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2022-04-02: News Headlines

Ben Slowey (2022-04-02). Kenosha, Wisconsin, activists call for firing of cop who kneeled on 12-year-old girl's neck. liberationnews.org The footage of the incident has been made available to the public, clearly showing Guetschow violently exerting unnecessary force on a minor for more than 20 seconds.

WSWS (2022-04-02). China rejects EU calls to cut ties with Russia over Ukraine war. wsws.org Hostile official remarks after yesterday's virtual European Union-China summit point to escalating global tensions provoked by NATO's war against Russia in Ukraine.

WSWS (2022-04-02). Germany supplies tanks to Ukraine and prepares for war against Russia. wsws.org According to media reports, the German government is planning further arms deliveries to Ukraine worth some €300 million.

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). NATO urged to reflect on its role in Ukraine crisis. ecns.cn

Staff (2022-04-02). 2 April: Demonstrations in various cities to free Georges Abdallah for international action day. samidoun.net April 2: International Day for the Release of Georges Abdallah At the call of the Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah and various support committees, let's make April 2 a day of mobilization for the release of the oldest political prisoner in Europe. Saturday April 2 in Lannemezan: Rally for the release of Georges Abdallah Saturday …

_____ (2022-04-02). Denver's Program To Dispatch Mental Health Teams Instead Of Police Is So Successful It Is Expanding 5-Fold. popularresistance.org After dispatching mental health teams, instead of police officers, to certain 911 emergency calls, the city of Denver is proclaiming their pilot program a huge success—and expanding it significantly. Since June 2020, the Support Team Assisted Response (STAR) has deployed medical and behavioral health clinicians to respond to over 2,200 low risk calls reporting trespassing, intoxication, or mental health crises involving poverty, homelessness or addiction. In all that time, STAR teams have never called for police back-up due to a safety issue, according to their January report.

_____ (2022-04-02). MPS Students Launch Campaign For Fresher Food, More Options, Better Pay For Cafeteria Workers. popularresistance.org Calling attention to the lack of fresh food in their lunches at Milwaukee Public Schools, student leaders have launched a "school lunch justice" campaign outside the district's central offices.The students are part of Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES), the multiracial youth arm of Voces de La Frontera, an advocacy organization for the rights of immigrants and workers. Villanueva said YES surveyed more than 1,000 MPS students and found that the quality of school lunch was the "most pressing issue" with the school environment.

Staff (2022-04-02). Venezuela Applauds UN Resolution against Coercive Measures. orinocotribune.com Venezuela has applauded the United Nations Human Rights Council's adoption of a resulution against unilateral coercive measures. | On Friday, April 1, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations adopted a resolution on "the negative impacts of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights" with a large majority. The resolution was approved by the UN human rights body with 27 votes in favor, 14 against, and 6 abstentions. | The Foreign Affairs Minister of Venezuela, Félix Plasencia, wrote on Twitter, "We applaud the adoption, by a large majority in the UN Human Rights Council, with 27 votes in f…

teleSUR, MER (2022-04-02). øCómo quedan los grupos para el Mundial de Catar 2022?>. telesurtv.net La FIFA también publicó comunicados para presentar la canción y la mascota oficiales del torneo.

teleSUR, SH (2022-04-02). Biden afirma que 30 países apoyan su plan para liberar petróleo. telesurtv.net Joe Biden anunció el jueves que liberaría un millón de barriles diarios de crudo durante seis meses de sus reservas estratégicas.

WSWS (2022-04-02). Mothering Sunday: A World War I film not at all about World War I. wsws.org The film, directed by Eva Husson from a 2016 novella by Graham Swift, takes place in the aftermath of the First World War, but the war does not play the dominant role it should. On the contrary…

WSWS (2022-04-02). Workers and students in Australia call for international anti-war movement. wsws.org "A lot of people oppose this war, but others get sucked into anti-Russia and anti-China hate… We need to unite Russian and Ukrainian workers, and workers everywhere, against the war."

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). Competition schedule for Paris 2024 released. ecns.cn The International Olympic Committee's executive board has approved the competition schedule of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on Friday.

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). Cherry blossoms in full bloom across China. ecns.cn Spring is coming. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom across China. Feast your eyes with flower…

Roger D. Harris (2022-04-02). Illegally Imprisoned Venezuelan Diplomat Faces US Court Amid a Shifting Global Context. orinocotribune.com By Roger D. Harris — Mar 31, 2022 | Alex Saab's April 6 hearing takes place in the setting of a mercurial world situation, where events in Ukraine may have indirect bearing on his case and on the larger US economic war against Venezuela. | In a world where the US believes it makes the rules and the rest of humanity must follow its orders — what President Biden euphemistically calls the "

teleSUR, mcs, MER (2022-04-02). Rusia registra primera vacuna nasal anticovid del mundo. telesurtv.net Las autoridades sanitarias rusas precisaron que la vacuna nasal Sputnik V es especialmente eficaz frente a la variante Ómicron.

WSWS (2022-04-02). Democratic-led Congress provides meager increase to education funding in 2022 budget. wsws.org More funding was allocated to the military ($782 billion) than all other discretionary programs combined ($730 billion).

WSWS (2022-04-02). US corporate profits, CEO pay surged in 2021 while inflation slashed real wages. wsws.org US corporate profits rose 25 percent in 2021 and CEO pay shot up 9 percent, while workers' wage gains were eclipsed by rising prices.

WSWS (2022-04-02). The "exceptional" economics of the Australian budget. wsws.org The opening sentence of the Treasury's budget analysis sets the tone for the rest of the document, by promoting the fiction that Australian capitalism is going to plough through the storms of global turbulence virtually unscathed.

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). China says Lithuania can resolve the issue by sticking to one-China principle. ecns.cn China urged Lithuania on Saturday to honor its commitments made when establishing diplomatic relations with Beijing and get back to the framework of one-China principle.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-04-02). Mayo Clinic remembers former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Madeleine Albright, the first woman to serve as Secretary of State of the United States, passed away Wednesday, March 23. Secretary Albright played an important role advising Mayo Clinic in how to successfully expand its global presence. In July 2020, she addressed Mayo Clinic staff virtually, sharing lessons from her life as a trailblazing diplomat.. Below is a statement from Gianrico Farrugia, M.D., Mayo Clinic's president and CEO: We are greatly saddened by the news…

Long Haul Infoshop (2022-04-02). Thursday 4/14: Blowout Used Book Sale! indybay.org Long Haul Infoshop | 3124 Shattuck Av, Berkeley (@ Woolsey) | 3 blocks east of Ashby BART…

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). Teenager with autism swims toward victory. ecns.cn Chen Xingrong's favorite activity is hopping onto the swing in the middle of the living room and dangling around.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-04-02). Consumer Health: What do you know about TB? newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org World TB Day will be observed Thursday, March 24, which makes this a good time to learn about this potentially serious infectious disease. In 2020, 7,174 cases of tuberculosis, or TB, were diagnosed in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Worldwide, 10 million cases were diagnosed, according to the World Health Organization. TB is caused by bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis that spreads from person to person through tiny droplets released…

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). British Zoo uses soft toy to help weigh baby Koala. ecns.cn To make the weekly weighing sessions as stress-free as possible, the cuddly koala has been added to her basket.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-04-02). Mayo Clinic researchers develop new antibody test to diagnose MS. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org ROCHESTER, Minn. — Mayo Clinic researchers have validated a new antibody test to diagnose multiple sclerosis (MS), a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord. Nearly 1 million people in the U.S. are affected by MS, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. An antibody typically consists of two immunoglobulin heavy chains and two light chains. There are two types of light chains: kappa and lambda. The validated test measures kappa immunoglobulin free…

Labor Video Project (2022-04-02). Dutch DockersTake Solidarity Action For UK P&O RMT Seafarers With Niek Stam of FNV-NL. indybay.org Dutch dockworkers took solidarity action against the ferry line P&O to support the 800 fired seafarers. Niek Stam of FNV-NL, who is the president of the Dockworkers union reported on their action.

TANC Organizing Committee (2022-04-02). Rights or Power: TANC Organizing Committee on SF's 'Right to Organize'. indybay.org 'Right to organize' legislation limits its nominal goal and solidifies conditions unfavorable to mass tenant power.

eva sánchez (2022-04-02). María Rojo Terradillos denunciada por ciberdelitos. indybay.org María Rojo Terradillos ha sido denunciada en los cuerpos y fuerzas de seguridad por vejar en twitter a sorianos que destacan por sus actividades en medios de comunicación, cultura, deporte, etc.

WSWS (2022-04-02). Stellantis announces hundreds more job cuts at Belvidere, Illinois plant, as layoffs continue to roil auto global industry. wsws.org Stellantis is seeking to reduce employment at its Belvidere plant down to 603 non-skilled and 199 skilled trades employees, according to the UAW.

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-04-02). United States Colored Troops Congressional Gold Medal Act. indybay.org The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate shall make appropriate arrangements for the presentation, on behalf of Congress, of a gold medal of appropriate design to the African Americans who served with Union forces during the Civil War, collectively, in recognition of their bravery and outstanding service during the Civil War.

Catherine Crockett (2022-04-02). Saturday 5/7: Roy Zimmerman in Concert: RiZe Up 2022. indybay.org Monterey Peace and Justice Center, 1364 Fremont Blvd., Seaside, CA 93955…

WSWS (2022-04-02). Canada's Transport Safety Board presents damning report on 2019 CP Rail train derailment. wsws.org The findings lead to only one possible conclusion: CP Rail bears responsibility for the tragic deaths of three workers in the disaster.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-04-02). Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine once again ranks among top 10% in the nation in U.S. News & World Report's 'Best Medical School' rankings. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org ROCHESTER, Minn. — U.S. News & World Report released its 2023 "Best Graduate Schools" rankings on Tuesday, March 29. Ranked in the top 10% of medical schools in the U.S. for the sixth consecutive year is Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine. The school is ranked No. 14 in the 2023 Best Graduate School rankings for "Best Medical Schools" in research, and overall — part of a three-way tie with two other medical schools. "To…

Staff (2022-04-02). Agencia Bloomberg señala que aumento de los precios en el mundo amenaza con desatar una nueva recesión. cubadebate.cu Los precios de algunos de los productos básicos más importantes del mundo —alimentos, combustibles, plásticos, metales— están subiendo más de lo que muchos consumidores pueden pagar, lo que obliga a numerosos hogares a recortar sus gastos. Y si esa tendencia se acelera, esto podría provocar una nueva recesión, reporta la agencia Bloomberg.

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). Antigen test-kits widely used amid COVID-19 resurgence in China. ecns.cn Antigen kits for self-testing are being successfully used in cities like Shanghai, Jilin and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, all hit by another outbreak of COVID-19, said a medical expert at Beijing First Hospital on Friday.

WSWS (2022-04-02). Sri Lankan president declares state of emergency to suppress mass protests over austerity. wsws.org Workers must recognise that they are facing a political fight not only against the government but the entire political establishment that defends capitalism and supports austerity measures.

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-04-02). 2022 California Armed Service Day – Tribute to United States Colored Troops. indybay.org AB 1655, is on the way to an official California Juneteenth Holiday to begin sharing our authentic contribution toward saving the Union while fighting for freedom. In July of 1862, Congress passed the Militia Act of 1862. It had become an "indispensable military necessity" to call on America's African descent population to help save the Union.

newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-04-02). Mayo Clinic earns highest score on LGBTQ Health Equality Index survey. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Florida and Rochester earned 100 —the highest score possible —on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's 2022 Health Equality Index survey. These locations have been recognized as "Leaders in LGBTQ+ Healthcare" for 2022. With numerous different locations as a factor, Mayo Clinic Health System did not participate. The Human Rights Campaign Foundation is the largest civil rights organization in the U.S., working to achieve equality for LGBTQ people. The Foundation uses its…

teleSUR, SH (2022-04-02). Brasil supera los 660.000 muertos por la Covid-19. telesurtv.net Brasil contabilizó 27.270 nuevos contagios, elevando a 29.975.165 el total de casos de la Covid-19 registrados en el país suramericano.

teleSUR, JCM (2022-04-02). Tregua de dos meses entre Yemen y Arabia Saudita entra en vigor. telesurtv.net El último cese de hostilidades coordinado en todo el país fue durante las conversaciones de paz en 2016.

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). COVID-19 vaccination bill reaches 120 bln yuan in China. ecns.cn China has spent more than 120 billion yuan (around 18.9 billion U.S. dollars) on COVID-19 vaccination, an expenditure within the limits of the country's medical insurance funds, said the National Healthcare Security Administration.

teleSUR, mcs -MER (2022-04-02). Reportan palestinos heridos por agresión israelí en Cisjordania. telesurtv.net Las víctimas presentaron heridas por proyectiles de goma y balas reales.

ecns.cn (2022-04-02). U.S. House passes bill to federally decriminalize marijuana with partisan divide. ecns.cn The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation on Friday to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, with a partisan divide.

Center for Biological Diversity (2022-04-02). Coastal California Sunflower Is Latest Endangered Species Act Success. indybay.org EUREKA, Calif., March 30, 2022 — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today changed the Endangered Species Act status of beach layia, a small sunflower that grows only in California's coastal dunes, reclassifying it from endangered to threatened. The change is due to reduced impacts from offroad vehicles, grazing, and development throughout much of the species' range.

Yves Wegelin, Serge Halimi (2022-04-02). More weapons are not the solution and Julian Assange. indybay.org What is insane, however, is the belief that peace can be secured for the future with even more weapons. SPD Chancellor Olaf Scholz has announced that he wants to invest an additional hundred billion euros in Germany's army; and in Switzerland, too, armament fantasies are being voiced.

teleSUR, jaa, SH (2022-04-02). Fallece joven palestino tras represión israelí en Cisjordania. telesurtv.net Algunos manifestantes fueron atendidos por asfixia resultado de la inhalación de gases lacrimógenos producto de la represión israelí.

teleSUR, jaa, SH (2022-04-02). Más de 4.000 pandilleros han sido arrestados en El Salvador. telesurtv.net Organizaciones salvadoreñas e internacionales caracterizaron la medida de estado de excepción como abuso de poder .

WSWS (2022-04-02). Global food crisis fuels international class struggle. wsws.org Significant strikes and demonstrations are breaking out across the world in the largest wave of social protest since before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The working class is the social force capable of stopping world war.

WSWS (2022-04-02). French Morenoites cover for New Anticapitalist Party's backing of NATO against Russia. wsws.org The arming of Ukrainian nationalist militias by NATO and the calls by Washington for the overthrow of the Russian government have unmasked the middle-class pseudo-left.

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