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2022-05-20: News Headlines

Staff (2022-05-20). US Senate approves $40bn aid to Ukraine. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 19 (MNA) — The US Senate overwhelmingly approved nearly $40 billion in new aid for Ukraine on Thursday.

Dave DeCamp (2022-05-20). Ukraine Hopes New $40 Billion Aid Package Means High-End Weapons. news.antiwar.com Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is hoping that the new $40 billion Ukraine aid package passed by Congress means that The bulk of the aid package is allocated for military assistance, including $11 billion in a presidential drawdown authority that allows President Biden to send weapons from US stockpiles to Ukraine. US lawmakers that have visited Ukraine in recent weeks detailed to Defense News the…

Editor2 (2022-05-20). Canada: Ken Stone's Piece on Ukraine Rejected by Hamilton Spectator. orinocotribune.com The following Op-Ed was submitted to the Hamilton Spectator by Hamilton Coalition's treasurer Ken Stone. It, however, remains unpublished. | For your convenience, it is being reproduced below. Following the letter is the original editorial it was composed as a response to. | | Not Published in the Hamilton Spectator: My recent opinion piece, on the urgent need for the Trudeau government to stop fuelling the conflict in Ukraine and instead to seek a ceasefire and negotiated end to the crisis, was refused by the newspaper. Since the war began, the Spec has refused to publish anything from our Hamilton Co…

Jason Ditz (2022-05-20). Food Prices Rise, Iran Clashes With Growing Protests. news.antiwar.com Inflation is taking a toll all over the world, and one of the big nations to pay the price is Iran, where Inflation is impacting almost everything, and wheat flour seems to be the most sensitive, with the war between Russia and Ukraine, two major growers, raising concern about availability later in the year. | Across Iran, and especially central Iran, demonstrators are in the streets…

Staff (2022-05-20). Cubadebate estrena subdominio interactivo dedicado a las vacunas cubanas anticovid-19. cubadebate.cu Esta tarde científicos e investigadores del grupo BioCubaFarma se reunió en el Memorial José Martí. Allí homenajearon al Apóstol en el 127 aniversario de su desaparición física, asimismo recordaron el momento en el que el presidente de la República, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, los convocó a la búsqueda de una vacuna contra la covid-19. Como parte de la actividad, Cubadebate presentó una plataforma interactiva que recoge los datos e historia en torno a ellas.

He Jun (2022-05-20). Warning Signs in China's Economic Outlook as COVID-19 Spreads. moderndiplomacy.eu New variables both within and outside of China in 2022 have placed the country's economy under new pressure. In the first quarter, its economic growth rate was only 4.8%, which was 0.7 percentage points lower than the annual economic growth target of 5.5%, indicating that it will face challenges in stabilizing economic growth this year. …

Editor2 (2022-05-20). Azov Insignia-Bearing Teen Carries Out, Streams Mass Shooting in US. orinocotribune.com The United States has been hit by another mass shooting, this one streamed on streaming platform Twitch by a white supremacist who had no motive but racism and hatred for the attack. | 18-year-old Payton Gendron has been detained without bail on first-degree murder charges following a mass shooting carried out on Saturday afternoon at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York. The spree has claimed the lives of at least 10 people, the latest Buffalo Police Department tally revealed. | The heavily armed gunman had a rifle and tactical gear on his person at the time of the incident, which the Buffalo police commissioner s…

_____ (2022-05-20). What Would an Amendment of the "Anti-War" Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution Mean? journal-neo.org The NEO tracks more or less regularly any significant developments in the evolution of Japanese defense policy, construed broadly. That is, attention is drawn to the long-standing debate on (possible) changes to the existing legal framework, the remarkable trends in military buildup itself, and the highly practical nature and extent of Japan's military activities outside …

From Embers (2022-05-20). From Embers: Escaping Tomorrows Cages. itsgoingdown.org Anarchist podcast and radio show From Embers from so-called Canada looks at the Escaping Tomorrow's Cages writing project. Escaping Tomorrow's Cages is a six-part essay being published throughout the month of May that lays out the coming wave of provincial jail expansions in Ontario and propose a strategy for how they might be opposed. We spoke…

Fight Back (2022-05-20). San José State students rally for reproductive rights. fightbacknews.org San José, CA – On May 16, about 50 students gathered at the Olympic Black Power Statue, at San José State University, to rally in defense of Roe v. Wade. | Many student and community organizers, as well as concerned students and community members spoke to the importance of preserving Roe v. Wade, and why the right to abortion and reproductive health care is a human right and should be codified into law. Throughout the rally, "Fight! Fight! Fight! Abortion is a human right!" and "My body! My choice!" echoed throughout campus. | This rally was led by members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), along with S…

Staff (2022-05-20). El tiempo: Calor, algunos chubascos y tormentas eléctricas en occidente. cubadebate.cu 🌦Estará mayormente nublado en gran parte del país, con algunos chubascos y tormentas eléctricas desde el final de la mañana en la región occidental, que serán aislados en centro y oriente.

Staff (2022-05-20). 2 US military convoys come under attack in Iraq. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) — Iraqi news sources on late Thursday reported that two logistics convoys belonging to the US military were targeted in the Iraqi province of Babylon.

Staff (2022-05-20). Archivo CD: La República neocolonial. cubadebate.cu El panorama se tornaba más sombrío ante el ascenso arribista y el avance desaforado de la corrupción. El escepticismo, que se fue adueñando de las conciencias, se expresó en la voz de los intelectuales y en una tradición costumbrista que venía del siglo XIX. La imagen gráfica del chivo se asoció al fenómeno de la malversación de fondos públicos. La guataca simbolizó al adulador en procura de privilegios.

Staff (2022-05-20). Iran supports UN efforts addressing food insecurity. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) — As the whole world has been affected by food shortages, Iran's envoy and permanent representative to the United Nations said that Iran supports the United Nations' efforts to address food insecurity issues.

Staff (2022-05-20). Constructive ties between countries key to regional security. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) — Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi told Azerbaijani Deputy PM that the existence of constructive relations based on mutual interests between neighboring countries is the most effective factor in maintaining regional security.

Staff (2022-05-20). President Raeisi arrives in West Azarbaijan Province. en.mehrnews.com TEHRAN, May 20 (MNA) — Iran's President Ebrahim Raeisi arrived in West Azarbaijan province on Friday morning as part of his administration's regular visits to provinces to listen to people's grievances.

Jason Ditz (2022-05-20). Yemen's Houthis Confirm Considering Truce Extension. news.antiwar.com Seven years of war in Yemen have seen precious few ceasefires. The current ceasefire, which began at the start of April, was the longest and by far the most successful. A two-month deal, it is scheduled to end June 2. | Earlier this week the UN reported they'd raised a possible extension. Yemen's Houthis confirmed that Wednesday, It's a good deal for the civilians involved, as there haven't been any airstrikes, and the aid delivery is starting to pick up steam with an…

Staff (2022-05-20). Canadá podría prohibir los equipos 5G de las compañías chinas Huawei y ZTE. cubadebate.cu Canadá anunció este jueves que planea prohibir la instalación de los equipos 5G de las compañías chinas Huawei y ZTE en su territorio con el fin de proteger su seguridad nacional. "Tenemos la intención de excluir a Huawei y ZTE de nuestras redes 5G", afirmó en una conferencia el ministro de Industria canadiense, Franàßois-Philippe Champagne.

Staff (2022-05-20). Memorial José Martí acoge muestra pictórica en homenaje al Héroe Nacional. cubadebate.cu La exposición En cuerpo y alma, conformada por 15 obras del artista de la plástica Mario Fabelo, recuerda el aniversario 127 de la caída en combate del Héroe Nacional de Cuba, José Martí.

Staff (2022-05-20). Proteger, acompañar y recuperar lo materialmente dañado, máximas de trabajo tras el accidente en el Saratoga. cubadebate.cu Proteger, acompañar y recuperar lo materialmente dañado han sido máximas de trabajo seguidas en todos los ámbitos, desde que ocurriera el accidente del Hotel Saratoga. Prácticamente desde el minuto cero de la fatídica explosión, la máxima dirección del país ha mantenido un riguroso seguimiento a cada una de las acciones que ha sido necesario llevar a cabo.

Staff (2022-05-20). Alexander Urquiola: Estamos muy contentos con el pase a los Play Off. cubadebate.cu Villa Clara cedió hoy ante Artemisa y no podrá alcanzar en la tabla de posiciones al elenco de Pinar del Río, dueño ya del octavo lugar con 40 victorias y 35 derrotas en la etapa regular de la 61 Serie Nacional de Béisbol. Los Vegueros han quedado automáticamente clasificados a los play off de cuartos de final y cumplen su primera meta en la lid.

Staff (2022-05-20). Primer ministro asiste a la asamblea general de la Organización Nacional de Bufetes Colectivos. cubadebate.cu El miembro del Buró Político del Partido Comunista de Cuba y primer ministro, Manuel Marrero Cruz, presidió este jueves la asamblea general de la Organización Nacional de Bufetes Colectivos, en la cual exhortó a elevar la cultura jurídica empresarial y de la población.

Staff (2022-05-20). Enrique Ubieta: quisiera que mis textos contribuyan a hacer viable la Revolución, el socialismo. cubadebate.cu øCuál es la mejor forma de contar una historia? Muchos se hacen esta pregunta antes de emprender un proyecto. Para algunos es indispensable tener todos los elementos, otros acuden a su imaginación. Autores como Enrique Ubieta Gómez prefieren estar en el lugar donde se desarrollan los acontecimientos, compartir con sus protagonistas.

Staff (2022-05-20). Diseñan algoritmo que detecta la "falta de felicidad" en las redes sociales. cubadebate.cu Según la teoría de la elección del psiquiatra William Glasser, existen cinco necesidades básicas que se encuentran en los cimientos de todo comportamiento humano: la supervivencia, el poder, la libertad, el sentimiento de pertenencia y la diversión.

Newsroom (2022-05-20). Mali's withdrawal from G5 Sahel, Joint Force 'a setback' for the region. moderndiplomacy.eu Mali's decision on 15 May to withdraw from the G5-Sahel group and its Joint Force is "unfortunate" and "regrettable", a senior United Nations official told the Security Council on Wednesday, as she urged countries in the region to redouble efforts to protect human rights, amid protracted political and security crises. Martha Ama Akyaa Pobee, Assistant …

Newsroom (2022-05-20). First polio outbreak in 30 years declared in Mozambique. moderndiplomacy.eu Health authorities in Mozambique declared an outbreak of wild poliovirus on Wednesday after confirming that a child in the country's north-eastern Tete province, had contracted the disease. This marks the second imported case of wild poliovirus in southern Africa this year, following an outbreak in Malawi in mid-February, said the World Health Organization's (WHO) Regional …

Dr. Arshad M. Khan (2022-05-20). Nuclear Weapons: How Safe Are We? moderndiplomacy.eu Some sixty years ago, American psychologist Abraham Maslow formulated a five tier hierarchy of needs. First, food and shelter followed by safety and so on, not that each need had to be satisfied fully to move to the next. It might explain why thousands marched in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in the 1950s …

____ (2022-05-20). Biden administration pushes for NATO accession of Finland, Sweden, as Senate passes $40 billion aid package for Ukraine. wsws.org With the push for NATO's accession of Sweden and Finland and the gigantic $40 billion aid package, Washington is signaling unambiguously that the response of US imperialism to the military setback in Mariupol is a further escalation of its proxy war with Russia.

____ (2022-05-20). Timothy Snyder claims "Russia is fascist": Falsification in the service of US-NATO war propaganda. wsws.org The New York Times' op-ed column by Timothy Snyder—"We Should Say It. Russia is Fascist"—is yet another example of the Yale professor's role as an unscrupulous purveyor of historical falsification aimed at legitimizing the US-NATO war against Russia.

____ (2022-05-20). Germany's Left Party in free fall. wsws.org The war in Ukraine has finally exposed the pro-imperialist character of the Left Party. It fully supports the German government's war propaganda. Criticism of NATO will no longer be tolerated.

____ (2022-05-20). George W. Bush inadvertently tells the truth about the Iraq War. wsws.org A verbal "slip" by George W. Bush, in a comment about the war in Ukraine, has drawn attention to the far greater crimes of American imperialism in the wars begun by Bush and his father.

____ (2022-05-20). More than 1,000 COVID-19 deaths in New Zealand. wsws.org New Zealand has gone from having no COVID deaths for most of the pandemic, to now having one of the highest weekly death rates in the world, as a result of the Labour Party government abandoning its elimination policy.

____ (2022-05-20). Covid rips through US schools during sixth surge. wsws.org The mass infection policies enforced by the federal government have left teachers, staff and students entirely unprotected in schools as cases surge.

____ (2022-05-20). The pseudo-left Victorian Socialists in the Australian elections: Parochialism and parliamentary cretinism. wsws.org The Victorian Socialists' campaign has nothing to do with a fight against capitalism and its political defenders. Instead, the Victorian Socialists are seeking to consolidate a position on the "left" flank of that very political establishment.

____ (2022-05-20). Vote 1 for Socialist Equality Party candidates in the Australian election! wsws.org The Socialist Equality Party is standing Senate teams in three states in order to present a genuine socialist alternative to the broadest possible audience, and prepare for the convulsive working-class struggles ahead.

____ (2022-05-20). After keeping workers in the dark, UAW announces snap contract vote at Detroit Diesel. wsws.org Once again the UAW is trying to rush through a vote on a tentative agreement without providing workers with full details or the time necessary to study and discuss.

____ (2022-05-20). The Dropout—On the fraudulent rise and ignominious fall of Elizabeth Holmes' Theranos. wsws.org The miniseries dramatizes how a young female CEO started and grew a biotech company that delivered on none of its promises, defrauding patients and bilking investors of 100s of millions of dollars.

____ (2022-05-20). In-store video shows DeAnthony VanAtten shopping prior to being shot in the parking lot by East Lansing, Michigan police. wsws.org East Lansing police belatedly released in-store surveillance video that shows DeAnthony VanAtten buying corn and macaroni and cheese at the checkout of a Meijer grocery store before he was chased, shot at in the parking lot by two officers and struck twice non-fatally by one of them.

____ (2022-05-20). Biden sends US troops back into Somalia. wsws.org The goal of the Biden administration is to secure US imperialism's control over the Horn of Africa and trade through the Suez Canal in preparation for confrontation with China.

____ (2022-05-20). Stellantis workers back contract fights at Detroit Diesel and CNH. wsws.org Stellantis workers in suburban Detroit expressed solidarity with Detroit Diesel and CNH workers who have rejected the United Auto Workers' efforts to impose pro-company contracts…

____ (2022-05-20). Tax documents reveal Black Lives Matter improperly spent tens of millions in donations. wsws.org The tax filings detail how the foundation spent much of the $77 million it received in donations in fiscal 2020, including $32 million to gamble on the stock market.

____ (2022-05-20). Dana workers must prepare common action to halt contract violations. wsws.org At all Dana plants, the company is violating the terms of the contract and the unions are letting them do it. While the violations differ at each plant, our response at all plants must be the same: we must unite and take action ourselves, or things will only get worse.

____ (2022-05-20). Senate passes $28 million bill that does not resolve US baby formula supply crisis. wsws.org The US Senate passed by unanimous consent the Access to Baby Formula Act on Thursday, but it will not end the shortages in stores that are expected to persist for weeks if not months.

____ (2022-05-20). USW isolating strike by California Chevron workers over refinery staffing and safety. wsws.org Richmond refinery workers are fighting for their safety and the safety of those in their community, but winning this strike requires breaking free of the isolation and duplicity of the USW.

____ (2022-05-20). Sri Lankan workers and rural poor must mobilize against the Rajapakse-Wickremesinghe austerity agenda! wsws.org Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sri Lanka's newly installed prime minster, delivered an address to the nation Monday that attempted to exploit the country's dire economic crisis to justify a massive assault on workers and rural toilers.

____ (2022-05-20). Outraged Arconic aluminum workers speak out against USW's contract proposal: "It's a bad deal!" wsws.org Workers at all the Arconic facilities under the last USW agreement had voted unanimously to strike in the run-up to the contract expiration, expressing an extraordinary determination to win significantly higher pay.

____ (2022-05-20). January 6 Select Committee requests to interview Republican lawmaker who provided "tour" of Capitol grounds day before coup. wsws.org In a letter, the committee wrote that they believed Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk had "information regarding a tour" he led through parts of the Capitol the day before the coup.

____ (2022-05-20). Over 100 monkeypox infections detected in 10 countries as unprecedented outbreak spreads globally. wsws.org An unprecedented outbreak of monkeypox virus has officially spread to nine countries outside of Africa, with 101 cases reported as of this writing. Confirmed or suspected cases have been identified in the United Kingdom (9 cases), Portugal (34), Spain (32), France (1), Belgium (2), Sweden (1), Italy (3), Canada (17), and the United States (2).

_____ (2022-05-19). How Europe Was Pushed Towards Economic Suicide. popularresistance.org As Michael Hudson, a research professor of Economics at University of Missouri, Kansas City, wrote in early February, before Russia's intervention in Ukraine: | America no longer has the monetary power and seemingly chronic trade and balance-of-payments surplus that enabled it to draw up the world's trade and investment rules in 1944-45. | The threat to U.S. dominance is that China, Russia and Mackinder's Eurasian World Island heartland are offering better trade and investment opportunities than are available from the United States | The most glaring example is the U.S. drive to block Germany from authorizing the…

_____ (2022-05-19). The New White Supremacist Consensus Part Two. popularresistance.org The incidents of mindless, mass carnage in the United States have become so routine that they do not even make national headlines unless the incident has a potential attention-grabbing twist. One of those dramatic twists is when the victims of a mass-shooting are from a common social identity and the perpetrator appeals to be motivated by hatred of the targeted group. This is what makes the shooting in Buffalo stand out. The authorities could not hide the fact that it was a hate crime and the media saw a juicy story, if only for a day or two. | However, for those of us who are members of communities and peoples w…

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