millones de brasileños a su suerte, responsable de la muerte de otros 700.000 en la pandemia", refirió Carlos Lupi sobre Jair Bolsonaro...

Global Research (2022-10-05). Libro para descarga libre: "Globalización de la pobreza y nuevo orden mundial" Michel Chossudovsky. globalizacion.ca Nota del Editor: El Centro de Investigación sobre la Globalización (Global Research) pone a su disposición de sus lectores el libro "Globalización de la pobreza y nuevo orden mundial" del profesor Michel Chossudovsky, publicado en español el año 2002 por...

Staff (2022-10-05). Detalles de la canasta familiar normada, la entrega de módulos y materiales de la construcción. cubadebate.cu La ministra de Comercio Interior, Betsy Díaz Velázquez, informó en la Mesa Redonda sobre la distribución de la canasta familiar normada a partir de las afectaciones provocadas por el huracán Ian. A la vez, se detalló sobre la entrega de módulos alimenticios en los cinco territorios occidentales, y comentó sobre la comercialización de materiales de la construcción.

Staff (2022-10-05). La recuperación en Pinar del Río y Artemisa seguirá avanzando por día. cubadebate.cu Dirección del país, encabezada por el Primer Secretario del Comité Central del Partido y Presidente de la República, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, evaluó en la tarde de este martes marcha de las acciones de recuperación en las cuatro provincias más occidentales tras el paso del huracán Ian.

TeleSUR, mcs, JDO (2022-10-05). Presidente cubano confía en recuperación de daños tras huracán. telesurtv.net Tras el paso del huracán, la nación caribeña comenzó una intensa labor de recuperación.

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-10-05). Reportan 130 millones de afectados por apagón en Bangladés. telesurtv.net Los bangladesíes entraron en pánico y salieron a las gasolineras en busca de carburante para los generadores eléctricos.

Staff (2022-10-05). Cuba en recuperación de los daños de Ian (III), hoy en la Mesa Redonda. mesaredonda.cubadebate.cu El Gobernador de Artemisa y autoridades del Ministerio de la Agricultura comparecerán este miércoles en la Mesa Redonda para informar sobre las labores de recuperación que se acometen para enfrentar los graves daños que dejó el huracán Ian a su paso por Cuba.

TeleSUR, jaa, MER (2022-10-05). Presidente de Venezuela recibe a canciller de Colombia. telesurtv.net El mandatario destacó que Venezuela y Colombia continúan avanzando en la cooperación por el bienestar de sus pueblos.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-05). Corea del Norte lanza misil balístico que sobrevuela Japón. telesurtv.net Es el primero de su tipo en 5 años, en respuesta a las maniobras militares que involucran a EE. UU. y Corea del Sur.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-05). CEN de Cuba publica datos finales de votación de Código de Familias. telesurtv.net Del total de boletas depositadas en las urnas, un total de 5.909.385 fueron declaradas válidas por reunir los requisitos establecidos en la ley..

Staff (2022-10-05). Morales Ojeda chequea marcha de la recuperación en universidad de Pinar del Río. cubadebate.cu Este miércoles, Roberto Morales Ojeda, miembro del Buró Político y secretario de Organización del PCC, constató las labores de recuperación en la Universidad de Pinar del Río Hermanos Saíz, afectada por el huracán Ian. Se interesó por las acciones para sanear las áreas de la casa de altos estudios, que reporta daños en cubiertas y ventanas principalmente.

Staff (2022-10-05). Sesiona en La Habana Feria Internacional de Transporte y Logística. cubadebate.cu Con la presencia de Eduardo Rodríguez Dávila, ministro de Transporte, sesionó este miércoles la Feria Internacional de Transporte y Logística, en el recinto Pabexpo, de La Habana. Las nuevas oportunidades de colaboración económica en el sector y las ventajas para la inversión en Cuba son algunas de las novedades que se presentaron en esta jornada.

TeleSUR, lvm, JGN (2022-10-05). Reportan 33 niños fallecidos tras estampida en estadio indonesio. telesurtv.net La Policía Nacional comunicó que se ordenó la suspensión de nueve oficiales, quienes se encuentran bajo investigación.

Staff (2022-10-05). Cuba se enfrentará a Canadá por semifinal de la Copa Panamericana Masculina Sub-21 de Voleibol. cubadebate.cu Los equipos de Cuba y Canadá se enfrentarán este miércoles en calidad de invictos para avanzar por el grupo B directamente a la semifinal de la Copa Panamericana Masculina Sub-21 de Voleibol, que acontece en el coliseo de la Ciudad Deportiva. Los anfitriones barrieron a Nicaragua en parciales continuos (25-16, 25-20, 25-15).

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-10-05). Puerto Rico registra primera muerte por leptospirosis tras Fiona. telesurtv.net De acuerdo a los expertos, se han reportado 182 casos de leptospirosis en la isla durante el 2022.

TeleSUR, mcs, JGN (2022-10-05). Aumentan a 47 los decesos por lluvias en Guatemala en 2022. telesurtv.net El último conteo de fallecidos incluye a dos mujeres que fueron localizadas al fondo de un hundimiento de una carretera el pasado 29 de septiembre en el municipio de Villa Nueva.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-05). Bosnia-Herzegovina ofrece resultados de las elecciones generales. telesurtv.net Los resultados ofrecidos por la Comisión Electoral Central de Bosnia son parciales, pero las tendencias son definitivas.

TeleSUR, hvh, JCM (2022-10-05). Docentes denuncian persecución a estudiantes en Argentina. telesurtv.net El gremio porteño realizará una marcha desde la escuela Mariano Acosta hasta la Jefatura del Gobierno de Buenos Aires.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-05). Putin ratifica tratados de adhesión a Rusia de nuevas regiones. telesurtv.net Las regiones nuevas mantendrán sus extensiones y nombres actuales, mientras que sus dirigentes recibirán el estatus de gobernadores.

Arturo Griffiths (2022-10-05). Proyecto de ley de derechos de voto local para inmigrantes avanza en D.C. peoplesworld.org Los residentes no ciudadanos que viven en la capital de la nación están un paso más cerca de poder votar en las elecciones locales. El martes pasado, 27 de septiembre, el Comité Judicial del Concejo Municipal de D.C. aprobó abrumadoramente un proyecto de ley que permitiría a los inmigrantes sin estatus de ciudadanía votar en ...

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-05). Senado mexicano aprueba permanencia de Ejército en labores de seguridad. telesurtv.net En 2019, el Congreso mexicano aprobó que las Fuerzas Armadas apoyaran en las tareas de seguridad pública hasta marzo de 2024.

Staff (2022-10-05). Dazra Novak: En La Habana siempre. cubadebate.cu El Malecón bordea cada historia de este libro y lo finaliza. Ahora Dazra está allí, sentada frente al mar. Puedo imaginarme todo eso. Y a Dazra oliendo las páginas de este libro, tocándolo, tomándole el peso a las palabras y fotografías, mientras ella presenta "Habana por dentro" este martes en Casa de las Américas.

Staff (2022-10-05). Autoridades cubanas chequean recuperación en Artemisa tras el paso de Ian. cubadebate.cu Hasta la provincia llegó el Comandante de la Revolución Ramiro Valdés para recorrer varios puntos del territorio y chequear el avance en las labores de recuperación. Por su parte, el jefe del Estado Mayor Nacional de la Defensa Civil, General de División, Ramón Pardo Guerra, llegó hasta consejo popular de montaña Niceto Pérez, del municipio de San Cristóbal.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-10-05). Gobierno de México rechaza que espíe a opositores y periodistas. telesurtv.net El mandatario Andrés Manuel López Obrador emplazó a quienes hicieron la acusación a que presenten pruebas que avalen el presunto espionaje.

TeleSUR- hvh, JCM (2022-10-05). Rusia anuncia movilización de más de 200.000 reservistas. telesurtv.net Shoigú precisó que la preparación de los movilizados se ejecuta en 80 polígonos y seis centros de instrucción.

Staff (2022-10-05). Entregan Premio Iberoamericano Indio Naborí de la Décima y el Verso Improvisado. cubadebate.cu En el Congreso Iberoamericano de la Décima y el Verso Improvisado se entregó el Premio Iberoamericano Indio Naborí de la Décima y el Verso Improvisado a Maximiano Trapero Trapero, de España, Roberto Silva Gómez, de Puerto Rico, y los cubanos Waldo Leyva, Orlando Laguardia, Juana Tomasa Quiala Rojas (Tomasita) y Virgilio López Lemus.

Global Research (2022-10-05). Libro para descarga libre: "La globalización de la guerra" — Michel Chossudovsky. globalizacion.ca Nota del Editor: El Centro de Investigación sobre la Globalización (Global Research) pone a la disposición de sus lectores el libro "La globalización de la guerra: La guerra larga de Estados Unidos contra la Humanidad" del profesor Michel Chossudovsky, publicado...

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-10-05). Putin firma tratados de adhesión a Rusia de nuevas regiones. telesurtv.net Las regiones nuevas mantendrán sus extensiones y nombres actuales, mientras que sus dirigentes recibirán el estatus de gobernadores.

TeleSUR, RDL (2022-10-05). Gobierno de Colombia y ELN acuerdan reinstalar mesa de diálogo. telesurtv.net Un acto en Caracas sirvió de escenario para la firma del comunicado donde se anuncia la reactivación de los diálogos.

Womens Wave 2022 (2022-10-05). Saturday 10/8: Monterey: Women's Wave Rally for Reproductive Freedom. indybay.org Window on the Bay | 717 Del Monte Avenue | Monterey, CA, 93940...

TeleSUR, jaa, JDO (2022-10-05). Presidente argentino resalta prioridad al desarrollo científico. telesurtv.net El dignatario resaltó la importancia del Servicio Meteorológico Nacional para tareas imprescindibles como la planificación y la prevención ante los embates del clima.

TeleSUR, mcs, JDO (2022-10-05). Accidente vial deja dos muertos y 19 heridos en Honduras. telesurtv.net Las víctimas mortales, cuyas identidades no fueron precisadas, fallecieron en el acto.

Struggle, La Lucha (2022-10-05). New York City: No Cops in Power Rally, Oct. 14. struggle-la-lucha.org

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-10-05). Confirman tercera muerte por dengue en Panamá. telesurtv.net La paciente residía en la comarca indígena Ngäbe Buglé. Padecía enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles, pero no recibía tratamiento.

Lee Camp (2022-10-04). 90% of The World Doesn't Back The US Right Now. mintpressnews.com Maybe 90 percent of the world doesn't trust us on moral issues because, as reported in Multipolarista, the "U.S. [has] launched 251 military interventions since 1991, and 469 since 1798."

Matthew Cunningham-Cook (2022-10-04). Wall Street Is Behind Jackson's Water Crisis. levernews.com

_____ (2022-10-04). What is the Likelihood of a "Reset" in Australia-New Zealand Relations? journal-neo.org On May 23, 2022 parliamentary elections resulted in the swearing-in of Anthony Albanese, head of Australia's victorious Labor Party, as the country's new Prime Minister. Many analysts were confident that Australia would see a major shift in its foreign policy as a result of the political reshuffle, as the South Pacific region has seen a ...

Franc Contreras (2022-10-04). Mexico City collects rainwater. america.cgtn.com In major cities across the developing world, tens of millions of people live without running water in their homes.

Elliott Wallace (2022-10-04). Gang violence plagues Ecuador's prison system. america.cgtn.com While the government has blamed gangs for this violence, activists and families affected by the crisis have argued that government negligence and inaction are making the problem worse.

Contributing Writers (2022-10-04). Increased Risk of Myocarditis: Doctor Who Promoted COVID Shots on TV Calls for Global Stop to COVID-19 Vaccines/By Marina Zhang and Dr. Yuhong Dong. marktaliano.net

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