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2022-04-06: News Headlines

Brian Berletic (2022-04-06). Debunking the New York Times' Lazy Ukraine "Satellite Investigation" thealtworld.com The New York Times claims satellite images it has obtained "prove" Russia is lying about a supposed "massacre" northwest of Kiev. | However, their own evidence together with videos produced by Ukraine's own military suggests heavy artillery and mortar strikes most likely killed the majority of those found on the streets. Another video suggests a Russian armored vehicle may have accidentally shot at least one civilian from around a corner in the middle of tense combat. | Together, it is clear there was no deliberate "massacre" — at least not until Russian forces left the area. Bound and executed civilians app…

Marzieh Rahmani (2022-04-06). China reacts to AUKUS hypersonic missiles deal. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) — China's envoy to the United Nations has reacted to the move by the UK, the US, and Australia to cooperate on hypersonic weapons under the trilateral AUKUS alliance.

Staff (2022-04-06). Hong Kong Police arrest 4 activists behind banned Tiananmen Square vigil: Report. aninews.in Hong Kong, September 8 (ANI): Hong Kong Police have arrested four key members of the pro-democracy group behind the city's annual Tiananmen Massacre vigil.

Staff (2022-04-06). Pak journalist' union raises alarm over TTP's warning to scribes. aninews.in Islamabad [Pakistan], September 8 (ANI): A union of Pakistan journalists has expressed concern over the threat issued by the banned Tehreeki-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to the media and urged the government to ensure the safety and security of journalists.

_____ (2022-04-06). Is the US Planning to Assassinate Pakistan's Imran Khan? journal-neo.org According to a report by Pakistan's Dawn.com, Pakistan's Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry has reported on an attempted anti-government conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister Imran Khan. A little earlier, one of the leaders of Pakistan's ruling Justice Movement, Faisal Wawda, had also reported on ARY News' "Off the Record" program that a plot was being …

Leonid Savin (2022-04-06). Eurasianism, Eurasian Economic Union and Multipolarity: Assessments of Foreign Experts. thealtworld.com Leonid Savin, Konstantin Kurylev, Sergey Bazavluk | Eurasianism, in its various interpretations, from ideology to the implementation of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) programs, is regarded as one of the strategies of creating a multipolar world order. This article analyzes the views and assessments of foreign authors regarding the relationship between Eurasianism and the EAEU amid the changing international context. | The authors present both critical and positive opinions on Eurasianism, Eurasian integration and its political and economic interlinkages with other countries and associations (China, Vietnam, t…

Marwa Osman (2022-04-06). Palestine's Land Day 2022—MES EP.152. thealtworld.com This year's Land Day in Palestine is the first after the battle of the "Sword of Al Quds". This day as a symbol of struggle with the Zionist entity after the battle of the " Sword of Al Quds ", is different from what was before it. That is true because the battle and the uprising brought about a transformation in the conflict on the ground, especially as we live in the glow of the victory of the guerrilla resistance operations in occupied Palestine, from its south in Beersheba to its north in Kdeira. | Passing through its center in the settlement of Bani Brak, we are shaded with the souls of the four martyrs: Muh…

Peoples Dispatch (2022-04-06). Progressive presidential ticket Petro-Márquez receives death threats in Colombia. peoplesdispatch.org In addition to the presidential candidate Gustavo Petro and the vice-presidential candidate Francia Márquez, 18 other political and social leaders, associated with the left-wing Historic Pact coalition, were also threatened…

Staff (2022-04-06). CANTV Investigates Irregular Internet Service Charges—Orinoco Tribune Affected. orinocotribune.com The National Telephone Company of Venezuela (CANTV) is conducting an investigation into irregular service charges to clients of the state-owned Telecom company. They invite users to report irregularities. | During the first quarter of 2022, CANTV carried out 447 investigations against company workers for allegedly receiving irregular payments for their work, such as repair of breakdowns, changes in ABA (broadband service) plans, phone landline changes, and changes in the names of account holders. | Due to these procedures, CANTV took punitive measures against 52 company workers, whom they were able to identify th…

Staff (2022-04-06). Venezuela Pursues Investigation into Death of 4 Yanomamis in Amazonas. orinocotribune.com Venezuela's Public Ministry (MP) advanced in its investigation to determine the facts and punish those responsible for the death of four Yanomami indigenous people in the state of Amazonas. | On March 20, four indigenous people of the Yanomami ethnic group died, and another one was injured, in a confrontation with Venezuelan aviation soldiers after—as confirmed by the governor of Amazonas, Miguel Rodríguez—the military personel refused to share internet access and a confrontation ensued. | "There was a confrontation between Yanomami brothers and colleagues from the aviation component stationed in Pari…

Editor2 (2022-04-06). Pakistan PM Imran Khan Saved from a US Planned Regime Change. orinocotribune.com By Steven Sahiounie — Apr 3, 2022 | It had appeared that Khan might have been voted out of of…

Editor2 (2022-04-06). India: 'Massive' Participation Seen Across Sectors as 2-Day Nationwide Strike Call by CTUs Ends. orinocotribune.com Anger is growing among the workforce across public and private sectors as well as scheme workers over the Modi government's policies, said the Joint Forum. | New Delhi: The two-day nationwide strike on March 28-29, called by 10 central trade unions (CTUs), saw widespread participation across sectors "despite the threats of victimisation and intimidation by the employers as well as the governments." | From banks and insurance to railways, ports, telecom, coal mines, refineries to transport, tea gardens to scheme workers — all sections of the working population came out on the streets to express their anger a…

oneworld.press (2022-04-06). Will A Self-Immolating Anti-Russian Pedophile From Romania Become The West's Newest Hero?>. oneworld.press Bogdan Draghici embodied post-modern Western civilization's support of suicide, Russophobia, and pedophilia by self-immolating; ramming his car into the Russian Embassy in Bucharest prior to doing so; and having earlier been sentenced to 15 years for sexually abusing his own daughter. He therefore very proudly embraced the "Unholy Trinity" of everything that the West's influential socio-cultural and political elite nowadays hold dear so there's no reason why the US-led Western Mainstream Media won't eulogize him as much as they did George Floyd, especially since the latter wasn't Russophobic or a pedophile but st…

IMEMC News (2022-04-06). Soldiers Assault Three Palestinians In Hebron. imemc.org Israeli soldiers assaulted, shortly after midnight, three Palestinians after storming their homes in the Tiwana village, south of Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank. Media sources said the soldiers invaded and ransacked many homes in the village and interrogated the families before assaulting the three Palestinians. The Protection and Steadfastness Committee …

IMEMC News (2022-04-06). Palestinian Detainee Faces Serious Health Complications In Israeli Prison. imemc.org The Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) has reported that cancer-stricken detainee Abdul-Basset Ma'tan is facing serious health complications in Israeli prisons and is not receiving the needed specialized care. The PPS said Ma'taan, 48, from Burqa town east of the central West Bank city of Ramallah, requires ongoing specialized medical treatment for his cancer and suffers …

IMEMC News (2022-04-06). Israeli Army Assaults And Abducts Two Former Political Prisoners In Jenin. imemc.org On Tuesday night, Israeli soldiers assaulted two former Palestinian political prisoners near the northern West Bank city of Jenin and abducted them. Montaser Sammour, the head of the Jenin office of the Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS), said the soldiers assaulted the two Palestinians after stopping them at the Dothan military roadblock south of Jenin. He …

IMEMC News (2022-04-06). Soldiers Assault Many Palestinians, Abduct Eight, In Jerusalem. imemc.org Israeli soldiers assaulted, Tuesday night, many young Palestinian men in the Bab al-Amoud area in occupied Jerusalem and abducted eight. The Wadi Hilweh Information Center In Silwan (Silwanic) said dozens of soldiers and police officers were deployed on various roads near the walls of the Old City, especially in the Sahera Gate, Sultan Suleiman Street, …

SF015 (2022-04-06). War In Ukraine Day 40: Russian Progress On Eastern Front Amid Political Fog. southfront.org On 4 March,

themoscowtimes (2022-04-06). Twitter Moves to Limit Reach of Russian Government Accounts. themoscowtimes.com Twitter said official Russian government accounts will not be shown to users across all categories of the app, including in searches.

themoscowtimes (2022-04-06). African Support on Ukraine Shows Kremlin's Soft Power. themoscowtimes.com Many African countries showed their support for Russia, or at least their diplomatic ambivalence, at an early stage in the crisis.

____ (2022-04-06). Spanish trucker on suspending the strike: "Fuel prices will keep rising as the war goes on" wsws.org Truckers have said that the suspension of the nationwide truckers strike is only temporary, so they can recover financially before striking in the summer.

____ (2022-04-06). Turkish troops "carry out tasks assigned to them around the world": Libya, Ethiopia, Syria, Iraq. antibellum679354512.wordpress.com Asharq Al-AwsatApril 4, 2022 Turkey Stresses it Will Keep its Military Presence in Libya's Tripoli Turkey said it will maintain its military presence in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Turkey's Anadolu state news agency published pictures on Sunday showing Turkish soldiers eating "the first Suhoor meal" (the pre-dawn meal before the day's fast) in Tripoli. The …

ecns.cn (2022-04-06). China slams U.S. approval of $95m arms sale to Taiwan. ecns.cn China has expressed its firm opposition to the U.S. approval of an arms deal with Taiwan worth $95 million and pledged to take firm and forceful measures to resolutely safeguard its sovereignty and security interests.

_____ (2022-04-06). Win the War, Invest in Peace: Thats Conversation We Need to Be Having Now. commondreams.org Practice in holding two things together at the same time: the need to stop this war and to work across national boundaries to prevent the next one.

ecns.cn (2022-04-06). 'Tile-tapping' test conducted at the Sydney Opera House. ecns.cn Workers carry out the "tile-tapping' test" at the Sydney Opera House, April 5, 2022, Sydney, Australia. Every five years maintenance workers spend six weeks inspecting a tap test on each tile on the sails of the Sydney Opera House.

David Giesen (2022-04-06). Tuesday 4/5: Matt Gaetz on the US military has some points, but isn't too sharp. indybay.org online virtual kibbitz room: | zoom.us/j/97428665894?pwd=eTlzLy9FNUg3Y0syUmRPM0g2VW5Edz09

oneworld.press (2022-04-06). Ukraine's Planned Emulation Of Israel Will Equate Russians To Palestinians. oneworld.press Every objective observer should be extremely concerned about Zelensky's plan to transform Ukraine into a so-called "big Israel". The human rights of that country's Russian minority are poised to be even more ruthlessly violated with impunity following Israel's precedent against the Palestinians. That's why it's incumbent for the denazification goal of Russia's ongoing special military operation in Ukraine to succeed.

____ (2022-04-06). Flee: The animated portrait of an Afghan refugee. wsws.org Flee, from Danish-French filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen, is an evocative film focused on Amin Nawabi (a pseudonym), who fled Afghanistan as a teenager in the 1990s.

Staff (2022-04-06). Car rams Russian Embassy gate in Romania, driver dead. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) — car crashed into the gate of the Russian Embassy in the Romanian capital early Wednesday, bursting into flames and killing the driver, police said.

ecns.cn (2022-04-06). 'Most beautiful highway' in suburb of Beijing. ecns.cn Changchi Road, which links Changling township, Changping district of Beijing, with Chicheng county, north China's Hebei Province, is very popular with self-driving tour enthusiasts in Beijing.

Staff (2022-04-06). Iran always welcomes regional cooperation: Amir-Abdollahian. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) — The Iranian and Turkmen foreign ministers stressed the need to develop cooperation in the Caspian sea region.

____ (2022-04-06). Canada commits to purchase F-35 fighter jets, vows massive defence spending hike in April 7 budget. wsws.org The minority Liberal government is assured of parliamentary support for its plans to rapidly expand the Canadian military's war-making capabilities, thanks to the "confidence-and-supply" agreement it recently struck with the trade union-sponsored NDP.

ecns.cn (2022-04-06). Students develop six-armed robot drummer in Russia. ecns.cn Students of the Kvantorium children's technopark have developed a design and software for a six-armed robot that can play a drum kit, repeat and make the rhythm of any melody.

Staff (2022-04-06). 'Republic of Afghanistan' condemns announcement by Taliban cabinet, calls it 'illegitimate'. aninews.in Kabul [Afghanistan], September 8 (ANI): The "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan" on Wednesday condemned the announcement of the "so-called" cabinet by the Taliban, terming it as "illegitimate and unjustifiable."

____ (2022-04-06). Spanish truckers "temporarily suspend" 3-week strike against high fuel prices. wsws.org Spain's truck drivers agreed Saturday to "temporarily suspend" a 20-day strike over crippling fuel prices amid the NATO war drive targeting Russia and its energy exports.

Staff (2022-04-06). VIDEO: Student raises Palestine flag in graduation ceremony. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) — At the graduation ceremony of the University of Manchester in the UK, the flag of Palestine was raised by one of the graduates.

____ (2022-04-06). Sri Lanka's ruling coalition crumbles, but president refuses to resign. wsws.org The mass protests are continuing throughout the island fueled by desperate shortages of food items, fuel, medicines and electricity.

Strike Debt Bay Area (2022-04-06). Saturday 4/16: Strike Debt Bay Area Book Group: "The Dawn of Everything" by David Graeber et al. indybay.org Email strike.debt.bay.area@gmail.com a few days beforehand for the the online invite.

Staff (2022-04-06). Excluding Russia from UNSC impossible, US envoy to UN says. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) — Expelling Russia from the United Nations Security Council will be impossible, although Western countries will do their utmost to isolate it, US Representative to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said.

Staff (2022-04-06). Headlines of Iran's Persian dailies on April 6. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Apr. 06 (MNA) — Mehr News agency takes a look at the headlines of Iran's Persian-language dailies on Wednesday, April 6.

Staff (2022-04-06). India largest troop contributor to UN peacekeeping in cumulative terms: Meenakashi Lekhi. aninews.in New York [US], September 8 (ANI): Highlighting the importance of the UN peacekeeping missions, Union Minister of State (MoS) for External Affairs Meenakashi Lekhi on Wednesday informed the member states that India is the largest troop contributor to the peacekeeping operations since their inception.

TRACE (2022-04-06). Shellenberger – An IDW Candidate Running for CA Governor. indybay.org An avid supporter of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) is running for governor of California.

Staff (2022-04-06). Cabinet approves Agreement between India, Portugal on recruitment of Indian citizens to work in the Portuguese Republic. aninews.in New Delhi, [India], September 8 (ANI): The Union Cabinet approved the signing of an agreement on the recruitment of Indian citizens to work in Portugal between the Government of the Republic of India and the Government of the Republic of Portugal, on Wednesday.

ecns.cn (2022-04-06). Missing Darwin notebooks returned to university. ecns.cn Two of Charles Darwin's notebooks, containing his pioneering ideas on evolution and his famous "Tree of Life" sketch, have been returned anonymously to Cambridge University Library after they went missing 21 years ago.

Staff (2022-04-06). India-South Korea relations have become multidimensional: Om Birla. aninews.in Vienna [Austria], September 8 (ANI): Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has said that relations between India and South Korea have made great progress and have become multidimensional.

Smart Wheel Canada (2022-04-06). What role does the electric motor play in e-scooters? indybay.org Our collection of motorized scooters includes best electric scooters for adults in Canada, and each one of them has passed the required safety checks. Buy now!

Staff (2022-04-06). PM Modi meets Russian NSA, reaffirms intention to strengthen coordination on Afghanistan. aninews.in New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday met with Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, during which they reaffirmed their intention to strengthen coordination in the field of enhancing regional stability, including on Afghanistan.

____ (2022-04-06). Australia: NSW health workers need to break union isolation and fight for unified struggle. wsws.org In a comment revealing the union's role in suppressing opposition among workers to the decades-long assault on jobs, pay and conditions, HSU state secretary Gerard Hayes said he was letting workers "off the leash."

_____ (2022-04-06). The Fossil Fuels Era Must End. Collective Transformation Must Start Now. commondreams.org Entrenching fossil fuel dependence is the wrong choice. This moment is critical, and the stakes are high.

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