2022-06-25: News Headlines

_____ (2022-06-25). US Prepares to Oust Erdogan. journal-neo.org After Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially announced his intention to run in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections in Turkey, the current White House administration gave a clear signal to its Western "allies" to intensify the campaign against the current Turkish leader and prepare measures to oust him. Although there is no talk of a coup d'état …

WEXIT (2022-06-25). Overturning Roe is Illegitimate: SCOTUS Decision Must Not Stand. indybay.org 5: 00 pm Protests at Supreme Court & everywhere, nationwide | RiseUp4AbortionRights.org is calling on people to bring the gears of society to a grinding halt through nonviolent mass resistance to compel the federal government to reverse the overturning of Roe v Wade by codifying into law access to abortion on demand nationwide.

Pajaro Valley Art Gallery (2022-06-25). Saturday 7/9: Art and History of La Virgen de Guadalupe Conference. indybay.org Cabrillo College Watsonville Center. 318 Union Street, Watsonville…

Dave Id (2022-06-25). SCOTUS Overturns Roe v Wade: The Dissent of Justices Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan. indybay.org Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan: "Today, the Court discards that balance. It says that from the very moment of fertilization, a woman has no rights to speak of. A State can force her to bring a pregnancy to term, even at the steepest personal and familial costs."

Socialist Alternative Oakland (2022-06-25). Saturday 6/25: We Will Not Go Back: Build the Socialist Feminist Movement! indybay.org Snow Park (north side), Oakland, CA…

Repost (2022-06-25). AFL-CIO Complicit in Murder of Palestinian Journalist Shireen Abu Aklehi. indybay.org The AFL-CIO leadership collude with the Israeli Zionist federation Histadrut and the Israeli labor party which not only supports the apartheid regime but has a police minister in the government. The AFL-CIO has also been silent about the murder of Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Aklehi by the Israeil police.

Angela (2022-06-25). Saturday 6/25: Free Virtual Screening of the documentary film "We Like Life Tomorrow" indybay.org

PSL SDS FRSO CPUSA (2022-06-25). Friday 6/24: San José Emergency Action: Defend Abortion Rights! indybay.org San José City Hall | 200 East Santa Clara Street | San José, CA 95113…

Occupy the Court (2022-06-25). Roe is overturned — Protests Today, near you. indybay.org This morning, the Supreme Court formally overturned Roe v. Wade. Protests, which had been scheduled for awhile all over the country for "Decision Day", will now be taking place later today.

Marie Kelly (2022-06-25). How the 'Janes' created underground abortion access. workers.org A U.S. Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization is expected to overturn the 1973 SCOTUS Roe v. Wade ruling sometime during late June — and pave the way to re-criminalization of the right to abortion. At this writing 26 states are poised to outlaw abortion and . . . |

WSWS (2022-06-25). Democratic-led Louisiana bans abortion after Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade. wsws.org Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, signed two bills on Tuesday that ban most abortions, criminalize them and impose draconian penalties for those who perform the procedure.

J.M. Straughn (2022-06-25). Despite views of U.S. majority, Supreme Court overturns right to abortion, harming millions. workers.org As of today, June 24, there is no federal right to access safe, legal abortions. The Supreme Court of the United States overturned the legal right to access abortion, decided by the high court in 1973 in the Roe v. Wade case, which permitted abortions until "viability." The state of . . . |

The Conversation (2022-06-25). America's religious Communities are divided over the issue of Abortion. juancole.com Interview by Kalpana Jain, The Conversation | &#1 ; Interviewed: Luis Josué Salés, Scripps College; Rachel Mikva, Chicago Theological Seminary; Samira Meht University of Colorado Boulder; Steven K. Green, Willamette University; Susan M. Shaw; Oregon State University. Since the first indications that the U.S. Supreme Court could overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, following a …

Dave DeCamp (2022-06-25). Jordan's King Abdullah Says He Would Support a 'Middle East NATO'. news.antiwar.com Jordan's King Abdullah has said that he would support forming a "Middle East NATO" amid efforts by the US and Israel to build an anti-Iran alliance in the region. | "I would be one of the first people that would endorse a Middle East NATO," Jordan is designated by the US as a major "non-NATO ally" and has a history of cooperating and drilling with the military alliance. "I'd like to see more countries in the area come into that mix," he said. | Abdullah's comments came…

John J. Mearsheimer (2022-06-25). The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine War: A lecture by John J. Mearsheimer. juancole.com Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies: "Professor John J. Mearsheimer will discuss the current Russian invasion on Ukraine whilst exploring the potential causes and consequences of the crisis. In this lecture, Prof. Mearsheimer will aim to focus on both the origins of the war in Ukraine and some of its most important consequences. He will …

Anonymous103 (2022-06-25). New Military Aid Package From US To Ukraine: Four More HIMARS Included. southfront.org On June 23, US President Biden signed a new $4 million aid package for Ukraine that includes more High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), patrol boats, and tactical vehicles. This was the 13th such outlay this year. | On the same day, Ukrainian officials confirmed that they had received the first HIMARS delivery as part of the previous aid package which was announced on June 1. 4 HIMARS are already in service with the AFU. | The $4 million weapons package includes: | Four more HIM…

WSWS (2022-06-25). US doubles long-range missile shipments to Ukraine in war with Russia. wsws.org Amid a series of disastrous battlefield setbacks, the US and NATO continue to expand their involvement in the war against Russia.

John Catalinotto (2022-06-25). Antiwar protest planned for NATO Summit in Madrid — WW commentary. workers.org The most aggressive and powerful military alliance in the history of humanity, NATO is holding a summit June 29-30 in Madrid to plan its next confrontations with Russia and China — and to reinforce its domination of the world, despite contradictions within the imperialist camp. In opposition to these plans, . . . |

WSWS (2022-06-25). Spain's Morenoite CRT works to trap anti-war sentiment behind pro-war Podemos government. wsws.org As opposition mounts to the US-NATO war on Russia before next week's NATO summit in Madrid, pseudo-left groups are seeking to promote Spain's ruling Podemos party.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-06-25). Fuerzas israelíes asesinan a joven palestino en Silwad. telesurtv.net El adolescente se encontraba en un camino hacia la colonia de Ofra, vecina de Silwad, cuando resultó herido por los soldados israelíes.

Dave DeCamp (2022-06-25). US Commander Says Russia and China's Partnership Means US Must Prepare for Attack on Guam. news.antiwar.com The head of US Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) on Friday Adm. John Aquilino said China's actions mean the US should spend more money on building up Guam's defenses. INDOPACOM is seeking additional funds for a program known as the Pacific Deterrence Initiative, and part of the plan is to buildup US military facilities in Guam. | "Guam has a 360-degree threat, so our ability to defend it and to be able to…

Leslie Feinberg (2022-06-25). Leslie Feinberg brings Rainbow Flags to 'FREE MUMIA! workers.org Feinberg gave these remarks at the historic Free Mumia rally, Madison Square Garden, New York City, May 7, 2000. (youtube.com/watch?v=zV4rxNZaF9M) My name is Leslie Feinberg, and we've come with Rainbow Flags for Mumia! We are here today to demand a new trial for Mumia. And we are here to stand . . . |

Michael R Perkin (2022-06-25). [Comment] Early introduction of allergenic food for all infants. thelancet.com The 2015 Learning Early About Peanut Allergy (LEAP) study triggered a paradigm shift in the field of food allergy prevention from an understanding that, in infants at high risk of developing a peanut allergy, prevention was best achieved by peanut avoidance to active early peanut consumption.1 LEAP showed that in infants at high risk of peanut allergy aged 4—10 months with either severe eczema or egg allergy, or both, peanut consumption three times a week achieved an 81% reduction in the prevalence of peanut allergy at 5 years of age.

TeleSUR, ldp, SH (2022-06-25). Aumenta a 18 los migrantes muertos al intentar entrar a España. telesurtv.net Las autoridades españolas indicaron que al menos 13 de los 176 migrantes heridos se encuentran en estado de gravedad.

WSWS (2022-06-25). Australia: Striking NSW teachers and nurses must fight for unified struggle. wsws.org An organised mobilisation of the more than 400,000 public sector workers in NSW would form a powerful basis for a political fight against the bipartisan wage- and cost-cutting agenda.

____ (2022-06-25). RMB gains larger share in global payments: SWIFT. ecns.cn The Chinese currency renminbi (RMB), or the yuan, has retained its position as the fifth most active currency for global payments by value in May with a larger share, said the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-06-25). Mayo Clinic Q and A: Tips for reducing risk of hearing loss. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I recently realized that I often ask people to repeat themselves, and I must turn up the volume on the TV louder than before. How do I know if I have hearing loss? I am 46. Aren't I too young for hearing loss? Can I take steps to prevent future hearing loss? ANSWER: The ears are an important part of the body, and damage to the delicate structures housed there can lead to hearing…

WSWS (2022-06-25). New Brunswick educator speaks to the Global Workers' Inquest on the abandonment of pandemic protections: "All decisions were made above our heads. We had no say" wsws.org Mina recently spoke about her experiences as an educator during the pandemic, her view of her union's and the government's pandemic policy, and what she thinks is in store for the province when classes resume in fall 2022.

TeleSUR, MER (2022-06-25). Gobierno ecuatoriano prevé uso de carabinas con perdigones para reprimir protestas. telesurtv.net El ministro ecuatoriano del Interior, Patricio Carrillo, afirmó que "tenemos que reprimir con el uso progresivo de fuerza".

TeleSUR, SH (2022-06-25). Líder indígena niega intención de derrocar al presidente Lasso. telesurtv.net Leonidas Iza anunció que el movimiento indígena se va a reorganizar para continuar la movilización en la capital ecuatoriana.

Staff (2022-06-25). Derecho de Autor en Cuba (III y final): Luces detrás de la norma (+ Podcast). cubadebate.cu El 16 de mayo de 2022 se presentó y aprobó la Ley de los Derechos del Autor y del Artista Intérprete, destinada a sustituir la antigua Ley 14 de 1977, con un tratamiento mucho más minucioso a las facultades que corresponden a los creadores y también la incorporación de derechos que se reconocen a otros sujetos, especialmente a los artistas, intérpretes o ejecutantes.

WSWS (2022-06-25). Wave of protests against India's new military recruitment scheme driven by anger over mass unemployment. wsws.org The Modi government and military view the recruitment scheme as critical to freeing up funds to acquire new weapons systems and aggressively pursue India's great-power ambitions, including against its principal rivals China and Pakistan.

Criptacular! (2022-06-25). Support Your Community and Yourself. indybay.org Available public services for seniors and people with disabilities are often not well-publicized, and if we don't apply for them, we are often undercounted and underserved when we need it most.

____ (2022-06-25). Xi Jinping: Only Through Continuous Development Can the People's Dream for a Better Life and Social Stability Be Realized. ecns.cn On the evening of June 24, Chinese President Xi Jinping chaired the High-level Dialogue on Global Development in Beijing via video link and delivered important remarks. President Xi Jinping recounted the story and his experience of being a farmer on the Loess Plateau.

Staff (2022-06-25). Turoperador canadiense Hola Sun de Canadá retoma viajes a Cuba. cubadebate.cu El turoperador canadiense Hola Sun/Caribe Sol anunció hoy que retomará sus operaciones hacia Cuba, en colaboración con la aerolínea OWG. La compañía prepara viajes a partir del próximo 30 de junio con vuelos a Holguín, Santa Clara, Varadero, y Cayo Coco.

WSWS (2022-06-25). Australian defence minister cajoles India over Russia and China. wsws.org While insisting that he was not "lecturing" India, Marles called on the Indian government of Narendra Modi to align against Moscow as well as Beijing.

____ (2022-06-25). Beijing bourse sees 100 IPOs in seven months. ecns.cn China's Beijing Stock Exchange (BSE) embraced the listing of the 100th firm Friday as the newly established bourse attracts innovative smaller enterprises with its listing efficiency and smooth operation.

____ (2022-06-25). Chinese people are in no hurry to tie the knot. ecns.cn The average age of first marriage of Chinese people stood at 28.67 in 2020 after continuously rising since 2010, China News Service reported on Friday, citing the statistical yearbook released by the National Bureau of Statistics recently.

TeleSUR, ysm, JDO (2022-06-25). ONU rechaza anulación del derecho al aborto en EE.UU. telesurtv.net Las entidades de Naciones Unidas coinciden en que la medida es un retroceso para el Estado de derecho y la igualdad de género.

The Lancet (2022-06-25). [Editorial] Cancer care: widening the scope of innovation. thelancet.com The keynote address at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting earlier in June was met with great enthusiasm. André Ilbawi, WHO's Cancer Control Officer, announced the first partnership between ASCO and WHO that, he says, "catalyses meaningful innovation to address persistent inequities—locally and globally—in cancer care". The principle of the collaboration is to incentivise "social and organisational innovations" rather than the development of new drugs or diagnostics, particularly in low-income and middle-income countries.

Staff (2022-06-25). El tiempo: Algunos chubascos y tormentas eléctricas. cubadebate.cu Amanecerá con sol y algunas nubes en oriente y con poca nubosidad en el resto del territorio. Desde el final de la mañana estará parcialmente nublado y se nublará en la tarde en gran parte del país, con algunas lluvias y tormentas eléctricas, principalmente en localidades del interior y sur.

TeleSUR, ysm, MER (2022-06-25). Ferroviarios franceses convocan a huelga por mejora salarial. telesurtv.net Representantes sindicales indicaron que desde el 2014 no se ha realizado un aumento general de salarios en la compañía.

TeleSUR, yart, DRL (2022-06-25). Reaccionan a decisión de Corte Suprema sobre el aborto en EE.UU. telesurtv.net El presidente de EE.UU., Joe Biden, consideró que el Supremo arrebató un derecho constitucional a los ciudadanos.

Newsnetwork.mayoclinic (2022-06-25). Coronary artery bypass grafting has potential benefits for patients over age 80 with reasonable surgical risk, Mayo Clinic study finds. newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org ROCHESTER, Minn. — Patients over age 80 are considered high-risk candidates for coronary artery bypass grafting, not only because of normal wear and tear on the body, but also because of comorbidities and risks of complications after surgery. No hard-and-fast guidelines are available to assess the risks and benefits for octogenarians. Patients and physicians often choose not to proceed with surgery, and that decision carries its own risks and disadvantages. A new retrospective study from…

Richard Horton (2022-06-25). [Comment] Offline: The UK, a knave among nations. thelancet.com In 2015, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Global Health published an admiring report, The UK's Contribution to Health Globally—Benefiting the Country and the World. They identified four sectors where Britain added important value. The UK had shown consistent global leadership towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Tens of thousands of health workers across Africa and Asia had received education and training through National Health Service volunteering. The UK was the only G7 nation to meet the 0 ∑7% GNI target for donor aid.

TeleSUR, lvm, JDO (2022-06-25). Represión israelí deja nueve palestinos heridos en Cisjordania. telesurtv.net Más de 600.000 colonos israelíes han invadido territorio palestino y construido asentamientos exclusivos para judíos.

Staff (2022-06-25). Cuadrando la Caja: øQué significa en la Cuba de hoy que haya empresas estatales con pérdidas? cubadebate.cu Les propongo, al igual que en el programa anterior comenzar por lo más simple, øqué significa en la Cuba de hoy que haya empresas estatales con pérdidas? øCómo se entiende esto? øA qué nos referimos cuando estamos hablando de empresas con pérdidas?

WSWS (2022-06-25). Ahead of the WHO emergency deliberations, the World Health Network declares monkeypox a pandemic. wsws.org The World Health Network released a statement on Wednesday calling the current outbreak of monkeypox infections across the globe a pandemic and demanding the WHO declare a public health emergency of international concern. Deliberations are underway in Geneva as the emergency committee convened on Thursday, June 23, 2022.

____ (2022-06-25). 914 cultural relics from Beijing to be on display in Hong Kong. ecns.cn A total of 914 cultural relics from the collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing are to be on display in the Hong Kong Palace Museum.

Staff (2022-06-25). Front pages of Iran's English dailies on June 25. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Jun. 25 (MNA) — Here are the front pages of Iran's English language dailies on Saturday, June 25.

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