2022-04-22: News Headlines

WSWS (2022-04-22). German government invests billions into prolonging Ukraine war. wsws.org NATO wants the military defeat and economic ruin of Russia. It has no interest in ending the war through a ceasefire.

WSWS (2022-04-22). White House announces another $800 million in military aid to Ukraine. wsws.org The White House announced on Thursday that it will be sending an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine for its proxy war with Russia which is now focused in the East of the country.

Anonymous349 (2022-04-22). War In Ukraine Day 57: Russian Forces At ´Azovstal ª And Advance In North Of Donbass. southfront.org The war in Ukraine is first and foremost a mass event. In addition to crises, such events also bring opportunities….

Dave DeCamp (2022-04-22). Turkey Says Some NATO Members Want Longer Ukraine War to Hurt Russia. news.antiwar.com In an interview on Wednesday, "There are countries within NATO who want the war to continue," Cavusoglu told CNN Turk. "They want Russia to become weaker." | According to Iran's

Kristin Christman (2022-04-22). Russia, Ukraine, and the USA: Trapped in a Cultural Script. dissidentvoice.org Compassion for Ukrainians victimized by Russia's violence demonstrates that human hearts care. However, beneath the visible current of compassion there's an alarming, dangerous dynamic at play. What's hair-raising about this crisis is not only the violence but the fact that US political leaders and media makers are not recognizing positive and negative motivations on both …

Max Parry (2022-04-22). Synthetic Left Joins Corporate Right in Getting Ukraine War Wrong. covertactionmagazine.com Since the Russian military operation to de-Nazify and de-militarize Ukraine began in late February, there is a common misperception that …

Staff (2022-04-22). The Panama Canal, a Weapon the West Will Not Use Against Russia. orinocotribune.com Preventing the passage of Russian ships through the Panama Canal, as proposed by Ukraine and the United States, would break the historical "neutrality" of the passage and turn the canal into a military objective, warned the Panamanian political analyst Richard Morales, in an interview with Sputnik. | The official agenda of the visit by the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to Panama, has as its central point the migratory cooperation between both countries. However, it occurs in the context of the conflict in Ukraine and the emphatic request of Oksana Dramaretska, concurrent Ukrainian ambassador in Panama, t…

Revolution Books (2022-04-22). Tuesday 4/26: The War in Ukraine: NO U.S./NATO WAR WITH RUSSIA! NO WORLD WAR 3! indybay.org Revolution Books, 2444 Durant Ave. Berkeley CA 94704…

ecns.cn (2022-04-22). Military transport plane crashes in south Ukraine, casualties reported. ecns.cn A Ukrainian An-26 military transport plane crashed in Ukraine's southern Zaporizhzhya region on Friday, the regional administration said in a statement on Facebook.

Editor2 (2022-04-22). NATO's Warmongering Voice in the Caribbean. orinocotribune.com By A.T. Freeman — Apr 14, 2022 | Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Sir Ron Sanders, Antigua and Barbuda's ambassador to the US and the OAS, has emerged as one of the most strident Caribbean voices

news.xinhuanet (2022-04-22). Kiev says ready for new truce with rebels in eastern Ukraine. news.xinhuanet.com The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Thursday it stands ready for a new truce with independence-seeking insurgents in eastern regions starting from next month.

WorkWeek (2022-04-22). WorkWeek 4-21-22 Attack On NY MTA Public & Workers, Amazon Workers Support/DC Assange Demo. indybay.org WorkWeek covers the Attack On NY MTA Public & Workers, Amazon Workers Support, DC Assange Support Demo, Chris Hedges On Imperialist War & Censorship, SF Redistricting & Racism, LA Gentrification & A Labor Candidate…

Fight Back (2022-04-22). A must read for Lenin's birthday, the 'Letter to American Workers'. fightbacknews.org To mark the 152nd birthday, April 22, of the outstanding revolutionary V.I. Lenin, Fight Back News Service is circulating his famous article "Letter to American Workers" written in 1918. | Comrades! A Russian Bolshevik who took part in the 1905 Revolution, and who lived in your country for many years afterwards, has offered to convey my letter to you. I have accepted his proposal all the more gladly because just at the present time the American revolutionary workers have to play an exceptionally important role as uncompromising enemies of American imperialism—the freshest, strongest and latest in joining in…

Fight Back (2022-04-22). Students fight back against Florida's 'Don't say gay bill'. fightbacknews.org Tallahassee, FL – On Monday, April 18, Florida State University Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) held a march against Florida's repressive HB1557. Led by SDS officers Isabela Casanova and Chudi Oraedu, a group of roughly 40 students marched from FSU's Legacy Fountain to the Integration Statue, chanting "Homophobia has got to go" and "Trans lives matter." | Nicknamed the "Don't say gay bill" by opponents, it was signed into state law on March 28. Parents are encouraged to sue their local school districts over what they consider to be violations of this law. | The law's homophobic and transphobic yet va…

WSWS (2022-04-22). Where is Anne Frank: The new animated film from Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir). wsws.org Commissioned by the Anne Frank Fonds Basel, the intentionally disturbing movie is made up of 159,000 individual drawings created in 15 countries.

WSWS (2022-04-22). UIC graduate student workers continue strike against poverty wages, as AFT prepares austerity agreement. wsws.org A mood of growing frustration is building among university faculty and grad student workers throughout the University of Illinois system, centered on the surging cost of living and eroding incomes.

WSWS (2022-04-22). After claiming pandemic is over, Australian Labor Party leader contracts COVID-19. wsws.org Albanese's infection exposes the lies promoted by both major parties to justify the ending of public health measures and the endangerment of millions of working people in the interests of corporate profit.

WSWS (2022-04-22). Defying imperialist pressure, China and Solomon Islands sign security pact. wsws.org Prime Minister Sogavare has defied intense diplomatic pressure from Washington and Canberra to proceed with the agreement which gives China an expanded role in the South Pacific.

WSWS (2022-04-22). Macron-Le Pen debate shows rising danger of far-right dictatorship in France. wsws.org The debate showed above all the very limited character of the differences separating Macron from a political descendant of the collaboration with Nazism in France.

WSWS (2022-04-22). The barbaric reality of American society: Police murder and state executions. wsws.org The United States is a society riven by grotesque levels of social inequality and overseen by a capitalist ruling elite which has shown time and again its homicidal indifference and outright hostility to the lives of the working class.

WSWS (2022-04-22). Spain UGT union cuts wages at Ford's Valencia-Almussafes plant. wsws.org Spanish and German unions are dividing Ford workers at Valencia and Saarlouis, seeking to ram through wage cuts and job losses amid the shift to electric car production.

WSWS (2022-04-22). Homeless deaths in Los Angeles reached record numbers in 2021. wsws.org Almost 2,000 homeless people died in Los Angeles County last year, an average of five per day.

WSWS (2022-04-22). Australian election campaign covers up housing affordability crisis. wsws.org Far from offering any solution, the ruling political parties, Labor and the Liberal-National Coalition, are advancing policies that will make the housing disaster even worse.

WSWS (2022-04-22). The next stage in the fight of educators against the pandemic, school cuts and the danger of war. wsws.org The recent strikes by teachers and school employees in Minneapolis and Sacramento over wages ravaged by inflation are only the beginning of a new wave of struggles.

WSWS (2022-04-22). Workers denounce $20.5 million payout to Stellantis chief as job cuts mount. wsws.org The pay deal offered to Stellantis CEO Carolos Travares is only part of a compensation package that could run to over $200 million based on meeting cost cutting and profitability targets.

WSWS (2022-04-22). Detroit youth stage "die-in" to demand more school counselors. wsws.org Michigan schools have the nation's second-worst student-to-counselor ratio, 691 to 1, under conditions of a deepening mental health emergency nationally.

Martha Grevatt (2022-04-22). Isaiah Andrews: Justice delayed, justice denied for 45 years. workers.org Cleveland In 1974, two months after his wedding, Isaiah Andrews' spouse Regina Andrews was murdered. That was just the beginning of a lifelong ordeal. Andrews, who passed away this month in Cleveland, spent the next 45 years in jail for a murder he did not commit. Isaiah Andrews, seated, with . . . |

G. Dunkel (2022-04-22). Heat waves melt ice at both poles of Earth. workers.org This updated article first appeared on workers.org March 30, 2022. Inuit celebration July 4, 2016, in Utqiaƒ°vik, the northernmost community in Alaska, before the ice had broken up. WW Photo: Paddy Colligan. The climate crisis is real. Millions of people throughout the world are suffering and dying from floods . . . |

Derek Royden (2022-04-22). Two European elections show that rightwing populism is still a force. nationofchange.org Le Pen's first round win, her second in two elections, and Orban's 4th in Hungary show that rightwing populism remains a potent force in European politics.

Sarah Lahm (2022-04-22). Minneapolis teacher strike brought unity, victory and a reminder of the threats facing public education in the U.S. nationofchange.org Teachers ended a nearly three-week strike, citing advances in pay and working conditions for many members. But more work remains.

Julia Conley (2022-04-22). Social media giants' climate misinformation policies leave users 'in the dark': report. nationofchange.org "Despite half of U.S. and U.K. adults getting their news from social media, social media companies have not taken the steps necessary to fight industry-backed deception," reads the report.

Michaela Herrmann (2022-04-22). Brazilian meat giant JBS a bigger emitter than Italy, study estimates. nationofchange.org Campaigners say the company's net zero pledge amounts to greenwashing in light of its spiralling emissions.

Katie Miernicki (2022-04-22). Earth Day: Biden & US capitalism's broken climate promises. liberationnews.org It is clear that "green capitalism" will not save us. A democratically-planned economy focused on meeting the needs of the people and the planet is the only way forward.

Stephanie Pavlick (2022-04-22). Overwhelming victory for first unionized Starbucks in Pennsylvania. liberationnews.org Starbucks workers speak out after victory.

Maureen North (2022-04-22). While more states restrict abortion, others protect and enlarge abortion access. liberationnews.org We cannot stand by and allow Roe to be obliterated or gutted by ring-wing politicians and legislators.

Lillian House (2022-04-22). Stop the execution of Melissa Lucio, an innocent woman and survivor. liberationnews.org Texas officials have set Melissa Lucio to be executed on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.

_____ (2022-04-22). Will Algeria Increase Gas Supplies to Europe? journal-neo.org Algeria is estimated by the EU to be the fifth largest supplier of gas to the EU at around 45 bcm, representing 12% of EU countries' natural gas needs, but this has fallen since 2016 (when it reached 55 bcm per year). Algeria's share is far behind that of top-ranking Russia (135.75 bcm in 2020, …

Staff (2022-04-22). New York demonstration takes the streets of Manhattan for Palestine. samidoun.net On Wednesday, 20 April, hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of midtown Manhattan in response to a call for an emergency demonstration to stand with Palestine and support the Palestinian liberation struggle, following attacks on al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian cities and villages throughout occupied Palestine. On Wednesday, after protesting outside the Israeli mission to …

Peoples Dispatch (2022-04-22). UK government's bid to offshore refugees to Rwanda slammed by progressives. peoplesdispatch.org Last week, the UK signed a deal with Rwanda envisaging the deportation of single adult asylum seekers illegally reaching Britain to the East African country of Rwanda…

Natalia Marques (2022-04-22). Mumia Abu-Jamal will celebrate 68th birthday imprisoned for revolutionary journalism. peoplesdispatch.org Since the age of 14, US political prisoner Mumia has never held back from pursuing the truth within an unjust system. He is still being punished for it.

Staff (2022-04-22). Washington: Lifting US Sanctions on Venezuela to be Decided Only After Mexico Talks—Does Venezuela Need This? orinocotribune.com Caracas, April 21, 2022 ( "It is very clear that on one side of the table are the Venezuelans…

M. K. Bhadrakumar (2022-04-22). Migratory birds of mass destruction. mronline.org Highly sensitive materials from the Ukrainian biological laboratories were exported to the U.S. in early February just before the Russian special operation began, and the rest were ordered to be destroyed lest they fell into Russian hands. But the cover-up was only partially successful. Indeed, Russia is in possession of highly incriminating evidence.

teleSUR, mcs, SH (2022-04-22). Astrónomos descubren nuevo tipo de explosión estelar. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con el equipo investigador las nuevas micronovas desafían la comprensión de los astrónomos sobre los estallidos cósmicos…

Felicity Arbuthnot (2022-04-22). US Crimes against the People of Iraq, Vietnam, Nicaragua, … : Denial, Selective Perception and Military Atrocities. globalresearch.ca It was under the watch of his father, George Bush, Snr., that in 1991, thousands of Iraqi conscripts were buried alive in southern Iraq…

teleSUR, hvh, DRL (2022-04-22). Países centroasiáticos y Rusia evalúan situación en Afganistán. telesurtv.net La solución de las contradicciones derivadas por la situación en Afganistán resulta vital para la estabilidad regional.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-04-22). Consumer Health: What do you know about testicular cancer? newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, which makes this a good time to learn about testicular cancer. Compared with other types of cancer, testicular cancer is rare. But testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men in the U.S. between the ages of 15 and 35. Approximately 9,910 new cases of testicular cancer will be diagnosed in the U.S. in 2022, and 460 people will die from the disease, according to the American Cancer Society….

xinhuanet (2022-04-22). Palestinians clash with Israeli soldiers after protest against Pence visit. xinhuanet.com Palestinian protesters hurl stones at Israeli soldiers during clashes after a protest against the visit of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in Jerusalem, in the West Bank city of Hebron, on Jan. 23, 2018.

Santa Cruz Food Not Bombs (2022-04-22). Monday 5/2: Defend Food Not Bombs Right to Share Food and Ideas. indybay.org Resource Center for Nonviolence | 612 Ocean St., Santa Cruz…

Staff (2022-04-22). Bélgica otorga asilo político a Rafael Correa, expresidente de Ecuador. cubadebate.cu El Gobierno federal de Bélgica concedió asilo político al expresidente de Ecuador Rafael Correa, confirmó hoy la oficina de prensa del despacho de abogados Ius Cogens, que lleva su defensa internacional. Correa, tras convertirse en el principal opositor del Gobierno sucesivo (Lenín Moreno), comenzó a recibir, al igual que sus partidarios, un brutal acoso judicial.

xinhuanet (2022-04-22). Spotlight: U.S. decision to withdraw from UNESCO triggers calls for multilateralism. xinhuanet.com The U.S. decision to withdraw from UNESCO, the UN cultural agency, has triggered worldwide calls for supporting multilateralism amid world challenges.

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