2022-12-04: News Headlines

____ (2022-12-04). EU plans to criminalize violation of sanctions against Russia. ecns.cn The European Commission on Friday proposed making the circumvention of the European Union's (EU) sanctions against Russia a criminal offense.

____ (2022-12-04). UN chief Guterres calls for renewed efforts to end slavery. ecns.cn UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday called on governments and societies to recommit to eradicating slavery, and underscored the need to recognize the painful legacy of slavery and the growing of its modern forms.

Workers World Party (2022-12-04). Workers World Party statement: Solidarity with railroad workers! workers.org President Joe Biden has just signed legislation, passed by both houses of Congress, imposing a contract between Class One freight rail companies and the 11 railroad unions. Thus with the stroke of a pen, the CEO of the capitalist state, Biden, stripped these unions of their most basic right: the . . . |

Labor Video Project (2022-12-04). Is AFL-CIO Pres Schuler Betraying US Labor Movement In Rail Fight? LA Union Leader Speaks. indybay.org AFL-CIO president Liz Schuler has said that " "I commend and thank | rail workers and their unions for tenaciously taking on some of the biggest corporations in America over the last three years to reach a contract." The bill that was passed imposed an agreement that left out sick pay. Los Angeles Roofer's Local 36 Business Manager Cliff Smith discusses why this is a betrayal during this interview.

Dean Baker (2022-12-04). The November Jobs Report Was Not as Strong as Advertised. cepr.net I confess, I am a card-carrying member of Team Transitory, and I have been wrong about the extent to which inflation would be persistent. This was largely due to subsequent rounds of Covid, China's zero Covid policy, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, all factors which the inflation hawks did not anticipate either. But regardless …

Ramzy Baroud (2022-12-04). "Deliberate Ambiguity": Israel's Nuclear Weapons Are Greatest Threat to Middle East. dissidentvoice.org As western countries are floating the theory that Russia could escalate its conflict with Ukraine to a nuclear war, many western governments continue to turn a blind eye to Israel's own nuclear weapons capabilities. Luckily, many countries around the world do not subscribe to this endemic western hypocrisy. 'The Conference on the Establishment of a …

_____ (2022-12-04). The Volatility Of US Hegemony In Latin America, Part II. popularresistance.org The US has long considered Latin America and the Caribbean to be its "backyard" under the anachronist 1823 Monroe Doctrine. And even though current US President Biden mistakenly thinks that upgrading the region to the "front yard" makes any difference, Yankee hemispheric hegemony is becoming increasingly volatile. A "Pink Tide" of left electoral victories since 2018 have swept Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Honduras, Chile, Columbia, and Brazil. At the same time, China has emerged as an economic presence while tumultuously inflationary winds blow in the world economy. | In this larger context, the socialist tr…

Mforinoco (2022-12-04). Haiti in the Caribbean: A Political Economy Perspective on the Urgent Crisis of Imperialism. orinocotribune.com By Tamanisha John Nov 23, 2022 | If Haiti is "the poorest country in the hemisphere" it is because imperialist policies continue to impoverish and destabilize that nation. | Often, when you mention Haiti in conversation and the anti-imperial struggle that has consistently been waged by the Haitian people against imperialist forces for centuries, you are met with minor acknowledgement and some confusion by the listener. Even in cases where there are those who understand Haiti's battle against imperialist interventions and incursions — many people are still unclear about: "why Haiti." This is especiall…

Roger D. Harris (2022-12-04). The Volatility of US Hegemony in Latin America The Pink Tide Surges, 2018-2022 (Part 1). orinocotribune.com

Staff (2022-12-04). President Maduro Meets with Opposition Group at Miraflores Palace, Agenda to be Drafted. orinocotribune.com

The Lever (2022-12-04). LEVER WEEKLY: All They Had To Do Was Nothing. levernews.com Read the full story: | Sign up now to read the full story and get access to all paid posts. | Already have an account? |

Binoy Kampmark (2022-12-04). The Raider Spirit: The Unveiling of the B-21. dissidentvoice.org The US military industrial complex has made news with another eye-wateringly expensive product, a near totemic tribute to waste in a time of crisis. The $700 million B-21 Raider stealth bomber was unveiled by Northrop Grumman Corp. and the United States Air Force on December 2 at Airforce Plant 42 in Palmdale, California. There was …

_____ (2022-12-04). US, China Defense Ministers meet on the sidelines of the 9th ADMM-Plus Forum. journal-neo.org The results of the meeting between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden, which took place on November 14 on the sidelines of the G20 summit, have been given different evaluations. By official representatives of both countries and independent commentators alike. Which is natural, since, despite the highest level of representation of the …

Angela (2022-12-04). Sunday 12/11: Q&A Discussion of "Come and See; Go and Tell – Next Year in Palestine" indybay.org

Angela (2022-12-04). Saturday 12/3: Free virtual screening of the documentary film "In the Pocket of Oslo" indybay.org

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-12-04). Some Oil Paintings I've Done Recently. thealtworld.com I've been doing a lot of oil painting lately. Here are some of the ones I like: | ‚ùñ | Julian Assange. | | ‚ùñ | Terence McKenna. | | ‚ùñ | Assange again. I enjoy painting eyes. | | ‚ùñ | My husband Tim. | | ‚ùñ | Lightbulbs. | | ‚ùñ | The grandfather from the documentary About…

Craig Baldwin (2022-12-04). Saturday 12/10: Nonewsauthor"> Cinema – Rhody/Smith/Kujawskis Minimal Expanded Cinema. indybay.org 992 Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission District.

Craig Baldwin (2022-12-04). Saturday 12/17: Avant to Live – New Experimental Work. indybay.org 992 Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission District.

David Giesen (2022-12-04). Thursday 12/15: Solon's Salon. indybay.org Notable House | 189 Ellsworth St. | San Francisco…

____ (2022-12-04). Comicomment: Gunshots shatter illusion of US-style human rights. ecns.cn

____ (2022-12-04). World's first high-speed railway in extremely low temperatures transports 670 mln passengers in 10 years. ecns.cn The world's first high-speed railway operating at high latitudes and extremely low temperatures in winter, Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway, has transported 670 million passengers since it began service ten years ago.

____ (2022-12-04). China's two meteorological satellites put into operation. ecns.cn Two meteorological satellites, along with their ground application systems, have officially started operation, said the China Meteorological Administration on Thursday.

____ (2022-12-04). Profile: Jiang Zemin's great, glorious life. ecns.cn Jiang Zemin was an outstanding leader enjoying high prestige acknowledged by the whole Communist Party of China (CPC), the entire military and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups.

____ (2022-12-04). Chinese people mourn Jiang Zemin. ecns.cn Chinese people were saddened to hear the news of the passing of their former leader Jiang Zemin, who died Wednesday in Shanghai at the age of 96.In the city of Yangzhou, east China's Jiangsu Province, flower bouquets lined the entrance to the former residence of Jiang.

____ (2022-12-04). Asian, African diplomats in China mourn former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin. ecns.cn Diplomatic envoys from Asian and African countries visited China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday and Friday and offered their condolences over the passing of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

____ (2022-12-04). China-Laos Railway marks first anniversary. ecns.cn The China-Laos Railway has transported a total of 8.5 million passengers and 11.2 million tons of goods as of Saturday, since its launch on Dec. 3 a year ago, according to China State Railway Group.

____ (2022-12-04). (W. E. Talk) Yin Kaipu: Why dida Plant Hunter Call China 'the Mother of World Gardens'. ecns.cn Lilies are popular in European and American courtyards, but almost all the mother plants of European and American lilies originated from Lilium regale in China. The rose, which in the West symbolizes love, is actually a hybrid of the European rose and the Chinese rose. Kiwifruit, a New Zealand calling card , was born in China and is also known as the Chinese gooseberry.

____ (2022-12-04). Chinese spokesperson says U.S. lets ally Europe pay price of crisis. ecns.cn Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Friday said the United States is letting its ally Europe pay the price in the crisis.

____ (2022-12-04). More world leaders mourn passing of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin. ecns.cn Leaders of many countries and international organizations continued to express their deep condolences by phone, letter and other means to Chinese President Xi Jinping over the passing of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin.

____ (2022-12-04). Chinese armed forces mourn passing of Jiang Zemin. ecns.cn Officers and soldiers throughout the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) have for days mourned Comrade Jiang Zemin who passed away at the age of 96 on Wednesday, remembering his remarkable accomplishments.

____ (2022-12-04). John Lee says next five years critical for Hong Kong's new leap forward. ecns.cn John Lee, chief executive of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), said on Saturday that the next five years are a critical period for Hong Kong to break new ground and make a new leap forward.

____ (2022-12-04). Shanghai's largest heritage complex reopens after renovation. ecns.cn Built in 1882, Zhang Yuan or Zhang's Garden, a community filled with hundreds of shikumen houses in downtown Shanghai's Jing'an district is widely known as Shanghai's largest, best-preserved and most diverse shikumen compound.

____ (2022-12-04). Decoding tea culture in Song Dynasty. ecns.cn

____ (2022-12-04). Cradle of Civilization: Ancient Luoyang City of the Sui and Tang Dynasties. ecns.cn The ancient Luoyang City of the Sui and Tang dynasties is now part of Luoyang City and its outskirts in Henan Province. Built in 605, the ancient city was the eastern capital of the Sui and Tang dynasties.

____ (2022-12-04). In numbers: China's tea industry at a glance. ecns.cn

____ (2022-12-04). Culture fact: Chinese tea culture. ecns.cn

____ (2022-12-04). Timeline of the building of China's Space Station. ecns.cn

____ (2022-12-04). (100 great changes) Mobile Payments Inject New Momentum into China's Economy. ecns.cn China has also moved quickly in Digital Currency Electronic Payment, piloting the new money in major cities including Beijing and Shanghai. Transactions using the digital money has surpassed 100 billion yuan (13.9 billion dollars).China will move forward building infrastructure of the digital money and its ecosystem and improving the system's security and reliability.

____ (2022-12-04). China-Laos Railway transports 8.5 million passengers. ecns.cn As of Friday, the China-Laos Railway has handled over 8.5 million passenger trips and transported 11.2 million tonnes of cargo since its launch a year ago, the Chinese railway operator said.

____ (2022-12-04). Ancient tomb unearthed in N China's Shanxi. ecns.cn Ancient tombs dating back to about eight hundred years ago were unearthed in Taiyuan, capital of north China's Shanxi Province, according to Taiyuan Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.

____ (2022-12-04). Made-in-China products shine at Qatar World Cup. ecns.cn Various World Cup-related products were dazzling in souvenir shops in Doha, capital of Qatar, most of which are made in China, including the Qatar World Cup Mascot La'eeb, souvenirs, sports gear, T-shirts, badges and phone cases.

____ (2022-12-04). (100 great changes) The Yellow River: A 'mother river' benefiting its people. ecns.cn On October 30, 2022, the Yellow River Protection Law of China was approved at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, which means the ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin has become a law to abide by.

Eye Zen (2022-12-04). Friday 12/16: Revolution is Not a One Time Event. indybay.org Studio A.C.T @ 30 Grant Avenue san Francisco California 94108…

Fuck TERFs (2022-12-04). Monday 12/5: Warning: Transphobes Kara Dansky and Lierre Kieth plan to stage protest in Oakland. indybay.org René C. Davidson Courthouse | 1225 Fallon Street | Oakland, CA 94612…

International Human Rights Day Coalition (2022-12-04). Friday 12/9: Unite and Fight for our Rights, Lives, and planet. indybay.org Gather at the New Federal Building 7th and Mission | March to Powell and Market and Union Square…

J Goldberg, A Leisewitz, G Wiegel & M Zander (2022-12-04). Lockdown light – Corona crisis and capitalism. indybay.org The pandemic and countermeasures have effects shaped by the neoliberal form of capitalism[6] that has dominated since the 1980s. Three aspects are worth mentioning: 1.the independence of the financial sphere,2.the fragmentation of the labor markets, and | 3.the weakening of social systems. In the financialized economy, measures to cushion the crisis strengthen the haves.

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-12-04). Rosa Louise McCauley Parks – Patron Saint – Women's Political Council of Montgomery, AL. indybay.org If the Women's Political Council of Montgomery, Alabama is known, then the efficacy of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement is placed in proper context, #Womanity.

Khubaka, Michael Harris (2022-12-04). Golden Harvest Ceremony – Growing food in Historic Negro Bar, Lake Natoma, California. indybay.org 1848 Negro Hill, Mormon Island and Negro Bar Gold Mining District on Ancient Indigenous Lands in California. "It's important to keep the focus squarely on the culprit that brought us to this point today. And that's the US government. Its subtle and overt expansion of White supremacy is to blame here. These are two incredibly aggrieved, hyper-marginalized groups,"

Labor Video Project (2022-12-04). Biden & Republicrats Union Busting Bill Against Railway Workers & Their Fight For Sick Pay. indybay.org The Biden administration with the support of most of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress pushed a bill that imposes a reactionary contract that severely limits sick pay and benefits BNSF railroad owner Warren Buffet and the other railroad corporations.

Lee Siu Hin, National Immigrant Solidarity N (2022-12-04). Winter 2022 National Immigrant Solidarity Network Immigrant Justice News Alert! indybay.org Racist Hate and Migrantphobia Continues Under Biden…

Leon Kunstenaar (2022-12-04). Meet the Bay Area Photographers Safety Group. indybay.org Bay Area Photographers Organize for Safety in face of increasing armed robberies…

Leon Kunstenaar (2022-12-04). Rain or Shine, Grannies Rage for Abortion Rights. indybay.org Action at Federal Building part of Nationwide Protest…

LOL (2022-12-04). Bad Deal: Seeno's and Tagami's Newest Proposal for Concord. indybay.org The latest term sheet proposal by the Concord First (yes, really that's their name) Partners is a bad deal for Concord. Not only is it more of the same sprawl that fails at addressing climate challenges, the proposal reinforces the widening economic disparity in the region.

Melinda Hughes (2022-12-04). Monday 12/5: No Men In Women's Prisons. indybay.org Steps of R. C. Davidson Courthouse, Oakland…

Mt. Diablo Peace & Justice Center (2022-12-04). Saturday 12/17: 14th Annual Peace and Justice Awards Dinner. indybay.org

Paul Oboohov (2022-12-04). Protesters target the Australian Defence Exports Office. greenleft.org.au "The Australian Defence Exports Office (ADEO) is a gift from the government to the weapons' corporations," Miriam Torzillo told protesters outside its office. Paul Oboohov reports.

People for the American Way (2022-12-04). Sunday 12/4: "Voting Rights: The Struggle To Be Counted" – History Film on Black Voter Suppression. indybay.org Online event…

Phoebe Thomas Sorgen (2022-12-04). Sunday 12/4: Roy Zimmerman Concert & Political Comedy. indybay.org Berkeley – 1924 Cedar St. a block above MLK Wy. | BFUU Hall is midway between downtown and north Berkeley BART stations.

Rose Ramirez (2022-12-04). Reproductive Rights Repertory on the Streets of San Francisco. indybay.org Photos by Rachel Podlishevsky, ProBonoPhoto.org | Please credit the photographer…

SF on National Day of Action (2022-12-04). Street Theater for Abortion Rights on Anniversary of Dobbs v. Jackson. indybay.org Street theater and songs for abortion rights | 1 min mp4 video by Lis Cox.

Staff (2022-12-04). La Tira de los Lectores: Mi primer día de clases. cubadebate.cu Hace unos días la convocamos y hoy regresa La Tira de los Lectores, esta vez dedicada al inicio del curso escolar en Cuba. Recuerda que puedes comunicarte con nosotros mediante el correo comentacubadebate@gmail.com o a través de nuestros perfiles en redes sociales.

Staff (2022-12-04). Yoan López o el chamaquito del Panel 2. cubadebate.cu øQuién le iba a decir que ese otro sueño lo cumpliría primero? O lo que es más raro: lo pondría en el camino de materializar el que parecía más fácil. En 2013 salió de Cuba con la aspiración de llegar a la Gran Carpa, dos años después (2015), cuando los Piratas de la Isla conseguían el subcampeonato en la Serie 54.

Staff (2022-12-04). Caribe, nuestra región entrañable. cubadebate.cu Sostiene Díaz-Canel encuentro con miembros de la misión estatal de Cuba en San Vicente y Las Granadinas, de la brigada médica y con representantes de la sociedad de amistad y residentes cubanos. Desde que llegamos hoy en la mañana a San Vicente y Las Granadinas hemos estado recibiendo mucho cariño de este pueblo, dijo el presidente.

Staff (2022-12-04). El tiempo: Lluvias en zonas de la costa norte oriental. cubadebate.cu Estará parcialmente nublado en zonas de la costa norte, nublándose en ocasiones con aislados chubascos y lluvias, principalmente en la región oriental, en donde pueden persistir durante la tarde. En el resto del país habrá poca nubosidad, desde el final de la mañana estará parcialmente nublado y se nublará en la tarde en algunas localidades con aisladas lluvias.

Staff (2022-12-04). UNE no prevé afectaciones por déficit de capacidad de generación en el horario diurno este domingo. cubadebate.cu La Unión Eléctrica informó que la disponibilidad del SEN a las 07: 00 de este domingo era de de 2 270 MW y la demanda, de 1 780 MW, con toda la demanda servida. No se prevén afectaciones por déficit de capacidad de generación en el horario diurno durante la jornada dominical. Para el pico nocturno se estima una disponibilidad de 2 544 MW y una afectación de 326 MW.

TeleSUR, jaa, JGN (2022-12-04). Quinta ola de covid-19 inicia en Paraguay con 621 nuevos casos. telesurtv.net El director de vigilancia epidemiológica afirmó que el número de personas hospitalizadas se duplicó, pues fueron internados 44 pacientes, entre ellos cuatro embarazadas.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). FMI aprueba a nivel técnico revisión del acuerdo con Argentina. telesurtv.net El entendimiento está sujeto a la revisión del directorio del FMI y si procede Argentina accedería a un desembolso de 6.000 millones de dólares.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). OPEP y sus aliados deciden mantener recorte en producción de crudo. telesurtv.net Los ministros de Energía y Petróleo de los 23 países de la alianza acordaron seguir con la reducción de su bombeo conjunto en dos millones de barriles diarios (mbd).

TeleSUR, JDO (2022-12-04). Petro: acuerdo con ELN permitirá regreso de indígenas desplazados. telesurtv.net Presidente colombiano valora que el regreso de los Embera a sus resguardos es un compromiso de su Gobierno y el Ejército de Liberación Nacional.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-12-04). Pelé revela que se siente fuerte y con muchas esperanzas. telesurtv.net La clínica Albert Einstein comunicó este sábado que el astro brasileño "sigue con el tratamiento aplicado y su estado de salud sigue siendo estable".

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-12-04). Denuncian el asesinato de un líder social colombiano en Nariño. telesurtv.net El Indepaz apuntó que con este caso suman ya 179 líderes asesinados en lo que va de 2022 y 1.399 desde la firma del acuerdo de paz.

TeleSUR, lvm, JGN (2022-12-04). Sexualidad y discapacidad: importancia de un mundo inclusivo. telesurtv.net "Las desigualdades sanitarias sistémicas y persistentes, muchas personas con discapacidad corren el riesgo de morir mucho antes", precisó la OMS.

TeleSUR, mm, MER (2022-12-04). Francia se enfrentará a Polonia en octavos de la Copa Mundial. telesurtv.net Los polacos buscarán clasificar a la siguiente fase de la Copa del Mundo con la presión de enfrentarse a los actuales campeones.

TeleSUR, mv, MER (2022-12-04). Inglaterra y Senegal buscarán pase a cuartos de final de Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net Inglaterra clasificó como líder del Grupo B con dos victorias y un empate, mientras que Senegal llega luego de dos triunfos y una derrota.

Staff (2022-12-04). Francia vence 3-1 a Polonia y sigue camino como uno de los aspirantes a llevarse la Copa en Catar 2022. cubadebate.cu Con dos goles de Mbappé y uno de Giroud, que se convirtió en máximo goleador histórico de la selección gala, Francia derrotó este domingo a Polonia, que solo pudo responder con un gol de penal que en último momento convirtió Lewandowski. Con juego incisivo, dominio y ofensiva efectiva, los franceses se confirmaron entre los aspirantes a la Copa en Catar 2022.

Staff (2022-12-04). La OPEP no cambiará metas de producción, en medio de sanciones que buscan reducir ingresos petroleros rusos. cubadebate.cu La OPEP decidió este domingo no modificar sus metas de producción en medio del entorno incierto que han generado las nuevas sanciones contra Rusia con las que Occidente busca afectar los ingresos petroleros de ese país y que amenazan con dejar al mercado sin cantidades significativas de crudo y elevar los precios.

Staff (2022-12-04). Continúa este domingo programa del presidente Díaz-Canel en San Vicente y las Granadinas. cubadebate.cu La visita oficial a San Vicente y las Granadinas del primer secretario del Partido Comunista de Cuba y presidente de la República, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, continuó este domingo con un recorrido por el Moderno Centro Médico y de Diagnóstico, abierto en Georgetown en 2018 y fruto de una idea de Fidel.

Reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras (2022-12-04). Rita Segato: Raza, decolonización, patriarcado, feminismo… indybay.org Rita Segato: "Elegimos una teoría por la dirección de la historia en la que queremos ir"

Reenvia Red Latina sin fronteras (2022-12-04). Silvia Federici: Elogio del cuerpo que baila. indybay.org Un fragmento de "Ir más allá de la piel. Repensar, rehacer y reivindicar el cuerpo en el capitalismo contemporáneo", nuevo libro de Silvia Federici…

Staff (2022-12-04). Gira presidencial (V y final): àöltimos detalles de un viaje a la luz. cubadebate.cu Menos de una semana (cargada de trabajo) duró la parada en Cuba, antes de iniciar otra gira, esta vez por el Caribe, donde habitan los amigos ( øo será mejor decir parientes?) más pequeños en extensión y población; los que a veces no tienen nada que dar y lo dan todo.

Staff (2022-12-04). CNN anuncia cientos de despidos: Un "puñetazo en el estómago" para la cadena. cubadebate.cu Llagan las vacas flacas a algunos medios de comunicación. Según el diario estadounidense The Hill, el consejero delegado de Network, Chris Licht, ha escrito una carta al personal del canal televisivo estadounidense CNN para informar a sus empleados que había comenzado el proceso de despidos a un número no especificado de empleados.

Staff (2022-12-04). Develan estatua de Carlos J. Finlay en el Instituto creador de las vacunas Soberanas. cubadebate.cu En el Día de la Medicina Latinoamericana, en horas de la mañana de este sábado 3 de diciembre, fue develada en el Instituto Finlay de Vacunas (IFV), en La Habana, la estatua del médico y científico cubano Carlos Juan Finlay y Barrés.

Staff (2022-12-04). Encuesta de Cubadebate: øQué equipos ganarán los octavos de final? cubadebate.cu La fase de grupos del Mundial de Catar 2022 ya es historia y hemos conocido a todas las selecciones clasificadas para los octavos de final. A partir de los pareos, Cubadebate te invita a seleccionar los equipos favoritos para pasar a la próxima fase del mundial. Puedes votar por las 8 selecciones de tu preferencia.

Staff (2022-12-04). OUT 27: Entrenamiento de Cuba en Bahamas, primeras noticias. cubadebate.cu La selección cubana de béisbol realizó este sábado su primera jornada de entrenamiento en uno de los complejos deportivos habilitados para los cinco conjuntos inscritos para la IV Copa del Caribe de Béisbol, que comenzará este domingo en esta ciudad. La dirección técnica aprovechó la jornada matutina para ejercitar la defensa y el pitcheo.

Staff (2022-12-04). Cuba celebra segunda vuelta de comicios municipales. cubadebate.cu Luego de la primera vuelta el pasado 27 de noviembre, 925 circunscripciones en Cuba regresan a las urnas este domingo en la segunda vuelta de las elecciones municipales para elegir a los representantes a las asambleas del Poder Popular. Los comicios de esta jornada se celebran en aquellas localidades donde no hubo un candidato elegido en la primera jornada electoral.

Staff (2022-12-04). Familias cubanas agradecen implementación del Código. cubadebate.cu "Las estadísticas de los servicios solicitados en estos dos primeros meses apuntan a que hay una aceptación de la población en cuanto a los beneficios que trae el Código de las Familias", afirmó Pilar Alicia Varona Estrada, viceministra de Justicia, al actualizar sobre el proceso de implementación de esa norma.

Staff (2022-12-04). Propuestas del Festival de Cine este domingo 4 de diciembre. cubadebate.cu El pasado jueves inició la 43 edición del Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, que se extenderá hasta el próximo 10 de diciembre. Compartimos la programación del domingo 3 de diciembre en el Cine 23 y 12, el Yara, el Charles Chaplin, el Acapulco y la Sala Jurado Ficción. Disfrute del séptimo arte que inunda por estos días a La Habana.

Staff (2022-12-04). Qué trae la prensa cubana, domingo 4 de diciembre de 2022. cubadebate.cu

Staff (2022-12-04). Tasas vigentes en el mercado cambiario cubano este domingo 4 de diciembre. cubadebate.cu Con el objetivo de mantener informados a sus lectores, Cubadebate comparte las tasas de cambio para diferentes divisas extranjeras vigentes este domingo 4 de diciembre en el mercado cambiario del país.

Staff (2022-12-04). EN VIVO: Francia vs. Polonia en la Copa del Mundo Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net El equipo de Francia clasificó a los octavos de final como líder del Grupo D, mientras que Polonia fue segunda del suyo.

TeleSUR, em, MER (2022-12-04). Argentina derrota a Australia y avanza a cuartos de final. telesurtv.net La Albiceleste consiguió su pase a la siguiente ronda del torneo gracias a los goles de Lionel Messi y de Julián Álvarez.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). Bomberos controlan incendio en zona forestal de Río de Janeiro. telesurtv.net Tres equipos trabajaron para combatir las llamas, que se encuentra en una región de difícil acceso, incluidas las agrupaciones de los cuarteles de Copacabana, Gávea y Alto da Boa Vista.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). Presidente de Cuba arriba a San Vicente y las Granadinas. telesurtv.net La VIII Cumbre Cuba-CARICOM se celebrará el próximo 6 de diciembre en Barbados.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). Indonesia decreta máxima alerta ante erupción de volcán Semeru. telesurtv.net Las aldeas cercanas estaban siendo evacuadas, sin que se reportaran víctimas o heridos de inmediato.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). Irán comienza construcción de nueva central nuclear de Juzestán. telesurtv.net Se construirá exclusivamente por empresas iraníes en un terreno de aproximadamente hectáreas cerca del río Karún.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). Rinden homenaje a Pelé en Qatar en espera de su recuperación. telesurtv.net El deseo de salud al tres veces campeón mundial de fútbol brasileño Pelé fue sacado en la torre Aspire Tower en Qatar, la altura del edificio es de 300 metros.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-04). Rusia no aceptará techo al precio del petróleo impuesto por la UE. telesurtv.net Moscú no está dispuesto a admitir el precio de 60 dólares por barril acordado entre el G7, la UE y Australia.

TeleSUR, JDO (2022-12-04). Israel lanza nuevo bombardeo contra la Franja de Gaza. telesurtv.net Se reportan fuertes explosiones. Según Tel Aviv, fueron atacados un taller para fabricar cohetes y un túnel que son utilizados por la organización palestina Hamás.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-12-04). Liberarán a jóvenes presos por protestas de 2021 en Colombia. telesurtv.net "Los gobiernos que ordenan a su policía matar, encarcelar, torturar y detener jóvenes no son gobiernos democráticos", afirmó Petro.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-12-04). Dialogan gobernantes de Cuba y de San Vicente y las Granadinas. telesurtv.net Díaz-Canel viajará además a Barbados, donde participará en la VIII Cumbre Cuba-Caricom, a celebrarse el próximo 6 de diciembre, y a Granada.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-12-04). Expresidente salvadoreño denuncia campaña de persecución política. telesurtv.net "Si de algo puedo enorgullecerme es de carecer de riquezas materiales", afirmó el exmandatario del país centroamericano.

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-12-04). Gobierno de Perú desmiente presuntos planes golpistas. telesurtv.net El jefe de Estado peruano emitió una declaración para ratificar su compromiso "con la democracia, el Estado de derecho y la Constitución".

TeleSUR, JGN (2022-12-04). Castillo afirma que nada impedirá que siga al mando de Perú. telesurtv.net El poder Legislativo peruano tiene programado discutir y someter a votación el miércoles próximo una tercera moción de vacancia (destitución).

TeleSUR, lvm, JGN (2022-12-04). Conoce algunas palabras que el idioma euskera heredó al español. telesurtv.net Los últimos datos señalan que aproximadamente tan solo 900.000 personas son capaces de hablar en euskera.

TeleSUR, mm, JCM (2022-12-04). Países Bajos pasa a cuartos de final de la Copa del Mundo. telesurtv.net La selección de Países Bajos supera 3 goles a uno a su similar de Estados Unidos.

TeleSUR, mv, MER (2022-12-04). Zurda Infinita repasa primera jornada de octavos de Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net Destacaron el desempeño del equipo de Argentina que salió a buscar el partido para conseguir su pase a cuartos de final del torneo.

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-12-04). Gobierno de Honduras impondrá estado de excepción parcial. telesurtv.net La medida se extenderá por 30 días, para impulsar el desarrollo económico y la seguridad en los espacios públicos.

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-12-04). Registran sismo de magnitud 6.1 en Java occidental, Indonesia. telesurtv.net El epicentro del movimiento telúrico se localizó a unos 52 kilómetros al suroeste de Garut, a una profundidad de 109 kilómetros.

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-12-04). ONU condena asesinato de joven palestino en Huwwara, Cisjordania. telesurtv.net Ammar Mifleh murió luego de que un militar israelí le disparase a quemarropa. Otros uniformados impidieron que fuese socorrido y murió desangrado.

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-12-04). Piden 25 años de cárcel para líder mapuche Héctor Llaitul en Chile. telesurtv.net La Fiscalía solicita penas por presuntos delitos de incitación y apología a la violencia, hurto, atentado contra la autoridad y usurpación.

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-12-04). Presidente Petro anuncia inicio de reforma agraria en Colombia. telesurtv.net "Comenzar la reforma agraria, de manera pacífica. He ahí el reto", indicó el mandatario colombiano.

Agency (2022-12-03). Elon Musk's New Direction for Twitter: Not "Free Speech," but Banning the Left while Welcoming Fascists. itsgoingdown.org Agency looks at billionaire Elon Musk banning various anarchist and antifascist accounts on Twitter at the bequest of far-Right trolls as the social media giant moves to embrace the far-Right. On November 25, at the urging of a far-right troll, Elon Musk banned the @crimethinc Twitter account. The account had some 67,000 followers on the day of its…

Felicity Arbuthnot (2022-12-03). Ukraine: US Launches a Fascist Government, and World War Three? globalresearch.ca It all started on March 5, 2014: a US sponsored fascist coalition government under the disguise of democracy was installed in Ukraine. | With historical foresight pertaining to the dangers of a Third World War, this article by Felicity Arbuthnot was …

_____ (2022-12-03). New York Times Has Found New Neo-Nazi Troops To Lionize In Ukraine. popularresistance.org The New York Times has found another neo-Nazi militia to fawn over in Ukraine. The Bratstvo battalion "gave access to the New York Times to report on two recent riverine operations," which culminated in a piece (11/21/22) headlined "On the River at Night, Ambushing Russians." | Since the US-backed Maidan coup in 2014, establishment media have either minimized the far-right ideology that guides many Ukrainian nationalist detachments or ignored it completely. | Anti-war outlets, including FAIR (1/28/22, 3/22/22), have repeatedly highlighted this dynamic—particularly regarding corporate media's lionization of…

Yuri Rubtsov (2022-12-03). History: Hitler was Financed by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. globalresearch.ca Note to readers: please click the share buttons above | feature image: Hitler, Schacht and Prescott Bush | First published by Global Research in May 2016, Minor edits by Global Research. Title as in the original. | Incisive historical analysis. | From World War …

Kyle Anzalone (2022-12-03). Zelensky Looks To Ban Christian Denomination With Ties to Moscow. news.antiwar.com Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced he is seeking to ban all religions with ties to Russia. He claims the move is needed to "guarantee spiritual independence to Ukraine."This law will target millions of Ukrainians who identify as Russian Orthodox.During his nightly address on Thursday, Zelensky announced he was introducing legislation that would eliminate religious organizations …

_____ (2022-12-03). An African View On Ukraine. popularresistance.org First, let me say, it is very important to understand that no war is good. It is impossible not to be moved by the outrageousness of warfare. They grow some fears of civilians who are trapped between choices that are not their own, but was make very complicated historical processes that appear to be simple. The war in Ukraine is not merely about NATO, or about ethnicity. It is about many things. Every war must end at some point. And the diplomas must restart must come in. Africa and the Russian people share a history of struggle. When the African people were fighting for their independence for their liberation, t…

_____ (2022-12-03). Anglican Leader Tours Ukraine. strategic-culture.org Though it is not easy to fill

_____ (2022-12-03). No, Putin Did Not Start the War in Ukraine. strategic-culture.org

Alastair Crooke (2022-12-03). Alastair Crooke: Europe a VASSAL of the US, Destroying Itself Over Ukraine-Russia War! thealtworld.com Going Underground is back on air for the first time since April, now broadcasting to you from Dubai, the heart of the Middle East! For our return episode we speak to Alastair Crooke, the Founder and Director of Conflicts Forum. | He discusses Europe's and the US' declining narrative hegemony with China, India and Brazil taking their own independent positions on the Russia-Ukraine War, the coming showdown with China and the US using Europe as pawns in heating up the rivalry and attempts, the economic self-destruction of Europe via sanctions on Russia and economic divorce with China resulting in the US plucking non…

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On December 3, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). Military Situation In Ukraine On December 3, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org Russia struck the AFU positions near Kupyansk with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the AFU positions near Konstantinovka with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the AFU positions near Kramatorsk with high-precision missiles; | The Russian Army repelled the AFU attacks near Kuzemovka; | Clashes between the Russian Army and the AFU continue near Zhytlovka; | The Russian Army repelled the AFU attacks near Andriivka; | Clashes between the Russian Army and the…

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). What "Victory" and "Defeat" Would Mean in Ukraine's War. southfront.org | Written by In order to be able accurately to define "victory" in the war in Ukraine, the pre-requisite is to define whom the two sides are that wage this war. For example: when America fought in WW II, it was waging war in foreign battlefields and with its own troops and weapons, and even if America were to win in any of those battlefields, it still could have bee…

Caitlin A. Johnstone (2022-12-03). NATO exists to solve the problems created by NATO's existence. mronline.org NATO has doubled down on its determination to eventually add Ukraine to its membership, renewing its 2008 commitment to that goal in a meeting between the foreign ministers of the alliance in Bucharest, Romania this past Tuesday.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). EU training 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers: Borrell. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — In continuation of the European military and financial aid to Ukraine, the EU Foreign Policy Chief announced that the first group of Ukrainian soldiers are currently spending their training services in Poland.

WSWS (2022-12-03). Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands: Right-wing propaganda disguised as historical scholarship—Part Two. wsws.org The role that Snyder is playing in justifying the imperialist proxy war against Russia in Ukraine and the alliance of US imperialism with the Ukrainian far right make it imperative to investigate his book more closely.

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). Attacks In Spain: Another Anti-Russian False Flag? southfront.org Click to see full-size imageRecent attacks in Spain using packages with explosives leave many questions unanswered. | Written by In Spain, attacks are taking place with explosives placed in postal service's packages. On December 1st, the Spanish Ministry of Defense reported an incident of this type at its facilities. The Prime Minister of Spain also received a pack…

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). French Neocolonialism Exposed Due To Inter-EU Conflict. southfront.org Although Brussels tries to push the narrative that European colonialism is a thing of the past, the harsh reality is that this isn't only false, but it couldn't possibly be further from the truth, as it is inextricably linked to the very foundations of the EU. | Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst | European colonialism and the exploitation of the world, particularly the Global South, are hardly breaking news. Countless countries and societies around the glob…

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). Military Situation In Syria On December 3, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org On December 3, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 5 times: 1 in Latakia province, 1 in Idlib province, 1 in Hama province; | Moscow is working to hold a presidential meeting between Turkey and Syria in Russia, according to Kremlin envoy to Syria; | On December 3, Turkish artillery shelled SDF positions near Tal Abyadh city; | On December 3, Russian warplanes struck positions of Turkish-backed forces in…

Anonymous349 (2022-12-03). Voices Of Decisive Part Of Russian Elite Become Louder. southfront.org Evgeny Prigozhin | Voices of the decisive part of the Russian elite are becoming louder and louder amid the slowly but steadily growing dissatisfaction of the society with the 'balanced approach' of the country's military political leadership towards the Kiev regime. | Evgeny Prigozhin, most widely known as the head of Wagner group, and Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of Russia's Republic of Chechnya, are probably the public representatives of this part of the Russian elite. | In these context, it is interesting to take a look on…

Anonymous669 (2022-12-03). Russia Is Making Efforts To Arrange Turkish-Syrian Presidential Summit. southfront.org Syria is resisting Russian efforts to broker a summit between President Bashar al-Assad and Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan, Reuters reported on December 2. | Turkey is currently conducting an air operation against Kurdish forces in northern Syria, which are backed by the United States, and is threatening the war-torn country with a new ground invasion. | Three sources with knowledge of Syria's position on possible talks told the news agency that Assad had rejected a proposal to meet Erdogan with Russia…

Brian Berletic (2022-12-03). New US B-21 Raider Illustrates Waste in Western Defense Spending Giving Russia-China the Edge. thealtworld.com The US has unveiled the stealth B-21 Raider its newest bomber; | The B-21 Raider may cost over 700 million US dollars per warplane; | It will not fly until next year at the earliest and still requires extensive design reviews; | Western analysts admit it faces major challenges going against modern integrated air defense systems produced by nations like Russia and China; | Rather than depend on its stealth, analysts suggest it could use tactics already used by conventional aircraft to carry out standoff strikes using long-range precision guided weapons; | If used to carry…

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Bagheri Kani, Ryabkov hold meeting on JCPOA in Moscow. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Deputy heads of the Foreign Ministries of Iran and Russia, Ali Bagheri Kani and Sergei Ryabkov, met in Moscow to discuss the prospects of full-scale implementation of the JCPOA.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran calls for ties expansion with Russia to combat terrorism. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Head of the Iranian Supreme Court called for bolstering ties with Russia to fight against terrorism and organized crimes.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Assad rejects requests to meet with Erdogan: report. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has rebuffed Russia's efforts to arrange a meeting with Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, citing Turkey's upcoming elections and the presence of Turkish troops on Syrian soil.

Kester Kenn Klomegah (2022-12-03). Russia, China and the "Multipolar World". The Kremlin's Evolving Relations with Africa. globalresearch.ca

Vijay Prashad (2022-12-03). Is Russia Really the Reason Why Mali Continues to Push France Away? orinocotribune.com On November 21, Mali's interim Prime Minister Colonel Abdoulaye MaàØga posted a

_____ (2022-12-03). Zero Covid And The Protests In China. popularresistance.org Establishment media have seized on protests over Covid lockdowns to rehearse their favourite anti-China narratives. | Ever since the world's first Covid outbreak in Wuhan, the virus has been used as a stick to beat China. | Donald Trump cynically portrayed the pandemic as a Chinese weapon — "the worst attack we've ever had on our country … worse than Pearl Harbour." | Trump's ravings were seldom taken seriously even by US allies. But the resurrection of the "lab leak" conspiracy theory by the Joe Biden administration made it respectable, and the judgement of a World Health Organisation scientific team, th…

Allen Forrest (2022-12-03). The Veracity of Vaccine Makers. dissidentvoice.org The shots are produced, owned and distributed by the Department of Defense in the US and other military departments world wide and are property of the DOD until they are injected into people.

Dongsheng News (2022-12-03). Urumqi Fire and New Covid Outbreak. dissidentvoice.org This week's News on China in 2 minutes. ‚Ä¢ Urumqi Fire and new Covid outbreak ‚Ä¢ Pop singer sentenced to 13 years in prison ‚Ä¢ Local elections in Taiwan ‚Ä¢ New findings from the frontal region of the brain…

Roger D. Harris (2022-12-03). The Volatility of US Hegemony in Latin America (Part III). dissidentvoice.org A surging Pink Tide has brought left electoral victories in Latin America and the Caribbean protesting the neoliberal model imposed by the US and its collaborators. Neoliberalism has failed to meet the needs of the peoples of the region and is losing its legitimacy as a prototype for development. However, the countries of the region …

_____ (2022-12-03). US Midterms and What They REALLY Mean For the Rest of USEveryone Else. journal-neo.org US midterm elections don't usually have much relevance outside the country. A change of President can have a profound effect on the world around, but the composition of Congress is much more of an internal matter, until recently. Americans are very proud of their democratic system, which can be regarded as the world's first liberal …

_____ (2022-12-03). Bringing The People's Voices Into Government. popularresistance.org This episode was broadcast LIVE FROM BOGOTàÅ with guest Lilia Solano, Vice Minister of Social Dialogue and Equality for the government of Colombia | Host Teri Mattson has been in Bogotá since 24 November attending several encuentros organized by Vice Minister Lilia Solano. In this episode Teri and Lilia discuss the Petro government's vision of bringing the 1991 Constitutional reform of direct democracy to reality among the Colombian people and the creation of social movements to develop informed citizens, build political formation and continue to create electoral candidates for the continuation of the Pacto…

_____ (2022-12-03). Challengers Win Big in UAW Elections; Presidency Headed To Run-Off. popularresistance.org What is the mood at United Auto Workers headquarters today? Day drinking? Shopping for retirement condos? Dunning staff for money to try desperately to win the run-off? Shredding documents? | Reformers in the United Auto Workers are jubilant as they seem set to make a historic change in the top leadership of their union, ending 70 years of one-party top-down rule. As mail-ballot votes were counted this week, it appeared very possible that the UAW Members United slate would eventually take all seven of the seats it contested, out of 14 on the union's executive board. | This is nothing short of an earthquake in one…

_____ (2022-12-03). Evangelical Lobbying Threatens Supreme Court's Independence. popularresistance.org Recent exposés have uncovered an emerging pattern of improper lobbying of right-wing Supreme Court justices by wealthy evangelicals. They reveal serious threats to the independence of the judiciary. But equally alarming is that the Supreme Court is unconstrained by a code of judicial ethics. | From 1995 to 2018, the right-wing evangelical nonprofit Faith and Action executed "Operation Higher Court." It was an organized and systematic campaign "to wine, dine and entertain conservative Supreme Court justices while pushing conservative positions" on social issues pending before the court, *Politico* reports. | Faith…

_____ (2022-12-03). Teamsters Picket MonoSol Plant Over Forced Overtime, 60-Hour Workweeks. popularresistance.org LaPorte – Firewood was stacked high outside the MonoSol plant as bundled-up Teamsters huddled around burn barrels and open fires in the frigid chill. | The plant that normally cranks out water-dissolvable film for Tide Pods and other single-use detergents and dishwasher soaps sat quietly behind a barbed wire fence, its windows dark and its parking lot empty. | Workers picketed outside. They stood in circles in the bitter cold amid the acrid smell of wood smoke, a giant inflatable Scabby the Rat and a Teamsters semi-trailer truck. Passing trucks often blared their horns in solidarity in the industrial park. | Thei…

_____ (2022-12-03). UN To Observe Nakba Day In Series Of Approved Resolutions On Palestine. popularresistance.org The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) adopted a slate of resolutions on Palestine and the West Asia region during the 41st and 42nd meetings of its 77th session held this week. | The assembly voted to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba by organizing a high-level event at the UNGA on May 15, 2023. To this end, "L.24" titled "Division for Palestinian Rights of the Secretariat" was adopted with a recorded 90 votes in favor, 30 against, and 47 abstentions. | The Nakba, or "The Catastrophe", refers to the series of mass atrocities committed by Zionist forces that accompanied the creation of the State o…

_____ (2022-12-03). What Are Bike Buses And Why Are Kids 'Jumping Out Of Bed' To Join Them? popularresistance.org It's fun, it's green and it's becoming more popular by the day. | Barcelona's bike bus, or "bicibus", as the scheme is known locally, allows hundreds of children to cycle safely to school in a convoy, taking over entire streets in Spain's second largest city. | The citizen-led project, supported by Barcelona City Council, began in March 2021 with one route in the Sarria neighbourhood. | It now has 15 routes and has inspired similar schemes in the Scottish city of Glasgow and in Portland in the United States. | Eight-year-old Lena Xirinacs joins the Eixemple route every Friday with her father, who is one of the vo…

_____ (2022-12-03). Why Movements Need To Start Singing Again. popularresistance.org Social movements are stronger when they sing. That's a lesson that has been amply demonstrated throughout history, and it's one that I have learned personally in working to develop trainings for activists over the past decade and a half. In Momentum, a training program that I co-founded and that many other trainers and organizers have built over the last seven years, song culture is not something we included at the start. And yet, it has since become so indispensable that the trainers I know would never imagine doing without it again. | The person who taught me the most as I came to appreciate the impact that son…

_____ (2022-12-03). The Secret Reason the U.S. Is Still in Syria. strategic-culture.org By Lee CAMP | Syria has drifted from the headlines, but the U.S. is still stealing their oil, occupying large swaths of their land, and economically obliterating them. | This month, UN special rapporteur Alena Douhan came back from Syria and In her

A Guest Author (2022-12-03). They want to lead us into war — interview with historic African leader from Mali. workers.org By Raphaà´l Schmeller This interview with Aminata Dramane Traoré was first published Nov. 30 in the German newspaper junge Welt (jW). Traoré is an author, human rights activist and former Minister of Culture in Mali. She discusses the chaos caused by Western states in the Sahel and the interests of . . . |

Alfonso J Rodriguez-Morales, Fatma A Amer (2022-12-03). [Comment] Monkeypox virus infection in women and non-binary people: uncommon or neglected? thelancet.com In 2022, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, monkeypox re-emerged globally as a new and additional infectious threat for countries outside Africa, and it was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by WHO.1,2 During this multicountry monkeypox outbreak, which has comprised more than 80‚Äà488 cases to Nov 21, 2022 according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, new epidemiological and clinical features have been observed, including genital primary presentation, an association with sexual activity, and a predominance among men, particularly adult men who have sex with m…

Andrew Robinson (2022-12-03). [Perspectives] Mummies, myths, and medicine in ancient Egypt. thelancet.com This year marks the centenary, and the bicentenary, of two crucial revelations about ancient Egypt. The tomb of Tutankhamun, who died aged only 19 years in circa 1323 BCE, with his gold-masked mummy, was discovered in 1922. The young pharaoh was then virtually unknown even to Egyptologists—unlike some other pharaohs such as Rameses the Great, known to the ancient Greeks as Ozymandias. Imagine for a moment that the huge crowds visiting the glittering Tutankhamun exhibitions during the 20th century had been told by Egyptologists: sorry, we do not know this pharaoh's name and have no idea what the hieroglyphic…

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). Military Situation In Iraq On December 3, 2022 (Map Update). southfront.org

Anonymous103 (2022-12-03). US Aggressive Subsidies Package Amid The Crisis Hurts Europe And Could Divide West. southfront.org

Anonymous349 (2022-12-03). Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant In Center Of Military & Diplomatic Storm. southfront.org | The security situation around Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant remains very tense amid reports on the talks on the establishment of a 'safe zone' around the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant has been developing. | On December 3, Rafael Grossi Director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency claimed that IAEA expects that the safe zone agreement could be reached in the nearest future. According to him, the agreement is 'on the table'. | Earlier, the head of Rosatom Aleksey Likhachev stated that tha…

Anonymous669 (2022-12-03). 17 ISIS Terrorists Were Killed In Syria's Daraa Last November: Monitoring Group. southfront.org At least 17 terrorists of ISIS were killed in the southern Syrian governorate of Daraa in November, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a report released on December 3. | According to the London-based monitoring group, some of the casualties were low or high-ranking commanders of the terrorist group. | Most of the terrorists were killed during a

Anonymous669 (2022-12-03). In Video: Turkey's Akƒ±ncƒ± Combat Drone Tests New Miniature Glide Bomb. southfront.org A Bayraktar Akƒ±ncƒ± combat drone. Source: the Turkish Ministry of National Defense. | On December 2, Turkey's major drone manufacturer Bayraktar announced that the Bayraktar Akƒ±ncƒ± combat drone has successfully test-fired Aselsan's Miniature Bomb, also known as Tolun. | During the live-fire test, an Akƒ±ncƒ± drone, carrying four Tolun bombs on a single hardpoints, flew from Tekirdag towards the Karapƒ±nar sh…

Anonymous669 (2022-12-03). Syria's Elite Tiger Forces Deploys Along Euphrates River Amid Threats By Turkey (Photos). southfront.org The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has deployed the 25th Special Mission Forces Division, mostly known by their former name the Tiger Forces, along the western bank of the Euphrates River in Aleppo and Raqqa, different Syrian news sources reported on December 1 and 2. | The elite force was deployed in areas held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the northeastern Aleppo countryside and the southern countryside of Raqqa. According to unverified reports, some of the force units have…

Anonymous669 (2022-12-03). U.S. Navy Seizes Over 1 Million Rounds Of Ammunition, Other Weapons Destined For Yemen (Photos). southfront.org 221203-N-NO146-1003 GULF OF OMAN (Dec. 3, 2022) Bags containing more than tons of fuses and propellants for rockets and ammunition rounds sit on the flight deck of expeditionary sea base USS Lewis B. Puller (ESB 3), Dec. 3. (U.S. Navy photo) | The United States Navy 5th Fleet intercepted on December 1 a fishing trawler smuggling more than tons of ammunition rounds, fuses and propellants for rockets in the Gulf of Oman along a maritime route from Iran to Yemen, the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (N…

Ariadna Eljuri (2022-12-03). President of Bolivia Calls for Unity to Defeat Coup Attempts. orinocotribune.com On Friday, December 2, Bolivian President Luis Arce called for internal unity to defeat coup attempts in the country after recognizing the existence of conflicts within his own party, Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), the ruling party of Bolivia. | Arce said in a video message that both the right wing and "comrades from inside" are looking for ways for his government to fail. | The Bolivian president reiterated his fight for the Bolivian people and for the construction of a project that strengthens the nation's sovereignty. | "I know that there are those who want to see us fail, from outside, and unfortunately so…

Aula Abbara, Naser Almhawish, Ibrahim Aladhan, Redwan Alobaid, Nabil Karah (2022-12-03). [Correspondence] Weaponisation of water. thelancet.com We read Sharmila Devi's World Report1 on the cholera outbreak in Syria and would like to emphasise how the weaponisation of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) has affected the emergence of preventable communicable disease outbreaks. This weaponisation includes deliberate interference with WASH, and the use of WASH as a military tool, a tool of cooperation, or a tool of domination and legitimacy.2 Water infrastructure is often indirectly damaged due to secondary reverberating effects of attacks on urban infrastructure.

Brett Wilkins (2022-12-03). Pentagon to Spend $200 Billion on New Nuclear Bomber as Millions Live in Poverty. truthout.org Peace and economic justice advocates responded to the imminent unveiling Friday of the United States Air Force's new $750 million-per-plane nuclear bomber by reiterating accusations of misplaced priorities in a nation where tens of millions of people live in poverty and lack adequate healthcare coverage. Military-industrial complex giant Northrop Grumman is set to introduce its B-21 Raider on… |

Brian Bienkowski (2022-12-03). EU's New Climate Change Plan Will Cause Biodiversity Loss and Deforestation. truthout.org A new climate change plan in the European Union, which has been lauded for its ambitious targets and aggressive action on emissions, will sacrifice carbon-storing trees, threaten biodiversity and outsource deforestation, according to a new paper. The paper, published this week in Nature, calls into question the plan's treatment of biomass — organic material from trees, plants and animals — as… |

Brian Bienkowski (2022-12-03). EU's New Climate Plan Will Cause Biodiversity Loss and Deforestation. truthout.org A new climate change plan in the European Union, which has been lauded for its ambitious targets and aggressive action on emissions, will sacrifice carbon-storing trees, threaten biodiversity and outsource deforestation, according to a new paper. The paper, published this week in Nature, calls into question the plan's treatment of biomass — organic material from trees, plants and animals — as… |

C, C Butterwegge & Sybille Pirklbauer (2022-12-03). Social division in the schools and 7 challenges to the welfare state. indybay.org The most difficult task will be to redefine prosperity not only in philosophical concepts, but also in concrete tangible and experiential terms detached from consumption. Many are already working on this. The United Nations adopted a strategy for a "blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet" with the Sustainable Development Goals 2015.

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-12-03). The Incremental Normalization Of Police Murderbots Probably Needs More Attention. thealtworld.com

Craig Baldwin (2022-12-03). Saturday 12/10: NO NAME CINEMA – DEC. 10: RHODY/SMITH/KUJAWSKI's MINIMAL EXPANDED CINEMA. indybay.org 992 Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission District.

Craig Baldwin (2022-12-03). Saturday 12/17: AVANT TO LIVE – DEC. 17: NEW EXPERIMENTAL WORK. indybay.org 992 Valencia Street in San Francisco's Mission District.

David Sirota (2022-12-03). Dems Could Have Helped Rail Workers By Doing Nothing. levernews.com

Dr. T. P. Wilkinson (2022-12-03). What System Governs the People's Republic of China? "Socialism With Chinese Characteristics" globalresearch.ca

____ (2022-12-03). Tesla delivers 1st electric semi trucks. ecns.cn Tesla on Thursday delivered the first batch of electric Semi trucks to PepsiCo at an event held at the company's Gigafactory in Sparks in the U.S. state of Nevada.

____ (2022-12-03). Number of first-time married Chinese hits 37-year new low. ecns.cn The number of married people in China has been decreasing with first-time marriage age delayed and the number of single people expanding. Official data shows China registered 7.643 million marriages in 2021, below 8 million for the first time since 2003.

____ (2022-12-03). Cross-sea subway route in NE China enters trial operation without load. ecns.cn Dalian Metro Line 5 in Liaoning Province, the first cross-sea subway route in northeast China, started no-load trial operation on Thursday.

____ (2022-12-03). Chinese scientists design wearable energy harvester on cattle to build smart ranch. ecns.cn A group of Chinese scientists proposed a zero-energy smart ranch with wearable sensors entirely powered by cattle's movements.

____ (2022-12-03). China-Laos Railway promotes friendship, provides development opportunities. ecns.cn The China-Laos Railway has deepened the friendship between Chinese and Lao staff and provided development opportunities to both countries and peoples.

____ (2022-12-03). Snow leopard spotted in China's giant panda national park. ecns.cn Images of a snow leopard has been captured by two infrared cameras in the Wenchuan area of the Giant Panda National Park in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

____ (2022-12-03). Security Council to feature debate on reforming multilateralism in December. ecns.cn Reforming multilateralism will be debated at the UN Security Council in December, the council's president said Thursday.

____ (2022-12-03). Guangzhou updates COVID-19 assessment standards. ecns.cn Standards for designating high-risk areas and those who have close contact with infected people have been updated in Guangzhou, Guangdong province.

____ (2022-12-03). 10th Straits Youth Festival begins in Fujian. ecns.cn This year's Straits Youth Festival, an annual exchange event across the Taiwan Straits, has attracted an estimated 3,000 young people from Taiwan, according to the organizers.

____ (2022-12-03). Chinalco's cargo vessel rescues six Guinean fishermen. ecns.cn Jing Hai Xing, a subcontracted cargo vessel for Aluminum Corporation of China (Chinalco)'s bauxite project in the Republic of Guinea, rescued six local fishermen in the open water close to the Western African country on Nov 29.

____ (2022-12-03). Aerial view of traffic flow in Guangzhou after COVID control eased. ecns.cn More districts in Guangzhou have lifted temporary control measures to bring life and work back to normal amid the COVID-19 control.

____ (2022-12-03). Traditional handmade shoes in Shandong gain popularity on market. ecns.cn A woman makes traditional Chinese cloth shoes at a factory in Heze, east China's Shandong Province, Dec.1, 2022.

Eco Central (2022-12-03). The Devastating Environmental Side Effects of the Electric Car Boom. globalresearch.ca First published on August 7 2020 | The United Nations (U.N.) announced in August 2020 that the electric car boom will result in a number of devastating ecological side effects for the planet. | While the shift to electric cars reflects ongoing …

Editor (2022-12-03). Cops are asking to kill people with robots. What could go wrong? mronline.org The U.S. military has been killing people with robots for decades now, and the nation's local police now seem eager to get in on the action.

Editor (2022-12-03). War Is a Cancel Culture [VIDEO]. scheerpost.com People working within the US government or military who report something wrong related to their work can face a life of ostracization,

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran condemns US sanctions at UN BWC Revision Conference. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Managing director of the Foreign Ministry International Peace and Security Office in a speech at the Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention condemned US sanctions, which he said breach conventions.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Human rights turned into toy for several criminal governments. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Referring to the martyrdom of Palestinian youth by the Zionist regime, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that human rights have been turned into the toy for several criminal governments.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). European Union become victim of terrorist groups' ambitions. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — The Iranian Foreign Mminister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian says that the European Union has become a victim of terrorist groups' ambitions.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Headlines of Iran's Persian dailies on Dec. 3. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Mehr news agency takes a look at the headlines of Iran's Persian-language dailies on Saturday, December 03.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). 4 killed, injured in Turkish warplanes attack on Sulaymaniyah. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Turkish warplanes' attack on Sulaymaniyah province in northern Iraq left one dead and three wounded.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). 44 Boko Haram terrorists killed in Nigeria. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Nigerian Defence Headquarters said that 44 Boko Haram terrorists have been killed in the Northeast region.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). IAEA chief says ties with Iran need to get back on track. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Referring to Iran's compensatory measures in response to the recent BoG anti-Iran resolution, IAEA chief Grossi said that the IAEA-Iran ties need to get back on track.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). ISIL leader killed by Syrian security forces in Daraa. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Despite Washington's announcement that the leader of ISIL was killed by so-called "Free Syrian Army" terrorist group, Syria reported that the leader of ISIL chieftain was killed by the security forces of this country.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Bombs discovered in Iran's Shiraz. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Some bombs were discovered from a ringleader of riots in Shiraz City, southern Iran.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran begins procedures to build Darkhovin Nuclear Plant. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — The construction project of the Darkhovin Nuclear Power Plant began in the presence of the Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Mohammad Eslami, and a number of senior nuclear officials in Khuzestan province.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran gets 4 medals in 2022 Asian Rowing Championships. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Iranian athletes have received four medals at the 2022 Asian Rowing Championships underway in Thailand.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran spared no effort in offering services to Afghan refugees. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Iran's ambassador and permanent representative to the Geneva-based UN says that Iran has during the years of the past four decades spared no effort in offering services to the Afghan refugees despite the sanctions.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran asked Iraqi Kurdistan to extradite terrorists. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — A commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says Iran has already asked Iraqi Kurdistan Region to dismantle terrorist groups and hand over terrorists to the Islamic Republic.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran oil cargo previously seized by US unloads in Syria. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — An Iranian-flagged tanker on Friday delivered an oil shipment to Syria which the United States had previously confiscated around Greece, a ship tracker said.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). 2 cheetah cubs born in Touran Wildlife Refuge. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Although cheetahs often give birth in early spring, two cheetah cubs were born in Touran Wildlife Refuge in autumn.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Mass rally in Argentina in support of Palestine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Dozens of people gathered in front of the Zionist regime's embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina in support of the Palestinian people.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). VIDEO: US Air Force unveils newest stealth bomber aircraft. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — The US Air Force on Friday unveiled its newest stealth bomber aircraft, the B-21 Raider, in Palmdale, California.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran Army exercise maximum security at all borders. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Iranian Army Ground Forces Commander says stable security has been established at all country's borders as a result of the strategic and tactical advancements made by the ground forces of Iran's army.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). China's consulate office to be set up in S Iran: official. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — China's consulate general will be set up in Iran's Bandar Abbas soon, a deputy governor-general of Hormozgan province said.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). VIDEO: Australia police shoot protestors with shotgun. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Following the protests in Australia, the police are trying to disperse the protesters in Melbourne by firing direct shots from shotguns.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Resistance forces shoot at Zionist troops in Jenin (+VIDEO). en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Palestinian news sources reported that the Resistance forces have carried out several shooting operations against the Israeli regime forces across Jenin in West Bank.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Magnitude 6.4 quake hits Indonesia's West Java. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — A magnitude 6.4 quake hit Indonesia's West Java area on Saturday at a depth of 118 km (73 miles), the country's geophysics agency BMKG said.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iraqi parliament gives votes of confidence to 2 ministers. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Local Iraqi media said Saturday Iraq parliament gave votes of confidence to the candidates of the Ministries of Environment, Construction, Housing, and Municipalities and Public Works, by an absolute majority.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Venezuela, Chevron sign oil production contracts. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA signed contracts with the American oil company Chevron on Friday, media have reported.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Turkish Army targets Syria's Raqqa with artillery. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Syrian sources on Saturday reported that Turkish army forces targeted areas near the Tell Abyad region on the northern outskirts of Raqqa with artillery.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Turkey to build security strip along its southern border. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday said Turkey will complete the 30-kilometer-deep (18.6-mile) security strip along its southern border.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). US, European countries have never been trustworthy. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — The deputy Iranian parliament speaker has said the US and European countries have never been trustworthy, adding US's withdrawal from the JCPOA is a clear example of Washington's disrespect for international agreements.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Iran sanctions 8 Canadian individuals, entity. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — The Iranian Foreign Ministry has imposed retaliatory sanctions on a Canadian entity and several individuals over their support for terrorism and acts of violence against the country.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Blast in Afghanistan's Jalalabad leaves 6 injured. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Local media in Afghanistan reported Saturday that 6 people were injured in an explosion in Jalalabad city in Nangarhar province.

En.mehrnews (2022-12-03). Front pages of Iran's English dailies on Dec. 03. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, Dec. 03 (MNA) — Here are the front pages of Iran's English language dailies on Saturday, Dec 03.

F. William Engdahl (2022-12-03). Climate and the Money Trail. globalresearch.ca The very mega-billionaires behind the globalization of the world economy who have wreaked so much damage to our environment are the leading backers of the "grassroots" climate movement. Is it pangs of guilty conscience, or could it be a deeper agenda of the financialization of the very air we breathe and more?

Fight Back (2022-12-03). SDS stands with railroad workers. fightbacknews.org Fight Back News Service is circulating the following statement by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). | Students for a Democratic Society stands in unconditional solidarity with the railroad workers of the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division (BMWED-IBT), SMART-TD, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, and the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen as they fight determinedly for a fair contract and livable conditions on and off the job. We stand with them in their rejection of the appalling deal crafted by the Biden Administration, and we stand with them in defending their right to strike…

Fight Back (2022-12-03). Theory: Reproductive labor and the family. fightbacknews.org Mother Bloor, a Communist revolutionary who fought for women's suffrage, emphasized that women couldn't just stop at the right to vote. Working women still had to organize against the capitalist ruling class, which forced them to endure long hours, low wages and suffocating labor conditions. The vote was just another tool in that struggle. The suffrage movement relied on people like Bloor – workers who recognized that women's liberation depends on the struggle for socialism. | This struggle has always brought out the hardest fighters for women's liberation, and in recent decades it has empowered the LGBTQ movemen…

Fumi Okamoto, Yoshitaka Nishikawa, Yousuf Twalla, Takeo Nakayama, Siraji Masai (2022-12-03). [Correspondence] Ebola outbreak in Uganda: patient values and preferences. thelancet.com The Ebola virus outbreak in Mubende district, Uganda, in September, 2022, was caused by Sudan virus. It was expected that with an effective government response this outbreak would be quickly under control.1 Nevertheless, seven suspected patients reportedly left their hospital quarantines on Sept 26, ahead of their scheduled release.2 One of these individuals ran to seek a traditional healer. Additionally, his family wanted a traditional ritual to be carried out before a potential burial.3 It has been argued that understanding and respecting local cultural practices and placing trust in communities is essential fo…

Geoff Watts (2022-12-03). [Obituary] Lewis Henry Kuller. thelancet.com Revered cardiovascular epidemiologist. He was born in New York, NY, USA, on Jan 9, 1934 and died of pneumonia in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, on Oct 25, 2022 aged 88 years.

George Yancy (2022-12-03). Let's Honor Kevin Johnson by Dismantling the Systems That Failed Him. truthout.org To be Black in the U.S. is to hope in the face of a continuum of social, political, economic and psychological "death sentences." As Black people, many of us have learned to hope against hope. It is hard because it is such a fragile thing — to hope that we might be shown grace. Despite what I have come to know about the anti-Black hydraulics of the criminal legal system… |

Global Research (2022-12-03). "The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup d'Etat Against Humanity" by Michel Chossudovsky. Book Launch. globalresearch.ca

Hans Stehling (2022-12-03). Palestine-Israel: The History and the Evidence. globalresearch.ca

Imperial.ac.uk (2022-12-03). Imperial graduates win £1m Earthshot Prize for seaweed packaging invention. imperial.ac.uk

Isheka N. Harrison (2022-12-03). Dr. Lamont Hill: My Bookstore Was Burglarized In Philly And I Wouldn't Press Charges, I Met With The 2 Brothers. moguldom.com Dr. Marc Lamont Hill recently shared he doesn't just preach decriminalization, he practices it. "My store WAS burglarized during the pandemic. The police caught the 2 brothers who did it. They asked me to press charges. I said no. They charged them anyway. They asked me to come to court. I refused. Instead I found …

James A. Lucas (2022-12-03). The U.S. Has Killed More Than 20 Million People in 37 "Victim Nations" Since World War II. globalresearch.ca

Jean-Franàßois Girard (2022-12-03). Video: Ottawa Freedom Convoy. Justin Trudeau Accused Them of "Violence" and "Racism". Emergency Act Inquiry Refutes Trudeau Lies. globalresearch.ca

Joe Parkin Daniels (2022-12-03). [World Report] Cholera surges in Haiti. thelancet.com Efforts to stem the outbreak are being hampered by fuel shortages and violence. Joe Parkin Daniels reports.

Julia Conley (2022-12-03). Right-Wing Extremist Lauren Boebert to Guide Policy on House GOP Leadership Team. truthout.org Despite winning reelection by just 550 votes in a race that's now undergoing a recount, Rep. Lauren Boebert this week won a vote of confidence from her fellow Republican members of the U.S. House as she was elected to join the party's policy committee. The office of Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold on Thursday announced Boebert's unexpectedly close race with her Democratic challenger… |

LaborFest (2022-12-03). Saturday 12/10: Get Your Ticket To Mars. indybay.org Twitter Headquarters San Francico | 1355 Market St. | San Francisco…

Michael Welch (2022-12-03). Haitian Democracy. Under the Thumb of UN, US and Canadian (White) Saviors! globalresearch.ca

Mike Ludwig (2022-12-03). Railroad Workers Slam Biden for Siding With Bosses to Avoid Strike. truthout.org Railroad workers lashed out at both Republicans and Democrats on Friday after Congress and President Joe Biden blocked their unions from striking over paid sick leave and unsafe work scheduling, with militant workers calling for the various railroad craft unions to unite under one organization and consider allying with a third political party. Biden signed legislation on Friday finalizing a labor… |

____ (2022-12-03). On A Lighter Note For Friday. smoothiex12.blogspot.com If Billie Jean was Irish. Delightful))Enjoy… I did))

Norman Solomon (2022-12-03). Hype About Democrats Passing the Torch: Don't Get Fooled Again. indybay.org The past masquerading as the future…

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2022-12-03). China's Donation to Cuba Will Meet 'Most Pressing Needs' Created by US Blockade, Economist Says. orinocotribune.com

Paul Anthony Taylor (2022-12-03). Putting Marketing Before Science: Mainstream Media's Hyping of New Drug for Alzheimer's. globalresearch.ca

Prabhat Patnaik (2022-12-03). The fiscal requirement of a welfare state. mronline.org

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-12-03). "Economic Warfare" Directed against China? The Shanghai "Covid Zero Tolerance Mandate" Extends its Grip to Major Industrial Cities. globalresearch.ca "Covid Tolerance Zero" has contributed to destabilizing Shanghai's financial sector as well as China's buoyant export economy. It has created social havoc for millions of people, requiring the imposition of PCR tests, using the QR code as a means of social control.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2022-12-03). "Wiki-Gate": Julian Assange Was Framed by the People Who Supported Him. globalresearch.ca Assange has been the object of an all out smear campaign by those who supported him. The Economist which granted Assange the New Media Award in 2008 intimates that he is an "enemy agent" responsible for "information anarchy … culminating in the destabilization of American democracy"

Prof Peter Dale Scott (2022-12-03). What is the Deep State? The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11. globalresearch.ca The Doomsday Project is the Pentagon's name for the emergency planning "to keep the White House and Pentagon running during and after a nuclear war or some other major crisis."

Rebekah Barber (2022-12-03). With No Child Tax Credit, Families Are Slipping Back Into Poverty Amid Inflation. truthout.org Originally published by The 19th A year ago, the expanded child tax credit ended. Between 2020 and 2021, the credit — which gave monthly payments of up to $300 per child — helped reduce child poverty by more than 40 percent. More than 36 million families received the credit in 2021, and the money helped push the child poverty rate below that of adults for the first time. But since the program… |

Ricardo Gomez (2022-12-03). YOU LOVE TO SEE IT: A Labor Revolution Arrives In The South. levernews.com Read the full story: | Sign up now to read the full story and get access to all paid posts. | Already have an account? |

Richard Horton (2022-12-03). [Comment] Offline: FRENCH-ARRIVE—elles accusent. thelancet.com The accusation is direct and unflinching. The FRENCH-ARRIVE trial "obeys a pseudo-scientific rational logic" that is "a denial of what childbirth and motherhood mean to women". Claudine Schalck and Raymonde Gagnon are both registered midwives. Their book, When Inducing Labor Compromises a Woman's Motherhood (L'Harmattan, 2022), is one of the most remarkable denunciations of an ongoing research study ever published. It is also a sustained critique of the contemporary approach to obstetric care in many western nations today.

Ron Ridenour (2022-12-03). Is History Repeating Itself? And Who Will Be Today's Ted Hall? An Interview with the Director of "A Compassionate Spy" covertactionmagazine.com [In this piece, Ron Ridenour interviews Steve James, the director of A Compassionate Spy, and Joan Hall, Ted Hall's wife. See Ron's review of the documentary here.—Editors] QJoan, how do you think the world would look today had Ted Hall not given vital information to the Soviets, in order to avoid a monopoly of nuclear …

Ron Ridenour (2022-12-03). Is History Repeating Itself? And Who Will Be Today's Ted Hall? An Interview with the Principals of "A Compassionate Spy" covertactionmagazine.com [In this piece, Ron Ridenour interviews Steve James, the director of A Compassionate Spy, and Joan Hall, Ted Hall's wife. See Ron's review of the documentary here.—Editors] QJoan, how do you think the world would look today had Ted Hall not given vital information to the Soviets, in order to avoid a monopoly of nuclear …

San Francisco is Pro-Choice (2022-12-03). Cleverly Executed Demo for Abortion Rights in Top San Francisco Mall. indybay.org Award winning Westfield Mall was already decorated in lights and Christmas colors when demonstrators arrived to "green it up" for abortion rights on busiest shopping day of the year.

Scorinoco (2022-12-03). Venezuela: Opposition Pencil Alliance Willing to Join Dialogue with Government. orinocotribune.com

Sharmila Devi (2022-12-03). [World Report] Concern after Mali bans French NGOs. thelancet.com The decision is thought to be in response to France's announcement that it is freezing all development aid to Mali. Sharmila Devi reports.

SP Editor (2022-12-03). Who Will Pay for an Overheating Earth. scheerpost.com Unlike the northern powers largely responsible for the greenhouse gases that created this growing set of disasters, as Stan and Priti Gulati Cox explain, the countries of the Global South can't afford to pay for what's happening to them.

The Lancet (2022-12-03). [Editorial] Lecanemab for Alzheimer's disease: tempering hype and hope. thelancet.com The Alzheimer's disease community has become accustomed to false hope, disappointment, and controversy. With an estimated 55 million people worldwide affected by dementia, the need for an effective treatment is undeniable. But efforts to develop a drug that can modify the course of Alzheimer's disease, by using antibodies to clear amyloid-beta (AŒ≤) from the brain, have endured numerous setbacks over the past 20 years. Almost a decade ago, the first anti-AŒ≤ antibodies tested in phase 3 trials, bapineuzumab and solanezumab, did not improve clinical outcomes in mild to moderate Alzheimer's diseas…

Timothy Alexander Guzman (2022-12-03). The Cult of Globalism: The Great Reset and Its "Final Solution" for "Useless People" globalresearch.ca

Udani Samarasekera (2022-12-03). [World Report] A missed opportunity? Anopheles stephensi in Africa. thelancet.com A malaria vector new to Africa threatens to undo decades of progress. Udani Samarasekera reports.

UnitedEditor (2022-12-03). Municipal elections in Taiwan: Big defeat for US policy in the region. uwidata.com By Sergio Rodriguez Gelfenstein * The recently concluded 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) persisted in the guideline of peaceful reunification of the country under the idea of sustaining two political systems for a period of time. Under the one-China principle, the CPC has set out to promote "broad and in-depth consultations …

Victoria Torres (2022-12-03). Venezuela's Tax Revenue Grows 93% During January November 2022. orinocotribune.com

WSWS (2022-12-03). South Korean trade unions isolate striking truckers amid government threats. wsws.org Cargo Truckers Solidarity is allowing drivers to burn themselves out while refusing to expand the struggle to other sections of the working class.

WSWS (2022-12-03). "The political parties don't represent the people": US workers furious after Biden signs bipartisan anti-strike legislation. wsws.org The rapid move by both parties to impose a contract rejected by workers has shocked and angered workers across the country.

WSWS (2022-12-03). Sri Lankan president hints at dangers of conflict in Indian Ocean. wsws.org Sri Lanka is coming under intensifying pressure to line up with the US-led confrontation with China in the Indo-Pacific.

WSWS (2022-12-03). Stronger than expected US jobs report sparks calls for further interest rate hikes. wsws.org The financial markets reacted negatively to the jobs report for November, seeing the higher than expected employment numbers as a setback to plans to create a recession to crush the mounting struggles of the working class.

WSWS (2022-12-03). Will Lehman, socialist candidate for UAW president, wins 4,777 votes amid anemic turnout. wsws.org Despite a massive effort at voter suppression by the United Auto Workers bureaucracy in the union's presidential election, Lehman won 4.6 percent of the vote, having run on an explicitly socialist and internationalist program.

WSWS (2022-12-03). High excess mortality as coronavirus death rates rise in Germany. wsws.org The reckless approach of governments at all levels in lifting the remaining coronavirus protections despite the enormous excess mortality illustrates the indifference of the ruling class to human life.

WSWS (2022-12-03). Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals slams Trump, vacates special master for Mar-a-Lago state secrets documents. wsws.org A three-judge panel of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals has ordered the dismissal of Trump's lawsuit challenging the FBI search of his Mar-a-Lago resort.

WSWS (2022-12-03). Western Australian industrial court threatens to deregister nurses' union after strike. wsws.org The Industrial Relations Commission threat is in line with a broader assault, spearheaded by Labor and the unions, on the basic rights of workers to oppose attacks on their jobs, wages and conditions.

WSWS (2022-12-03). ONLINE RALLY: Defend the railroad workers! Down with Washington's illegitimate anti-strike law! wsws.org All rail worker supporters are urged to attend Tuesday's meeting at 7 Eastern, where they will hear from railroad workers and their allies in other industries.

WSWS (2022-12-03). Jacobin promotes student debt bankruptcy. wsws.org Students are evidently expected to be grateful for the chance, compliments of the Democratic Party, to go into bankruptcy to avoid penury and homelessness.

WSWS (2022-12-03). University of California academic workers counter efforts by UAW bureaucracy to sell out strike. wsws.org Against the overwhelming and vocal opposition by the rank and file, UAW bargainers are dropping strikers' most fundamental demands.

Xiaolu Sun (2022-12-03). Flu hospitalizations rise in the U.S. america.cgtn.com The strain is being felt across the U.S. with 44 states reporting high flu activity over the last week, according to the CDC. Find out more.

Zachary L Cox, JoAnn Lindenfeld (2022-12-03). [Comment] STRONG start for implementation of guideline-directed medical therapies. thelancet.com Several publications have proposed potential strategies for novel, rapid optimisation of guideline-directed medical therapy to address the sizeable gap between evidence and implementation in patients with heart failure.1—4 The benefit of an optimised guideline-directed medical therapy regimen consisting of an angiotensin receptor-neprilysin (ARN) inhibitor, Œ≤ blocker, mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist, and SGLT2 inhibitor is substantial, adding an estimated 6 ∑3 years of additional survival for individuals aged 55 years with heart failure and reduced ejection fraction compared with subopti…

Zero Hedge (2022-12-03). San Francisco Police Department Proposes Letting Robots Kill Suspects. globalresearch.ca

Luis Toledo Sande (2022-12-03). Con Fidel y sin parálisis. globalizacion.ca La cercanía de Fidel Castro en el tiempo debe favorecer el cuidado con que nos corresponde tratar sus textos y librarlo de falsificaciones. Si queremos citarlo, ahí está un caudal que lo propicia sin que tengamos que inventar lo que…

Manlio Dinucci (2022-12-03). Un Afghanistan nel Cuore dell'Europa. globalresearch.ca "Gli Alleati stanno fornendo un sostegno senza precedenti all'Ucraina e continueranno a farlo", annuncia il segretario generale della NATO Stoltenberg. Con centinaia di obici forniti dalla NATO, le forze di Kiev sparano in un solo giorno migliaia di proiettili, più …

Staff (2022-12-03). Eyeife 2022 del 7 al 11 de diciembre: Música electrónica con sello cubano. cubadebate.cu El Festival Eyeife apuesta por las disimiles variantes de música electrónica que se cultivan en Cuba, a partir del intercambio cultural entre las más diversas expresiones y géneros musicales de la mayor de las Antillas.Del 7 al 11 de diciembre regresa a los escenarios de Fábrica de Arte Cubano este evento que impulsó Suylén Milanés.

Staff (2022-12-03). Hoy Messi llega a 1 000 partidos como jugador profesional. cubadebate.cu Lionel Messi alcanza hoy la mágica cifra de °1000! partidos como profesional. El argentino disputa ante Australia su encuentro 169 con la selección, a los que hay que añadir 778 con el Barcelona y 53 con el PSG. Unos números muy buenos que tienen todavía más mérito si se computan las estadísticas que ha dejado en ellos.

Staff (2022-12-03). Países Bajos derrota 3-1 a Estados Unidos y es el primero en cuartos de final en Catar 2022. cubadebate.cu La selección de Países Bajos consiguió el primer billete para los cuartos de final del Mundial de Catar después de imponerse este sábado a Estados Unidos (3-1), en un partido en el que el combinado neerlandés exhibió pegada con los goles de Memphis Depay, Delay Blind y Denzel Dumfries, ante un combativo conjunto norteamericano que puso fin a su sueño en la competencia.

Staff (2022-12-03). Quinto lugar para Cuba en la XVII Copa Mundial de Softbol. cubadebate.cu Cuba alcanzó el quinto lugar en la XVII Copa Mundial de Softbol de Auckland 2022, en Nueva Zelanda. El elenco antillano no pudo llegar a la discusión de las medallas de bronce, luego de caer ante Canadá el viernes con marcador de 2×0. Con esta derrota, los nuestros terminaron en un meritorio quinto lugar, con el cual mejoran el décimo puesto en República Checa 2019.

Staff (2022-12-03). EN VIVO: Países Bajos 2 – 0 Estados Unidos en la Copa del Mundo. telesurtv.net La selección de Países Bajos llega a este encuentro tras haber sido líder del Grupo A con siete puntos y apenas un gol en contra.

TeleSUR, jaa, YSM (2022-12-03). PNUD apoyará recuperación de áreas afectadas por conflicto en Etiopía. telesurtv.net El funcionario del PNUD se reunió con el canciller etíope Demeke Mekonnen Hassen y la titular de Planificación y Desarrollo, Fitsum Assefa Adela.

TeleSUR, jap, MER (2022-12-03). Suiza clasifica a octavos con triunfo ante Serbia en Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net Con el marcador 3 a 2, los serbios intentaron conseguir dos goles para remontar, pero el resultado no varió.

TeleSUR, lvm, YSM (2022-12-03). China rechaza contrabando de petróleo sirio por parte de EE.UU. telesurtv.net De igual manera, subrayó Zhao Lijian que también "el ataque con misiles de Estados Unidos contra Siria también es ilegal".

TeleSUR, mcs, JDO (2022-12-03). Lula se reúne con líderes sindicales y escucha demandas de trabajadores. telesurtv.net Presidente electo de Brasil continúa escuchando a sectores del país como parte del proceso de transición hacia su Gobierno.

TeleSUR, MER (2022-12-03). Presidente venezolano sostiene reunión con sector de oposición. telesurtv.net Este encuentro se enmarca en el contexto del diálogo de paz con los sectores de oposición del país.

TeleSUR, MER (2022-12-03). Venezuela logra récord Guinness con rueda de salsa casino más grande. telesurtv.net Los bailarines superaron el récord que tenía España desde 2019, cuando fue establecido con 1.291 participantes.

TeleSUR, mv, MER (2022-12-03). Zurda Infinita analiza desempeño de Uruguay con Carlos Aguilera. telesurtv.net Aguilera destacó la importancia de ganar el primer partido en la primera fase para evitar sufrir hasta la última fecha.

TeleSUR-mcs, DRL (2022-12-03). Registran sismo de magnitud 5,4 en Nueva Zelanda. telesurtv.net De acuerdo con las autoridades locales, hasta el momento no se reportan fallecidos como consecuencia del evento telúrico.

William Elson, Maria Zambon, Simon de Lusignan (2022-12-03). [Correspondence] Integrated respiratory surveillance after the COVID-19 pandemic. thelancet.com We welcome Thedi Ziegler and colleagues' Comment on the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System and believe its proposals could strengthen global sentinel surveillance.1…

Fernando Buen Abad Domínguez (2022-12-03). øNuestra más grande debilidad? globalizacion.ca Una denuncia por, sí sola, no produce conciencia, tampoco acción. Eso es escandalosamente doloroso cuando se trata de nuestra mayor fragilidad política en materia de comunicación que es, muy posiblemente, nuestra peor debilidad en los campos de lucha de la…

Higinio Polo (2022-12-03). China: El reto trastornado de Estados Unidos. globalizacion.ca El XX Congreso del Partido Comunista de China se celebró en octubre de 2022, cinco años después del anterior, tras una rigurosa preparación y análisis de los retos que enfrenta el país. En los preparativos y en los documentos previos,…

Homar Garcés (2022-12-03). Revolución bolivariana: entre reajustes político-institucionales y económicos. globalizacion.ca El reajuste político institucional que se produzca por efecto de la coyuntura económica por la que atraviesa el país y por las concesiones a Washington y a las diferentes dirigencias opositoras formalizadas por el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro y la…

Mario Hernández (2022-12-03). "Las relaciones sociales de fuerza no han cambiado en Brasil" globalizacion.ca -Empecemos por Hebe, después sigamos por los temas que habíamos acordado. | -Impactado, como todo el mundo, por lo que ha ocurrido. Es biología, era una mujer mayor. Pero es un shock para todos por lo que representa Hebe para todos…

Peter Koenig (2022-12-03). Guerra entre Ucrania y Rusia: øSe avecina un escenario apocalíptico? øO hay razón para la esperanza? globalizacion.ca Todo el mundo predice que nos enfrentaremos a un invierno helado en el Norte Global, especialmente en Europa y particularmente en Ucrania. Mientras tanto, Rusia está acumulando a lo largo de la frontera norte de Ucrania más de medio millón…

Staff (2022-12-03). Agricultores se escapa… øy los jonrones también? cubadebate.cu Otra barrida de Agricultores en la Liga Elite del Béisbol Cubano (LEBC) -su quinta en lo que va de campeonato- pudiera haberse ganado el motivo de estas líneas, si no fuera porque a la par que el equipo de Carlos Martí se escapa en solitario hacia la postemporada, el llamado "gol" de la pelota, los jonrones, han escapado también, pero a un lugar desconocido.

Staff (2022-12-03). Somos naciones pequeñas frente a retos colosales (+ Video). cubadebate.cu Los orígenes históricos y étnicos de nuestros pueblos son similares; no todos hablan un mismo idioma, pero en las demás cosas somos muy parecidos. Es una historia de familia y de solidaridad. "Somos naciones pequeñas frente a retos colosales", dijo el presidente cubano, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, a los países participantes en la pasada Cumbre Caricom-Cuba.

Staff (2022-12-03). Somos naciones pequeñas frente a retos colosales. cubadebate.cu Los orígenes históricos y étnicos de nuestros pueblos son similares; no todos hablan un mismo idioma, pero en las demás cosas somos muy parecidos. Es una historia de familia y de solidaridad. "Somos naciones pequeñas frente a retos colosales", dijo el presidente de la República de Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, a los países participantes en la VII Cumbre Caricom-Cuba.

Staff (2022-12-03). La trova cubana es declarada Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación. cubadebate.cu La Comisión para la Salvación del Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial, Perteneciente al Consejo Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural validó la solicitud de declaratoria de la Trova Cubana, en aras de contribuir a su sostenibilidad, visibilidad y viabilidad. La declaración sucedió en la ciudad de Manzanillo, a 50 años de la fundación del Movimiento de la Nueva Trova.

Staff (2022-12-03). Argentina irá contra Países Bajos en cuartos de final tras derrotar a Australia. cubadebate.cu Argentina vence a Australia (2×1) en los octavos de final del Mundial de Catar, en un partido marcado por el dominio del balón del conjunto albiceleste. El rival del equipo de Messi en la próxima ronda de la competición será Países Bajos, que hace unas horas venció al conjunto de Estados Unidos.

Staff (2022-12-03). Centrales domina a Agricultores en el estadio 5 de septiembre. cubadebate.cu Ataque de siete jits impulsó a los Centrales en su éxito de 4×0 contra los Agricultores, que no encontraron descanso en el estadio 5 de Septiembre. En el equipo de Armando Jesús Ferrer Ruiz, la actuación del pitcher Fredy Asiel àÅlvarez Sáez fue meritoria. No recibió carreras limpias, solo cinco hits en siete capítulos. Tampoco regaló boletos y ponchó a cuatro oponentes.

Staff (2022-12-03). Comienza Díaz-Canel gira por países del Caribe. cubadebate.cu El presidente cubano Miguel Díaz-Canel arribó hoy a San Vicente y las Granadinas, como parte de una gira por el Caribe que también lo llevará a Granada y Barbados e incluirá su participación -junto a varios ministros- en la VIII Cumbre Caricom-Cuba la próxima semana. Es la primera vez que un Jefe de Estado cubano visita este país caribeño.

Staff (2022-12-03). El Ministerio de Comunicaciones responderá interrogantes de la población mediante foro debate. cubadebate.cu La Comisión de Atención a los Servicios de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular convoca este 5 de diciembre, entre las 9: 00 a.m. y 12: 00 p.m., al Foro interactivo sobre la rendición de cuentas del Ministerio de Comunicaciones, a través del sitio web del Parlamento cubano. Este es el segundo foro debate convocado por el Parlamento en su nueva web institucional.

Staff (2022-12-03). Elon Musk revela cómo Twitter censuró escándalo sobre el hijo de Joe Biden. cubadebate.cu Elon Musk, dueño de Twitter, desató una nueva controversia al revelar el papel de esta red social para "suprimir" una nota sobre Hunter Biden, hijo del presidente estadunidense Joe Biden, semanas antes de las elecciones presidenciales de 2020. Las publicaciones, retuiteadas de la cuenta del periodista Matthew Taibbi, se han dado a conocer como "Twitter Files".

Staff (2022-12-03). Hospital Hermanos Ameijeiras: Sede del acto central por el Día de la Medicina Latinoamericana. cubadebate.cu Con la presencia de Manuel Marrero Cruz comenzó el acto central por el Día de la Medicina Latinoamericana en el Hospital Clínico Quirúrgico Hermanos Ameijeiras. La institución fue elegida como sede por ser centro de referencia para la asistencia médica de alta especialización y arribar, justo hoy, a su aniversario 40 de fundada por el Comandante en Jefe.

Staff (2022-12-03). Tasas vigentes en el mercado cambiario cubano este sábado 3 de diciembre. cubadebate.cu Con el objetivo de mantener informados a sus lectores, Cubadebate comparte las tasas de cambio para diferentes divisas extranjeras vigentes este sábado 3 de diciembre en el mercado cambiario del país.

Staff (2022-12-03). PDVSA and Chevron Sign Contracts for Oil Production in Venezuela. orinocotribune.com On Friday, December 2, Venezuelan state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) signed a series of contracts with US oil company Chevron for oil production in Venezuela. | These agreements will also allow promoting the development of join ventures in the country. | The signing of the contracts took place at the PDVSA headquarters in La Campiña, Caracas. On behalf of Venezuela, the president of PDVSA, Asdrubal Chávez, and Petroleum Minister Tareck El Aissami signed the contract. | On behalf of Chevron signed the president of Chevron for Venezuela, Javier La Rosa. | Minister El Aissami stated that these contract…

TeleSUR, as, MER (2022-12-03). Países Bajos se medirá a Estados Unidos en octavos de Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net El ganador de este duelo enfrentará al triunfador del encuentro entre Argentina y Australia.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-12-03). Senado aprueba ley para evitar el paro ferroviario en EE. UU. telesurtv.net Se estimó que una huelga en el sector ferroviario tendría un impacto financiero de 2.000 millones de dólares por día.

TeleSUR, DRL (2022-12-03). Italianos realizan huelga contra Gobierno de Georgia Meloni. telesurtv.net La protesta de los sindicatos es contra la estrategia económica del Gobierno, por la paz y otras demandas económicas.

TeleSUR, ev, MER (2022-12-03). Argentina se enfrentará a Australia en octavos de Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net Este será el primer partido que disputen las oncenas de Argentina y Australia desde el amistoso realizado en 2007.

TeleSUR, jaa, YSM (2022-12-03). OMS estima que casos semanales de mpox han disminuido un 90 %. telesurtv.net El director general develó que la mayor parte de los casos de mpox se han identificado en Latinoamérica.

TeleSUR, JAP, DRL (2022-12-03). Uruguay ganó pero no alcanzó clasificación a octavos de Qatar 2022. telesurtv.net El conjunto africano llegaba al encuentro tras una derrota ante Portugal 3-2 en su debut, así como una victoria 3-2 frente a Corea del Sur.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-12-03). Presidente de Cuba inicia gira por varios países del Caribe. telesurtv.net La VIII Cumbre Cuba-CARICOM se celebrará el próximo 6 de diciembre en Barbados.

TeleSUR, JDO (2022-12-03). Gobierno de Colombia y ELN invitan al campesinado a sumarse a diálogos de paz. telesurtv.net Delegados de las partes en el proceso de diálogo que tiene lugar en Caracas enviaron un mensaje a participantes en la Convención Nacional Campesina.

TeleSUR, lvm, YSM (2022-12-03). Cuba y Belarús fortalecen relaciones bilaterales. telesurtv.net Ambas partes ratificaron su confianza mutua en la necesidad de construir relaciones beneficiosas para las dos naciones.

TeleSUR, lvm, YSM (2022-12-03). OMS: 90 % de la población tiene cierta inmunidad a la Covid-19. telesurtv.net Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus alertó que la semana pasada se registraron más de 8. 0 decesos.

TeleSUR, mcs, JDO (2022-12-03). Reportan aumento de fallecidos por Covid-19 en El Salvador. telesurtv.net De las 36 víctimas confirmadas, la mitad falleció en la última semana de noviembre y la tercera parte correspondió a adultos mayores de 80 años.

TeleSUR, YSM (2022-12-03). Lula prevé anunciar a su gabinete a partir del 12 de diciembre. telesurtv.net Lula anunciará los nombres cuando el Tribunal Superior Electoral le otorgue el diploma que lo reconozca como presidente electo.

TeleSUR- hvh, DRL (2022-12-03). Estudio muestra casi un 30% de pobreza entre brasileños en 2021. telesurtv.net La cantidad de personas en pobreza extrema subió un 48,2 por ciento, para un total de 17,9 millones de brasileños.

TeleSUR- jaa (2022-12-03). Ejército israelí asesina a otro joven palestino en Cisjordania. telesurtv.net El joven fue identificado como Ammar Mefleh, quien murió tras recibir un disparo a quemarropa por parte de un soldado israelí.

TeleSUR-mcs, DRL (2022-12-03). FAO registra precio estable de los alimentos en noviembre. telesurtv.net Las lecturas más bajas para los cereales, la carne y los productos lácteos en noviembre compensaron la subida de los precios de los aceites vegetales y el azúcar.

TeleSUR, hvh, JDO (2022-12-03). Autoridades peruanas aseguran que gripe aviar está controlada. telesurtv.net El titular del Midagri afirmó que "hay que seguir consumiendo la carne y los huevos, no hay que preocuparse".

TeleSUR, hvh, JDO (2022-12-03). Promulgan en Bolivia ley para aplicar resultados del censo. telesurtv.net Presidente Luis Arce denunció a la oposición por aplicar "una lógica dictatorial" contra quienes no apoyaron el paro.

Scorinoco (2022-12-03). Bird Flu Virus Detected in Pelicans in Eastern Venezuela. orinocotribune.com On Friday, December 2, Venezuelan Minister for Science and Technology Gabriela Jiménez reported the detection of the AH5N1 avian influenza virus in pelicans in the eastern Venezuelan state of Anzoátegui. | "The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela reports the detection of the Avian Influenza AH5N1 virus in pelicans in the northern coastal region of Anzoátegui state," the minister wrote on social media. | She announced that "preventive measures and health alerts are being developed" in response to this situation. | La influenza aviar es una enfermedad viral contagiosa que afecta a las aves domésticas y silvestres. L…

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